Ivo 7d

Beast howling in the night,
depriving me of sleep.
Oh, come and lick my wounds,
the rest is yours to keep.

I've fought you all my life,
but here you are again.
Beast howling in the night,
my life is yours to drain.

Corruption swarms my brain,
yet scared I am no more,
a monster you may be,
the beast that I adore...

This one's an old poem I deleted once. Don't want to make that mistake again.

A beautiful spring day
Happened a fallen falcon
Left in the wind
To rot
And with it came
The forgotten embers of a
White-washed lion
Ready, waiting, preying
To pounce.


sometimes I just want to view the world living
stroll with the wolves
and sing a mellow song

Anivel Aidan Jul 6

before you curse him out
put yourself in his shoes
you might find that
he's the boy who cried wolf
he's not the villain
he's a knight

and he might not he your knight
but at least he's decent enough
to leave before you
get in too deep

I'm sorry for getting mad. Now I realize you're just doing the best you can. Thank you for being honest, at least.
Arcassin B Jul 1

By Arcassin Burnham

I leave you to your past objections ridiculing me into
a suicidal loser with no family behind him seeing all
That he is, I have no problem with this,
Several events In my life no matter if it was kiss or
A fist,
I got no patience for this,
Denials making me pissed,
If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be Acropolis,
And I don't have a lot of money only a couple of cents,
And all the people in my life compared to me has no more sense,

Pray for me of course,
As Will I for you,
not enough wealth in this world to subdue.
just believe in me as I will for you.


As I grow I see a change in everybody asserting their
Status or the toughness in a bad place of the area they
Live in bringing ignorance to those and myself with
Out of touch feelings and mindless composition of
Being the abnormal ones in this situation therefore
Bringing the conclusion of a bad man in distress of
Dealing with obstacles and finding shortcuts to easier
routes out of bad situations that they go through on a daily
basis for being Black and in America,
Theres blood soaked up in the carpet.


Like a thief,
In the night,
You come to me like I have all the answers,
Maybe I'm going about this all wrong,
The wings grew from you , but my hair was shedding,
I loved the sight,
Of beauty taking flight,
Your blood runs with an empty freezer,
I got my opinions about the wicked moon, God owns the sky,
It's not like we could fly , to a heaven filled with pizza boxes
And videogames,
Wait ! Maybe that would come in handy,
I free the beast knowing I need peace in my heart,
Don't want blasphemy,
I was on the edge of the Apocalypse with this love,
And this trust ,
I hope when I turn back , I will turn to dust.

Today's My Birthday :) I'm 20 Now !!!

Arcassin B Jun 27

By Arcassin Burnham

All life I've been an outcast forced to be in a world I didnt understand
which put me right where I didn't want to be,
learning all of the worlds ways in hopes that I could get rid of my bad thoughts of the past and freeze my memory,
All of the sorrows and all of the heartache, all the self pity and all the shame, I managed to pull through with all of my sanity,
Finding the little things in life and the little pieces to my good memories will only in the end leave me happy,
The people,
The lies,
The anxiety,
The past,
The family,
The friends,
Would have played out in a different setting if i were just...

Star BG Jun 12

Feed the lion and lioness within you with love
with your food of thoughts
and intention to release fears
and then the lion shall roar with the music of peace.

Feed the wolf within without with light
with compassion to bond with others
and Mother Earth
and then the wolf will howl a song of harmony.

StarBG © 2017

The word feed inspired me

This Island sits in ruin
split down the middle, ruined
tune of the howling dog
lost in the fog, black
and brazen beast, hair.

I walk down sunlit streets,
immersed in the solemnity
that is my want. I reverse, rewind
and play it all back, the screams,
the endless chasm of the undertow
lying on the other side of the street.

All God and no religion, all zest without
meaning, It's enough to drive one mad -
it has.

Tracing back memory to find the skin
all I find is a wolf staring back
with hollow hungry eyes, the beast that feasts
at cock of dawn, day by day, inside.

The Island is split down the middle.

The Dog lays leaden over a hung court,
we want a world that makes more sense
but we can't really see it, albeit in
distance, no it's not here.

Yet, the Island is split down the middle.

What's here is the sound of dizzying cries,
the flesh of the innocent burnt for Mamon
the burnt umber of the spirit, it provides no comfort,

I dream of someone or something to pull me out of this
perfect calamity, peace is a world I can scarcely remember -
such pain, such leaden cliches.

Nothing is ever perfect, the Tertiary turning of the screw
the wolf howls and paddles in his boat towards a fresh death.
Whimpering soul of me, drowning in a cup of coffee, lost, afraid
and lacking faith. I swim. Drown sometimes, then resurrect, unfortunate and unwilling Lazerus. Blinking into mortal light.

Each day is another trial, the end seems far away, and close at the same time.
I don't think this one has a happy ending.

Divide by 2, create 1.

As a young adult coming up into a world ablaze, it's hard to find guidance, wisdom and true help.
Everyone literally has problems weight upon there shoulders so heavy making it almost impossible to lend a helping hand.
It feels wrong to try and get something off your chest knowing someone's going through way worst things then you are.
Most heard saying out of my 22 years is " this is life and it ain't pretty."
Hearing this from my elders hurts because all it is telling me is that I shouldn't care about the pain the stress the feeling of being so close to death when all I want is to truly live a life of joy.
" I've been there it'll get better, keep your head up"
Tips on staying positive
Tips on ways to free the pain
To lift the stress to truly free yourself from depression.
It's hard to find
Nowadays everyone's just trying to stay a float as if we're all on the Titanic waiting for the iceberg to emerge.
"Wake up!, Stay awake!, Believe in thou self as you will become the man you needed coming up"
Thank you

I appreciate being able to come to a place where I can express myself. It's hard to talk to anyone nowadays knowing your old friends are either in college or working mad hours as yourself. I truly hope that one day everything will get better and people as one will come together.
Poetic T May 27

Linage of pride as she howled towards birds
that curtsied in the presence of she unspoken in words.
All knew of her, this steed she rode upon, one
of a pride of brothers and sisters. Unseen none
left her side, when she motioned all would run.

The staff was her voice, with but effortless elegance
showing those who tainting the forest with inelegance
of self, ruining the balance for the deeds of ones own lack
of morality. Pollen seeded the air, hands did reach back
pulling forth a wand of bones perched in palm each did crack.

Not of the reflection she did gaze upon something was
older, more cursed than the shadows underneath, she pause.
The wolves did howl upon the air, each one a different tone.
Clawing the earth as if something were being harmonically sewn.
the illusion fragmented, the wand but apart of something unknown.

It was an abomination of times when shades walked unaided
but she knew the motions to bury its darkness till it faded.
Her staff whispered to the breeze as blossom like snow descended.
Like a storm of light cutting into this abomination now suspended
collapsing inward till only one onyx petal fell before it began it ended.

The night fell as stars wove the illumination on the figures below,
and shimmering around her tiny form was a necklace of shadow
petals, this wasn't her first or last shadow to fall like blossom alone
on the ground. The wolfs howled at the moon as she smiled, tone
of melodies greeted her ears as she rested her weary head on a stone.

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