The snowflakes fall like children's lives.

Every morning I wake up,
Hide the pain, and the tears,
Put on invisible armor
While my heart is punctured with spears.

Armor that protects my body from bullets
That are made of hard steel, and stinging words
As I trudge through the halls,
With doubt in my mind,
And fear in my heart,
Listening for the boom of a gun.

Every time I hug my mother,
Or kiss her cheek to say goodbye,
I wonder if it will be the last time,
And wonder how she will survive.

And when I am home, I know I am safe,
Yet I watch the news with tears on my face,
As the fat cats sit back with their small hearts exposed,
Sending thoughts and prayers, while schools foreclose.

Lives have barely begun
before they are shot down.
And tragedy spreads like an epidemic,
Hitting town after town.

There is no cure, this will be our end,
Since people refuse to act.
We raise our voices, scream ourselves hoarse,
The idea of a shooting is no longer abstract.
We run across the tracks,
A horde of desperate children.
Our tears are raked off our cheeks
By the wind that slams into our faces.

Crouching, cowering, gritting our teeth,
A fruitless attempt to make ourselves smaller,
To dodge the never-ending stream
Of lead teeth that eat into our flesh.

Gripping the clammy fingers
Of our only hope,
Until they are pummelled into the floor,
And we leave them behind.

We live to impress,
We walk a tightrope every day.
God help you if you fall,
Because you are on your own.

They’ll only hold your hand
If there is something in it.
They don’t love you,
So just keep running.

Running, running,
Stretch out your fingers,
To the other side.
Because when you fail…

Well at least you can say
one part of you made it…
Open to interpretation, what do you think it is about?
Ellison 1d
Shed some light on the smoke covered town
That breathes nothing but the bombs from the sky coming down
Shed some light on the shadows of the dead
With the swing set squeaking softly as the sky turns red
Shed some light on the bodies never meant to be seen
Expelled from society; their lives never being clean
Shed some light on the hand
That draws people in the sand
Does it belong to a child?
Broken dreams they have piled.
Spread awareness and encourage contributions to aid the crisis in the Middle East.
I just want a family.
I yearn to be a mother.
1 child I'd like 10.
But I'll settle for what you give me.

I want to be a house-wife.
To cook, to clean, to sew.
I'd like to teach my children.
Maths, English, science and so.
We all have our dreams...
what a shameful world we live in,
where we cannot even protect,
the dreams of innocent children,
where we cannot give shelter,
to another religion in our home,
where we cannot provide schooling,
to our students without being shot,
where colored faces are shot,
without standing a chance of justification,
where citizens are classified,
as second class citizens based on their race,
where occupied citizens are treated,
as prisoners in their own country,
what a pathetic world we live in.
Orange Rose Mar 14
I used to believe,
When I was a child,
That Fairies hid behind trees.
          That every time,
           I turned my head,
          They would come out to stare at me.

I used to believe,
When I was a child,
That roses gave pixies their flight.
          That the Dewdrops that stayed,
          At the dawn of the day,
          Was nothing but fallen starlight.

I used to believe,
When I was a child,
That bells brought wedding days.

          That the bride wearing white,
          And the groom in his suit,
          Were happy forever and always.

I used to believe,
When I was a child,
That mommies and daddies don't fight.

          But if all you see,
          Is all you know,
          You're blinded by your sight.
Graff1980 Mar 12
Where do all the lost boys go?
The rag tag scruffy band
of tiny merry men
playing Robin hood again,

The kings of
flying fancy,
dragons dancing
in the fire lit night,
the little wrathful
waking warriors,

The lonely eyes,
with scraped
and soon to be
scabbed up knees,

The oily skin
and dripping tears
accompanied by
snot that drip drops,

The searchers,
tiny adventurers,
monster hunters,

The little victims,
who follow the whims
of cruel dictators,
of vile violators,
of demon desecrators
on their soft flesh?

When all the madness
seems to pass
and only the stillness
finally lasts,
when they finally
silence the bad,
the nightmares
they had,

after peering
the artic cold
of winter’s
harsh white snow,
searching for
a safety
they have never

please tell me
cause I don’t know,
where do
the lost boys
go to?
Vani Mar 12
Your parents screaming on the top of their voices
Hurling insults, complaints and abuses
Their relationship on the verge of breaking
Cause now they're tired of faking
You little girl, as delicate as feather
Acting like glue, trying to hold them together
Weak glue
   Poor you......
Children soak up everything they see, feel, and hear.When parents argue excessively and for too long, it can leave children feeling insecure and fearful.
Anonymous Mar 10
I have a monster that lives under my bed
He whispers ugly stories about being dead
I shiver in my covers; eyes wide
As his claws tickle at my side

I have a beast that lives in my closet
Often I hear her groan and vomit
I hide and pretend she's not there
But at night I hear her in my rocking chair

I have creatures that live in my walls
They scratch and whisper down the hall
I squeeze my eyes shut; afraid
While they chatter about making me their slave

We children have devils in our heads
They screamed, our eyes bled
We huddle and hide, wishing and praying
But of course, they claim they are staying
Thomas Mar 9
The purity of your whisper,
Takes my breath away...
The amazement in your eyes
With every moments gaze...
Each feeling a first,
Every vision new...
A miracle without knowing,
Melting my heart with everything you do...
I stand over you while you rest,
Mesmerized by the beauty you possess...
Now come lay here on daddy's chest,
That is when life's the best
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