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ollie 1d
Her majesty
Her kindness
Queen of all my heart
She who laughs at my jokes
She whom I could never lose
The very image of a silent grace
The very image of everything I am too cowardly to admit
Sometimes I’m scared I look at her like I could die if I had to look away
I don’t know how to tell her how I feel
I’d fight the sun for her hand
I have trouble enjoying artwork in the hallways because she thinks the view is pretty and I think she’s prettier
The way she stutters when she talks makes me melt
It’s the nervousness
It’s the confidence
It’s both of them blended in her voice
It’s her ferocity that none save me have ever noticed
I am in love with her ferocity
Her smile would make the sun envious
She looks like she doesn’t even know how beautiful she is
The hesitance in her smile has proven she feels guilty for her laughter
Her laugh is so beautiful
Everyone scares me but her
No one scares me but her
I shudder at all voices but hers could never catch me off guard
I’m never concerned for how I look but am terrified of how she sees me
Sometimes I just want to place my hands on the side of her face
And put my lips on hers
Because I’ve never done it before
But I want her to know
I don’t want her to know
I want the way her eyes light up when she’s excited to be bottled and given as an offering to the universe because it is all the goodness I have left to offer
I am in love with her in so many ways I am terrified to admit
She makes me so scared
She makes me so happy
“So tell me darling, do you wish we’d fall in love?”
A million times yes
My heart burns out of my chest when I think of her
It terrifies me to think she has ever thought highly of me
Or that she loves me
Because I know she does
But not like this
It’s her
It’s always been her
“She’s so in love with all the things I hate most about myself”
She is
She’s the only person to point out the long scar on my lip because she pays that much attention
She notices my glasses
Hugs me when I’m scared and was patient for the years
God the years
That I couldn’t help but flinch at the touch
She used to keep her hands on mine when she knew I was panicking because only she could calm me
She laughs when I tell jokes
No one else does
She laughs like she thinks I’m funny
She lets me tell her Greek myths because she knows I love them
And she lets me love her
I am so small
And she is so immensely more than I could ever be
So I hope for a growth spurt so I can be half her size
Gather the courage to tell her everything
Because yes
I am the cornflake king
But she’s the queen of my heart
So there’s only one thing I can say
God save our gracious queen
ugh being a teenager sucks ass
J Oaks 7d
A man lost his leg in a dark spell
and a dinner plate sits in a dry spot
30 years of love soaked lung choked,
"I can't live without my eyes" life!
It's a tied or be tied world
a king prays in the morning
and stars connect his wishes
tasseled, sparkle, with
blood of shaking soft hands

A man lost his leg in a dark spell
a caravan station unfolds its carpet
a pegged organ grinds for metal
and a sandpaper shoe floats in the creek
a bluejay whispers to the soil
and a soul catches an eye
hunger taken and a spirit flies
to morphing masses and flowing skies
flowing skies

A man lost his leg in a dark spell
as a green legged woman fell into the moon
a clasp of a watch was finally won
with fevered letters and hammered guns
filtered suns
filtered suns
Jack L Martin Sep 10
She gazes at me
with cat-like eyes
Eyes that drip
Between wet thighs

Every part
of her body
that the candle light touches
Is my kingdom!

Every lick
Every nibble
on erect nipples
My mangy beard tickles

Purrs my lioness
As I thrust
On her bust

She came
with me
to the

We make
the earth quake

The Lion roars!
CGW Sep 7
Winter winds carried on the backs of wolves.
A rumble of darkness among the silence.
Flight of blue fire.
Blood of the kingdom before me coats my wolven teeth.
The wolf king rises.
Through swollen snow and ice we trot among the fallen wolves.
Nyx Sep 7
He gave me his crown
Placed it upon my head
Gently held my hands
Tracing circles before he fled

Glistening with jewels
Woven into our history
His kingdom in ashes
leaving but an air of mystery

Looking over the people
From the nobles to the peasants
observing the beautiful scenery
though its empty without his presence

Giving me the key
Power and command
On a throne made of thorns
though I still couldn't understand

I didn't want this authority
His position or place
I merely wanted him
To be held within that embrace

His touch still lingers
like small butterfly kisses
upon the skin

It's meaningless now
It's melted away like the snow
A kingdom in ruins
But I have nowhere else to go

I never wanted that crown
That seemed to glisten and gleam
I only wanted to stand by him
I didn't want to be a Queen

I would give everything away
throw that crown down with pride
just for a fleeting moment
to have you back at my side

Mya Sep 4
When I am sleeping
I am the queen
Of all the land
And all the people are my pawns
My king does not exist
Merely just something the people have made up in their thoughts
This here is my land
And only mine
I will not let the negative views of the conscious world
This is my cotton candy and marshmallow
Where there are no adults to order me around
When I am here
There are no limits
To what I and my people cannot and can do
Caleb Hess Aug 23
I am a king
But I call myself
A peasant

I am a phoenix
And my umbrella
Is a rain cloud

I am Superman
But my bones
Are made of kryptonite

I am a shadow
And my thoughts
Are the sun

I am me
And I am
My own worst enemy
A M Ryder Aug 22
You should know that I often fall in love with girls I play board games with.
Really, it's nothing personal.
It's just that when I get competitive, sometimes I get romantic
Someone once told me that they can't love someone until they've witnessed their worst, and I think you should know that I'm not my worst self anymore.
Breaking down isn't realness.
So for all that self awareness..
I am more of a coward
than I am a king
And I will fill my time with more ordinary things
Because I can barely stand the way all this unused feeling within me sings
There was a party
The cock, the lion, the sparrow, the hen, the deer, the bear and the elephant.
All gathered at the cock house to celebrate with his birthday .The cock asked them to sing a song.
The elephant says: you are the best
You don't make the worst
You wake the people early
To do their works fairly
You don't go away
You keep your eggs Till they become hens
The deer says: I am beautiful
My eyes are bagful
I see you more helpful
You wake the farmer early
To go to the farm and work happily
You are the best you are the lovely
The Sparrow says: we all wake early
Before the sun comes morning
And say to the living
As we say the day going
And the sun comes dawning
Salute the prince of waking
The fox says: I can mock every one
And you can't mocked easily
I go to see the best one
You are him fairly
I love you calling
Till the creature feeling the peace safely
The war is not her surly
The lion says: I am the king of the jungle
I govern the jungle with fair
No one can do unfair
He will be punished surly
You must greet the majesty
The prince of waking early
I wear you the crown of ordinary
All the crowds shout and say
We must celebrate
We must make a feast
We have to salute the prince
Dearest the hero of peace
You woke up only the beast on the earth
If you go east or west
You hair him saying cocococoo
celebrate with your friends s very good.
sunprincess Aug 18
Woa, Both Queen of Soul and King of Rock
Gone on the date of August 16th
This mind-blowing curiosity unlike getting struck by lightning
Not one scientist can explain why

Curious coincidences in our constellation
Unlike capturing a fallen star
These coincidences say this is a strange universe
Caramelized and caught in time
Coincidences happen more than we know
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