Hayley J 22h

I want every piece of you
What you love and what you hate
What helps you sleep, what keeps you awake
I want to feel your skin and kiss your lips
I want to feel your hands grabbing my hips
I want to lick you and you lick me
I want it hard and I want it easy
Feel your breath upon my neck
I swear to you I'll be a wreck
Connecting with you outside and in
Euphoric pleasure, I want your sin
I want your lust, to be your muse
This connection we have, we did not choose
It came out of nowhere and melted my soul
Feeling you inside me will make me whole
You intoxicate me more than anything ever will
Whenever I breathe it's you that I feel
I want to dance with you, laugh with you, and scream
I want to create sparks and feel the steam
Whatever this is, it feels so divine
Feeling you in person will be sublime

Tsunami 1d

The train tracks raced.
Connected you to I,
Wound through some sort of subspace,
Fell asleep to their lullabies.

Under bridges.
Over hills.
Drink your courage.
Swallow your pills.

The train tracks ran,


abandonment is a hard pill to swallow when home never existed

when I get home
I won't be alone
you're always with me
in my mind.
your hands are always around my neck,
you write symphonies on my body with your tongue,
full waves of electricity,
we never stopped kissing.
the feeling of your body against mine,
the beating of a heart at a steady pace,
god bless
your good health
for letting you share this life with me.
thank god
for this moment.
I am alive.

About him. 1/14/18
Kaitlin Evers Jan 11

Branches long and stretching
Waving in the wind
Like a picture from a haunting
It's eerie the way they bend
But no thoughts of running away
No horror no fear
Only a feeling to stay
There's a kind of haunting here
Of connection, and hope
Like the rain has washed away
All the grime of the day
And time has all but ceased

You touch me so lightly
And my entire heartbeat halts
After another second
It switches into overdrive

This is not lust
Of course I want you entirely
But these sensations are fueled by my feelings
I haven't felt this way before

Of course I've loved others
And been loved by them in return
And I've been "intimate" many times
Without the actual intimacy

This is different
This is more
More than physical excitement
More than basic human instincts

I feel it in my chest
This warmth spreading through my soul
I am entirely unnerved by you
And for once I revel in the lack of control

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