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Khoi 6d
the mother of all lovers
a Haiku story
Ken Pepiton May 20
On Youtube,
from the Camera holder POV,
- we, the living, we are first to have these eyes,
augmented us,
memory arrays of instants
with days and hours and minutes and
just nows
between them and us/nows
and whens

this becomes, in a trickle or a flood, a sense
I know the good is done, being
directly from the sense
we call common.
HP is a very tiny whole. The documentary form of poetry takes a special eye.
coqueta Mar 23
A girls beauty only exists as an extant form of a decay
The ****** gets down on her knees to pray
that God delivers her a good good man
to come, and demand, for her hand in marriage
A girls beauty will never exist as long as her lips haven’t tasted true love’s kiss
her legs are long and bare and
her face is rosy, fair
and that silky hair can be wound around his rough calloused fingers
The beauty of girlhood is being used
Desiring love and being pursued
And if he doesn’t think I’m beautiful? Do I have any worth at all?
Lost innocence is a beauty (a sweet sweet tragedy) so utterly unattainable, (only for those girls with their blue bell eyes and their waif-ish thighs) I’m left to wonder
am I even a woman
at all?
Khoi Mar 1
a "deaf" con alert
Vladimir's bullying Jane
No this is not humane,
Jack in a box
history and pedigree
chariots of a liar
the planet
is pire.
Inspired by me truths poem
Quagmire rising
Ren Sturgis Feb 8
I feel like throwing up all these thoughts and words I have and much, much more.
I feel sick till I pour everything out.
The pain of lust and love gnawing at my soul.
The world eating at my heart.
My eyes full of emotional storms that I don't understand.
My brain is telling me to survive it all somehow.
Eventually I'll make it out of despair.
Love is a smile or a hug,
making someone a cup
of tea. Love is holding hands,
intimate massages,
offering support.

Love is early morning kisses,
making breakfast
in bed. Love is complete understanding, long conversations
and telling truths.

Love is a connection of the heart,
making a long journey. Love is
forever enduring, always receiving,
helping others.

Love is a word (or two),
making joint decisions,
love is unspoken -
sometimes soundless
or confidently loud.

Love is intimate, love
is kind, it's those late
phone calls. Love is unwavering,
intimate stares,
delicate yet strong.

Love is more than ****** intimacy,
it's keeping a
life promise. Love is sacred -
beautifully pure,
love is holy.

Love is all of these qualities.
so before you love -
remember them.
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2021
Ave Maria Jan 1
As poets, we silently scream within the poems that we write, the fervent words permanently soaking into the universe
The universe absorbing the reality of their meaning, even if we ourselves may not fully understand yet
In every piece of art, the inner soul is revealing a part of itself
Big or small, it is there, making its presence known
I find this to be very beautiful
I may have loved you too much,
A part of me still loves you to this day

Your sweetness allures me so,
Like honeyed days we’d stare without shame
You were irresistible to my heart and I knew trouble cornered me

I’d shoo away the laughable thoughts,
Aiming to mail you a letter of love
To which you’d open it fresh with a scented kiss

Flower petals would descend from your heart
Your cheeks adopted a sunflower
The stars entertained you that night

You told me you always dreamed of late evenings
Informing me of the curtain of constellations
That you’d like to sleep soundly in

Of course I’d be willing to offer you anything in return of your smile
And the night we escaped, you gasped softly at the surprise
Your simple happiness was all one romantic would need

No matter where we dreamed,
Together we are one
Standing besides one another 

Fate draws near, echoing our future
Your bleakness eats me devastatingly
Tomorrow we are being

But overseas, I send you my farewells
So that you are found in perfect health
And that we consume truly divine harmonies

Made only for the sweetened couples
Whose stories fade ever so forlornly in the past
I love you brightly as the sun

You illuminate my pathways
But one kiss erases my existence
Continue to please those around you;

Without me, the world withers

Please remember my love,
And be gentle with it
For it is delicate as the world

My eyes see a star
But yours fail to see within that darkness
The gloom that retreats before you arrive

I am part of that campaign
An honorable being among the troops
Yet your continuous ignorance saddens me so

See me now,
Find me wanderlust in this world
And somewhere, we can swiftly enrapture ourselves

Whether it be in the meadows of glistening rays
Or the places that calmly send the earth into slumber
Wherever we are destined, I’ll always be there for you

Even if tonight’s curtain unsheathes
And you are no longer the image of love,
But rather, a friend I could love with silliness on languid days and somber nights.
365 word count.
Broken Pieces Nov 2021
It's so poetic
Yet so empty
With so much emotion
But no lyrics

I want to smile
I want to cry
I just want to sit
And truly listen

Can I be this poetic
Can I make lovely words
Reach many others
Or is is all just for fun
SelinaSharday Oct 2021
Poetic People..
we are not herded sheeple.
We are word lyrics, song makers,  mind shakers,  current speakers, history makers, past revealers..
Word life breathing, comfort givers.
Word Movers, Books of chapters and mental creators of Intellectual content givers.
We teach, subtract and we word multiply in many unique stanza, rhythms and soul dynamic gifts.
Poetry people we can ignite, warm up or cool down to enhance hearts temperatures Spirits our words lift.
Poets are examples of writing freedoms and of all 12 styles and forms of Poetry formed arts.
Sonnets, Ballads, Concrete ode and Prose. and the many mo's are starts.
Poetry People are such a variety.
Best leave us free!
As living Poetry!
Poets, cook, serve, they provide, Poets entertain, make your hearts sang. make your mouth overflow with giggles of laughter, gets your brain on that thinking and reminiscing train.
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