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Mother's frozen tears
fall down around me
sitting in the center
of this dancing galaxy
something wonderful wells up
like a wave inside my mind
crystallizes in my soul
secrets no one else can find
Mother's wildest words
whispered softly in a dream
caress my shadowed half
awake from ancient sleep
I feel numb and detached

My blank gaze penetrates the ones I care about
Piercing their heart like a frozen bullet

There's damage
but no evidence that I cause the pain.

Why am I so cold? Why do I hurt everyone around me?
Why do I feel so frozen?
A color of light.
More blatant in the dark.
We all seek it,
But we can't see it.
It's listened for,
But unheard of.
So bundle up,
It's cold outside.
You will freeze in your stride.
The weight of your grin
Will keep you here.
And all that is dear
Will become folly.
I am folly.
I am your folly.
And I will see to it
That you will never see
The color of vitality.
What is the color of Vitality?
My sweetheart was like a flower that after winter snow would bloom again In spring having laid below the frozen ground
of winter
but come to the thaw she starts to bloom again her pale skin changing
coming back to her body my darling loved the sun It was with the warmth of the sun she really came to life
but she died In winter
never made the following
summer probably the best
one we for years
poor girl
she deserved to see that summer but life can be cruel and very
This world, In my opinion, one-word unforgiving
Tatiana Jan 31
The heathens of this season
bind me to metallic reasons.
The traction should be nonexistent
and yet i'm frozen in an instant.
I fear i'll remain here,
for longer than a year.
Frozen to the metal
of my winter struggle.
L Leonelli Jan 30
You can either feel the coldness
of my words of ice
slipping through
these snow white pages
or feel my burning chest
melting the frozen stare
you're holding.
Leia Spencer Jan 30
I thought you were the fire that could warm my frozen heart
I took care of you
And tended to you
To keep you going as long as you could
I thought you would keep me warm
and take care of me too

Instead I ended up getting burnt
Charring my fingers on your carelessness
Singing my hair on your obliviousness
And In A Way, my own
Because anyone knows that when you play with fire
You're asking
to get burnt
-a former pyromaniac
Don't look at the world through rose-colored glasses. If you do, the red flags just look like normal flags
I am winter
I am snow blankets shattered by rain evolving to deadly ice
Long, rolling landscapes and barren trees
No room for imagination.
I am winter
I am solemn, solitary, singular
Frigid gusts of heartbreak
Homesick in animal tracks.
I am winter
I am lifeless, lonely, lingering
Roaring flames and layers upon layers
Warm enough though frozen stiff.
I am winter
I have no end and no beginning
The same old me, 1500 miles wiser
Losing all seamless direction
Wishing for any connection
Amazed at the lack of distinction
between this me and that me.
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