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My Dear Poet Aug 2021
If you only take and never give
you may as well be a thief
Stalwart Dull Feb 2021
She's a poet who writes for relief
and that made her a thief
Destroy every joyful people's belief
because she writes poetry
that will make you feel such grief. —Tin
Gilbert Nov 2020
A mosaic of falling seeds
spins me sickly into a coma.
The only thing that saves, keeps
me from tumbling down - her aroma.

All the thoughts like ants have gone away,
they crawled through my ears, my mouth.
Oh, the mouth, the royal taste - just stay,
rave on my flesh, love well-wrought .

And there I lie - on the lips
that are not mine - neither his.
Rather die than lose those strips
of pretty scarfs I could kiss.
TIZZOP Sep 2020
the joker hid the river's whispering
under a blanket of girls, imprint faces
in a forgotten manner, joker smiled

a joker can put on a thief's smile
iceblue talk, straight from the dead
in a time lapse, joker dealt the cards

underworld creatures were filling the bar
they bowlering, deeply engaged in themselves
in a time lapse, goons ordered whisky

hollerings of massive gold bracelets
a crow, a rack or a bible, choose
in a forgotten manner, they did business
Orakhal Sep 2020
a thief takes that it believes it lacks
a thieved lacks that it believes can be taken
Maria Mitea Aug 2020
i didn’t steal your sun,  but i stole your smile last night
while my dreams  kept you busy with dreaming
on a faraway land
where people grow smiles in the rain
and love is found in the lotus mud,

your smile shines on my lips,  
your smile on my face is like honey for the nordic  bees,
and people ask me: what did you do? you look like fireworks in the clouds,   

i wish i could tell them that i am only a thief that keeps you busy with dreaming
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