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MJL 8h
Joy ride spotted
Keep cool
Don’t run
Here we go
Eyes beaming
Ear to ear
I’m five and flying
Joy lives
Up or down
Every time
Every f-ing time
Thank you Charles Seeberger
Remem­ber when we ran away,
Remember when saying I love u was all I could say,
Remember when we would run into each other's passionate caress,
Now we are in this **** mess,
But with all these good times in our mind,
It allows us to hide behind,
Foot long smiles,
That we can wear for miles,
Thank you for the good days,
That keep me going when things go the wrong ways.
Still makes me smile when I look back
Does a paintbrush try and press itself? Or a fisherman cast to feel his own strength?


Likewise, does a moon know when its been idealized by the idealistic pen? Again and again.

Not likely.

Can you see through the colors of your own eyes? Or hear the kissing secrets of the wind on its lovers lips?

No, thankfully not.

And in choosing can you pull thought from mind? With an ease which sets you free to be taller than trees and freer than snow.

Sadly it is with me, when I say no.
How much fun it was to watch this one twist and turn. Yup.
although i left, i think my cup is still half full and not half empty
half full because you complete me
full because i’ll see you again
not empty because i’m glad i got to experience you
although i miss your full ***** body on mine and the empty plastic cups on your bedside rack
i visited my gf of 3 years for the first time january 3rd to the 17th. coming back to reality was really hard but it inspired me to write a few poems might share the rest
Seanathon Feb 8
For old times sake
Old minds sake
Rewind and scratch the sidewalk
With a wingtip gliding by fake
With old kitten lips pressed to the reed
And the quiet patter of kickdrum feet
Would you play it one more time for me?
With the chattering of Ivory teeth nearby
Would you let the Cool Jazz river run deep?
under the stars, with the smell of chocolate croissant
now you are going to the Eiffel tower's restaurant

merci beaucoup lovers
come back sooner than fires

hope you guys stay together
cuz you seem good for each other
Thank u for reading.

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Take care **  -E
how can someone be far from you
while standing right next to you

can you stop falling into someone
is it possible to control those feelings

can you pick who you're going to love
is it possible to run from that feeling

why does it hurt so much seeing that person
something is pulling me like a potion
it's like my cells want to walk up to you
but why you look extremely cold and warm

I can't taste what's in your blood
one day I know you, then I don't
when it comes to you I can't talk
there is no certain, guess nothing at all

one day you smile to me, then you don't
one day you run to me, then you won't
you acted strange, prove me wrong
so did I, I'll admit, I lost my logic
now I lapsed between the chains

I'm stuck here, looking for answers
you're here to bury me
bury my soul with those concerns
Thank u for reading.

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Take care **  -E
I'll be thinking of you
at the new year's day

I'll be missing you
at the first day
of the rest of my life
like you never ever left
can still see your silhoutte
it's moving at the sky
now it is melting away
and saying me "goodbye."
Thank u for reading.

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Take care **  -E
You were
that was clear.
You were
you had no fear.
You were
you had brains, you were no fool.
Yet I was,
and fell for you.
Tough guys...
you're bringing me back to life
you're keeping me back to fight
giving me a reason to be loved
giving me no fear, no lies
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Take care **  -E
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