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bee 1d
If I had what it took would I be there?
If I was cute with my hair in a bun would you help me get there?
If I opened doors to my brain would I get there?
If I got there would I deserve to be there?
What if I was like the north star outshining all the other cosmos?
What if I was the sun would I spark light in your soul.
And if I had it all would it be enough?
Ra Oct 4
If only I chose
what I supposed,
If only I forced
what I foremost,
Would I be most
in receiving love,
Or I continue to shove
to seek something more?
What I still and will continue to love about your eyes are...

the multitudes of hues and moods embedded within
Gripping abundant roots of attractive backwoods
and memorable fruits beside a glass of sweating beer that is on its way to finding room temperature
To name a short plethora of goods

Not to mention but rhyming about  Emotions that ensue
from a few
all inclusive spring rays shining into branches of oak and cedar needles
painting shadowy sharps on the  
greening blades
cast out under and around them

Summery flares shot between the solar
sparking luminescence

Shutters of blue steam breathing when winter is  looming and when it has come

I don’t even need to mention fall
since I would wager
Mother Nature stole every grade and color
from your visionary pair of awareness
Like a psychedelic alchemist enhancing each wordless life form into artistry
From her droppers of autumn in associated definition
anyone sees when thinking of the 3rd quarter
From trickling infrequency of leaves falling
spread out on course
with all end-of-the-line runnings of any pillow top creek
sweeping across the horizon tiring out in a dry bed of mossy river rock
These are what I still
will continue to love about your eyes

and the day will come
when someone will ask  
requesting me
not to write about them again
Opens the arsenal
for the most tragically moving poetic scribblings
leaving their ring
in the dust with her silent questioning
“What in the ****?”
The meaninglessness of their dollars spent
Hayley Sep 10
Battling myself til something surrenders
Holding onto pain, scared to be tender
I’ve been here before, let someone in
My heart beats faster, head starts to spin
Is this lust, fear, or just my biology
I tried to stay away but something is calling me
Depth of emotion and a genuine heart
It’s difficult to pretend he’s not a work of art
He pulls me in and makes me feel alive
My soul is getting warmer, I don’t feel deprived
I was letting my light dim because pain left me broken
But when we started talking something had awoken
The part of me I let die, so I didn’t feel pain
I was experiencing that surrender, feeling less strain
I’m not as fragmented, returning to who I am
True to myself, deep, and genuine
James Rives Sep 7
inside slovenly crystalline stares,
words flitter, flutter, settle,
nest. resting on pages
that they couldn’t truly claim
as their own, yet still find love in them.
breakneck, fast-paced loving and mayhem,
turn around, find peace, lose it and question.
your process: sputter to a void,
senseless, demanding.
you dry-faced cry and burgeon.
love is in your heart, so claw it out
and be truthful.
admit yourself TO yourself.
Cold world,
When you feel all alone.
Cold world,
When the pain is like what you own.

Cold world,
When it's like you fell from the sky
With no one to call your type.

Cold world,
When they want you to repent
And no one cares about you.
Cold world.

Cold world,
When everything is your fault
Whether you're right or not.
Cold world.
peter Aug 27
this is it! this is it!
i'm sitting here melting away
in this state
of intellectual decay!

this is it! this is it!
college would be so much different
yet i've never felt so indifferent!

who woulda thunk
that we wouldn't have to think!

gets you thinking, man.
i just finished an essay and this is what came out afterwards
jw Jul 5
count breath
maybe 1,2,3,
if i feel like my lungs are in need of special attention.
i am alive
and my body will allow itself
to breathe
whenever it needs to.
listen to it.
feel the rise and fall
of your body.
be alert to take it all in.
stand in the rain
let it soak that t-shirt you care about so much
and keep your eyes
so you can see how lovely he looks
when the sun returns.
you are
you are alive and your heart is beating and when he kisses you, all of the electric charge revives itself and blood flows through once empty veins, eager to serve a purpose once more.
you are alive and cognizant of it every
you are awake,
for you recognize the pain of feeling dead in a living body.
you are alive
you are with him
and there are no graveyards in sight.
Are you truly ready for your desire
To become a full burning bonfire
That would mean the wanting
Has been received
Then crystallized
Not just a fuzzy dream
And fuzzy dreams are easier to digest
They don’t need actualization and self-respect
Wanting is just needing and that feels the best
A passion pines a promise token
For my wanting once received
Can’t be a promise to be broken
I am writing 3 poems a day since May 8th. My next goal is post once a day.
Michael Jun 14
Is love the word you say out of obligation after spending months with someone?
Or is it the rush when you stare into their eyes knowing they look at you the same

Can you love something as simple as your favorite flower?
What constitutes love?
Because i’m starting to think I need a lesson on what love is

But I do know you can’t teach love
came off more dramatic than intended but the principle stands. I don't think I know how to truly love someone, so what will happen if she comes along before I learn?
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