Fynn Sep 4

Once there was a boy, as brave as poor
he lived on the streets of Tamkador
A fearless young lad, stealing his food
some days some bread and other days fruit

He was fast and clever and so he survived
without getting caught and fearing his life

Tamkador was ruled by a king, proud and rich
He had knights, soldiers and even a witch
He did not care for his people only for wealth
He did not care if it damaged their health
Whoever did not do as he wanted
got simply beheaded

He took what he wanted, sending his horde
waiting behind without drawing his sword

but the soldiers were fearful so they did as he told
because better craven and alive then dead and bold

the day then came when the siege begun
and the King refused to end the fight
some poor soldiers tried to run
and got killed by archers in the night

The citizens had no more food
screams got loud, we'll die, we're screwed
But the boy from the streets, Asher his name
did not fear death and not the pain

He snuck past the guards to speak to the King
he did not steal food, or gold or rings
once he reached him he spoke out loud
what many people thought but were not allowed

My king please hear me, i speak for your folk
they are in pain they need more food
You need to surrender, they will leave us alive
They just want peace for such a low price
give up your crown and save you people
They wont kill you, they are not evil

They just want you to bend the knee
and pay them a good tribute fee
after you have plundered them
Now swallow your pride and save your men.

The king called the guards told them to fight
but the guards stood still in this meaningful night
Asher took the word and continued speaking
with every word more guards were leaving

All this grief and annhilation how it hurts my heart inside
all the innocent who suffer from your stubborness and pride

Is this what you wanted?

Your heart is cold without a feeling
you wouldnt even understand the meaning
of my words if you would care
but hear me mylord dont you dare
to take your folk down with your pride
we wont wait any longer no we wont bide

Is this what you wanted?

Nevermind how high the cost may grow
you will never break us, no

We want to live and we dont need your lead

This is what we want

Niobe Sep 4

How fleeting are we as people?
Asked to give ourselves up,
For the greater good
For the King’s greater good

How fleeting we live as people,
Bones like feathers,
Blood like my enemy’s
Blood like my brother’s

A strong will can be mistaken for teenage rebellion,
A strong will can be bent only after death
And until death do strong and will part
Until death do us part

How fleeting the mind of a madman,
The heart of the bravest kitten
Bathed in brother’s blood
Bathed in Human blood

As those who exist cease to,
Let us hope that we are free to,
And that we are free, too

This poem was written for the play Antigone, for the titular character.
Jose H Sep 3

Oh the things you deserve
The endless red roses
The eternal kisses
The life of a queen you must have

For all that you deserve
I may not be able to supply
For it all may not exist
Not in the world we live in

Oh my Queen
You must know
No matter what lacks in the world
You will receive through your king

The endless roses
The eternal kisses
My faithful soul
If the day comes, my heart in whole
Shall be yours to keep.

Slice into ribbons of air,
swinging ravenously upwards.
The laughter bubbles in your throat---
rowdy, hungry, contagious.

You can't keep from screaming,
the joy is too immense.
Your hands, pointed towards the sky;
groping for the wild "King of Wind".

A snake swirls in the apparition of clouds;
your eyes, wide in childlike-wonder.
On such an occasion as this,
all maturity you abandon.

Adulthood is just a myth---
and this is the Spiral-Raved Dragon.

U Mims Aug 30

WE sit
WE talk
WE cry
WE walk
WE fight
WE apologise
WE recognize
WE say our truths
WE pledge
WE hug
WE learn
Moving on
With love song
© KingandQueen Productions
© Pirate Airways

Thru it all you'll have fall & storms it's how & if y'all come out 2gethet on the other side of it all
Izzy Aug 30

My King,
At sixteen we have the world at our feet.
We're building our future with unsteady hands.
One day we might run, leaving this little town in the dust.
Hand in hand. Crowns atop our heads.
The two of us against the world, off to build our own castle.
Battles raging around and between us, but we will win them.

One day we will will walk through the doors of our castle, our kingdom, our home.

One day our story will be told.
They will tell it.
We will tell it.

To the little princess or prince that fills our castle with the pattering of little feet, beyond contagious laughter, and more mess than we'll feel we can handle.
It will be wonderful, an adventure we face together.
A journey through life, all our own
                                                             ­     Love, your Queen.

whoosh a rabbit hop these tails and there
arose those ears only to avow each step
through the freshly cut grass ahead

with just their paths to hoe then nibbling

with raps round afar that supplely dug afield but prose ajar
this piedmont in a poetic depth just to find another hole
and lined with attaché won this most harrowing thought
of yesterday's eclipse that a shriek of ebriosity
incandescently taught a caper night of fun

Peter Balkus Aug 23

Homeless man
outside the station
he told me once about himself.

He used to attend to the school,
but dropped out.
He used to read many books,
but he doesn't now.

He told me he's the king,
betrayed by his people and his country,
but one day
he will sit on a throne again, he said.

One day
he mysteriously dissappeared
and someone else
sat down
in the empty squat.

Rebecca Kinga Aug 16

Behind that shiny thing on your head
There's a blood lust, why they are dead

Behind that cape that touches the ground
Lots of voices had lost and drowned

Behind that pictures you smile for fake
Maybe you do not even worth it to take

Listen castel with ones that you have

We are the same except the crown
You touch the clouds, we're on the ground

You own the cape, you whisper loud
We scream & shout, you hear no sound

You do want you need even with fierce
We rebuild the piers for flood of the tears

i'm on the front line,
but was never prepared,
                           is this real life?

i hear the screaming,
smoke filling up the air,
                           is this real life?

move me up another square
for i am merely a pawn,
caught up in a game
that no man has won.

"is this real life?"

i begged them for answers,
they assured me that my death
was the only thing they're after;

with just enough courage,
i looked back and said,

"you may be the king,
but everyone else
wants you dead!"

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