They say we run in packs,
But in this race I'm all alone,
Isolated, just a shadow,
Holding on to hope,
I long for the day that we cross paths,
I'll give my all to thee,
My body, my soul, my heart and mind,
I trust you'll keep safely,
Mother spoke of her other half,
The one she calls home,
Got me thinking of my soul mate,
Will he make me feel whole?
I'll wait days, weeks, months and years,
I pray that you'll be there,
I'll dream of your smile, your eyes and lips,
Your all so beautiful hair...
I have a question though, forgive me if I ask,
I'm curious to know if you'll learn to accept my past,
I've fought my demons,
The devils in my head,
I've done many things,
That I wish I could forget,
But I'm much stronger now,
I held on to our hope,
I held on to dream of meeting you,
The one I could call home.

When it comes to loving someone, you feel as though it's perfect. You accept their flaws, the person that they are. Change is inevitable but the fact that you love them the way they are right from the first, you'll love everything, including the change that comes with time.

At 9 pm,
When we go to bed,
I kiss him goodnight-
Won't go without it.

At 11 pm,
When he shifts next to me,
I wrap him tighter in my arms,
And smile when he hums.

At 1 am,
When he leaves for a drink,
I shift to use his pillow for the moments that he's gone,
And breathe him in.

At 3 am,
I press myself to his chest,
To hear his heart beat, his life,
Right there.

At 5 am,
He wonders why I get up,
Instead of letting him sneak out,
And I think,

Because I miss you,
I love you,
I want to see you,
Even at 5 am.

Because I'm scared you won't come back,
And our last kiss will have been last night at 9.

Only the night of wikied
Are in the night of the full moon
Demons monsters
Roam to the shadows
Vampires inspire blood
Wolf are howling
the moon of light
Full of white
What a life
Mary always waking up at 3 Am
Because the moon always shines
At her face
Now when she got 8
Something happened
What happened Was it normal  Did it have to  Or was it faith

I thought I knew you
But you were just aloof
They said: he's lone wolf, lone wolf
But I say: he's more like lion, look at the proof
Sneaking, reaching for what he desires
Him and mercy have never met in person

Listen and hear wolf howl vampires hunt wikied hour is soon so sweet dream don't let them bite
Parents say that they don't exist
But they are monsters
In their mind there's monsters
In the shadow
They just don't hear or see

Thanks for reading
Dirty Word Dec 1

The Dove flies through
Gets trapped in gates
The Raven comes out
Gets ignored

The Dog runs through
Gets trapped in the gates
The Wolf comes out
Gets ignored

The man walks through
Gets trapped in the gates
The Man comes out
Gets ignored

The Gates of Hell

do magical things
Azrapse Nov 29

What propels the wolf
To slaughter the sheep?
Is the full moon at night
a reason not to sleep?
You transformed before my eyes
Filled my mind with lies
Now I’m drowning
In this pool of thoughts.
But you won’t let me drown
You're already ready
With your claws right by my chest
Waiting till my last conscious breath
To rip my soul from its vessel

Lyn-Purcell Nov 27

Wolf howls, wait and see
With love, the greatest armour
Rise towards the sun

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell
Vacuous Nov 27

Squandered love,
it's for the chase.
A wolf might gnaw preys bones,
but its soul lay waste.
Prey might run,
but its emotions have fate.
The wolf sucks soul,
not for the need,
but for the taste.

kyle dionysus Nov 19

By daylight,
as man, I was ruling
towns as a black prince beguiling
women seeking a thrill
with some time to kill.

And by night,
with the moon shining
ever so bright,
I ceased..                      .
as  I     be...CAME      nothing

BUT     A       mere

as    I      prowled
(F)orests as a g(R)ey wolf looking for my next pr(E)y to rip up and consum(E)

For I was (FREE)
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