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Raven Feels Apr 6
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, the burdens that we hold are for our backs to curve years of wisdom---to reach peace:}

hard for me to express

the things you left in me are in mess

the buildings so high scared to my *******

believed things come now to their bests

acceptance of the unknown faces that bloom on the yellow stairs

moments I found it a burden to bare

then you another ranger in those brown tiles

made me drink that blue liquor made me smile

laughter in the wooden walls I will uncover soon

even when the visits brought a past gloom

searching is something I was meant to do on those borders

never will I know or remember unless I read the folders

feel the flies in the green lands

a tingle plastered on the hands

but nothing more than that stance you ******

put a lot of grace because of a simple caring lace

is it okay if this while took a late

that mere second has been stuck written on my fate

those arms gambled with my noes

even though a little lie

didn't hurt

didn't go

far from the beyonds

that red sweater

a path to the wallpaper

to the given weather

moria Feb 8
why am i so small,
when my ambitions are far too tall?

i want to soar in the wind,
i want to feel a lovers kiss.

i want to be good at helping others,
so i may help my mother.

if i want to be tall,
then why am i so small?
another sleepy poem
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Do not wanna scream at you every day
I don't want to fight or make you hurt
More and more I say words that cause you pain
Is it so hard to make this work?
Would need you if you didn't need me
To face that realization is hard
Sleep off doubts hoping you won't see
Return cause they never go far
Why are you what I fear the most?
Dreaming open eyes
Fantasies we hope to come true that we used to host
Never will if you keep giving lies
There will come a day everything changes
Nothing will stay the same
Left picking up pieces while reality rearranges
Both will end up with cuts of shame
Love with an intensity so great
When saying your name it rattles doors
Mind might belong to me
My heart is all yours
For my best friend and lover Paul
golden leaf streamers
cascaded o'er the aspen's
tall majestic stem
minute dewdrops clung
onto the tall grass blades
earlier this morning
Zack Ripley Jun 2020
"I wish I wasn't so different
from everyone."
"You've got more in common
With people than you think."
"Oh yeah? Like what?"
"Well, once upon a time, we were smaller.
Then, we grew taller. Or rounder.
Maybe more than we'd like, but we all grew stronger."
"Well, I don't feel very strong right now."
"And that's okay. We all fall. Sometimes like a sack of bricks.
Sometimes with the grace of a sunset.
But at some point, we all get up.
And when you're ready to stand, I think you'll find
There's fight left in you yet."
Hannah May 2020
I could say he is like a sunflower,
always growing very tall,
He is always there for me, with his guy-like power,
He is the one I would want to catch me if I fall.
He stands out from the crowd,
with the help of his icy-blue eyes,
in the bleachers talking, cheering, laughing out loud,
like the brightest star in the darkest of skies.
The way he illuminates my world with his smiles,
he lights it up and never seems to let it dim,
he could keep me walking for miles,
in search of anything and him.
Because of this, you stand out to me during the day and night,
like a shooting star taking flight.
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