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malluraeh Oct 7
be your own inspiration
be your own king
or queen
be your own idol
be others idol
be your families star
shine bright
malluraeh Oct 6
walk like a pawn
until the end
until you transform
walk like a pawn
and see yourself
as the king or queen
Two Cities, bitter enemies;
Two Cities, truest foes

The First was from eternity,
The Other from the shadow

The First descended from the sky,
The Other from the ground

The First had but a King on high,
The Other Creation crowned

Both Cities do contain the whole
But One contains it all

Both Cities do contain the whole
But One contains it all…

Listen, my son…

From the womb every man
Builds his cities and towers
From the strength of his hand
And a will that devours

But his kingdom’s a breath,
And his rule, an illusion,
Disappearing in death –
The revealing conclusion...

Man is "king" of a land
Between his right and left ears!
He thinks: "my throne is grand!"
But his decrees, no one hears!

He will gather great treasures,
But will never have any;
Will pursue many pleasures,
But will always feel empty…

Always longing for more,
Never having enough;
He’s a slave and a *****
To his master: his stuff
Oh, may The King set him free!
He alone holds the power!
And may all bend the knee,
For, we need Him each hour!

ecophobic Oct 4
i don't know how to love you
or if i shouldn't even try.
i don't know how to pull you through
or watch you fall and cry.
i don't know if the world will end
or if i'll ride your throne.
i don't know how to play pretend
or turn you back from stone.
i don't know if you'll be my King
or if i'll fall away.
i don't know if i'll let you sing
or if you'll choose to stay.
1985 i arrived
Just like 80's film
I hit 'em with the boots in July
I don't need snow
I gotta go bigger
I gotta go figure
There's an aching,
There's a hole in my chest
It's amazing
That the crown of a king doesn't change me
It's amazing
But that's when I remember
That we all want,
We all need fashion.
King Princess

Your ***** is God and I love it
Gonna kiss me real hard, make me wanna it
I think star signs mean nothing
But I know you feel right so I'm coming


Found me a new religion
And I wasn't even lookin
The stars might mean nothin
But she got me comin

King Princess

They say it gets hard when you're getting up
Been knocked down from some other love
But their best wasn't good enough
And you're number one to me


Feelin like a number one
You got me in a summer love
Now that Fall be creepin up
I can't quit you eat me****-in-boots/
Cheap Queen
Trying something new
Where I bounce off of a favorite song
While I listen to it
Thera Lance Sep 4
Don’t walk into the shadows, for they are too deep.
You might slip through the floor and into the sea
Where the Golden King now lies,
Watching the end go on by.

As around us spun the star-filled void,
I spoke to a man whose own fate he avoids
By standing outside of the Garden’s gate
And leaving us all to our ill-bound fate.

Together we watched the world that existed below
Slowly turn to the end we all know
That dwells deep within the sun,
An all-consuming fire that no ship can outrun.

Our souls are tied to the light of the moon,
Because the sun swallowed the world too soon,
And left the oceans baked red
And burnt everything green to black and dead.

On top of the sea in that star-filled void,
The King watched as humanity was surely destroyed.
Inch by inch, they fought to not give
To the bubbling sun that ate all of its terrestrial kin.

With a cruel, unholy smile
He turned to me after a long while,
And asked if this death was truly my fate
Or if I wanted his power to tear down God’s Gate.

On top of the world and at the end of it all,
I met a golden King who was the creation of Gods and the heir to their fall.
Neither of us could help it when I took his hand
And, with what was left of the world, made our last stand.
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