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I can spend the biggest part of my life
In Nashville Tennessee
Drinking whiskey
Dancing country
Feeling the hot American sun in my skin
Enjoying the beloved American summertime
In Nashville Tennessee
Thinking of the good old Johnny
I can get old in Nashville Tennessee
I won’t care of anything
Unless there’s no whiskey left
“Yes, another one, neat.”
I can go from town to town
Through the Volunteer State
Say hi to some pals on my way
We can also have a beer on the way
Tell each other our old stories
And all meet together again in Nashville Tennessee
I can live this simple life
In Nashville Tennessee
So get your boots on and come on have a drink honey
MayC Aug 24
don't let them fool you
with their sweet chamomile gold,
perfumed coffee,
elegant and attractive champagne
or even sparkling, fun Cola.
for you are not tea,
their source of energy,
their party flavour
or their soda.
they will consume you in an instant.
because darling,
you are whisky in a crystal glass.
liquid fire,
unable to be understood by many,
but oh, so addictive.

-May Colde
Stay wild and free.
Michael Hole Aug 23
Blend how I missed you,
Wished to sip you,
Whilst I was away.

In Singapore
you were no more,
and it ruined my ****** day.

But now I'm back
with you again,
In some ****** little dive.

You'll pour again,
Like falling rain,
My golden 285.
Michael Hole Aug 23
When the sky is on fire and puddles have dried.
The red clouds reflect from the blue of my eyes.

A soft static energy promises night...
A few Scotch and sodas?

I think I just might.
R Aug 21
Why do i drink so much? I ask me
Because I don’t wanna forget
I tell me
I don’t wanna forget how it feels to be happy
Don’t wanna forget how it feels to cry
Don’t wanna forget how it feels to have feelings
When i lay motionlessly under the sky
The sweet sweet taste of whiskey i sip
Makes me recall how it feels to be carefree
Reminds me it’s ok to be reckless and fall
It’s ok to have feelings
That burning alcohol
Just makes me feel free
From the shield i have created
So effortlessly
It makes me feel again
The sensation of a tear rolling down my chin
It makes me feel again
All the emotions which i now call sins
I am not romanticizing my sadness
Just telling you my story
Why i sip neat whiskey
Early in the morning
It’s not for you
I do it for me
Sip whiskey alone and try to sleep
The temptation is always hanging over me.
A cloud raining pure amber liquid,
Calling with a siren sound.

"I'll help you forget"

"I'll help you be happy"

"We can have fun"

"Make you feel nice"

"Give you back your laugh"

"Take away the pain"

"Supplement the light"

The cold silence of the night makes my nightmares so much more real.

I am alone.

"Together we will be warm"

That's right.

We will be.
I am far too young to be a ******* alcoholic **** but I guess I was always daddy's little girl
Megan Hammer Aug 5
Maybe Bath, UK - a warm summer’s day
There he is, standing there counting heads
With his hands behind his back
Plastic bags filled with red solo cups and whiskey

On a plaza square where the band plays
Waiting to see something
They’ve all got their cameras out, looking around
Looking the wrong way

While I looked as he just stood there
laughing to himself, just smiling
Sees me, motioning for me to come to him
Looking as if he knows something they don’t

Looking me up and down
Seeing past the white clothes
I grin because I barely know him
Because I know him so well
Megan Hammer Aug 5
Turning the clock back, searching the face of this man
And he sees me - stands in the lobby
Frowning and sad
Ask me your questions, tell me your name once again

He’s taking a group to the lakes
And he’s holding some whiskey by the picnic table
Hit me
He throws back his head and laughs

Standing beside the river
Where our hands touch the edge of Montmartre
Back to a beach where I’m quietly waiting
On the rumors of summer, on you to come meet me

Lay out a blanket, bring something to feed the birds
He watches them fly back to our place
Where I fall asleep as he reads in bed
As he closes his eyes, dreaming of a church on the mountain

Come back, I’m dreaming of a flight back from London
Where you stand at the gate like the first time
Take me to the basement
To the old hotel room I’m still in

Answer my questions, I’ll say your name once again
Frowning and sad
Because I can’t turn the clock back
Searching for the face of this man
ALesiach Jul 28
I sit by sorrow's streams
Amidst wistful longing
Your first soft kiss that lingered
will forever haunt my dreams

How sad it seems
to be so slavishly in love
weary even of life,
such sorrowful extremes,

but I hear remnants of our song
and pine for your possession
to live without you is my bane
life has dealt a bitter wrong

lost in the loneliness
this bereft heart grieves
solace now I seek, in
whiskey's lullaby to forgetfulness

ALesiach © 07/27/2019
Jason Adriel Jul 17
July was in full bloom
I could see clearly from my room
the moon and the stars alive and well
The painting of the romantic night quickly fell

I walked to the window and sat
The streets were empty
The apartment even more
A night in the city’s belly

Buses, old and new, passed by
Men and women, of young and old,
stood still and are terribly ill-humoured
No jokes or stories were being told

A cigarette was lit in the room next door
If drink was at play, I was done for
She passed me a lighted one
Her gaze more dangerous than a gun

The streets became animated now
The cinema blurted out hundreds at once
I wondered what was on show?
She replied: probably another low

She brought out a bottle of whiskey
She said: once I leave, you’ll miss me
I said: is there a charge or a fee?
She said: you know it’s always free

She was right in that too:
I miss her alright.
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