Marion Nov 13

Crushed flowers are beautiful,
dried, pressed
not useful but certainly nice to look at
My sister affectionately called me a 'delicate little flower' one of the many times you made me break down, crushed from false accusation
until i eventually dried up
pressed myself until the pain no longer hurt.
I wondered why i had become such a fragile thing
shouldn't heartbreak build you up, a learning experience rather than reducing you to a few petals and a stem.
i feel more like a tree
green and great during the warm summer months
unaware of the freezing winter winds that will blow away all my protective leaves. barren. cold.
i hope someday i will become evergreen
beautiful, tall, luscious and full- pine or cedar or spruce
staying fragrant all year round

but for now i remain a daisy
nothing special
dried, pressed and crushed between these pages, within these words.

wrote this after my biology exam today

I have seen that look once
In the back of my memory
It did caused a little harm
A pain which burns in me
A feeling which is regret
Though I seek no help
These feeling consumes me
I bear all of them silently
I tried to put on a smile
But it gets harder each time
How could you continue a lie
When all you want to do is cry?
How could you stay strong?
When you are actually weak?
I thought you were different
I believed in what you've said
I thought you actually loved me
I thought you actually cared
I guess you never really did
Though it kills me to admit
You were my greatest regret

You never knew how you crushed me that kept me in a constant fear to ever fall in love again
Keerti Sep 15

The last of the gifts of Pandora's box
Was the most vile one amongst the lot
She is a treacherous minx in robes
The diamond you desire that destroys your soul
The prayers, the wishes, the expecting smiles
All crushed by her fearsome blow

She is an experienced seductress
Who strips you of your love in pieces
And tears your every wish apart
Until all that remains is a stone cold heart

First she kisses you like a feather's brush
To give you a taste of its gentle touch
Then she shreds the dream into dust
And you simply fall apart

But then she beckons you with a smile
And you fall at her feet yet once more
Like salivating dogs, refusing to let her go
You chain yourself to this cruel fate
And this wretched wheel cycles on and on

Sierray Aug 21

Your hands used to fit in mine
Your smiles used to make my anxiety goes away
Your laughs used to appear butterflies in my stomach
Your I love yous used to make me feel so lucky or I can say, blessed.

But now
My hand is holding a knife, instead of holding yours
My anxiety will attack when I remember the dimple in your cheek
My butterflies in my stomach are dying cause seeing you laugh poison them
My heart shattered cause your i love yous are the reason i hate myself.

Loving someone is giving them power of your life. They either use it to bring you up or bring you down. You'll never know.
All you know is you are going to hold on, until there's nothing left to hold  on to.
Ryan Holden Aug 12

No amount of love
Could form an ointment to heal
These scars on my chest

Not even your words
Can unravel the stitches
That I had to sew.

Even voodoo dolls
Had never seen such torture
Inflicted at once.

For I must heal wounds
Because I know I'm afraid,
They may re-open.

And these fragile bones
Will crumble into mere dust
Lost in winds of love.

5 Haikus making 1 poem :)
Chan S Jun 22

You didn't raise me!
I aged as wine does in that prison
you kept me in!
You didn't raise me!
I suffered as a lil Baby in that prison
you kept me in!
You didn't raise me!
I was psychologically abused in that prison
you kept me in!
You didn't raise me!
My Soul was CRUSHED in that prison
you kept me in!
DID you Hear me?!
I said!...    
You didn't raise me!
So I ran from that prison
you kept me in...
and I left you there in that prison
you kept me in...
...Now you're stuck...there
in that prison
you kept me in.

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None of it was real, was it?
You told me you would never intentionally hurt me....
You told me a lot of things..
You could have made things so much easier for me,
I would have preferred you to beat me until I couldn't walk,
I would have preferred for you to just leave me,
I would have preferred for you to be honest for once,
I would have preferred for you to kill me with your bare hands,
Because even the times you forced yourself on me,
Didn't hurt this bad,
Because at least then I could tell myself it was because you loved me,
You said you did this because you wanted to hurt somebody,
Well, you did,

He broke me again

i tried to stop myself
but i ended up here
at the bottom of this hill
a long tumble down

i told myself i would not fall
i could not fall
but somehow, i tripped

i tripped down the road of love
but not quite love

a journey so long in feeling
but so quick in recollection
so graceless in beginning
but so right when you held me in your arms
so right when you caressed my being
so right when you kissed me with passion
under the glow of city lights and moon alike

i should not have let it go there
but i fell
i fell and now it is too painful to move.
to get up or continue falling...?

what am i to do but lay here?
and wonder why i ever looked down the hill.

Twm Gardner May 13

Blonde bitch for everything I love you
You feed me one molecule of oxygen
and I linger like a drowning man
You hold me and I cannot breathe
as if crushed by Satan's black thighs
And so I rest in your melted cheese breasts
tonight and forever

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