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I live with poetic eyes
And an imaginative mindset;
Eyes and a mind where I find that
Raindrops are just the sky's kisses...
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
I remember grabbing the white candle,
The smell of wax lingering in the air.
A longing for a needle to ***** through,
Blood to parchment of my skin all to care.
Remembering a time this done before,
Starting to see a pattern of my life.
Wanting all of success to be in store,
Myself running down the long strangled knife.
Backward words and lettering to be torn,
Aching a long lost soul withered away.
This young son never a demon to warn,
Slipping close of the night to southern day.
Out and away from the further realms curled,
A solemn pact of mine to keep in world.
Seven Seals of October - Seal II - The Second Solid Pact of Solemness...
Wisps of sound rise and melt in the air,
The high and low stresses, the articulatory stretches;
Linger, vanish, manifest, proliferate – digest.

A humming note strokes the whims of a heart,
Through tapestries of tingling blade of tongue,
It slides into existence and existence it wears till it obliterates.

Wisps of sound rise and melt in the air,
Like Chinese ring daggers they curl into
the abode of your consciousness again.

A mellifluous phrase carries the calm of Ravi
as it glides through the hollows of ears,
Now in your memory, now forgotten,
Now revived, now devised,
Now it journeys towards the ripples of your utterance,
And now it fiddles with your own conscience.

A wisp of sound falls over the skyline of a tongue
It transforms into a soulful voice,
And arbitrarily makes sense!
you are true
purest form of light
reflection of the brights stars
you rise out of the abyss
with your gentle pet
hummingbird drinking you up
like nectar from a flower
hovering in stillness
epic sunset
reflecting awesomeness
for all eyes
absorb your beauty
you leave behind
the smallest flicker of light
in the deepest part of ones heart
the place
cherished unconditionally
spot where
Love is safeguarded
this place is for you
magic is recognizable
with unimaginable lucidity
calm and pellucid
your brilliance
like a star
Andrew Sep 25
I observe and record
The undeserved discord
By dim bores
While indoors
Sins are born
I was warned
But I formed
A sin scorn
Once forlorn
In the storm

The abhorrent
Sent a torrent
Of torment
To the dormant
That went through my mind
To become realigned
Into something that rhymed
To take up my time

The extension
Of the tension
Met the unmentioned
Of detention
By hedonism
To see the schism
That reads like a prison
And bleeds with the rhythm
Of a needle's incision

The exclusion
Of my collusion
With my delusion
From night's illusions
Ended their nuisance
By taking a new stance
Of a mute dance
Of loose chance

This war I wage
By turning the page
Has me burning with rage
Learning this cage
Is churning my craze
Yearning to age
To master this maze

This paper cut
Safer hut
Replaced my rut
Graced by trust
On pace for bust
I trace my fuss
To place a plus
On this race to dust

Surprising lane
Transcribing pain
Describing shame
Arriving like rain
Inside of my brain
Extinguishing the flames
With a grammar game
Of a semantic strain
Making my refrain
A poetic plane
That acts as a cane
Instead of a crutch
Removing the mundane
That's why I love it so much
Kapi Laur Sep 24
the candle flickering
on the shelf
makes invisible winds
invisible smells
which i breathe in
and then breathe out
all while thinking
about myself
and the sorrows that i bring
She was a flame
Simple yet perfect
Both defying and defining the dark
Melting my barrier that I took so long to build
But what she didn't know was that the barrier I built was not to keep myself safe
It was for those around me
Because while she might have been a flame

I was a forest fire.
Curtis Owens Sep 19
She lays down
in bed-sheets red and retreats into her mind
agonizing over answers to questions,
answers she will never find.
This isn’t the first time.

The sun and the moon waltz through the skies
watched through clouded eyes
the pair reminds her how alone she feels inside,
the disconnect that’s in her mind.
It won’t be the last time.

The wind batters her with rain
she is tired, broken… ashamed.
She doesn’t know your name and you don’t know hers,
it’s time for that to change. Loneliness is the bastion of the mind,
don’t look for answers you will never find.
aquis Sep 11
poetry is too beautiful compared to the routine reality - and too beautiful to become it.
A thought that has been on my mind for some time , since I started spending so much time reading , writing and thinking on poetry.

One of the most beautiful escapes from the daily , routine reality doesn’t deserve to become the reality to be escaped from - to put it in other words:)

What do you think?
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