ollie 5h
And it was really because of a song lyric
I needed a username and I found one in the cereal
It didn’t become my favorite until afterwards
But it grew in the awareness that things are happening that shouldn’t be
The stale box of them under my bed I can only eat when no one is watching
Because we don’t eat outside of meals at my house
We just go hungry
And being king of something every time I try to express an opinion helps
In a way like sunshine on the bus ride home
‘Cause for once rehearsal doesn’t mean you ride home with your parents
Icy silence is nobody’s preference
And laughing about going hungry gets easier when you’re king of some kind of food
My feet pound against the pavement
Because kings have to travel sometime
6th grade final project
I had to build a board about me
Trinkets about how I’m left-handed and the things that inspired me
Meant to be replaced as I aged
The last thing I had added to it was the “Corn Flake” cereal label and a small yellow crown
And spontaneously
Slowly removing the pictures and labels
I destroyed it without even trying
Because a cornflake king abandons the past to discover a future where he is allowed to eat whenever he pleases
Where expectations are lowered often
And sometimes it’s okay to have your own opinion
Because anyone knows the king makes the rules based on his beliefs
Not those of anyone older
does anyone know how to speak in their own home without being screamed at because i haven’t figured it out yet
I crown you king
So long live thee
Rule with pride
And hold the key

Be wise and bold
Don't lose your court
Heed your people
And don't fall short

Raise well your heir
Invite the lords
Joust to marry
So sharpen the swords

Battle to live
Number the lost
Be sure the war
Was worth the cost

Now it is time
To say goodbye
Join the stars
Above the skies
You have created a throne,
made of paper and glass,
of lies and diluted facts.
So sturdy on the outside,
but still so fragile on the inside.

Your crown,
was it made of glass too?
Or is that merely,
a trick of the eyes?

You rule over a world,
that prays for your downfall,
undermining your work,
and sneering down at your lows.
Waiting for the moment,
that your paper throne falls.

When will they decide,
to stop waiting?
When will they decide,
to come for the head,
that the glass crown rests on?

What will you do?
You are nothing,
but a boy king,
a child majesty.

They will come for your blood,
for your throne,
for your crown.

But do not worry.

You will not have to wait for long.

After all,
papaer is only so strong,
and glass so sturdy.
Here concludes my first poem! :0 Hope you like it!
This  time   winter
  was  the  real
cruel   king.

   The  king  does  not  allow
    to  enter  the  vehicles
to  the  cities.

   This  is  the   monopoly  and
monarchy  of  a  king.

     On highway
in  fog  situation
teas  and  co fees  are
  being  distributed    freely
   to  avoid  accidents.

   This  was  really  thew  
great   symptoms  of
  a  king.

   In  foggy  and  foggy
situation  truck  drivers
have  to  sing  
to  escape  from winter.
Rocco Siravo Jan 1
We compose our stories on marble slabs
Hung proudly above our doors
Building characters we call home
Engraved with tall tales of self-motifs

We are damsels awaiting shining armor
At the top of locked towers and guarded floors
We are warriors in search of fallen glory
On the grounds of enemies we swore

We are protagonists of a book still being written
But in an attempt to spoil the ending
We set into motion biblical truths
That twist the plot of our own devices

Woven between the alabaster lining of our prose
We reveal traits self-labelled
Of antagonists we antagonized
Rooting in narratives we first spoke

To what does the princess owe the knight
Held captive in white towers she raised
To what does the warrior owe his king
On reddened battle fields strung for him

We slay dragons we provoked
Melt witches we cursed
All for the sake of the arc
For the script remain unflipped

So we return to the home we had built
With our marble words and stone stories
Alchemizing into a prison cell of rough drafts
Lined with tall tales of self-motifs

With tear swelled eyes, down the slab came
Smashing the etchings from which we bore
And with marmoreal shards scattered at our feet
Commuting the sentences we had so effortlessly written
This is one of my first poems. All feedback is welcome :)
Dark Feign Dec 2018
Johnny walker Dec 2018
For twenty years I lived  the life with a beautiful
Felt like a King with his queen we ruled our own
the little kingdom that of our home
our castle an English mans home to where we lived and loved
but sadly she died and my castle walls came crashing
our kingdom was
all but gone our realm
our reign as king and queen was
Live with Helen I felt like a king Helen being my queen
girl gonzo Dec 2018
a kingdom of rotten tomatoes
they spit their seeds for the harvest of tomorrow
one over the other they topple
waiting for instructions
"i'm waiting for the day to live"
one says over the other
one over the other

a red pool of friends
everything's my favorite
in between the cumbersome vines they hear
of the escape
the hand that reaches up into nothingness and picks the chosen one
ripe for plucking, into a palm if you're lucky
a unexplained romance to be devoured
don't leave us here to fall, they cry
berry of the nightshade come closer
their potassium-deficient king
is lifted from his ill-ridden bed and fed
feast into the sweet juice of a fruit ready to die
'a milky embrace between the tomato queen and i'
a poem about tomatoes
French rose Dec 2018
Every King needs a Heir
Quote my brother King
sunprincess Dec 2018
When Jesus was born
The little baby who would be king
Whose kingdom would stand
A Christmas star shone bright
All night
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