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Shofi Ahmed Sep 12
Then the arch painter
up in the blue yonder
stirs the sea of colour
posing in style
and into the magic
shreds some daylight.

Then I don't know
if you were walking
by a brook or a river.
You would just tune in
Perhaps like the sweet
singer Hebrew King David
the water nymph is humming.

Then the narrative resonates
it's never gone with the wind.
The bird tweet and sing
in the grove and everyone's streets.

Then I was watching BBC
a black and white screen
the beloved monarch died
Britain is mourning.

Then amidst the melancholy
I heard chirpings  
Queen Elizabeth's English speaking!
So this is for the King—the one who died for my sin, and also
for putting fresh breath inside of me. As an adolescent teen, I
was trying to put together all the useless things that I believe.
I was just being a human being; with not a lot of things to give,
still I do have this thing, called his Holy spirit within. This is for
the King.

I was so tired of lunch dates—deep fakes. So I had to pray for the things that aren’t as straight. With love, and grace shall I give of myself;
I am in His control. I give of my soul, and with it my all. The Lord who still cares for the lesser, giver of all  things in endless blessings. I am restless, relying on a man of this world. It’s always so cold, as the longest winter within my bones. But he told me of my self worth. Goodness deemed upon me, that renders me free. I'll sing praises to him. This is for the King.

I was born, baring the many of life’s struggles. Wasn't good to
mix in with others. Or to get along with a few cousins. What have
they made of me now? An older boy, not feeling too proud. Wow!
As fit, I’m not built to take on the entire weight of the world, I've often been told. But I'm rejoicing in those sufferings, knowing my heart gains great endurance. That my praises to Him be amongst the purest. I’ve surely endured my life’s greatest struggles, into this character. So to me, this struggles don't really matter. By they own; it has given me hope, so hopeful to be what the Creator has made me to be. This is for the King.

The devil tries to make my God seem small. But he doesn't know
anything of my God that he is to me—he's my all. What are peddles to a rock, rocks to a mountain, and mountains to a King, Greater is he that has Christ who lives in him. So shall your faith in Him; move all the mountains that you see. This is for the King.

This is for the King, it's all for the King. The King of kings
who resides in me. I am part of His royalty. He taught loyalty,
as I know all enemies are against me—but the the Lord is always
there for me.
Mark Wanless Jun 23
the words of the mentor
the words of the king
self created
Savor these hard times,
Cherish every drop,
For one day they'll be
far past and behind.

Joy is warm and sweet,
Anger burns the tongue,
Sadness makes its case,
Dressed in smoky char.

Let the others eat
portions meant for kings;
I am far too well
With the bits I find.
Life is a buffet. Waste not a scrap.
Kassan Jahmal May 15
Wipe my eyes, melting away the wax
of unrighteousness; to see into your grace,
and all it’s wisdom.

I’ve been blinded,— to not see the value of my
worth. In dusty mirrors, only seeing the worst.
A slave, a sinner, and being so undeserving of
your love.

Oh Father,—

Boys will be boys, but not rarely are the
men baptised in wisdom. Washed of their
former selves.

Spirit filled,— isn’t of the religious talk your lips
could exclaim. But of what really resides inside;
of you and your relationship with God, alone.

Voices are many, only in the quietest moments
of heading into sin. But it’s but a whisper of what
true righteousness speaks of.

Know that it is Him,— the King of kings,
Lord of all, as Jesus is and remains the one
true King.
GaryFairy Mar 30
Expect earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tornadoes. You don't have to be a meteorologist to know that the climate has already changed. The layers of the atmosphere are re-arranging. People still seem worried about property value and other things that will seem like nothing to them soon. This isn't conspiracy theory *******. This is energy, and how it works. Electro-magnetic energy is king.
Ja-Lynn Nicole Nov 2021
I won't say
that you're
“the one”

But I remember asking God
for black skin, red hair
and freckles

I mean
To be beautifully black
with hair adorned with fire
And exquisitely freckled skin
Ought to be a crime.

It's like God kissed you twice
And embellished you with the sun
Before sending you to earth
A king
To me
we were destined to be friends

you, my dear are a triple threat
it is hard not to get caught up
in the redness of your hair
and your big-lipped smile
when we are together

I try not to stare like a fool
But ****, Black man
must you be so fine.

You remind me
of my secret conversations with God
you are the image
of him
shaking his head at my request
but humoring me anyways
because He loves me so much
and while you’re here in my life
I am going to enjoy it

Every single moment, Red
Can I call you mine, Red?
as in
"My Red Bearded King"
Can I hold your hand
And kiss your lips
In appreciation of the Poet’s skilled hand
A ballad
Beautifully composed by the Creator
To be read by my lips
Slowly and intentionally
Opening my heart up
To every possibility of you

I won't say that you're
"the one"
But you can be
If you want
i have a friend. he is beautiful. Part of me is scared to dive farther than friendship because I don’t want to get my feelings hurt. Because of this, I am happy to be his friend and sit close to him without the complexities that come with being more than that. Now, don't get me wrong, I will be his if he will be mine. I will give myself to him if he’ll have me.
I S A A C Mar 11
i like to revel in the grey
black and white too straight
i like to read in between the lines
i would like for you to be mine
but only if you want to
I only want you in this room, underneath the full moon
kiss until it’s noon, is forever too soon?
from dusk to dawn, the king or the pawn
as long as you want to play, my hand is yours to take
from weak to strong, we can build each other up
as long as you want to lay, always together through the night and day
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