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Brendann Apr 7
The creaking boards, leading to the endless fog

The smell of salt

The crack of the waves, seem like a distant memory

The only noise comes from the boards and the birds

The smoke, white as snow, consumes me as I near the end of the peer

I could only stand and stare
I wrote this in 2019. It was really smokey from the forest fires and I took my motorcycle on a ride to the beach. I walked down the pier, sat down in the smoke, and wrote this. It was so peaceful.
Ryan Buynak Apr 1
when we trace the fear
we come upon treasure
that was lost
like the canary in the coal mine.

I am not cool,
and that is cool.

hummus is cool,
and it loves people
more than I do.

The laughing shadowy girl
who stood at midnight
by the flowering tree
is cool.

I stand in a city of glass,
dying so deep
near the message river,

The only true currency
in this bankrupt world
is what you share with someone else
when you're uncool.
Andrew Rueter Mar 31
Desperate and lonely
you need someone for holding
but that's not how you know me
so you just call me homie
when looking for comforting company
to give aid to your conforming country
then you just start hatefully hunting
to prove you are... something.

You say get in the whip
like you're cool and you're hip
you sound like a **** that is dip
but I need your script in my wrist
so I hop in your motor vehicle
hoping for a hopeless miracle
that you'll stop acting satirical
and break out that bag that is spherical.

That shot must've not sat right
you've been looking for a fight
all narcotic night
your sardonic sight
has been on pointed humor to get me annoyed
but I don't feel like Robert Downey Jr. or Pink Floyd
when you interrupt my ****** stupor to argue like boys
I just want to be a user drama devoid.

You spit and stunt
telling me if I don't roll the blunt
I can get the **** out of your car
I ask why you're acting hard
is it emotional scars?
Or Xanax bars?
This planet's marred
with cancer hearts
you play your part
by trying to act cool
thus making the world colder
you look like a piece of stool
but think you're a soldier.

My shoulders shrug high
saying I don't want to be Drug Guy
so there's no need to be unkind
we can talk about this sometime
once you're unblind
but until then
see not me
with your peacocking
you seem cocky
but scream softly.

You call me a *****
I say try me and you'll see
it'll only be fueling
an endless cycle of dueling
but you want to be the crazy one
so your choices are hazy ones
and your ideas lazy ones
like playing nun
for gaming funds
then regarding yourself as a mature man
everyone can smell your manure ****.
Paul NP Mar 13
You may call it Sky.
I call it Blue Breeze.
You may call it Sun.
I call it Zen.
You may call it Rose.
I call it Reason.
To Love my Love, my Love.
soft touch --
cool air --
a breeze is flowing
through us
as we
sit and talk about nothing.
do you feel it?
that familiar twist?
the same thought
i had
when we met.
i saw violet shades
and holy hands.
you told me
too many people
want to be happy.
i just want
to be.
In my burb, cool cars are superstars,
They never seem to travel far,
They drive off to the bottle shop,
Head off home, dodging the cops,
Maybe they seek lively young babes,
I think the **'s are giggling away,
Another trip to the bottle shop,
Your fun police, I am not,
I do not care where your mufflers are,
Cool cars here are superstars!
Feedback welcome.
Carl D'Souza Feb 8
I am
laying in a soft bed,
out through my open bedroom window
at a eucalyptus tree
gently swaying and shaking
in the cool summer breeze
which is wafting in through the open window
blowing over my body
cooling me down;

I am
Carl D'Souza Feb 8
I am
laying comfortably in my soft bed and
cool summer breeze is
wafting in through my open bedroom window
blowing over my body
cooling me down;

I am
Ylzm Jan 3
a soothing constant rush
of rain falling undiminished
without break from before
the new year dawned

comforting yet unease lurks
uncommon for years and then
unexpectedly markedly today
thoughts compelled to wonder

you cannot learn from history
habits persist even in futility
mindless virus greater than
resolutions and national budgets

man plan and vow to change
enslaved to happiness and fear
his hope in his little money
adorned in cheap empty wishes

I shall be still and imbibe the peace
cloaked in the gloom's cool assurance
all the world may flood or be scorched
I'm unmoved for my flight constant
Marisa White Dec 2020
Boil, boil, bubble and brew
What ingredients do we need to make this stew?
A tiny newt? A coin, shiny and new?
A fisherman’s old rotten boot?

Ah! It says here that all we need is:
A child’s old toy
To make a boy
A redwood twig
To make his head big
A vulture’s song
To have him do all wrong
A scale of a snake
To make him a snake
Yes, that’s right
The boy we’re making isn’t going to be a knight
The so-called myth,
The hero, "Zack Smith"
Will be quite far from it,
The opposite in fact.
To make the most dreadful guy
Have all he do is play and lie
We’re going to need a whole lot more.

We’ll need:
A peacock’s heart...
Let’s make it two!
He’ll be sick with double the pride
To be irritating, a mosquitoes’ coo
A tongue of pig to make him snide
Another three mosquitoes!
So there’s no doubt
That he’ll be ugly inside and out
An entire weasel
For in the entire world, he’ll the most sly
All he’ll do is play all day
When adding the cotton tailed rabbit’s dance
“I’m the greatest!”, is all he’ll say
While holding his nose high in a prance

Now the ***’s overflowing with stuff to make this boy
The last two things: The heart and the brain.
Shall we make his heart pure? His intentions, good?
He’ll mean every word of what he says?
He’ll really... care?
He could never, it’s too late.
We do not need two more things.

Let’s pour this horrendous mixture into a mold
And put it into the freezer to let it become cold
I’ll sit and wait for him to freeze
When he’s done and solid
What will I do?
Maybe I’ll keep this horrible Grinch of a boy
Try to teach him proper manners
And not let him near people he’ll emotionally destroy
But most likely I’ll let him go
He reminds me too much of someone I used to know

I’ve given him everything (except a brain and a heart)
And he’ll give nothing back
When he’s done
I’m pushing him out into the world to wreak havoc
He’ll hurt some people along the way
But they’ll recover within a day
If they don't, they can join me
And craft boys out of pain and jealousy
But that won't happen
Because, you see
With a name like Zack Smith
Forgettable is what you’re bound to be.
sheesh boys am I right
this a whole book but tell me if you like it!
feedback appreciated :-)
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