­                                                 defies

                                       a love that denies


                                       a promise that lies

       ­                                         delight
                ­                                      collide

                  ­                     with heartache in sight

 ­                                                        hide

                                       Another stolen night
Shannon 2d
i steal your shirt that i know you didn't wash
just for me.
i wear your shirt and it turns into the embodiment of safety  
and i wear it to sleep in your bed;
and takes me back to that safe place when i am alone in my own.
i steal your shirt for the smell and the feel
the knowing that its touched your skin now mine
the smell, oh
the smell puts me to sleep faster than the pills do
and the love.
love in each and every fibre.
I sit here with the fabric pressed against my nose
breathing it in
breathing you in
because although you are not here
when i need you
you are here

who knew fabric could smell so sweet.
just like popcorn -

those soft, incredible clouds
appearing from what
once was

rock -

my thoughts are formed.

out of nowhere,
another pops into my mind,
joining it's fellow corns,

only to later

be consumed,
and discarded

by people who


- v.m
i was eating popcorn, then this happened.
Obscrea Aug 2
I think we had something-
It wasn't love, but it wasn't
Nothing either;

Perhaps it was just
Stolen glances and
Laughing together

Perhaps it was feeling
Giddy at touching knees
And having nicknames

I know it wasn't love-
But in another time,
In another place,

It could've been.
Sit beside
She talked a lot
She didn't talk
She looked at
She didn't look
She gazed to
She didn't gaze
She read news
She didn't read
She asked one
She didn't ask
The only fact
When she went
She took an important
My heart
the life is journey . we will meet some persons at and we will not. to achieve our love ,must our heart be neared
clever Jul 20
all i want is to live in the space between your hands and
be undone by the way that pretty words fall from your lips
like rain from the sky.
one day, sometime soon,
i'll have stolen the color from your eyes
and the the letters from your name
and dissolved the very fibers of your being,
along with everything that made you what you were.
that is exactly what you get when you give me everything
and ask for nothing but me in return.
Wyatt Jul 16
After all these years
your stench is still on me,
your name still disgusts me,
your curse on my life
still sticks with me every day.
What you did to me,
how you preyed on me
when I was way too young.
How you’re probably still
out there somewhere
doing it to someone else,
I’m tired of thinking about it.
I’m afraid of people
and what they might think,
you’re the reason why.
Why did you do this to me?
Why did you break me?

Late night thoughts,
stricken with fear.
Someone will find out,
I’ll be shunned by my peers.
Dysfunctional, weary.
It stays with me,
I feel disgusting.
Cannot function without
that memory appearing.
Cannot socialize,
it might happen again.
My hands still shake,
I’ll never get over this.
Your stench is still on me,
it’s all so ugly.
Innocence stolen by you,
part of me died back then.
My type is tall,
My type is dark hair-
My type is kind,
My type is brown eyes-

My type is witty with a smile so clean,
A smile so natural, a smile so wide-
Not sure what it was, I must've implied,
But I'm sure of it now, I must firstly confide-
My feelings for you, I need not must hide,
If your name was Bonnie, then I'd be your Clyde
no you don't get it
this is not me
someone has stolen
the person you see
you tore a piece of my heart out
and carried it with you
as you wandered off
and found yourself a new lover
you cold man
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