Don’t see just with those eyes
Heart sees more than,
Eyes do

Don’t hear just with those ears
Heart hears more than,
Ears do

If Wondered,
Where is the 6th sense

feel everything  with
Your Heart

My dear.
Theme: Exploring sense. Theme based on one of Peter Lim poetry.
Why do I put myself in a position to be attached at all?
I  have only set myself up to heights I cannot survive the fall.
Why am I the only one trying to break down your walls?
I have only been moving from one connection to the other.
Why can't I be alone, instead of someone's lover?
trying to analyse my behavior. even though its vague, can anyone relate..?
I love, my D-U-T-Y
When, I saw Y-O-U

I  C-H-A-N-G-E-D, my duty.
Genre: Reflective Art
Theme: I taste a March air in the words that touch the soul.
I possess
A heart, big enough
For both of us

Destiny kept her
Beating on her own

Once I dream us
Painted with the same color

Destiny kept her
Fair, Me blue

Once I wish to be
Reason behind her smile
Destiny kept us in Par

She carried her smile
Kept her in memory.
Genre: Love
Theme: When small things matter
She is a goddess
With a special power
Magical charms

The air
The fire
The water
The earth
Altogether, my life

He had said me
Genre: Love
Theme: Reflections of She. when simplicity is ultimate sophistication
Moving Sculptures

Both pretend

As if,
Nothing happened

Being strangers.
Theme: Abstract
Theme: Story never heard
Her smile is
Deep inside

Making me

I tried
To pen,
How I feel

On remind
Paralyzed again

Then again

Truth is
I miss her

I wish to remember
Forever, then
Get paralyzed forever

Between us,
Predator and Prey.
Genre: Love
Theme: Contagious smile
We started to love
One another

we both like dumpling

That simple.
Genre: Love
Theme: Momo
[Note: when simplicity is ultimate sophistication]
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