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Tangled, in unfinished thoughts,
Sending energy waves in knots,
Not wanting to go, to that one place,
For fear of falling in disgrace
Scratching the floor under your feet,
Avoiding once more to feel the heat
You sigh and wonder, in disbelief,
How can you miss this little thief
She stole your heart after all,
As she wrote that poem at nightfall.
Kay-Rosa May 13
you belong to someone else;
you belong to yourself
you love someone else
i steal you away
hide you in my heart
could give you thousands of reasons
with me would be better than with any guy
me love you
me steal you away
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Renn Powell May 2
you’ve stolen so much of my soul,
i’m still trying to remember who i was
In my dream

They stole

My Sole.

When I awoke

I had blisters.
How dare you
How dare you reduce me to rage
White hot and safe
Safe for my plate
From which I consume mounds of animosity
For the atrocity
For on that afternoon
I died
And I'm still not alive
Because of you
Because you were mine
You were my lover
My thief
My vandal
You robbed my heart
But then plundered my dignity
And pillaged my sou
It's a painful to shame to have to hold this close
Caitlin Ellis Mar 11
Thief of words
Thief of mind
Is it envy?
Or is that poetry mine?
You mine and you dig at my future thoughts
Dig away at my throat till the language is lost
Tossed, torn, thrown aside
I lied
you cried , you're a tourist to my eyes
Shacked up in this place just somewhere to hide
Then I finally realised
They're yours to keep
Maybe to be a poet
I am just too weak
you're a thief of mind
Thief of soul
Carrier of mystery
Miner of gold
Float along now
With your shoulder strung sack
You're striped stealing suit
And your pen, jet black
Write the things I'm going to say
Cause they'll choke on my tongue or hit the hay anyway
I'm brOKen Mar 10
If you steal my heart,
You'll bury it in your garden.

Don't plant it too deep
Else it would never emerge
To see the beauty of the sky
And your loving face

Shower it in your love
And make it overwhelmed
To die and drown in a sea
Of material items with no true meaning

Maybe its season will come
And it would finally bear
Seeds of emotion,
Seeds of love to spread
To decorate your garden
And whither into the soil it came from

Maybe its season has passed
And you will never taste its fruits
The weeds would find it
And make a meal
Consuming all the life in your garden
And you'll never plant again
Arisa Mar 2
The ones with blurred faces
Knocked down my door last night
And tugged at my limbs with such desperation
- A rigorous exercise.

Their hands, rattling in a sharp neon glow
Stole away many things as they held me down
And shone the bright lights into my eyes,
Turning my pupils into hollowed colour:


All gone.
All taken.
All dead.
During the break-in.
All I see are faces I could not recognize. The strangers we face today are the people that break our hearts in the morrow.
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