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this thief in the night~ left his prints in sight~ on that wayward flight~ around the moon's light~ he stole what you write~ harboring your ship's right~ for his boat is spite~ he caused a storm's might~ buoyed by his own smite~ yet fished the sea, quite~ and caught an indict~ this closure shines bright~ thanks to a beacon's light~

Logan Robertson

On another poetry site, Poetry Soup, in it's blog section under the title Thief, the author describes how a person   from Nigeria has infiltrated that site and has been stealing members poem only to take these poems to another site and post them under his name. This is despicable. The good thing is that this **** was caught, uprooted, and outed. Forever the moons light (aka poetry community) insulates from the dark and evil.
Joyce Jul 6
the time i let you in
the same time i invited
a thief that stole
a piece of me
and now made the puzzle
fit perfectly
Well look who’s here everybody!:
It’s Nice Try Huncke (drink)
It’s It seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time Huncke (drink)
It’s I wasn’t anywhere near there Huncke (drink)
It’s Yeah So What? Huncke (drink)
It’s I didn’t do anything Huncke (drink)
It’s You got the wrong cat Huncke (drink)
It’s This belongs to me Huncke (drink)
It’s I bought that downtown Huncke (drink)
It’s I don’t know what your talking about Huncke (drink)
It’s Really, You Don’t Say? Huh! Huncke (drink)
It’s I’m not carrying nothing Huncke (drink)
It’s I’m clean Huncke (drink)
It’s I’ve been clean for a long time now Huncke (drink)
It’s I wasn’t even uptown Huncke (drink)
It’s I never use that stuff Huncke (drink)
It’s That’s Stuff will **** ya Huncke (drink)
It’s What I do? Huncke (drink)
It’s Nah I don’t know him Huncke (drink)
It’s You can’t keep me here on that Huncke (drink)
It’s We were just talking Huncke (drink)
It’s He disappeared? Really? Huncke (drink)
It’s I’ll give you an An A for Effort for that There Huncke (drink)
It’s That Just Might have Worked Huncke (drink)
It’s There’s Nothing in my Pockets You Can Search Me Huncke (drink)
It’s What are you talking about? Huncke (drink)
It’s I don’t know him Huncke (drink)
It’s I’m just a poet Huncke (drink)

Can replace “drink” with “puff and pass” but no ****** you will die...
I’m stuck in between the two.
Trying figure out what to do.
I want to live this life on earth.
But I know the results of it’s worth.
Things happen I’m human right.
Then I should have human rights.
Live during the day and sleep at night
Yolo as a guidance tool.
No one never provided tools
The doctor never recited rules.
As a baby...I was born.
This huge world I was invited to.
I couldn’t wait to see what I can do.
But now I’m sitting here writing to you.
Years passed it has gone by quick.
Polaroid photograph just an instant click.
Images of my past I’m stuck with it.
But I don’t regret the facts.
Nor can I get that time back..
It’s okay....
The other half of me wants live right.
Walked out of darkness and found light.
I wasn’t a witness but I found Christ
In me is so bright because of his sacrifice.
His life for mines and now we’re entwine.
I have a new goal reassigned.
My soul is anew redesigned.
I don’t need to look rewind.
A different me attached now I’m kind.
This is not a joke, a show, or an act.
No threads with needles...reattached.
Like the shadow of Peter Pan.
But this is not a make-believe.
I’m just a human made to see.
The world that God has made for me.
Made for us because “In God We Trust”
That’s what the American dollar say.
Currency is just money and we disobey.
It gives us what we need instantly so we pay.
With an impatient thief there’s no delay.
No matter how much crime weighs.
Do it everyday like it’s okay.
No ones perfect and neither is I.
I’m not getting anywhere..goodbye.
Carmen Jane May 16
Tangled, in unfinished thoughts,
Sending energy waves in knots,
Not wanting to go, to that one place,
For fear of falling in disgrace
Scratching the floor under your feet,
Avoiding once more to feel the heat
You sigh and wonder, in disbelief,
How can you miss this little thief
She stole your heart after all,
As she wrote that poem at nightfall.
Kay-Rosa May 13
you belong to someone else;
you belong to yourself
you love someone else
i steal you away
hide you in my heart
could give you thousands of reasons
with me would be better than with any guy
me love you
me steal you away
Feel free to comment!
Renn Powell May 2
you’ve stolen so much of my soul,
i’m still trying to remember who i was
In my dream

They stole

My Sole.

When I awoke

I had blisters.
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