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his hands
are firmly wedged
inside pockets
unwilling to risk
exposure to this
frost-coated morning
if he tripped
or slipped
even then
he would not rely
on their numbed support
he could not trust
that they would do
what was necessary
if called upon
deep in the sherpa-lined
abyss of his coat
his fingers remain
protected in gloves
clenched and wriggling
with all hopes resting
on a return
   of warmth
   of bloodflow
   of feeling
before he gets home
before central heating
   and chill-blains
turn his frozen tips
into scalding rods
when there is
no use but
to desperately
and ironically wish
that he could not
feel anything
at all
lua Oct 2022
the ice breaks from above me
as sunlight streams in
i feel its warmth
kissing the hairs against my arms
i would swim
to the top
to bang my fists against the frozen sheet
to pry each shard away
to pull myself out
but my blood hardens beneath the flesh
and i sink
watching the sky from the cold currents.
Carl Sinderby Sep 2022
Flowing my footsteps down the lane,
Trying to think as much the same,
Looking above the rainy clouds,
Smiling at birds that make those sounds,
Following my footsteps down the lane,
Giving in to my ball and chain,
Glancing upon the tall sycamore,
Dreaming of better times forever more,
This face I show can only tell,
The life I have inside my shell,
The footsteps down that lane,
I stood there and waited for that train.
Lexi Jun 2022
wanted to cut..
did nothing..
cried and then went to bed..
maybe I’m growing as a person or maybe I’m just to scared of the consequences..
like a dog with an electric collar.. eventually it’ll be to scared to move knowing that no matter what emotion, action, sound it makes.. it’ll be wrong.
Cut + doctors = kids Taken
Throw phone = broken phone ..****
Cry + sleep = sad soul with two kids
mel May 2022
Often I find the days never-changing,
Doomed to repeat themselves.

I, Inescapable,
Like a moth to the dim blue glow of fluorescence.

To escape is one thing,
But, to watch friend and foe revel in their ignorance is another.

Like a feline sees the world through a sheet of glass,
I may be doomed to the same.
I feel as if I am mute
The Foodie One Mar 2022
I am Frozen
- Still -
in Space

Trapped between
solid Waters
and biting Winds,

All I ever
wished for
were some Wings.
© 07/01/2022
Nikita Sep 2021
Explaining the feeling
Of feeling frozen
Is like explaining to a child
Why people hurt
There is no delicate way
To describe the intensity
The entrapment

Words trapped in my throat
My body wrapped in invisible rope
As though a man at each side
Pulls the rope tighter
And tighter

You want me to explain?
Honey, I can’t explain
Something I also don’t know
Paralysed in pain is my common reaction when I’m trying to process something painful to me.
LC Aug 2021
warm, bright words don't reside in your heart.
an ice wall blocks the way as they depart.
a shy, humble smile, "oh, it's no big deal,"
and those words are suddenly forced to kneel.
the icicles ***** your weary shoulders,
forming gashes, leaving you so much colder.

too much warmth? you burst into flames.
too little? you're frozen and maimed.
your hands, scarred and worn,
rub in vain, ready to mourn
as you look over the wall
to stare at the glow that enthralls.
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