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Dearest everything:
I don't want you to leave empty-handed please take it all
every treasure known and
unknown every loot
you are familiar with upon that hill.
It's all yours I will only get knooked
for it all take even my beloved precious children
I won't miss them or worry about them if you have them to love them
as your very own!
They know no other father friend
brother Uncle husband than you.
Those three children you lost,
I have them against all odds.

I trust only you after God
only you after any other human
on Mother Earth
after poverty joy and happiness,
after caos after
every terrible disaster.
You got heart brains charm grace heart understanding
you are a King of kings
God sent by heavens btidge
I love you so much.
I always have, always will;
before and after every treasure
every blessing is you.
All copy rights apply.
Well written: Better late then never.
Take me with you marry all my girls at least I will have grandkids
this was on my mind
O dear Lord the things we hide deep inside are all the little things that natter most.
Sarah Flynn Oct 18
you can call me a princess,
but I won’t wait around
for some prince.

hand me the sword.
I’ll slay my own dragon.
I’ll fight my own battles.
I’ll be my own hero.

and if that prince shows up
trying to save me
when I don’t need saving,

he won’t be fighting someone
for my hand in marriage.

he’ll be fighting me
for his own **** life.
I demolished their myth
Before unfolding my myth
I am king of lords
In my own right
Lords of empathy, compassion, love
Under my rule
Poetus Oct 6
A King does not stray into a rival kingdom,
A King steps boldly into his enemies' domain
To wage war,
To destroy,
To claim,
To conquer,
But most importantly
To employ wisdom before mercy
Jasmine Reid Sep 25
I remember my place,
the one you promised me

You were going to shower me with jewels and royalty. While I danced for you in that throne room.

My kingdom has gone dark, somehow you left me,

yet we are still the king and queen of a miraculous tragedy.
VKBoy Sep 6
As he watched
The war began
And the warriors raged on
And slew a legion of enemies
Then came the song of the arrows
Flying over the fort walls
Setting fire to peace and beauty
Burning his kingdom to the ground
Leaving many dead within his mortal sight
Dragging his soul along
Into the dirt and what lay beyond
For ever and ever
To force him to holler and quiver
All because he refused to surrender
But he can’t do that ever
For he wasn’t just any warrior
But the king of them all
One who would rise and fall
Alongside his people and his kingdom.
Death in war is but an honor
To him, the warrior king
Who lives on through his supreme case.
Alex Aug 31
He's the  marvelous,
He is frightful and strong,
One thing that he did wrong,
Was to choose the Queen,

He listens to her,
Obeyed her,
He loves his wife,
But she's bad news,

One time we lost our troops,
Engaged in  war our kingdom started with,
I am sure it wasn't the Kings fault,
Maybe the Queen did it,

She's the one who imposed the plan,
The King played his part,
No wondered how he's handled with no wounds,
Whiten clothes never bathed in filthy blood,

And the Queen?
She's just being there cleaning up the wounds,
Acting she cared,
But she's just patching up her mistakes,

Days passed,
Our kingdom could've been worse,
If we waited for the battle,
The enemies would be prepared,

Unfinished armor,
Explosive things,
Unprepared troops,
Hail to the glory of the King,

He is sure the mightiest,
He protected the Kingdom,
He is the Great,
The only mistake he did was to marry the Queen
James Aug 23

the holy union of sun and moon

that germinates the seed

from which sprouts fervently the fertile flaming tree

and pushes out the weeds

blithely dances the king of kings

And on a precisely polished platform of its

dew drop petal sings

Not of love or god, nor things above

That he no longer needs

But of how, from buried below the muck and

Hath sprout his holy seed
Simon Aug 23
There was once a King and Queen of both abnormalities who struck fear in each other's eyes! This was certainly a pleasurable experience and outcome for them both. Simply because they both didn't know what one or the other's personal mere "abnormality" was even about. Nor, what it even was... Because whatever one or the other had (prematurely on both each other's awareness's from never knowing of the actual "truer" whereabouts) on simply acknowledging the other's efforts were in fact...futile! This very futile fact is what made knowing of the other constantly "infatuated" with one another! (And what secretly lead into the marriage as both "a king and queen of both abnormalities"!) Because one day for the very first time (in like)...FOREVER.... They both came to actually appreciate one another's abnormalities as a mere blessing...then an actual curse. Which was what they both (respectfully between one another) once thought since the very beginning. Completely oblivious to essentially not knowing that there was a very hidden "blessing in disguise" in the form of a pure miracle! Just waiting to be "blossomed" for ALL too see fit!
Glory and power isn't both obstructed by the mere curse of one another's interactions within each other's personal bubble! It's how one's inner feelings come out for both to essentially appreciate, altogether. Then for it too constantly "bash" on one another, because both finding out they were meant to be together...since the very beginning! Essentially is what blinded them first light!
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