Hello misses Aphrodite
Oh yeah,
That girl is a goddess to me
(To me)
That girl is a goddess to me
She comes to me in
flesh and blood
The most beautiful girl
to deceive this heart
Nothing ever comes for free
But this girl
Just stole my heart from me

Oh your beauty is undeniable
The way you touch me
Is indescribable
I think I'm in
For the ride of my life
The flame that burns deep
Inside grows brighter
Every time our lips collide

Hey there misses
super model
Think I've just been hit by
Cupids arrow
Make no mistake
I want you
I wanna take you higher
Then you've ever been
Just relax yourself
And let me in
Together let's take this
Opportunity to spread
Our angel wings

Oh your beauty is undeniable
The way you touch me
Is indescribable
I think I'm in
For the ride of my life
The flame that burns deep
Inside grow brighter
Every time our lips collide

The stars shine bright
In the evening sky
As our passion for each other
Fire ignites
And will blow this earth away
Just like dynamite
As soon as our chemical
Love sparks fly

Hello misses Aphrodite
Oh yeah,
That girl is a goddess to me
(To me)
That girl is a goddess to me
She comes to me in
flesh and blood
The most beautiful girl
to deceive this heart
Nothing ever comes for free
But this girl
Just stole my heart from me

©2017 Written By Benji James

Sanny 3d

I want to tell you like you, how my heart beats for you.

How it skips a beat everytime I see you.

But I won't.

Afraid I might lose you.

I know you like me too.

How you smile when you see me.

The hugs that are a little too long.

The connection we have is obvious.

Together we shine.

Yet we do nothing.

I'll keep loving you in secret.

Hoping one day we'll end up together.

Zani 5d

This Hypnotic suggestion
Is shaking the shift above
The electronic connection
Negating us from looking wide
If you ask the question
You only have to look it up
So we forget reflection

Seek that connection in time
No one will ever ask why

We have been
Become so disconnected from our love
I know
Its easy to get lost with all we know
Be free
Begin to reconnect and come alive
The time comes for us to go home
When we go back to love

Dream to be free
Of all mind obsession
Together we breach
Another dimension

Seek that connection in kind
Its all that we need to survive

Here we are
In the moonlight wind together
We face the pain we see
With hearts’ desire
We made this love
To shine above
The darkness of this world
So watch it come alive

Together we thrive
Come alive

A new song I am working on. Have you ever thought about the dichotomy of technology  connecting us so much more mentally to the detriment of tactile emotionally significant experiences? Music coming soon!

She leans closer to me
Kisses me and whisper in my ear

" Stop! Surrender!
  We are one, remember ? "

I smile and look her in the eyes
As i feel our bodies merging to the other side.

Words Of Harfouchism.

You say women choose
Men can only inquire
But if you stand to lose
That which you desire
Beware the ardent ruse
And show her truest fire
She could be your muse
Do not spark her ire!

"He who wants the rose must respect the thorn"
Persian Proverb
Divine Dao Jul 15

On the pier

He ponders above life
Plummenting into dappling
Turquise waves

Salty flower cracks in wooden
Boards so familiar

Resembling a white lotos
He's deeply immersed
Moved by the beauty

Among marina's
Sailing boats clanking

He wants to love her
In between upcoming
Sapphire storm

His thoughts resounded
Even louder repose on
The love affair

Adrift, lost in a dreamscape
On white cushioned horisons

I remember when you first told me of how others had treated you,
I couldn't believe it.
How can someone be so cruel,
To someone so perfect...

I listened...responding in my own thoughts..
I would never do this to her,
I will prove I am different.
I won't ever hurt her like they did,
They never deserved her.
She'll see,
Betrayal in those ways will never come from me.

Then time passed,
And the pain I'd been handed seemed all too familiar,
Why is it you hurting me?
Why are you treating me how they treated you when all I wanted was to love you in peace?
Are you broken?
Why are you so cold?
Did I do something wrong?
All the hurt I'd shielded from you,
You threw back,
Like a boomerang striking my heart.

To this day I can't grasp why you treated me like they treated you,
And the tears start falling,
I remember all you did to me...
That I would never in my life do to you...
But now I see,
Two broken hearts could never make each other whole,
-A broken heart never breaks even
And you love, were more broken than me.

Freewrite of a replay I've experienced the last 10 years. Hurt people, hurt people. People change and sometimes become exactly who they were afraid of.
Swasti Jain Jul 14

I didn't sleep for three nights
For I could imagine what it will be like
To escape to the woods and hide
You see, it was 3 in the morning , an overnight journey by road.
While everyone was asleep in the bus, I was wide awake
The sight was silent and scary
I was looking at the night sky vary
Vary with pieces of land passing by
And each time I heaved with a sigh
I could see some constants
The moon and the stars and the beauty of the dark
I could see the emerging light reaching out to me from far behind the clouds
I waited for that one light streak
It clarified my doubts and illuminated the land I see
I wanted to fly and dance and see the light streak grow
Grow into lightening and thunderstorm where the stars were visible no more
I could see the moon dimming its glow
There, I realised that it was for the streaks to shine.
It taught me love and sacrifice
I could see the raindrops falling upon my window pane, slipping and changing directions and turning into beautiful patterns of nature.
A graffiti wall was all I could see
I touched it, felt it and yearned to embrace it.
Meanwhile my brain was joining all the dots with imaginary lines
Every part of me wanted to read the message it delivered.
I rested my head upon the window pane, and watched everything passing me by.
My eyes capturing every flashing moment, my brain making a picture necklace.
Now that's the movie I play on loop while letting it out.
With all the ecstatic songs I hum, I see myself on top of the world
I feel a breeze of positive vibes and my hair sway in pride.
I look up at the stars and smile wide
They twinkle with the same rhythm as my heart beat and the only reason why I love long drives
I could see myself blending in with the Universe and felt how it loved me like a daughter.
Everything was beautiful like grey and mauve in water.


Please read this poem and tell me what you think.  I wrote this  on my way to mcleodganj, a beautiful hill station in India . I went there on my vacation. I feel so connected to the nature and the universe now.
Nateive Son Jul 14

It has been confirmed
Time and time again
That younger women just don't do
And I'm long past the point
Of playing the father
Your own dad was supposed to do that
But got distracted by buying a BMW or the bottle
And I can't help you grow up
That's what time is for
But I wish you the best
I know it's hard.

So I've decided that I like the women with
Who have been through the ringer a bit
And may not be in perfect shape
Or know what's popular
Because frankly, my dear
I don't give a damn
I'd rather go down to the river
And hold hands while we talk about your memories
Of elementary school woes
And what it was like to be 17 in 19--
Sweating out all the rues of daily life
Before coming home to shower
And I can gently tease you about that spot you missed shaving
As we make real love
Not focused on the destination
But the journey of connection and integration
Afterward laughing at how when young we are so focused
On getting
Instead of giving
Basking in each other's glow.

That's the thing about love
If you know what you're doing
It gets better
As you age.

Sorry younger ladies, but you're just not for me. I like 'em with some miles on them.

Look at your game:
BSeuss Jul 9

It's amazing, the ways that we can think about someone; when we know we love them in a certain way, many different lights can be thought up.
Even when a bulb goes out, it's still amazing, the ways we can think about each other, when we love another in a certain way.

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