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In the house, a blue rose sits inside its icy interior.
Still as blue as ever, its petals unwithered.
Frozen in time, as always.

A red butterfly sits atop the ice, its legs pierced by the chill.
Red and blue, together as one. An elusive combination.
Frozen in time, as always.

Children peer into the ice, gazing at the treasure beneath.
It is so valuable, they think. And yet so unobtainable.
Frozen in time, as always.

The clock tower ignores the ice, focusing on the world itself.
There is no sign of cold in this world, aside from the rose's eternal cage.
Frozen in time, as always.

Centuries pass according to the ice, but would you know that?
The ice has barely melted, and the rose has barely faded.
Frozen in time, as always.

Frozen in time, as always.
Jay M Oct 15
A feather


To the ground
C r a c k i n g
the ice
Of a long frozen river

Below the frigid surface
Lies a long dormant creature
Stirred from their slumber
Once more to rise

- Jay M
September 24th, 2020
Don't remember what the true meaning was, it's been sitting in my drafts. Tell me, what do you make of it?
UV Sep 15
Let me tell you how it felt
To let go of you,
Like lying back down
Onto the surface of a frozen lake,
Hugging a rock, feeling its weight.
The ground under me thawed
I melted into the water with the ice,
Slipping into the brazen cold
I still felt coddled, knowing
I won’t touch the ground anytime soon.
I was weightless,
The fluidity felt forgiving,
Yet the weight on my chest anchored me.
In the now, I was moving yet not of my accord
I was free, yet sinking
Deeper into the void beneath me
Lungs tight, not much light
I missed the floor that the rock had pinned me to.
Every second it took to feel it again,
I hoped for catharsis in our reunion.
The weight on my chest kissed me deeper,
My back met the ground,
Alas, I feel gravity again
Now I wait patiently, in quiet suffering
To stop living or to be saved

My emotional support fantasy (the thing I think about to relax or meditate or sleep) is where I'm hugging a rock the size of a soccer ball and sinking slowly into calm waters. I finally wrote about it. P.S. I'm taking a break from my boo
Vachaspathi Sep 12
Riding on the tides of the times;
Your smile was an absolute freeze.
Alicia Moore Sep 9
This house is made of ice.
A gelid, brass interior awaits me with wicked vice.

Stepping through the frozen doors,
I fall into my own homely grave.
A familiar capsule with silky floors.

Paintings hang upon each wall,
Lifeless and disturbed.
Although, the images do utter one final whisper before tightening the noose—
“Beware of the abominable master of abuse.”

I wish to float,
As with each step the rivers of blood in my feet howl.
Icicles pierce through my soles;
Daggers with a bright smile...

I am only ever welcomed into this house of ice
With a vast iniquitous price.
Environment is frozen
Sentiments are hidden
Praying to God
He be brought
Sparing the rod
It's just a thought
Smirking a lot
Finds him hot
Stemming the rot
Environment is frozen
Horse is Trojan
Lots of erosion
Lots of confusion
Praying to God
He be brought
Finds him hot
Stemming the rot
Environment is frozen
Raising the temperature
By her *****
Environment may thaw
He may be hotter
A hot star!
He may be brought
Or bought at par!
Lu Wilson Aug 27
We feel cold from the earth's suffering
Numb from the sadness and pain
Seeking warmth from a hopeful spring
Begging the universe for refrain

So much agonizing in the darkness
It's so chilly without the light
My dear ones feel the bitterness
Frozen hearts and hands from the fight

We crave a glimpse of the sunshine
A ray of calm calling our names
Seeking reprieve with the divine
Our arms lock as we approach the flames

A fire of hope and joy and peace
We warm our heart and hands
We embrace as the sorrows cease
Love thawing while light withstands
My heart has been aching for so many family members and the world. The bad news doesn't seem to end and I feel helpless sometimes. I kept feeling frozen and this poem came to me today.
Alex Aug 15
A red rose bloom on a winter night,
Grow from the frozen ground,
Covered in snow,
No one seems to believe it,
Even her and the impossibilities,
She refused to believe in,
She couldn't care a less,
Cause she knew winter let it all died,
And blizzard came in,
She doubts it will last,
And part of her wanting it will stay,
After the blizzard has gone,
The rose stays on icy mud,
Along with the new ones,
That had just risen from the ground,
Now she tries to see,
That life,
Is like a Red Rose On Winter,
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