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The sea has a smile
a charming smile
that is the wave
the sky too has a smile
and it's the rainbow
the sea has anger
and that anger is
stormy tide
the sky has anger
it's the thunder
the sea has tears
that's the crystal clear
the sky has tears
that's the shooting stars at night
the sea has happiness
free happiness
it's the fish jumping out of the water
every so often
the sky has happiness
and it's the free-flying birds
gliding toward
their shelter
their paradise
and haven.
Venus de Milo
a myth
who'd lost her arms,
the 19th century's fall
of the sun,
the nights engulfing
the stars,
while the stars,
the night,
the sounds of piano,
of Beethoven,
piercing the sky,
they are,
that never fall.
The soft wind blows
quietens a thin
layer of grass
there's two parallel lines of footsteps
in the sand
the soft wind blows
long hair, a transparent kite line
and a blue sky
the soft wind blows
healing the chaos of branches
leveling the water ripples
leaving a trace of bright
Autumn arrives
insects sing louder
high-pitched melodies
singing for
an endless song
the music of
the autumnal harvest
the moon silhouetted against
the treelined path
listening to the singing
of grasses
the quiet night
bringing beautiful
the autumn cold
like the end of a story
with the arrival of frost
the song of insects will become
a dream
for the coming year.
I love you like the
Moon loves the stars
Like the street loves
The cars.
But what can I say?
Before it's too late,
It might already might be-
LearnfromBOBD Mar 12
Honeydrops’ your lips so sweet Like sweet nectar.
Caress cuddles,
You made me languish,
Cos I stayed for long.
Waiting for your day, godly way.
Yo sweet flavor puts me in ecstasy.
You mesmerized me and yo sensation calls me.
Baby, my heart is burning,
I feel sensual delirium, Carnal pleasures.
passionately, let's go slowly.
Yo smile is troubling,
your lips feels touchy.
You bewitched my feelings,
My poetic lover.
To my las drops. Temi ❤️
It's so cold
In this dank wet prison
Where the Blue-Haired Monster
That fiend
That monger
Loves me with grave danger
Trapped in an unstable manger
My own maelstrom brought me down
He killed me
And He revived me
Then He'll **** me again
He doesn't talk
He speaks in giggles
... no
With cold
spindly fingers
and a tongue
of vile
The vanity drips
All over my face
Such a horrid taste







Thund­er and lightning
My Angel of Blue sings
A song that parts the sea
The rain of my pain
Works for my gain
A hurricane
The Blue Man can't see
My Angel of Blue wasn't dead
She was waiting for me instead
Through the waters
I rise
My salt water cries
Bring me to distant shores
His maelstrom traps me no more
If my depression was personified, he'd torture me repeatedly just because he can.
Faryal Mar 11
Not much of a reader hey,
Haven’t even touched a book
Or felt shook
From a good old story,
Even the books that are so gory
Don’t even make you feel sorry,
Poor character

We all have a story within us
Maybe it starts off by
Going on the bus,
And having a big sigh....
Of relief
Oh but there’s Wiz Khalifa
And I gotta say hi
Gotta get an autograph

But than there’s life
Where we have to learn to exist
And not take the exit

Be a little gallant
We are a fan of people’s talent
look at spider man
Scared of 8 legged creatures
But when it turns into a person, we’re in love
aka Tom Holland

The adventure goes on in Canada,
Doing linear algebra, don’t think I’ll ever need that
the third law of motion to every reaction there’s always an equal &
Opposite reaction
Wow that was Newton

Every new day is a restart
Where new things get sparked
Be the firework & ignite the light
Woah did I just reference Katy Perry

Don’t be like Tom and Jerry
Instead maybe get a date in February
Watch the void of sunsets
And lets not have regrets this time

Here Have some key-lime pie
After all, we only live once
Do those stunts
Dunk that basketball
Lebron James will be proud

A new day gives you many chances to create new story pieces
So tell me what is your story?
Is it filled with glory? Captivate me

Because when you grow old
And see the last piece of your hair fall out There always comes an end
To a good old story

You were the life of the party
So rest in peace
As you are the story to my life
That I’ll never stop reading
Faryal Mar 3
an uninvited guest comes for a visit
unwanted guest
where we just deal with it
Rather than overcoming it
Fear lies within
You trip on the unwanted guest
bump into it, yet it won’t leave
the seed of worry
That you would never water
Fear is a seed
that has been watered
By the unwanted guest
That’s when fear
Is holding you
In their arms
It’s a distorted reality
Only filled with fear
Poetic boys, don't let em catch you slipping, don’t get hurt, the depth of one’s love, the depth of wounds of later moments, it’s contraband, can’t feel anything, when will I learn?
The shame is coming, with eyes wide open, holding onto to dear life, I should of stayed calm, but I’ll run into self-destruction when in vulnerability, asking question to what's the matter?
When it gets real, I’ll sabotage, when I push away, I want to say sorry, but silence is the reply, wishing I could let people inside.
To when I see someone, with the heart of a soldier, with the brains to teach a whole nation, I want to lay until the sun rises, the essence of a muse, nothing else I pull into frame & display with such shame, than the totality of my own flaws & left lonely.
Whoever said the struggle will stop today,
mystics get shot everyday,
while they’ve got money for war, but can’t feed the poor.
I’m obsessed of satisfying with creative temperament to a dormant & quiet people, it feels that no one can accept both of my own duality. Straight from the start, speaking truth, even if its hate in return, spitting from dark, it’s poetic, after the show, one sits alone & ignored. Late nights, bright lights, **** & lies, loading in the limousine, with people’s hands hand but no-one is giving out, can I really blame people for trying to get what they can? I might lose my soul, but who knows what I’ll find? I’m blessed to know another, hoping in return I can do the same.
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