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Man Oct 2023
Call me an animal,
Don't stand between me
And a fresh cut of meat

Hard to believe, we're the same mammal
In a stand-off, with one who bleeds
But not like me

Of that same air
Our lungs take in, we both breathe in
Scents of a different breed

**** your homogenies
Don't need a lecture on my biology
And you can keep your philosophy
If it comes from a book riddled with prophecy

Wicked kind of dichotomy.
In a country that pushes for peace
But funds war,
Who is it for?

Not the ones fighting
Not the ones dying
Riding them ponies and calling'em stallions
Andreas Simic Jun 2022
Life sometimes sunny, rainy or snowy
But what of those cloudy days
When we are too depressed to dress

How do we interpret that which befalls us
When it is dark above and an ill wind blows in
What do we rely upon as our barometer

There a myriad of reasons for when the weather changes
Maybe health is being a messy storm and a dichotomy of ailments
Or your relationship resembling a twisting tornado

A lost job or business failure a hurricane to the future
Droughts in our lives igniting all types of addictions
Failing grades a tsunami of disappointment

Postpartum a wall of sleet not easily navigated
Mental illness a torrent too easily dismissed
Marriage troubles a cyclone bursting forth

Loss of love resembling mesmerizing howling winds
Death a lightning rod striking into the soul
The past a swirling sandstorm blinding us

Andreas Simic©
ashw Aug 2021
“It’s all in your head”,
On repeat to forestall entropy,
My mind’s in two places at once,
Needing more -
Incessantly yearning for more,
Yet overcome with gratitude
That I should receive anything at all.
Jenny Bllr May 2021
you are
syntax and semantics
phonetics and phonology
you are
written and oral
formal and informal
you are
past and future
now and forever
you are
identity and heritage
togetherness and uniqueness
you are
simple and complex
imperfect and perfect
you are
Jason Feb 2021
Maybe if I'd have practiced deeper temperance,
I'd have had a chance at understanding her.

If I had done all the things,
That I expected of her,

Maybe we could have broken the chains,
With which we bound each other.

I made a promise to her in my heart,
But left it unsaid in anxious fear,

And we devolved to speaking in riddles,
In the hopes that the other would hear.

It mattered less where the path led,
Only that the other would follow,

We needed each others love,
But our egos led us to leave us hollow.

We wanted a perfect relationship,
But pride was a pill neither would swallow.
© 02/24/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Sister poem to Dichotomous Hypocrisy
Jason Feb 2021
She wanted all the benefits,
But none of the responsibility.

She needed me to love her,
But didn't want to care about me.

She expected me to follow her,
But she didn't want to lead.

She hoped I would decode her riddles,
But she wouldn't take the time to see.

She extracted a promise from me,
Then hid behind it like a tree.

She left me to live in chains,
But I am human, and I am free!

If she were to do all the things
That she expected of me,

Maybe she would swallow her pride,
And finally begin to understand me.
© 02/22/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved

Yeah yeah, I know, I keep changing it.  Fine-tuning ya know? :D
Kvothe Dec 2020
Memories of you
are dust-specks in sunbeams.
Capricious ghosts that flicker and dance

in warm liquid gold.
Elusive and volatile. Liable to cascade at a

In time they will settle. I will not,
for a while.
I will sit with ghosts. I will let them dance.
Abner Ros Dec 2020
It's really great to see you again -
But who are you exactly?
With an uncanny likeness to someone I once knew.
A traitor of culture and face.
A soul come adrift.
Where do you wish to be?
You've always desired more,
Yet I see your future clear.
An empty carcass devoid of what gave you self.
A voice soft-spoken and bathed in envy,
Lacking cognizance and perpetuating hedonistic acts.
A departure from your familiar figure with a ghastly outstretched hand
Requesting I become like you,
Abandoning oneself and
Embracing thy disarray.
Do you hear the muttering?
Foul and desperate falsities fencing through the air?
Do you hear them cluttering, in fickle clamor over futures in despair?
Certainly you hear them fluttering?
In a fervent dichotomy facing disrepair.
All I hear is fomented stuttering, Sowing division, in deleterious affair.
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