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malluraeh Oct 7
the wolf shouldn't be alone,
it's weak alone
but even weaker
within a pack full of sheep
Where did you gone? I miss you. Where did you gone? I howling like a wild wolf. Where are you?
I miss you so...
Kay-Rosa Sep 25
don't follow her into the woods, though her lantern shines bright
beneath her hood is darkness, her keen teeth catch the light
the wolf trails behind her, its tail between its legs
her basket weights down her arm, her cape the color red
it falls like water against her, its deep crimson catches the eye
even the branches curl away, nor sight of a butterfly
the entire forest fears her, yet they never see her face
just the presence of her sends shivers to the depths of this dark place
so please, watch your step, for her demons patrol the skies
never let your flashlight stray to the yellow of her eyes.
And we back, and we back
Marcella Faye Sep 21
I feel so foolish
When my eyes see
The truth,
But still, love hearing
The lies that you speak
Like it's comforting words
To listen to
As I sleep, 
Almost feels like
A lullaby with
A wolf bearing out
Its teeth.
Carmen Jane Sep 2
Don't pretend you can love
All the whispers of the wind
Stop a second to behold
The beautiful truth

It lays at your feet,
In the morning dew
Just kick off your shoes
And feel its touch - so sweet!

See her sneary patience,
She's the sheep at first sight
Yet all was calculated
She's a wolf in disguise

Pay attention to her moves,
She's got you as a fool
Wash your face,don't hesitate
Don't become her tool.

Walk away, don't give her credit
For everything you can do
Your pen is in your hand
Remember where you stand!

Let go of all the fears,
Yet don't wipe all  your tears
Instead let them flow
Like a mighty waterfall!

And don't say your sorries
Don't show your worries
Truth will stick with you
If all from heart you'll do.
Ormond Sep 1
One day gone in the long great forest
Of the ancient world, wolves alone
And mighty hungered with true kin
Stalking the tundras of the snow drifts
And all their prey, with cautionary eyes
Moved in heards and flocks swaying
With the sounds of the forest floor
And the spearing grasses.  The wolf
Was his own master, free, unbounded.
A great spirit, brother to the moon.

One dying day, when the bushes burned
They came upon the garbage dumps
Of early man.  Their smoke was laden
With the smell of fresh ****, small skins,
Animals, ended trail, and salted death.
Many wolves circled in fear, their pits,
Only one or a few tasted the left overs
The easy scraps and bones, tailings,
The elder pack would not stoop for.
These few unguarded wolves morphed
And mated with each other, their mane
And fur, soon was tamed, soon became
Mottled and brown no silver remaining.
This was the fall of the wolf, not man
And the moon turned white, when wolf
Became dog.
Trout Sep 1
Tomb of council in the march of waits
Castle in the tourist populate
Nothing’s here to mitigate
Told you once
Go unto the night
Then you hide
Granting syllables in the sky
Scrimmaging inside the mark of parts
Thinking as the waiter counts the scars
Stooping down to be aligned
Fighting wars
To be all brand new
Standing there till you cannot choose how to lose

Limerence like a band of thieves
Thorn of whistle cutters like an ambulance
Sing to mark the eye where the ribbon can sigh and cry
Akillmisa Aug 14
The razors of sabers
Will the wool make my blood thin
Calmly and unconsciously zip up my skin
The sheep don't know the wolf is with them
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