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Ay 4d
"Do i run from the madness or surrender my life?"
Former words that replay while he rests in his grave.
He tried to escape from the issues they created
but returned to the premise where injustice betrayed with a
Visited from an angel by the name of death,
No one saw it coming nor expected that you'd lie there taking your last breath.

Oh son of Adam, not a single soul should remain,
we've all come to this world only to leave it one day.
Nothing is meant to stay but we ought to meet one day,
And until that day I'll remember your tale.
TD Sep 28
Sorrows slither
their forked tongue
into my wounded side.

The blade glimmers
tear drops in the moonlight
sullen ripples on an inky pool

Shivering shadows
a shriveled soul
wastes away

as a thousand suns set
behind a broken shell
of what once was

a Faberge egg.

All the jewels were stolen.
Rebecca Feb 17
Didn't your mother tell you that stealing was bad?
Then why did you steal my dignity and self worth that night?
It's been almost three years and I still cringe when I even hug a man.
I don't get scared walking the downtown streets alone at night.
I get scared at the thought of going home and seeing you in town.
What you stole from me was my worth and safety.
What you gave me back in return was trauma and uneasiness.
Brandon Sep 5
The one before took it all from me
I fear that I have nothing left to give
Anais Vionet Aug 18
(4 Senryu)

The moon is missing
- void where it should be sitting
- It’s not there in the sky.

I looked behind trees
the clouds were moved by the breeze.
I looked 360 degrees.

The loss of it's
light makes it darker than night
- something's not right.

I feel a spooky
unease - it's hard to believe
that some goon stole the moon!
no moon last night - WHERE IS IT!!
Karijinbba Aug 1
You must be a mean
old queen-hen
laying on someone else's eggs
lactating your stolen eggs
and a beggar in the nest
that belongs to someone else.
Copy Rights Karijinbba.
Anais Vionet Jul 16
The witch lies conjuring lines of verse
to alter our place in the universe
to twist this common knowing
and spin such miracles as love.

A flash of light and a cackle of laughter
it seems I got what I was after
as your eyes fall on me hungrily
my world now mirrors my dreams.

How bright our future seems.
Then a witches warning: "2000
mornings of love have you ‘til natural
laws return - death's padlock will be opened
if the stolen love you haven't earned."

What bitter lessons greed can teach
when we twist the fates to heaven reach.
A poem of stolen love's desires
The Light now diminished,
Time of day turned to dusk.
Dark days ahead,
Crying by myself.

I’ve lost my sunlight,
To the moon among the stars,
She stole that light,
That made my day bright.

All is lost but darkness,
The void in my heart.
Pitch black is the core,
Where the light doesn’t shine anymore.

I deserve the light,
For years I’ve spent in darkness.
The light that gave me life,
New horizons to look upon.

Come back to me now,
Shine on me with your golden glow.
Pull me out from here,
This dark trench in life.
It's this constant feeling of want and the recurring ignorance by the people who act they dont see it. It's stolen light that i deserve.
Isabella Apr 27
"Call me Mother" I told her, the first time I took her home.
She was quiet and I could tell she didn't want to be alone.
Then we approached the front door, where I led her inside.
She waited for a moment, then ran off to hide.
"Hide and seek, oh alright.
But after this, it's nighty-night."
I looked around the house for her,
Until I heard a little stir.
I found the child behind a curtain.
"I knew I'd find you. I was certain."
I grabbed her wrist and down the hall
We walked to her room, I stood tall.
She stayed silent, I think afraid.
But we got to her room: Tidy, bed made.
Others sat upon their beds.
"Go to sleep." they would nod their heads.
Then they slipped under the covers,
And all at once said "Goodnight Mother."
The girl still stood next to me, the youngest one.
I loosened my grip and to her bed she did run.
She slipped into the blanket, closing her eyes.
But I waited there. The others weren't surprised.
"You need to say it." I pulled off her covers.
She opened her eyes, the others shuddered.
"Come on now." I smiled, though it took her a while.
"Fine. Goodnight. But you're not my Mother."
Amanda Apr 24
Hope the feeling of worthlessness flees my worried frame

Can you make my brain stable?

When you know the security code
Punch into my mental keypad
No other combination of words will silence the alarms of self-loathing blaring within
Ricocheting off the walls of my skull
Echoing each and every flaw exposed in myself

All it takes
One little thing to trip the sensor
And it hurts my whole defense system

You are the one able to disarm my security
And the reason is because you installed it
I had no method of protecting myself before you put me in your perspective
Now when something breaks through defense mechanism
Instead of letting confidence get stolen
Triggered noise helps me block out the negativity and focus on things I do like about myself
Then to revert my day back to normal completely all you have to do is enter the magic passcode with a sweet whisper in my ear
"You're beautiful"
Using a burgular alarm as a metaphor for an emotional defense barrier
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