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golden leaf streamers
cascaded o'er the aspen's
tall majestic stem
minute dewdrops clung
onto the tall grass blades
earlier this morning
Lulu Jun 13
There was a forest.
The forest was deep.
It was dark,
Not only because it was starry,
But because the forest was dense.
The trees were tall, they were mighty.
Cobwebs here and there,
Frightened me slightly.

But though these trees were tall,
They could not grow as much,
Without the help of the mountain
they rooted in.
And so, they reached up to tickle the clouds,
And to glance down at the Earth around them.

At the edge of the mountain,
Trees were beneath and above,
And as if climbing on cliffs,
Wasn’t terrifying enough,
The drop to the ground was so high,
You were above the tallest trees.

It was early morning,
The sun was not yet up,
Hands holding on,
The sharp rocks.
Zack Ripley Jun 4
"I wish I wasn't so different
from everyone."
"You've got more in common
With people than you think."
"Oh yeah? Like what?"
"Well, once upon a time, we were smaller.
Then, we grew taller. Or rounder.
Maybe more than we'd like, but we all grew stronger."
"Well, I don't feel very strong right now."
"And that's okay. We all fall. Sometimes like a sack of bricks.
Sometimes with the grace of a sunset.
But at some point, we all get up.
And when you're ready to stand, I think you'll find
There's fight left in you yet."
Hannah May 13
I could say he is like a sunflower,
always growing very tall,
He is always there for me, with his guy-like power,
He is the one I would want to catch me if I fall.
He stands out from the crowd,
with the help of his icy-blue eyes,
in the bleachers talking, cheering, laughing out loud,
like the brightest star in the darkest of skies.
The way he illuminates my world with his smiles,
he lights it up and never seems to let it dim,
he could keep me walking for miles,
in search of anything and him.
Because of this, you stand out to me during the day and night,
like a shooting star taking flight.
Small Tales
by Michael R. Burch

When Artur and Cai and Bedwyr
were but scrawny lads
they had many a ***** adventure
in the still glades
of Gwynedd.
When the sun beat down like an oven
upon the kiln-hot hills
and the scorched shores of Carmarthen,
they went searching
and found Manawydan, the son of Llyr.
They fought a day and a night
with Cath Pulag (or a screeching kitten),
rousted Pen Palach, then drank a beer
and told quite a talltale or two,
"till thems wasn’t so shore which’un’s tails wus true."

And these have been passed down to me, and to you.

According to legend, Arthur and Kay grew up together in Ector’s court, Kay being a few years older than Arthur. Borrowing from Mary Stewart, I am assuming that Bedwyr (later Anglicized to Bedivere) might have befriended Arthur at an early age. By some accounts, Bedwyr was the original Lancelot. In any case, imagine the adventures these young heroes might have pursued (or dreamed up, to excuse tardiness or “lost” homework assignments). Manawydan and Llyr were ancient Welsh gods. Cath Pulag was a monstrous, clawing cat. (“Sorry teach! My theme paper on Homer was torn up by a cat bigger than a dragon! And meaner, too!”) Pen Palach is more or less a mystery, or perhaps just another old drinking buddy with a few good beery-bleary tales of his own. This poem assumes that many of the more outlandish Arthurian legends began more or less as “small tales,” little white lies which simply got larger and larger with each retelling. It also assumes that most of these tales came about just as the lads reached that age when boys fancy themselves men, and spend much of their free time drinking and puking! Keywords/Tags: King Arthur, boy, boyhood, *****, drinking, beer, ale, tall tales, Wales
Zack Ripley Jun 2019
Standing in the garden, I admire the trees.
So strong, so tall, so carefree
Watching its leaves dance through the breeze
Maja Mar 8
The higher you climb, the further you’ll fall,
With a mindset like that,
you will never stand tall.

What you should instead remember,
when you fight against time,
is that the best view
comes after the hardest climb
Two ways of thinking. Both true, but which to choose?
Don't choose:
just try to become a better self.
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