The tree branches are gnarled fingers,
                                          clawing for the moon

  As the wolf sings and the winds howl,
they sway
                                          lonely, thinking of doors

Doors that they search for, so they can
open it,
                                               and bask in Spring
Another Sijo for the night.
Just been staring out of my window into the night and wrote down what I saw.
I'm just experimenting with the layout too! ^-^
Hope you enjoy it! ^-^
Got a long day ahead tomorrow!
Thanks everyone.
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
death is a tiny girl in pink —
with yellow hair
                          and stick legs -

coming out at twilight , she
on your door with her claws in a fist
smiles wide at you
from the

a wolf in sheeps hide ,
she is only
          (not even)

she wants to hold your hand .
I’ve been playing a lot of love Nikki recently which helped develop this but it was really inspired by another poem I read where they described death as a little girl who listens to the world from underneath the ground
Anne Jul 4
Sweet, dainty lips
And starry merry eyes
Her fingertips collide
With tingly butterflies

Fragile little thing
Oh, watch out for the wolves
Or what it might bring
And how it would move

Cold hearted lass
Heart like a glass
Forbade from the wolves
Obtained pure sass

Big, big wolf
Had gotten near
Near that little honey
With his wicked seer

Naive little girl
Beams upon bad
He melted and he swirled
Her heart, ice clad

Big,wicked wolf
Jinxed the frigid heart
Prentending, oh, prentending
The wolf was smart

Silly, silly hussy
How silly you can be
Never marked words
You're always carefree

Evil, sadist wolf
Plucked the scarlet heart
Evil, sadist wolf
Plunged in a dart

Silly, silly hussy
Sobbing little sights
Poor broken baby
And blood atop her thighs

Mad, sadist wolf
Threw the heart below
Mad, sadist wolf
Masochist and foe
Withing, a broken wolf
A masochist in show
Within his hairy heart
A tragedy he rows
I stayed awake the whole night with the night owl
Cuddling a big wolf in my ears its booming howl
Greg Jones Jun 21
I saw it, I saw it,
Please trust me, it’s coming soon.
Forgive me, don’t ignore this, I mean it
Pay attention pay attention now.

Don’t dismiss me, I promise, I mean it,
Hell comes tonight.

I know I...I’ve said this all before
I’m a liar, but I’m not lying.
I know I...I know I’m a joker.
I’m not joking….it’s coming for your

Children, your loved ones, you hear me?
You’ll burn tonight.
You welcome your extinction, keep faking,
You’re all gonna die.

I know I...I made it up before,
This is different, I feel it coming.
I cannot...Can’t fight the change anymore.
It’s a poison, it’s overwhelming.
Fever sweats, the growing hunger for meat.
It’s the moonlight, the transformation…

So ready your shotguns, I wonder
Will anyone survive?
Don’t beg me for mercy, should’ve listened
When I cried wolf….
Louise Joyce Jun 19
The distance,
Trees swaying in the moonlight breeze,
Cold stones,
Yet warm hearts,
The pack howls from the den in the cliff,
As if they were free souls,
Up the stairs to the humans den,
Danger lurks under the moon,
Pads Prodding on the rock hard floor,
Cracking in the winter nights,
2 pups had died,
2 more to go.
Copyright - Im not telling anyone to kill the pups, I mean they die from natrual selection.
Serena M Jun 10
I just wanted to go out and play I would say
I just wanted to have fun
I never meant to cry wolf
I thought I was one
I thought we were all friends

Life was testing me
I was younger, full of heart
But the world left me hungry
And soon I was ravenous, wild
I flew the coop
Let's scatter

And Victoria was on the row
our faces were in the snow
you don't know me, no
it was all just a part of the show
just for show
you wouldn't know, no
you had to be there

We were 19 and on fire,
He said he felt inspired
My eyelashes tickled his neck one time and he lost himself in love, said let's go higher
Once I started I kept going until consciousness left me
A liability, it's not pretty
You should have just crashed your car, you thought

my fur was violet
I was always fighting with myself alone and howling at the moon

I faked it all to live
I'm a doll, I said
I modelled, I kissed you after the party after you told me about that tree, you said you almost died hanging on
I fell right then
I cried that day
It was your fake chemicals we ate
You tricked my heart

We said
Let's go to the fucking mall
I need a pack of cigarettes, I need to go out and get that grass
Let's get lit. Let's go.
I'm writing a book, I insisted.
After this is all said and done.

After that was all said and done.

You're too much he said.
So I left and made a house of cards so tall and delicate
I drank, put on my ballet slippers
You tried, I said
Nice try

We took acid that night
He knocked at the door and I barked like a dog
Bathed in pastels and I was skin and bone
I felt so alone, I was just skin and bone
Powder in my teacups
Red hieroglyphics on my skin
I cut off some fur
Bleached it here, and there
And I ran scared

No one scared me like I scared myself.
My heart, I took it out and stuck it on the shelf.

December 20th 2013
"D-Day", I whispered
Mom unlocked her door
Made me Mac and cheese.
I showed up at Heather's office in Hello kitty footy pajamas after my first nap in days
Succombing to the vanity, I threw on a dress and got into character
I was very small
I felt so very small
I wasn't there at all

I was like, Doctor, let me catch you up
But she cut me off, yeah
She cut me right off and got on her phone cause she heard the yelps, the howls
underneath the barks
She could smell the forest fires
She said I was mad, no I wasn't bad.
"But we have to put you away."

So that day, I got put away


The ambulance came and I laughed in hysterics and said you better just take these now
Here's the candy...

The Show must go on
Please don't put me down

Yeah, they put me down alright
Hana Jun 8
I’m in the dark trying to find my way back
I give crys of help still can’t come back
So misunderstood they won’t get it
Even though they try to find me
I don’t want to find myself
A lone wolf is what I seek
Just a friend who can help me
A dog a bird a cat a Human
Is what I need
In the end the cause might be me
But you are what made me
First poem ever.
Awtumn Jun 2
I'm a lone wolf,
Howling at the new moon.
Crying out a prayer,
To a god that will never hear.
Begging for a pack,
Or just another lone wolf.
But I'm destined to live in shadows,
Trapped in a cage
Of my own design.
Amanda May 31
Waking up suddenly, too early,
It is dark and only 5AM,
But I know that there is no hope,
Of drifting to sleep again.

Thinking keeps me from dreams,
Heaven in my mind,
Night drags on and on,
Without peace to find.

There is a space inside my head,
Where a filter should clearly be,
Instead I relive the hurt,
Remembering with alarming clarity.

I close aching eyes once more,
And wait for sleepy scenes to start,
No relief will come tonight,
To ease hunger of this heart.
Written 3/20/12
karen May 27
Where are you god?
You promised me water when
I crossed the desert,
Yet the desert never ends.
The stars scream and the sand freezes.
I shiver, and Miriam cries out
"Sing to the Lord, for he is highly exalted.
Both horse and driver he has hurled into the sea."

There is a rift, 4000 miles wide,
Between what I wish for and what may be.
It hurts, yes. But I'd rather have old scars than wounded expectations

What is this awesome sadness, this bitterness of realization
That words, in logic and emotion, defining sense and pleading for mercy, are too complicated to truly understand?
Is thought, the careful balance of common sense and duty, beyond their capacity?

What would they ever know of sacrifice? Loss? Conflict? Complexity? Compassion? Justice?

What would they ever know? No family, dead friends, the drought and the deluge, and the weight of the entire fucking world breaking my back? How could they even comprehend it

Do I feel nothing at all or do I feel too much? Just sprinkle some salt on the wound, I'll scream and faint when it hurts enough

Oh mother of song, of mountains and morning glories, it is true that I am a wolf with yellow eyes, but don't you agree that they should not hate me for being what I am? Are we not all born from the same spark of life? Why excuse your fear as hate when you could put your head directly into my mouth and look at my fangs from a different angle? I will not bite you, I swear it

The moon is bright. The water is deep. These melodies have echoed off of these cave walls for a thousand years. It's what you would have wanted.

(Guard my lips from deceit. Those that curse me, let my soul be silent. And let my soul be like the dust to all.)

All we have ever done, all we do, all we will do is beg for forgiveness. Howl with us.
I wish I didn't need to to everything at once. It really makes me hate a life that is worth dying for
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