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Humans have done so much damage to this
world and Its
Environment It now turning around and
biting us all on the
Deserve all we get for we  have polluted and destroyed this world nothing for our children to inherit
I'm gunna be a dad!
And I'll admit, I'm a little scared,
I had never dared or dallied that-
Fatherhood may be my next hat,

My love and I aren't married yet,
Not that I will ever regret,
I'll bet on our love and firmly wait-
With sights on our wedding day,

And to our baby, precious dear,
We await you with joy and cheer,
We promise, we will always adore-
And cherish you, forever more.
Anna 2d
The small hands of a child
Are innocent
Reaching for fake animals
Or candy bars.
But his mother
Says he shouldn’t have been here
His father
Never kisses him.
He has nothing to reach for.
A child can be born without innocence.
Small hands can do more
Than reach for fake animals
Or candy bars.
A tiny killer, he is.
so you say that we are from the people
who buried their dead
with flowers.

and you say that when
the world ends, we will simply learn to fall

i wonder,
if there will still be love when we convince
that everything is still alright.

but how can we love the children that
we lie to…
and how can we trust those who
we forsake…

when you look me in the eyes next time,
or when you look at that spot, right beside

i will remember our dead,
and i will remember
how you never truly meant to leave flowers.
stop gun violence. rest in peace.
CGW 6d
As the darkness broke way and the light crept through your smile, I knew at once your exhale was over.
Long ago,
The wind blew dandelion
Dreams and poppy seed sputterings
Of random incoherences.
In the flesh,
The vibrato of this spinning Earth.
Your appearance subtle.
Uncontrollable by ticking metronomes
Return to where you came from.
Your body restless,
Seeking movement but being only able to crumble,
Into ash.
I'm waiting.
I'm waiting at the doorsteps.
Waiting for my child.
My child that will never come.
Days go by,
Years fly by,
Forsake my soul,
My humble child, why'd you have to go.

For you.

There's a lump inside my throat.
It bleeds into my heart.
My longing,
My loss,
My ever lasting sigh for you,
My child.

Child of mind why'd you have to go?

Staring out into the sunset that is covered by the stars, I'll see you looking down at me and smiling,
You'll whisper to me :

"As the darkness broke way and the light crept through your smile,
I knew at once your exhale was over."
Made up not real.
About a guy who mourns over the death of his kid.
The angel of the Lord came down to the young girl to tell her the good news.
"Greetings, oh favored one, the Lord is with you!"
But before he could continue she interrupted him saying,
"One sec I have to get this on my Snapchat story."
"No you don't understand, replied the angel, you will bear a child and his name shall be Emanuel.
And Mary looked at the angel, phone in hand, and said
"Could you repeat that I wasn't recording just yet?"

If *** came down today what would he think?
If He hung out with your friends what would he say?
If *** came down today do you think He'd blink?
If He hung out with your friends do you think He'd stay?

I'm in doubt because of how we act, a society packed with people not exact-ly intact.
Attached to our phone like it's our baby.
But babies are babies they don't deserve rights!
Unlike ladies, who aren't actually ladies and you can't gender a baby but you can tear HIM limb from limb and yes I said Him...
While you throw Him in the bin I'll call it as I see.
A Godless world never to be free.
This is not meant to offend anyone. I think the mother who goes through with an abortion is hurt as well as the child. The solution isn't to shame these people, but instead to bring awareness and help expecting mothers in the most trying time of their entire life.  But right now our society does not value the unborn child. This greatly upsets me.
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