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what has happened to me?
you are there with me in every mirror
scars that aren't mine cut into my skin
touching where it hurts the most

you place your hand against my face
I cry, your tears birth new pain
I long to free you from this world
of fire and shattered dreams

you call out to me
I speak your name and there you are
no longer lonely in the darkness
I hold out my hand, open my heart
you say, please don't leave
I say, come to me
envisioned painting
man a warrior
walking with intention
where he once had his heart
pinned to his sleeve
sits a deep sea reel
endless string spun out
heart attached
floating near the edge of space
only when it rains
Salar De Uyuni
you can see
hearts flicker
magical mirror
providing the means
like tracking a kid balloon in space
you can see it clearly
unconditional love beacon
call for shield-maiden
significant leader
capable and fearless
two fierce hands
reflecting pursuit
needed fulfillment
dreams become daydreams
turn reality
do you fly there or reel?
so i am sitting
so I see
I see the mirror again
in the mirror

Irina BBota Nov 3
I look in the mirror and I'm talking to myself
about how I can not let anyone touch my heart.
For you have gone and have not looked back yourself,
you threw my gentle heart into the bin. Tore it apart.

I wanted to shout: Love, do not leave me here alone!
Don't hurt me and leave traces of blood in my heart!
It doesn't matter that I once loved you, now you're a stone.
I resign. Maybe I wasn't a good candidate. I wasn't smart.

I was waiting for you for a lifetime, but was all in vain, for both,
in time you showed me your true face, by the way you kiss.
For I don't give away my spirit to whom makes an oath,
but to the one who'll give me a hand down in the abyss.

I looked in the mirror and all I saw was an error in two,
unanswered questions in different colours of a war.
If it's a monologue or dialogue, I'm not staying in the queue,
anyways, I don't believe in the beautiful Aphrodite anymore.
Can't be won easily by someone,
But can be easily shattered in pieces by THE ONE;
It is a game of mind where some are **** good,
And some give up because they are misunderstood;
Many relate this to a thin piece of a wood,
Who would break it for their own good;
No one care about trust of somebody,
They won't even care to help someone drinking Bacardi;
Some stay away from this mess,
and they also stay away from having stress;
Some have it on anybody disregarding who they are,
And in the end they all wanna go away very far;
Read the instruction before entering in this GAME,
Because everybody in this game is going to divert you from your aim;
I suggest you to trust only a mirror,
Because he is the one who shows whether you are superior or inferior.
CautiousRain Oct 29
I must be a vampire
because every time I peer into
my tall, demanding mirror
I don’t see myself
in any reflection
bouncing back.
oldie I found on my computer
you'd be amazed how many things I wrote and forgot about...
this was from July 2017
Danielle Oct 28
Breath dances along red-ribboned strands.
Memories brush my lips, its sweet touch
Bursts into starlight.  I’m held,
Pinned by the moonlight.
Two hands clasped in promise,
Like a lovely butterfly,
The grass cool and dark
An earthly mirror for the night.
Jordan Sears Oct 27
Several feet thick
And fifty feet tall,
I built up these resplendent
Castle walls

My castle, it sits
On a hill, set aback
For vantage point's sake
In event of attack

Secluded inside,
I rule on my own
No family lives here
I've no heir to my throne

I've but one handmaiden
And a few guards outside
And some men to shoot arrows
If a war should betide

I read books and collogue
With my mirror on the wall
When alone, it's quite facile
To be the fairest of all

My wine comes from France,
My silks from the East
My food from the town
Where most starve while I feast

I watch from my tower
When deliveries are made
For in lieu of a drawbridge
I've a large, iron gate

They call me cold-hearted,
Poignant and cruel
But in my castle I'm safe
I'll not be made a fool

Rumors suffuse--
Of these walls; what's within
For I allow no one out
And I allow no one in.
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