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Anne B 2d
You look like a wolf
in sheep’s clothing

And yet, you say you
are the dragon

Yet, you make us believe
in your story

You breathe no fire

You only wanted the
castle walls
to protect you
from our glances

If you had opened up
Put away your wolf hide

All could see
how lonely you are

And how wrong our story is

Ann­e H. Bakke  |  02:09  @   29.05.2016
The narrative is all wrong. You are doomed.
The wolves are hungry tonight
and so is she
her heart does know no fright
with her pack she longs to be

Under the bloodmoon
see her limbs grow
her feral body is to swoon
turning wolf into lady from head to toe

Her brothers and sisters sharp teethed
running with the winds of winter
in this cold and star-bright night they will feast
blood smearings in the snow look just like cinder

Hear her song howling through the air
all ice melts underneath her fiery feet
as they catch and bite and tear
lucky ones see her eyes before their demise they meet

'Tis the night of the hunt
benighted men will not run
shouting "Begone! Animal! Cunt!"
happily she devours them, flayed bodies in the morning sun

She's always lurking, lusting for your smell
Dripping wet her mouth with the juice of life
no one lived for the story to tell
of the wolf woman, dark wood's feral wife
CGW Sep 7
Winter winds carried on the backs of wolves.
A rumble of darkness among the silence.
Flight of blue fire.
Blood of the kingdom before me coats my wolven teeth.
The wolf king rises.
Through swollen snow and ice we trot among the fallen wolves.
she came like a butterfly and blossomed my barren land
soothed my strife and sanctified me whole again
Its A Beautiful Life. Unless No One Likes You Then Its Shit
Standing under the starry sky,
A wolf howls at the crimson moon.
He is old, solitary and shy
He knows his end is coming soon.

The wind smiles as she passes him,
Brushing his hair, kissing his cheek.
Playful as she may seem
She knows he is now weak.

He gazes dreamily at the sky,
Reminiscing the glory days of his life.
If only he could fly
Oh! He would have had a wonderful life.

He wonders as he watches the crimson moon.
He knows that his life is going to end soon.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
I hope you enjoy this poem. As usual I am leaving the interpretation part to you. Happy reading!
Sarah Aug 29
There once was a girl
With a basket full of dreams
Wearing a cape of hope
Walking to her grandma’s house on the other side of the wood
Her steps were brisk
The road was paved
With flowers grown on each side of the way
But as she walked the sunlight began to dim
And long black trees started to enclose the road
Her brisk movements became tardily steps
As she found herself lost deep in the wood
The heart of the wood was dark and foggy
Concealing a creature with sharp claws
Gleaming like two yellow jewels
Were the wolf’s perilous eyes
The eyes didn’t seek the girl
But the precious things she holds
A basket of dreams and a cape of hope
The wood was empty and the girl was scared
But the wolf, generously, gave her a choice
A sacrifice she must make
If she wanted to get out alive
She must give him the things dearest to her heart
She didn’t have a choice, or did she?
To yield peacefully or fight bravely
What do you think the little girl chose?
What would you if you were standing in her shoes?
Alone with a wolf in a big black woods.
meadowsweet Aug 28
Elegant teeth
of the wolf
flesh as pale
as teeth
When the moon was coming

I saw the wolf passing

Through the grain slipping

I am in my control staying

I said to myself whispering

Why does this creature like the wolf came?

What is the wolf doing?

Answer me my beautiful kids

I wait and still thinking

Till the wolf came creeping

The cock's eyes were opening

The wolf came guessing

That he was almost disappearing

He was till slipping

Then he stood looking

The cock was then standing

He lowered the jar watering

The wolf was completely wetting

He ran with fearing

The cock disappeared at a moment

The wolf looked and gazing

The universe was all dark and silent

He dried himself and returned

The cock shouted at all guards

"Thief" there is thief stealing

They came all running

They were surrounding and hunting

Soon his clothes were tearing

He returned with deep feeling

That he can't came and robbing

He said "I was deceiving"

The cock was waking
the guard must open his eyes and get awake through his job
aye-way Aug 22
her body's glazed with sugar
but her soul's made of spice

her grin is chaotic
but it melts down the ice

she howls for the moon
when it births her with light

she's made love with herself
she's made peace with the night

so why would you put her in a dress?
why would you comb her curls out?

why would you tell her to speak softly,
when her heart commands her to shout?

she was raised among wolves.
she did not grow with the roses.

you expect her to change.
well, the wolf in her opposes.

she is reckless.
she is free.

she is her.
she is me.
(c) ayesha. h [2o18]
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