I want to celebrate every poem I want to celebrate all my knowledge I want to celebrate the connections I want to be closer to you

oh boy
Atoosa Kourosh Apr 18

your words
CANNOT melt me
CAN make me angry

Not for much longer.....you will soon lose any power you once had over me.......your reign of pain has ended.
Dhaara T Apr 18

He thinks she shines bright
But all she does is reflect
the light he exudes

Lora Lee Apr 13

what is this
the sound of a voice
a faint crackle
over the line
burning icicle dipped
into ink of my dark
zipped in a fracture
           through space
woven in time
the sound of it
a heated
         arctic zing
of light
into the soul
and your words
caress places that
would not be reached
in life's daily hold

I would look into your eyes
my blues to yours
two vast oceans
never ending
This might express
the divinity
of the word "love"
This might express
a fraction of the feeling
                and this alone
could be all consuming
but the real expression
would be my mouth
devouring yours
      my tongue
exploring your lips
and all that's inside
my starlight
infusing your being
as we press into
the silken matter
as the levity of skin
that brushes like silk
as your actual saliva
and cum
are my nourishment,
like heaven's milk
and our cells
ignite in slow movement
as we gasp and sigh
the air around us
invisible velvet
I want beyond
I want beyond
a small, mirrored screen
I need to drink your luster
as we inhale the soft, molten folds
as we break open
and drink deep
inner liquids
as we crack
and the flow of the
      electric river
and within,
auras tingling

Just take me,
let me feel the imprint
of your fingers
upon my wrists
let your kisses mark
my secret spaces
Rush into me
as a river
before we
for if I have to hear your
vocal chords
one more time
I will

This was supposed to be for #npm internet but it applies to many things and speaks my heart when it comes to certain kinds of love

TraceyLeigh Apr 12

Blame got his hands dirty
...yet still clung to the flower

The single flower gave him hope and light
...she loved the smell of the earth

Forgetting all that transpired
...Blame crushed the flower in his hand

Blame was washed clean
...yet his hands are still imprinted with shadows of

The flower was crushed
...in decay she still loves him

He never once crushed her soul~

Jamadhi Verse Apr 12

The Beloved came
in a hundred different ways this day.
Whispering, “Stay with me.”

I felt its enormous love taking up space
behind me on the back of the bus:
electric, portal of cosmic dust.
Guardian of infinite, vibrating eyes
along with me for the everyday ride.
My heart couldn’t help, but laugh with love.

Out the window on a rough, jagged street corner
I locked eyes just a moment with a stranger:
dark skin, chapped lips
shoving fruit slices between his teeth --
far too big for his mouth to eat.
The juices were running out.
The Beloved there within his eyes
as a mischievous twinkling,
winking as we drove by.
“Enjoy these fruits with me.”

Beloved behind me cries:
“There! There! Down near the ships!”
as we drove slowly over the bridge.
Beloved there disguised, liquefied
as the shifting canal water,
waving at me excitedly over and over.
“Allow composure and join the flow!”

On the bus up near the front row
was the tired old man crumpled in his seat,
a plastic cast sheathed upon his foot.
Milky eyed, vacant look as he twitched
a small smile into the empty space.
Beloved shone within his face,
“You need not see to know this place.”

Beloved was the tangerines spilling
from the woman’s large flower purse.
Colorful, orange, bouncing bursts
rolling joyfully across the floor
like scores of scattering, brilliant suns.
Beloved cackling,
“There’s enough of me for everyone!”

The girl walking across the street --
hair neatly half black, the other side pure white.
Beloved as yin and yang in plain daylight.
Just a twist of her head revealed a new side.
Beautifully dichotomized beneath the traffic light.
Beloved moving with her stride,
“Can’t have one without the other side!”

I pulled the chain and hopped off the bus
that hissed a sigh as it deposited us
onto the overcast and gloomy street
where Beloved grew abundantly
in pavement cracks trapped beneath
our negligent, trampling feet.
Returning its crushed petals and
shining greens into the earth silently.
“It’s okay! I always grow back.”
Beloved confided in me.

Beloved quietly moving along as the breeze,
wrapping itself tenderly around all things.
Peacefully whistling as it fondles
the leaves of the trees,
lifting the hood of my coat right off of me
in a sudden gasp of ecstasy.
“There is nothing you need to hide!”

I caught my reflection
in the oversized, unkind window pane.
My instinct was to grimace - it’s always the same,
but this time I did not avert my gaze
having finally awakened to see something else:
Beloved -- laughing and looking as me --
smiling with undying love
upon itself.

J.M. 2017

This was a true bus ride I experienced last week.
If you watch in silence everything that happens around you, allow it all to be what it is without judgment, allow yourself to feel a part of what is you hidden inside of every moment, every action, every person and being you ever witness.. it will open. It will all open and unfold itself in loving ecstasy right into your trembling arms.
Today is my one year HP anniversary. Thank you so much for the kindness, friendship, and home you have given me. Each of you has revealed to me such beautiful divinity.
Dhaara T Apr 10

Words are not needed
Not too many, not always
To touch many hearts

Jason L Rosa Apr 9

I just want to make more
with you,
from you,
and gift you
things that i made.

I'm looking forward to the adventure
of the two of us making.

Let's put our words to
the life adventures that we will encounter
and turn all that beauty
into something that we can
read and remember and enjoy
and celebrate and pass on
so that someone else can read our
adventures through our poetry
and maybe they too
might want to explore the world of poetry.

All that
All that from when
I hold your hand

God, you're amazing
thank you
thank you so much

Let's inspire each other
to inspire others.

And under the guise of connection, lonely are the addicted.

little 10 word thing

I am broken
               heart and will

the world is broken
               festering and ill

its systems broken
                pillage and kill

careening out of control
                or standing still

from every side the scream
               answers mine, loud and shrill

I choke on tears that stream
               trying to swallow each bitter pill

when prayers can't even comfort.....when my heart reaches out to children I cannot save.....poetry and prayer.....offerings from my soul....please God help them!

"The world is in great turmoil, and the minds of its people are in a state of utter confusion. We entreat the Almighty that He may graciously illuminate them with the glory of His Justice, and enable them to discover that which will be profitable unto them at all times and under all conditions. He, verily is the All-Possessing, the Most High."     Baha'u'llah  (Baha'i Sacred Writings)
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