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Once, a fox was boasting to a cat.”So clever am I, I know hundreds of tricks! How many do you have?” asked Fox. the cat replied, “just one-but it is useful.”
The Fox was going to say something, but changed her mind.
Nevertheless, wolves came, Cat scrambled up a tree, and Fox died.
Once, a fox was boasting to a cat.”So clever am I, I know hundreds of tricks! How many do you have?” asked Fox. the cat replied, “just one-but it is useful.”
“What! How much good can just one do, compared to hundreds?” exclaimed the fox.
Wolves came, and Fox greeted them, telling Cat they were her friends. “Hello” said the wolves to Fox.
“It is good to see you again, brothers.Shall we eat?” the wolves agreed.
Cat, thinking of fish, agreed as well.
The wolves killed the cat, and the fox and the wolves shared their meal.And that was one of fox’s tricks.
Once, a fox was boasting to a cat.”So clever am I, I know hundreds of tricks! How many do you have?” asked Fox. the cat replied, “just one-but it is useful.”
“That is just as well,” said the fox,” for I can see what you cannot.” and the fox dashed away.
“What! How conceited Fox must be,” said the cat, '' I must not deal with her again.”
Wolves came, but the cat was so angry at the fox, that he only noticed when he was already being eaten.
tia Aug 20
falling in love with you
is like a wolf
looking above the sky
silently watching the eagle
freely fly during the night,

despite knowing that us,
as a pair,
as "you and i",
will never be.

albeit unmatched
and paralleled,
it happens still.

we just fall in love accidentally.
Guntang Aug 16
the crow emerges
picking at the hollow bones
of my life
the darkness trembles
with fear
the staring abyss
the eyes of the wolf
you liken me
to a frozen rose
i cry the wakefulness
into tears of dreams
this thing that rises
from the ashes
a terrible thing
disturbed in the dark
no longer sleeps
catsmeow Jul 24
What does the moon behold?
To make him lift, crumble and fall.
In treacherous hands of humanity,
One lies in truth; one in cruelty.

Propel the waves for he endures pain.
He whom words engraved, a humming of sorrowful rain.
Trust no one but no one is himself, a man.
Love someone but not the likes of one to bawl and come undone.

Sniffing around, he found no company,
The new diversity shivers an epiphany.
"Shall I devour my flesh?" He asked himself,
To felt the numbness? Or to taste the hell?

He fought for comfort,
The lone wolf cried,
The image of stars went gray,
Seek no more, a starry night.

"Ouvre les yeux"
Frozen mouth uttered declairing war,
Starts from match
Now, he's ready now to walk through fire.
Tom Salter Jul 18
Down on the sun-bleached ground, treads a white wolf. Prowling
At the river bank, and seizing the land in which
He has left a deep dent. There is nothing left
In the streams, for they are no longer flowing
Like before. Destined by the bark and branch blockade
Perched at the river’s start. The water has fled, taking
The greenery and mirth away, bleeding out in dread.
The white wolf stares longingly now, hoping
Life forgives his abhorrent and
Disgraced growls.
But he forgets in this moment, that
His great biting jaw is to blame for the depressed landscape
Torn at the base of his grand griping paws.
His scent lurks in the hollow openings of trees, and loose fur
Lingers atop of sullen bushes like a covering
Of thin March snow. He has no say in what should be done now.
And like his distressed whimpering howl, he
Is thrown into the endless nights
Of this soon dying world.
When white wolves walk, the skies
Sell their freedom.
When white wolves walk, trees sink
Into their soiled beds.
When white wolves walk, rivers
Stitch their mouths shut.
When the white wolf runs, the world
Is blinked into chaos.
And we
Must answer.
And we must answer.
They have left the earth asunder.
And we -
We must be better.
Kym Relo Jul 1
Let it out little wolf;
You are my nightly kindred howl.
Let me devour it.

Let your howl take flight;
I promise to keep them close,
In hollow delight.
My mistake.
Rose Jun 26
A silhouette against the ground
Striding across its battleground
Watch it as it comes around
Never lost yet never found

A silver streak against the night
A pounce, a ****, with all its might
A piercing call towards the moon
Through the black, ferocious wood

The wolf is a comet, darting by
The wolf is a stalker, sneak and pry
The wolf is the fox of the night sky
The wolf, the wolf with the hunter’s eye

Of the woods it flies, of the moon it sings
It presides over all the forest things
It readies its paw, starts to spring
Soaring across the sky as if on wings

Ferocious in fight
Tenacious in plight
The wolf is a hunter at heart
Never with the night or the woods will it part.
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