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Arianna 2h
Pawprints through the snow,
Guiding: White Wolf pathfinder
Towards the wide-eyed Sun.
Not an actively religious or spiritual person, but during a phase of introspection and spiritual exploration several months ago, a white wolf/some sort of canine and the sun came into play.

May Death befall
upon thee
and be slaughtered
by the blade of thy pen

The aftermath
of the poet's resurrection
will be an allusion
to those who never
believed in art

The Tempest
shalt come early
and by wolf's jaws
the artist
shalt rescue the light
A poem to all of us, the artists
CeilingStar Oct 18
You are like ivy creeping and embedding yourself in spirals around my limbs

Poison slowly creeping into my very flesh, my very being

What is it about you that makes my lungs heave with distaste

You are a wolf in sheepskin

Your soul a grotesque knarly fungus, toxins settling around you like a shield
But your exterior a brilliantly bright red

You invite others in, only to realise your glowing, vibrant colours have been forged from using and discarding others
******* those around you dry
Forcing yourself into every little crevice

I hate growing next to you, stealing all my light, all my nutrients, all my life

And I bet when you no longer require my prescence you will give absolutely no second thought to tearing me limb from torso to feed that rabid wolf inside you

I bet it's lonely on that 'moral' high ground you keep telling me about, looking down at the rest of my humble flock

I bet one day you will realise you are actually growing on top of an ants hill, not a mighty moral mountain

Enjoy your own company, since you're clearly too good for anyone else's
Since you would rather poison everything around you

Everyone hates poison ivy

P.s. tried to use the combination of juxtaposing two different metaphors here, kind of switching between the two, hope it worked
Talia Oct 15
I'm out of the ordinary.
simply put, I'm an outcast.

Baa, baa, I can see your savagery
and your pure illusion of remaining steadfast.

Yet I'm everything you've ever dreamed of!

Baa, baa, I can see right through your façade.
So stop trying to ****** me again, love.
you cheated on me twice.
I'm not falling for that one again.
Aurelia Ward Oct 9
The slit eyes widen
On the turtle that fell
For the gentle eyes of
A wolf in a shell

A dark liquid drips
Down the fleece of a sheep
Who knew a wolf could
So tenderly weep ?
For Lashes
prairie predator

traversing unseen highways

calling yet unseen
PJ Poesy Oct 7
As I am, I growl with hunger
As I ****, my musk malodorous
I do, as though the thunder
Confess my will shall so oppress

It’s a drive my eyes are fixed upon
The scampering of the lemmings
My fangs blood and phlegm do don
No intelligence worth condemning

It is life for which I fight
The ***** becomes my prowling
My need to breed a might
Her moon begins my howling

I claw my way through darkness
Scavenging morsels to find
Eyes that perceive a bark lest
Be indicative of my kind
Not a wolf in sheep's clothing
I dont need to sneak around
And I don't announce my presence
I just kick the door down
Although it might be nice to lead a pack
I don't need the assurance of a crew to watch my back
I wander where I want
I  hunt to eat or hunt for the thrill
To survive like this it takes way more than just skill
a special kind of breed
the kind that doesnt retreat
the type that lets my actions speak
No warning either I go for the throat ,maul and maim
it's over before you know it  no trace ,no name
A dog eat dog world is what you call your game
but you're a subpar species and that's a shame
don't even try to bring up that we might be from the same family tree
I'm the distant relative that you'll always  try to be but remember
You're a pup trying to compete with a beast!
Feast your eyes upon all the

trapped in the grills of fat and
                                                           ­         trucks

so far away from the idyllic blades of
                                                                ­ green
                                                                ­        and
                                                                ­           sun

crossing ***-hole asphalted rivers where
                                                                ­        speed
                                                                ­            amuck

We all get hurt crossing seemingly
                                                        ­           streets

and end up in some wolf-dressed-as-sheep
                                                                ­    machine's
                                                                ­               sharp
                                                                ­                     teeth

are we different from the insects

If only you could wiggle your body more to the side
but the alligator never slows and the wind is a bonafide
At least I can see whats ahead, might as well enjoy the ride.
Be a grain of salt in a sugar cane field.
Be the ice among the flames.
Be the badger among the snakes.
Be the courage among the cowardly.
The wolf among the sheep.
The light within the dark.
A survivor among the dead.
The calm within the storm.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
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