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Bryce Oct 4
When I think of you,
As but dust
In a carbon filter
I am disgusted
In the fact
This is what
Was expected

And thus,
I would not be
as I am,
At the thin
Of your skin

You had found
In a day,
Or in an
Of the sun

You would
In the way
That I do--

That is the curse
Of us
And thus
I make my
With love.
Sitting here waiting for you
It doesn't mean i have a clue
Just because i don't need someone new
To complete my perfect view

I just don't know what to do
Cause without you i only blue
All i have to do just wishing you feel it too
Shofi Ahmed Sep 13
When the poet's pen
lends on the page
the magic can begins.

Goodness knows
who and what will read
and touch the dream!

The Sun might
turn the light off
for the cool Moon.
And the stars will never
show up in the daylight.
But day or night
in a poet's mind
they shine so bright!
You took from me, everything
my senses, my freedom,
the untold story,
my last wing..

You wanted my voice
to disappear, in
the silence and
lost its own
you thought
I was full of fear
you really wished
for a single tear.

How did I get here?
I don't know exactly
I have no memory.
where is the territory
where are my people
the kingdom
full of peace

You never believed
that I would move
when I tremble,

You never whispered
the truth from
your mouth.

You've always assumed
that I am no one,
I can never be someone.
That's why you tried
to shut me up,
cut my part.

You never thought
I would fight back

You never realized
how far I can fly,
how blind that
you are.

You never believed
in me.

You never saw me
as a threat.

You don't know me
but you will.

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
You can check out my other poetries from this link.

My instagram: @eminkusaslan

Have a good day/night !   - E
See the ranting of the man,
I think he's angry to Pan.

He finds it's hard to see in the wind,
Overshadowed by the fearsome rind.

He never falls to sleep
Villagers think he is blind.
He never walks with flock
Dragon knock, wolves mock

He'd like to listen to one crake.
All night wait for her to be awake.
When she starts singing her song
He realizes how to stop the chimera

She's his painkiller, painkiller
He doesn't need any filler
Now his heart has a thriller
He no longer wants to be a killer.

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
chimera: it is a mythological creature which
is a combination of lion, goat, and snake.
You can check out my other poetries from this link.

My instagram: @eminkusaslan

Have a good day/night !   - E
Aroody Dec 2018
Perhaps when we sang and played in spring,
we never imagined these leaves would start to fall,
or the mountains so majestic and tall,
would be covered with ice and snow,

The sun that shines with all that warmth ,
would only become a source of light,
the pavements then so dry ,
would turn all wet and covered in leaves,

Indeed we never knew in joy
that everything has a bitter end ,
so we could catch memories one by one ,
and later to each other send ,
Alexander Mar 27
I’m just a stepping stone in your river of love,
A current reminder I will never be enough.
I actually love the river
MayC Aug 24
don't let them fool you
with their sweet chamomile gold,
perfumed coffee,
elegant and attractive champagne
or even sparkling, fun Cola.
for you are not tea,
their source of energy,
their party flavour
or their soda.
they will consume you in an instant.
because darling,
you are whisky in a crystal glass.
liquid fire,
unable to be understood by many,
but oh, so addictive.

-May Colde
Stay wild and free.
I stay cool like an ice.
I won't let my emotions light a chaos in my mind.
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