Evan 4d

I don't have many fears
Just broken promises
and shattered mirrors
A million tiny pieces
And even more negligible tears
All these little promises
I cannot see clear

The rolling of waves in the endless sea
And the pitter patter of raindrops
On the landscapes
That missed me.

The ocean of stars, both bright and dim
The moon that arrived everyday
In a hope that I would pay attention to him

The songs of the birds
And the humming of the breeze
The rustling of leaves, on the old new trees

The dew on the grass blades
And mist on the hilltops
The sky and its changing shades

In the long queues of ATMs
Like a beggar I stood
Never looked at the treasure I already have
And the love that I misunderstood

The mirror was in front of me
And I kept looking in my head
Someone missed me
And Oh oh! I kept missing it instead.

Someone missed me.
And that someone,
Was me.

As her gaze was fixed somewhere

I can never be.

And her cruel words made

every sweet memory bitter.

Her words full of hatred for me,

but her action full of love.

As her smile never reached her eyes

and her heartbeat I could never find.

I looked at her

trying to find the one who loved me once

only to find someone chained to me by fate.

Who claims to love me

but never does.

I am her mirror,

always was.

Her love fed my love

and her anger fueled mine.

I shrink back to my own shattered shell

away from her accusing eyes,

away from her cold touch.

Not for revenge,

but to hurt myself before she could.

Maybe one day she would look at me

And try to find the one who loved her once

but end up with what I feel now.

Claim over someone, but not their love.

They are flat surfaces that show your surroundings in their own dimension.

They are windows, made with the most perfect glass, in which you can take a look at what everyone sees when they see you.

They will never show you lies, they will just show your reality from their point of view.

You can always trust them.

Such a fine glass does not deserve your hate when it shows your reflection, for it is on your how they view your reality, and it is on you how you view your reflection.

Either way, they are just showing you their opinion.

mjad 7d

I had a talk with myself in the shower
It was a long overdue conversation
The suds of the shampoo blurred my vision
And they seemed to cloud my thoughts too
If he came back would you be strong?
Would you hold your hard-earned place?
Or would you break down like a house of cards?
Shattering your emotions like a China vase?
I would be the independent girl I am getting to know
The girl I see clearer in the mirror everyday
The one that would tell him to leave me alone and go his own way
He had his chance now I'm taken
By someone who loves me for everything
Who sees my flaws and embraces them
Not notices and demeans them
I am taken by myself.
A better long awaited self.
I turned the water off and stepped out,
Cleansed in more ways than one.

i am over him and the freedom is oh so liberating
Grace 7d

Mirror leaning upon my wall
I know all you want to do is make me fall
I look into you and guess what I see
A girl who is tall, fat and ugly
She falls onto her bed both day and night
Crying because society tells her she doesn't look right
Her skin isn't light enough and nor are her teeth
Her thighs are touching and her stomach is too big
Her smile is a mess, just like her life
So why don't you end the pain, the mirror says, and make your wrist's a bloody sight
I shatter the mirror and lying on the ground I see
A girl who is more broken now and just wants to leave
I pick up the broken glass and take a piece to my skin
To help mend the pain I always lives in
My life never got better and soon went to hell
I was so alone no one even bothered to help me when I fell
My soul was dying both inside and out
I felt I was strong enough
And I didn't needed anybody's help
I wanted to be brave and do it on my own
Only to end up in front of the mirror who once broke my soul
Yes, the mirror did break, but like any house hold item that mirror was replaced
For this mirror that laid so innocent against my wall was far worse than the first one and even I could see
This mirror was going to have me dead before the end of my life.

We all go through tough times and sometimes things get tougher than we expect, but when things get tougher so should we no matter how hard.
Raziel Jan 10

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Is my face prettiest of all,
Mirror Mirror lie to me,
Show me what I want to see,

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Why don’t I like the girl I see,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
When will you leave me be,

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Tell me who’s the biggest fool of all,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Why did you leave me to bawl,

Mirror Mirror what do you see,
Please tell me what you decree,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Am I the fairest of them all,

Mirror mirror why do they laugh,
Am I only a false half,
Mirror Mirror why do they stare,
Mirror mirror why do I care,

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who’s the ugliest of them all,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who’s most damaged of them all,

Mirror mirror,
On the wall,
Lie to me,
Show me what I want to see,

Mirror Mirror,
May I see a little clearer,
On the wall,
Oh how I appal.

All that look my way,
Mirror what do you say,
You should only speak the truth,
You should only speak to sooth,

Mirror mirror why do you lie,
I know I asked, but please don’t make me cry,
Mirror mirror I whisper goodbye,
Mirror Mirror let me die..

Snowy Jan 10

I can feel anxiety crawling into my mind, feeding me with unnecessary thoughts.
Self-doubt reaches out for my soul; fear smiles at me as I quivered my lips.
My trembling hands strike down on the concrete, and my head spins.
I slowly shut my eyes, hoping my demons would leave me.
But they persist, making me feel like I have to plea for peace.

I grasp my reality behind a mirror and watch the clock unwind.
I hear the faded children laugh, it echoes through my mind, and I feel the fear within my heart.
I wish my thoughts were sane, so they didn't fall like rain.

When I look ahead of the storm, I see a generation full of demons.
Darkness may rule the world, but I kept holding on.
With every battle I withstand, I fear the shadows will bind my heart and take my breath away.
But somehow, my spirit will never give in.

Mikhaila Jan 9

Oh, darling,
look in the mirror,
look at the body that houses your soul
look at the ones and the muscles that allow you to grow,
look at the creases and dips in your skin,
look at the beautiful skin you’re in.
Look at the way your lips part when you speak,
look at the words of your soul scattered across your skin,
look in the mirror a little longer.
Look at the way your eyes blink in the light,
look at the way your smile shines bright,
look at the way you stand with strength and dignity,
look at your body like it’s your home.
Look at the scars and bruises that are proof we have lived,
look at the tattoos, old and new.
Take a little longer to stand in the mirror.
Take a little longer to appreciate the body you call home.
Take a little longer to learn to truly appreciate your body,
because, oh, darling,
you are so beautiful in the skin you’re in.

visage on mirror
rembrandt could have painted this
sheer cloth, bare body

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