I’ve been gone a long time
Wasting the sunlight
As it glowed on me
I’ve been losing track
Of the path
That the moon herself delivered to me
I’ve been slack in seeing the way
Not everything can turn around
I forgot to love
At the speed of sound

Now I love the way you’re there for me
The way you’ll always remember me
The way you touch my dreams every night
You lead me out
And I win the fight
Now I know it’s not just you
It is you
To you
My home
I return to you

I will return
Please don’t wait around
Just listen for that sweet sound
Just play me that sweet come home music
That makes my heart and soul
Step in time
There’s nothing keeping me from coming
Home now
Just to see your face is all I need
To survive

You’re all I need
You’re all I need
You’re all I need to survive

On this pathway you’re the light
That shines in every daily plight
Remember that I’m only a traveler
When you call I crave to hear you
I can see you
Though the lights dim
I won’t forget where I’ve been
Or how I’ve been
All I need is this sweet return home music
Found inside of you

I just want to live that love song
Play it loud as I press through this throng
I’ve heard it all my life all along
It lights my way
Shows me right and wrong
And I see you
All of you
Waiting to welcome me home

Sweet, sweet come home music
Makes my soul
Feel strong and whole
Singing and dancing
Long past the woe
In this house
There is room for one more
I love you all
The finale of the Vacancy Saga
Afiqah 7d
I’ve listened
to my heart foolishly
and at times,
its wants and doings
finds it easy to just keep unfolding
itself around melancholic grips,
flavoring on over and over
such sepulchral,
sinful colors

Building those metaphors that personify beauty
Creating an allusion by using epigraphs
With allegory and alliteration creating euphemism
And midst litotes and kennings
Forming masterpiece

// Cheers to all the poets.
cheers to all the poets
Vexren4000 Jul 4
Rhyme and reason,
Something we glorify,
Put upon a pedestal,
So we may never touch it,
With our filthy human hands.

helena alexis Jun 30
stars exposed along her back
bordering constellations down
to her thighs wonderful expressions continued throughout her body
vivid hallucinations and disturbing illusions
control her unconscious mind as she feels
the painful machines puncture her brain

she’s not like the rest of us
she’s the future of humanity
not really sure what this is
David Lampert Jun 21
I am big on iambic pentameter
  About that I could never lie, since
I pass every poetic parameter
  And earned my poetic license
your eyes were mesmerizing,
as i drown myself deeply into your gaze,
i was afraid that i would fall deeply,
so deeply that it would mess up my life.
Your existence is poetic,
It is because whenever the thoughts of you linger,
Your figure, your scent, your voice,
I can't help myself but to blurt out the most possible poetic words,
To describe how much you are dear to me,
How your existence is exquisite in every way,
How much loving you can cause destruction,
How selfless can i be in loving you,
Darling, you know it.
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