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Jules 2d
I saw you today
The room froze
A held breath
A skipped heartbeat
A smile that hypnotized me
JT Sep 25
What do I do
When my breaths
Form clouds
In winter air
No longer
Of my frozen insides
Of ice
Frozen blood
Unable to run
Turning blue
Sticking to my eyelashes
Frigid eyes
Burning cold
Stain my
Snow white
On blue lips

The morning air
Seeping in through open windows
Settles a chill in my bones
Goose flesh
Dots my legs
And pasty cheeks
My finger tips pulsate
With the numb
The tip of my nose
Is stained cherry pink
While my nails turn blue
And my mind stop turning
Freezing over slowing
In that harsh, morning air
My room is cold, and yet I insist on keeping all of my windows open at all hours.
Yanamari Sep 3
Running my fingers
Along the frozen walls,
A feeling that lingers;
To a house, its doors.
I stare out at the melting
Burning Sun
A fire too intense;
At its distance,
On my skin, a warmth almost a hum.

The Sun is too close, too close

Foreign is the feeling of the hum,
Dancing on my skin,
Never delving deeper some.
My mind can only wonder,
Sunlust echoing in my gaze as I
Cross my legs and enjoy
The cold while basking in the Sun.
Neither overly warm
Nor am I frozen to the touch;
I have faded into the cold
And currently, I have no plan
Nor rush.
Anastasia Aug 30
crystals slid down her pale cheeks
tears frozen from the wind
her eyes
they burned
the light
it dimmed
she was freezing out there
standing alone
lost her heart
lost her home
she was cold
it was old
and she wanted it to end
Seanathon Aug 16
The bitter road
With walking feet and identical pace

     Fear not

For they are all just shadows underneath
Just ghosts beneath the turquoise ice

     Quiet as can be

And you will not fall
You will not falter

As you have colder blood within your veins
Than in every surreal arctic peace
The cold winter breeze
Makes me feel at ease
Unexpectedly you came
Cloud nine turn into a hurricane

You carelessly hold my hand
And pulled me out of the cold
I do not know what to do
You pulled me close to you

I was frozen, off guard
I could feel the warmth
Of your strong arms around me
Unusual but comfortable

Slowly, you let go of me
I was scared and fragile
I do not understand
Your warmth turn into a cold storm

Maybe it's just an illusion
And I'm just being delusional
The warmth in my chest
Become a frozen stone

If you ever comeback
In my cold, fragile arms
No hesitation, I'll hug you tight
And I'll pull you in my frozen arms
Longing for the warm hug of her cold body
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