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Nica A Oct 4
a guest inside a head,
welcomed a stranger to bring it danger
a reflection easily spotted
revealed not only a heart that's haunted
a soul trapped inside the head
would love to stay, laying in bed
buried underneath the earth
trapped and summoned the dead,
to come back
among problems did it lack
the antidote to cure,
no signs of how much it had endured
soul felt trapped, heart was under attack
Give it a map, it'll soar and come back
hopeless not quite
Give it business, give it work
happy sun
begins to rot
Limited freedom hinders its growth
give it space, give it time
lonely moon
drowns in an overwhelming typhoon.
“eppur si muove”, said galilei.
and it shall continue. with or without you.
“and yet it moves”
(the earth around the sun)
Shofi Ahmed Sep 19
////                                  /////
                         Terra is rosy
               'shadow and light'
                      and evergreen.
                 It's never a world
                                 this is it!

            Numerically perfect
                             is scientific
            painstakingly poetic.

           Walk along the beach
                             never think
                   you are alone see
  the clouds fly in sheer bliss
      The ocean of the rivers is
                       forever flowing.

                        It's a mundane
                   yet hallowed holy.
      The artists' kaleidoscopic
                       the pious men's
         immanent metaphysics!
Monica Sep 2
Thousands of feet high
Mind racing
Views of the cloudy skies
Reminds me of my judgement
Connection resembles turbulence,
Things have been so shaky
Rows with three seats
Seems like something has come between us
There’s a limit to the weight we can carry
Too much may result in our plane crashing down
Slowly descending
We’ve reached our destination
Realizing two cannot become one
No tears or sadness
Just a sigh of relief
Was taking a flight to New Orleans that inspired this poem. Views of the clouds so beautiful. Enjoy:)
SaintMethyl Aug 31
My trust was broken along with my heart,
My lust is no more as I accepted being apart,
My mind longs that I could go back to the start,
I think back to the day that we were done, and I depart.
Time was needed for me to feel whole,
Whereas you moved on quickly just to patch up your soul,
As calm as I acted you could never know,
How much you hurt me alas I could never show,
Bottled it up and my emotions I let float,
For I couldn't shut down I just had to cope,
Despite days I spent thinking of my neck tangled in rope.

I had to be strong and I forced myself through,
And to myself I had to be true,
I could never drop to your level as a cheater and lie,
Therefore creating a barrier that you tried to deny,
I held myself high and I worked out my way,
I created a life and my health was sustained.
My life was worth more than being destroyed by you,
I'm still proud in knowing my soul and love is true.
follow your heart my love
let it guide the way.
it will lead you beyond
the gates of mystery
and fear not
for fear is a lie
only love is real.
like the love i have for you
Allesha Eman Aug 9
I can see that your feet ache
I can see it in the wrinkles by your eyes
You’ve walked treacherous miles
Overcome a thousand storms
But you still wear the same smile
The one talked about in stories
The one that sneaks up on you
Whenever your reminiscing on your childhood
I can see your hands shake
Whenever you try to be strong
Whenever your shoulders stand tall
Like mountain peaks waiting to be climbed
But you still always laugh
One that rings in my ear
Like symphonies and harmonies
That make me feel like a maestro

I can see that you’re tired
But you still appear so alive
You never let brightness disappear from your eyes
I can see that you’re hurting
You show me how strong you are
But you’ll never end this lie
I can see that you’re resting
You’ve said your last goodbyes
And now you leave a legacy behind
One that flows in my blood
Whilst yours runs dry
And I hold it to my chest
With every adversity I face
I remember your stubbornness
And all I can do is smile
There is something blocking the light in front of me,
And creeping up behind me.
A shadow without a cast,
Seemingly moving by itself.
Killing the light fast enough,
For the darkness to catch up.

What drives us to take our lives?!
What turns the hand against the one it belongs to?
Something we resist wants to bring us down.
It is creeping up on you.
Monica Jul 22
*** on the beach
Sand between our toes
Hearing the sound of the waves
As we both moan
Turned us on even more
Living out his fantasy near the Pacific Ocean
In this cold temperature our bodies bring warmth
Beach regulations doesn't prohibit this act
Placing kisses on my lips and around my neck
No lifeguard on duty
As he drowns inside me
Wetness of the ocean couldn't compare
We live for these moments for him and I to share
In the summer of 19’ I fell

Maybe we’re meant to be where there is no being

Under the back door sunset of your red 200

The year of checkered shoes and tequila

Screaming Frank Ocean over your engine so we could inhale our likewise tremors

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll live through our entwining melodies forever

Constellations dappled your cheekbones as such breathtaking accents to your coral reef pools

The pools I was all too familiar with

Ones I had drowned in

Maybe I’ll remember you in Savona

A straw hat complimenting your auburn hair

Your warm skin against mine as we skinny dipped into untold measures of time

Not knowing how fast I would have to let you go, and have slow it would take to recover

Tell me you’ll miss me and I’ll forget

Because time doesn’t stop

And neither does our young hearts.
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