Once upon a time there was
a sheep in wolf's clothing
He ran with the wolf pack,
shared jokes and laughed
Even howled at a full moon
and no one was the wiser
Actually last time I saw him
He was rapping at the door
of those three pigs home
maybe he was a wolf afterall
who can know for sure
sometimes a sheep is a sheep
sometimes a sheep is a wolf
I am the silence before the lightning.
The roll of thunder before the rain,
and the calm before the hurricane.
I am the cry of an wolf,
and the roar of a lion.

I will not be shaken.
mermaidinCLE Mar 6
I believe you
when you say that you love me
I hope that I am not wrong
this is not a dream
even if it was
are something I can't wake up from
I would tear out the beating hearts of men to protect the one I love.

To protect, to comfort, to love,
Till death do us part.
You see, my children- once upon a time, there was a love like no other. Two husbands, fierce and proud- and fitting of their names. Wolf.
He huffed and he puffed and he blew my house down
The devil found me here
Wolf’s Eyes
May cross you
The Gift of Knowledge
Surpasses me
Because I love
Someone else
Deep within this misery
Of certain heartache
I see the signs
of God’s Mercy
Deep within my soul
Living this madness
I carry bounty and beauty
So I will tell my tribe
Of Love Deep and Certain
So I hide
Behind the curtain
Of this lovely fairytale
I pray that you will know me
Somewhere inside this Hell
Scattered my brain
My heart
My feelings
Or so a soldier says
I know what lies best
Within a broken heart
To You I Love
To You I live
I can’t help my fallen state
So within this madness
This hate
Deep within promises make
No more squandered hearts
Burning love and incense
Across the Universe
So will You please
Help Me
Release, Undo this curse
This curse within my mind
I know there is no more help
There’s nothing left,
No Fight!
Heroes come
And Heroes go
Legends live
So what is there
To Be
With us
There is still more
To discover
We hide
Behind angelic wings
Leave no more
In between
So what is there engulfing us
Can you breathe?
Can you feel?
Can you speak?
Because the Lord of us
Speaks softly
He knows
Our Father’s Will
So there we go
We’re praying
God, Our Father
Our cups refill
This is not the End
A new beginning
Is in store
So it is now time
To enter in
The Open Door
God’s graces unite all of us
His discipline
Can tear us apart
Tho He knows
What we need
Deep down
Inside our Hearts
Is it within you to stay?
Get up and try again
No one else can mend
A sparrow’s broken heart
The sun will continue to shine
Nomatter what shall happen
So it is within us to Climb
Try, Heave
Never Die!
“Wolves may show the eye of maleficence, understand what it means.”

“By all means, become an abomination, but only when unhinged by grief or wrath.”

“You love life because life is all there is.”

It’s true what they say about wolves. To me, the wolf represents freedom. A type of freedom without borders. A freedom that cannot be taken away. A pack is a pack and each of them carries one another their pack within them. “The strength of the pack is the wolf, the strength of the wolf is the pack.” So to speak. If one drifts or is out of order, one look, or growl can mean something. Or everything. A very interesting point is that the Alphas mate for life, or until the other passes. Wolves represent loyalty. They are loyal to their pack mates and have maybe the strongest bonds in the animal kingdom.

They are One. They are a Pack. They are Family.
the wanting
the hunger
the pain
is it just
there’s more to it
than that
i must admit
at this bipolar moment
my love
is the moon
her melody
sweet ringing
i long for her
to be mine
i understand
what the sun means
when he says
he misses her
because they were
meant to be
and yet
at the same time
never meant to be

written by Annmarie Rose Agnes Eichhorn
Originally titled 'Wulf.'  Dedicated to all the lovers out there!
JoshuaX Feb 24
If we all die
we would all be equal
Think about it for a while
No hate no judgement
If we all die
I am
Stronger than mountain
Prouder than wind
Powerful like sun
Warmer than fire
I don't believe in gender
I feel
Free sprited like swallow
Deep like ocean
Magical like nature
Complicated like wolf
Cause ;
I don't believe in gender
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