Ten light years and distance passed
First love comes to Capital
Burning amber like a gentleman
in theatre's night.

Side by side in the darkest aisle
Flames of old warmly spark
Whispering words with beating hearts,
Interlocking fingers and soft lips' stamp.

©Belema .S.  Ekine
Exes meet many years later
I’m blocked

Could you write something?
Deep enough
Worth reading
Or tell me something
Be it, a story

[I’m not use to it]
[I don’t know what to say]

Don’t you want,
To share what’s inside?
[Yes, I do]
Don’t you want,
Some memories to stay alive?
[Yes, I do]

Then write about it
With a lighter heart
The moments
Even you can write about
How angry you are
Just write it down
With honest words

Let me admire
Every calmness
Every roars

That matters
Genre: Experimeantal
Theme: The Healer
I never really learnt how to act around you.
That was because there was no acting involved.

Our connection was natural;
With you I was comfortable.

You saw beauty where no one else did,
And that's why I think of you -
When my eyes are closed and I silently pray;
For a dreamless sleep.

I think of you when it's wrong,
I think of you when I shouldn't.
Been awhile guys❤. Thank you for reading.
She is not just a girl
She has it all

She believes in

Above all
Her charm is,
Belief on self
Aura she carries
Strength she possess
She is a free soul

Tell me more…..

That she,
Is that you?
Infinitely wonderful
Or, just leave it
Genre: Romantic
My Horoscope for today
Is more moralistic
Than the the Hebrew Book
Of the Prophet Daniel,
For which I was named,
Meaning "God is my Judge."
When one can't openly express one's anger,
It is concealed in sarcasm.
I lack the humility
To see myself
In people with "contrasting values".
Once I no longer respect someone,
It's time for me to walk away.
I'm SICK of the Economic Fundamentalism
Of the Current Economic System.
If I can't connect with people
Without pulling out a credit card,
After awhile,
The people are disposable....
They aren't that important
To keep the System running.
Only when people connect
Soul to Soul
Do they begin to become
I know you don't want me
To be interested in you,
But I don't find you interesting
Any more any ways.
You don't want
To be understood.
What is there?
The surface?
Surfaces of women
Are exchangeable.....
Only hearts are precious.
the night was hot and sticky
the kind where you don't want to be touched
guitar chords were ringing through us
my lips stayed shut

an mmm erupted from you
it crawled out of your throat
into my ears and down my spine
I'm wishing I could float

did you see the feeling in my face change?
i tried my best to stay
stone cold statue  
blood hot beside you
afraid of what you'd say

but i wanted you to touch me
right then and right there,
or even just to put your arm around me
instead of this feeling beside you here

sweat upon sweat
without feeling any heat
the tingle and the tension
our bodies surrender
under the pressure
lost of any prevention


the last few notes leave the room pulsing,
and we are sighing.
Who is she?

The one,
One and the only one

Universal antidote
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The connection || Unreplaceable
I might not ever
Deeply connect
With the woman I love,
But I might not ever
Deeply connect
With anyone in this town
Ever again.
Forging a deep connection
Is not always the same thing
As a deep thrust during intercourse,
Of course.
People just think that way
'Cause they've forgotten
How to relate.
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