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Blue eyes
Torturous and cruel
A cold beauty like
Windswept mountain lakes
Half frozen
Half there
Not reality
My soul catches,
Trapped, frozen by
Memories of blue
But any shade of warmth
Has been stolen
By time
By distance
So I’ll sit and wait
For summer’s sun
To thaw my
Frostbitten heart
Ahhh perfect for winter time.
bebita 5d
I can’t breathe sometimes when i think of you
maybe I shouldn’t think of you at all
but I have to,
only because you have damaged me so much
and tore me to pieces, skin and bone.
when someone mentions your name
I get reminded of how I failed in protecting myself,
how could you do that?
how could you use another person’s body
and ignore the soul within it.
What did it mean to you when I said, “NO!”
It meant nothing.
You didn’t show no remorse
When you ripped the last bit of innocence I had left
This was written by a friend and I wanted to share it with you guys. She has been through a lot and I know a lot of people are going through a similar situation.
i know a man who steals.
slowly slipping treasures
into those darkened pockets
of a trenchcoat with no soul.  
tumbling down deeper,
further into an endless abyss
so that if i ever may find him
and reach into those pockets
my fingers will reach out
and merely graze the felted sides
and the emptiness below.
he will flash a crooked smile
with eyes full of mischief
and simply laugh at my endeavor,
"girl, those arms of yours
will never grow again
never be able to grasp
all that you seek."
and as tricky as he may be
he will fail to see the strength
that hides in this heart of mine.
a spirit that tears the stitching
of a conniving crook's pocket
from his very own coat.
everything of mine once stolen
-- my happiness
-- my imagination
-- my willpower
will soon be returned
as it was many years before.
the man's name was age.
let's stay young forever
Nina Oct 4
He appeared with his ******* eyes and charming smile.
Attracting her presence
Keeping her close.
He treated her with care
And made her feel like home

But don't be fooled by his looks
For he is merely a dark soul
using girls he finds along the way
Pretending to be nice
In order to take their innocence
And leaving them broken
lins Sep 22
a steal really
so much for so little
an amazing treasure
among lifeless others

chosen for its beauty
threads perfectly imperfect
worn and stretched
a comfort fit

holding a story unique
to a previous owner
taking it for my own
history in my hands

once home with me
it becomes new
beginning a fresh life
with a stolen history
Stolen glances
Stolen hearts
Broken barriers
And shattered glass
Meeting secretly
Stolen kisses
The thrill of being caught
Hiding in corners
Finding time between time
Any minute we could have
Was enough to explore
Share stories of our lives
Make this love deeper
Almost instantly
They say love at first sight
And I believe
Not because of physical attraction
It’s all in the eyes
Pupils dialate and hearts race
To the sound of the others breath
We escape this place
Where we only have moments
Finding a world
Where forever is possible
Never having to worry again
Taking my hand without fear
Knowing I will always have you near
Seline Mui Sep 17
Minute by minute
hour by hour
the angry swells so heavy
I'm about to pass out
and i want to never wake up.
Lost and confused trying to find myself again
So I pick up a pen and spill the ink
Black is what I see and what I bleed
Joy is a mystery that I can't seem to grasp
losing hope and faith
is it you or is it me?
Was this even meant to be?
You stole my identity and said you were my friend.
Ripped out of my arms, whispering goodbye.
And the hole widens with anger and spite.
Why doesn't this feel right?
This was suppose to be my chance, my dream!
To show the world that I am enough,
that I'm real and I feel!
This depression and stress, I want it to rest.
I need it to rest.
Why do i keep feeling like I'm not enough?
Is it you or is it me?
***, can you hear me scream?
I don't know what to do, I'm dazed and confused.
Chasing the dragon in the bathroom at work,
my only source of peace, my fake fidelity.
Sticking needles in places scars used to be.
Once healed, now marking its territory.
Again and again, how longer will I bend,
How longer will I need to prove myself?
How much longer will I come second place?
Where is your faith and why do I seek your approval?
I keep blaming you, but is it me?
A shoutout to all that feel this way, you're not alone, and I hope i'm not either. Hugs and kisses. XoXo
There once was an evil shadow
Who's body noone saw
He slept upon the daylight
But woke upon the fall

The fall of which we know of
As day turns into night
The name of which is nightfall
Brings shivers to our life

For when the clock struck midnight
And all was fast asleep
The unseen evil shadow
Came into dark to creep

He stole and struck the people
From all the towns of grace
To capture souls of infants
From the entire human race

They never understood it
They never knew quite why
But slowly in the darkness
Their souls began to die

And from that moment forward
The people who once lived there
We're long forgotten in mysteries
Of who
And when
And where
I wrote this poem when i was a little girl and changed it up a bit to post here but not too much because i didn't want to ruin the memories i have of it, but i hope you guys enjoy as this poem will always have a special place in my heart :)
Blade Maiden Aug 14
    ­                                                 defies

                                       a love that denies


                                       a promise that lies

       ­                                         delight
                ­                                      collide

                  ­                     with heartache in sight

 ­                                                        hide

                                       Another stolen night
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