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Carlo C Gomez Nov 21
I see you looking back at me,
but I have no memory of you,
no name or event to link us
as kindred soul.

There's a sun playing
expressionless games
about to fall from the shelf,
my feet may burn, but never my heart.

My mirror is a broken window,
the broken window, a city,
and a man and woman
are crossing into it,
—crossing my mind,
fused together.

Their laughter like
claps of thunder,
bursting forth in a sky
devoid of any signs of me...
Every time
You look
Into the mirror
You will traverse as
An evolving mystery

Own that

Else look again
Theme: Observe
Author's Note:
The more
You will

You be
Zywa Sep 14
I passed my parents
from much younger to one and a half
times older than they, more serious
I became, a grandmother I became

Experience, recognizing
my life in friends
seeing it again
in the children and grandchildren

Sticking together
our bodies familiar
with defects, pain
and messy memories

And now I want to leave
away from the timeless artificial light
of the hospital, slip away
dreamily in your memories
Collection "Lilith's Powers" #70
Shofi Ahmed Sep 1
Who said that
watch the moon
but can't touch?

Truly a full moon picture
broke the mirror.
Stacking all of it
the sky fills the full jar.
Empties it though
sparing a piece
to every shining star.

Yet a full moon Kohinoor
eyes on all the stars
no one can touch!
Shofi Ahmed Aug 30
A drop of snow on the face of the sun
a stone throw from the rainbow
fondly close over the tulip colour stroke
next to the Snow White's looking mirror?

What a sniff it gotten on the way?
Turquoise butterfly is on the fly
up on the top floor is lapis lazuli sky.
Did it not only deduce the hunger pang
time is on the run took the breath away
even forgot the death maybe an inch away!
Shofi Ahmed Aug 21
A glance in the mirror
one step closer to the rose
On the face of the sun
a drop of snow.
Under the same cloud
sings a nightingale.
Close to you
not far at all
sea wide from the sky
blue lotus-fall!
Well !
To justify the word
All great artists
Have invested
Some more ink
Some more color
Some more truth
Some more sense
Some more time
Some more endorphin
Some more emotion
To detail
Their perception

Honoring the spirit
With passion to prime
Their enthusiasm
And insight to give
Eternal life endlessly
Consoling their soul
They invest

Nothing more
Genre: Observational
Theme: How good things can be
Author's Note:
If I get all of the colors
A canvas to paint
And freedom to reflect

I will start from white
The color of light
Zywa Aug 6
I exist, I do

want to be noticed by friends --

truly, as I am.
"De porseleinkast - Faxen aan Ger #2" ("The china shop - Faxing to Ger #2", Dec. 12th, 1997, published 2018, Nicolien Mizee)

Collection "Out of place"
Shofi Ahmed Jul 22
Don't be late
dip your toes fast.

It's up to you
if you want to do it
at the same time
when the day too
melts down into
one more pith dark
finishing line.

The twilight has a
lot to digest then
as one more day
cools off into it's bold
deep painting splash
make sure you go first.

Before the waxing moon
scurries to the sea
looking for it's mirror  
on the deep shady water
only to discover
zillions overlooking stars
are already there!
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