AS 1d
Feeling something behind, turning round to a person that intrigued my mind.
A crowded room, both occupied by a few.
Somehow towards the end it was only me and you.
Somehow I knew, burning need to know you.
I didn't understand if the feeling was friendship or romance.
Until few months on we finally danced, I decided then to take a chance.
From the moment we kissed, the world moved beneath, sweeping us both off our feet.
Then came along the first day we had an one on one.
It turned to night from day, both of us never running out of what to say.
From that day on, my heart was filled with songs.
Finding something so raw, which we felt we both belonged.
Both struggling keep apart, liked we'd found our other half.
Years went on, still remaining fond and in which our love grew strong.
Finding a home in each others eyes, opening up the sky.

Then inside both of dealt with destructive past ties, removing the understanding link.
Putting our minds on the blink, causing each of us to sink.
Pulling each other down, until both of us nearly drowned.
To point I became an enemy, in which I fled for both of us to be free.
Together when we are one, there is only love and major combusting lust.
But the painful memories from above, keeps vigilance to protect my respect and the scars which made me leave.
My body in a state of grief, wanting love, but afraid of giving up this peace.
Earth considering to give this another chance, to prance not holding back due to the past.
Hoping that the air will never be so unfair, with the thrashing and penetrating whirlwinds.
Not fully ready to leave myself bare.
These painful woes, which prevent our soul coming home and finally becoming whole.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
Mundo'y limutin
Mainit na damdamin,
Syang pailabin

Abutin natin
Mataas na bituin,
Ito'y tuklasin


Huwag isipin
Kung gabi man, kay lalim
Ito'y tahakin

Di bibiguin
Oras ay susulitin
Di mabibitin

Far beyond the time
Close to the thoughts

Exists the empire of a heart
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The connections
AS 3d
Drinking you in, feasting on the urge.
Increases in yearning, whilst our bodies are turning.
Ready touch and feel that connecting rush.
Playing with each other senses, not something everyone mentions.
To brush against each others skin, our souls in sync.
Rippling spasms from our interaction.
Craving more, letting our dark sides link.
Tantric expressions, always teaching binding lessons.
Engaging and twisting our roots. Carnal animalistic impulses something difficult to shake.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
I want to connect with someone who has something to say
Something that will continue the conversation further
Meaningful and impactful equally for the both of us

I am tired of going online and meeting people who are cookie cutter
Who say, do, think, and believe in the same things again and again
Performing the same ritual, doing the same dance, frolicking about

Connection is very important to me; I need intellectual stimulation
My soul needs something to grasp within someone
An essence, a feeling, a concept, a meaning, a devotion
Life's meaning embedded in their drive to live it out fully

What is it that I am missing?
No bone

My skull has gone, no bone;
Just an open mind of the fallen Sun.
I collapsed in your arms and you held me close,
Just like I always dreamed you would.

I feel your hand upon my brain,
It’s funny but relaxing.
You feel my insistence for you again,
As the waves in my mind start you laughing.

We are connected, two people as one.
Come here, feel love and never feel alone.
Let me grow extendable arms, so I can wrap my arms around us;
My arms fly around you and I many times, entrapping us in love.

Stuck together forever, my love cannot be severed,
I Love You!
Didn’t you notice, that we made a connection?
A telepathic, subtle, intelligent discussion;
A meeting of the minds, blind to the eye, but there for certain.

You know what I think somehow.
I guess it’s written all over my face.
So you know I am telling the truth to you now.
I love you…I love her…I love (…) for she is my grace.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
We may fall into ourselves,
Lack in conversation,
Succumb to our fears,
Revert to trepidation.
They say together we’re wrong,
But when the thunder rolls,
Remember we’re our own,
And we can love.
We may mince our words,
Contradict ourselves,
Try to fix what hurts,
But make it all the worse.
The wings of snow white doves,
Wrap around the two of us.
Accept our fates are forged from above.

We may say forever
Though we don’t try all the time.
We may dance together.
Though we don’t always step right.
The others want us gone,
Stuck in stormy weather.
It’s going to be hard,
But I know we can stay.
Don’t leave me,
I pray.
Don’t reduce me to begging.
I need you here.
Please stay forever.
I know we can stay forever.
Stay forever
My most beautiful Muse

To my most beautiful Muse,
We are yet to meet, but I see through,
Your pain; for it is clear to hear,
Within your most delicate of words.

So softly spoken,
With no need for reaction.
Simply speaking the truth,
About this undeniable attraction.

This connection between us.
I see words pour between us and from us.
All around the world, love becomes much clearer to see;
To all of us,
And the love of lust, this thing brings to us,
Proves that love is the greatest of all aphrodisiacs,
That are known to us.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Carter Ginter Jun 12
Locked into your gaze
You are the only one around
Though we're surrounded
By the moving bodies of strangers

I don't know how to dance
But the alcohol fuels my limbs
And yours are up against mine
As we move together as one

Colorful flashes of moving lights
Pale in comparison to your smile
Our foreheads touch gently
As we scream along to the songs

I haven't "known" you for long
But I've known you forever it seems
Even my heartbeat knows your energy
And responds whenever you're near

As I lean in to meet your kiss
Electric currents shock my chest
As everything around us freezes
We've created a universe in our arms

Despite the crowds and the show
I can't tear my eyes away from yours
Cause you're the only one I see
And the only one I want to
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