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Never STOP yourself to WONDER how BEAUTIFUL you're ,,
Jealousy will cease you to RUN after more SUPERIOR than you..
Your beauty will not stop you, but your PRIDE on your beauty will LOCK your MOVE ..

OPEN your HEART every time you open your EYES..
Make your soul LIVELY and
as PLAYFUL as butterfly
Who spends their whole LIFE , flying across AESTIVATIONS ,,
Of singly coloured PETALS....
Holding the band of RAINBOW on their BACK...

If they stop , to CHERISH their beauty
It'll disturb the law..
UNAWARE of their BREATHTAKING beauty they're happy & BUSY..

So, if you're arrived for a JOURNEY
Never make SONGS of your MISERIES
Make your PAIN , a mole of CHEEK
Not an EXCUSE to hide your FACE
Never let your SHORTCOMINGS be the reason to RUN away from LIFE...

They call crawling caterpillars UGLY
But wishes to get KISSED from butterflies
They're nagging , criticizing judgemental
Can only PRAISE the Beauty...
Nobody is INTERESTED in anyone's journey
So BUSY to see transformation
But Ready to Compare & to make PERCEPTION ......
"Don't let the noise of other people's opinion drown out your own inner voice" ~ S.J.
Robert Rittel May 25
The story about doors mostly hidden
to keep elusions not forbidden
Doors that shape shift to ones liking
inherited desire so very inviting
Monument entrance royal fanfare
for the narcissist and all its care
Procrastinated sand castle melt
instant illusion dopamine felt
Door of complacency in odd shape
reality check ups and its take
Misty clouds as entrance of fame
profound words so valuable same
Automatic doors for the manipulator
pride of the patriotic administrator
Time slip passage to excess gadget
wasting no time pageant
Self-chain establishments hooks
sacrificing success stories in books
Echoes from the doors of eternity
little true established certainty
Squeaky little garden gate
humble souls knowing their fate
Chrissy Ade May 17
I cherish my dreams
more than I cherish life
My dreams are bursting with color,
the endless sight of a rainbow
Idyllic and innocent
But waking up becomes
a nightmare to return to
a life that is colored with
nothing but greys
that I did not ask for
How I wish for my dreams
to bleed into real life
and transform my perception
of reality
Simon May 13
I tend to follow the key notion of something that balances on a single harmless 'tightrope.' Something that can't look down (even in the slightest of quick 'desirable' glimpses). Because if you do...then you will pay the price of simply having then seen something that has yet to make proper sense. This idea, hints at a single notion...that had yet to fully introduce itself to the main issue at hand...that starts with one thing and one single thing, only... You become entirely something that you’re not, when and only have seen what that single notion truly speaks about. And what the very idea truly speaks of (once you know this...), you can then fully begin to not feel scared anymore. Because being scared when up high on a single piece of material (that definitely, regardless of what it looks, or seems like, fully resembles without a doubt… A harmless…tightrope.) Now, you all the sudden start randomly walking forward on that seemingly harmless tightrope, and suddenly as by no far-stretch of the imagination to handle, properly, and appropriately), you start immediately using your incredible creativity to simply imagine the straightest line, imaginable. All so that very creativity could then of course help you align a single (properly hopeful) imaginary linear line (for your own line of sight to slow down your own pace of everything in your entire self). Slow down concentration (to help you see more visuals and the insights that piece together faster, where you'd find the pattern a lot quicker, then before). Even going as far as to simply (also) slow-down your own focus (where that will fully determine the very readiness in itself, you reacted upon), just so you could then better prepare yourself accordingly (ahead of time). While now VASTLY concentrating on not single-handedly falling for your dear life! Then you have yet to properly read between the lines. If you succeed in doing that very thing... You will see (not just why 'I write'...) But how you succeed in finding the missing key (inside your very self), that actually makes you witness the very dynamic meaning simply as too... ‘Why Do You Write?’”
We all write for the same number of reasons as for why we simply..."write whatever comes to our minds", or even more simple... "We write whatever comes from the truest depths of our souls!" (As they say....)
Robert Rittel May 13
The sight that changes others sight
perceptions simple more bright
when half baked knowledge
testing tempting sacrilege
that towers of perception
always room for a resurrection
reality versus actualization
selective act of interpretation
origin of transformation
perspective into perception
eternal doors and its reception
miracles by mental shift
projection taken as gift
preceding choice of reality
kindled mind and its chemistry
Mine is not empathy
but perspective-taking
I go through the possibilities
and the decisions you are making

Mine is not empathy
but a rough estimate
based on past events
and your mental state
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
We are a couple of humans
beyond gender and race
What do you see
when you look at my face?

We are a couple of lovers
beyond culture and its pride
How would you act
if you were to put traditions aside?
His4Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
Your perception is your sense of success!
You are the person you choose to be.
Michael Apr 16
Not a fantasy.
It's reality.
Is it really
as we think it to be?
To me, what I see
and perceive,
isn't enough to
make me believe,
there's somethin' else
that's happening.
In my own world.
My own everything.
It's my own fantasy,
in my reality.
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