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curiosity ...

involves a will
to question
a facility not needed
when you have blind faith
in shock jocks who compellingly
save you the trouble
there is power in persuasion
a voice with sonorous conviction
that corrals you into what to think
burrows into a small mind
like a god-voiced ear wig
quelling the notion
you are not so sure?
Pauline has the courage
to say what
you are thinking
or the audacity
to fill an empty vessel
that had nothing
but a nascent fear
that blissful ignorance
was under attack
so gather with the herd
know you are not alone
the mediocrity shepherds
will reassure you
that you are all together
it’s them that are different
it’s them who are hatefully wrong
wrote on election day, Australia, while thinking of the diverse value of votes, and how they are influenced
"lying is bad",
they say

"lying makes you a bad person"
they say

but who is to assume
that I haven't been lying
about being a good one?

i'm quite the mask-maker then, aren't i?
what should one feel
when after so,
they come back to see
that nothing has changed?

is it truly my intention
to find calamity
from dormancy?

or is it correct to be of deep concern
that what i have lived for
has died long,

does the walking corpse need say more
when it's last words have already been uttered?
or is the second chance worthless,
when it is destined to wander lifelessly forever?

what am i to be truly afraid of?
the change, or the possibility it brings?

if the standstill of my home
no longer welcomes me with delight,
then is it really home anymore?
or am i whining too much,
for it has never actually changed?

the abundance of change
terrified me.
but now that it is gone...

i am yearning for it.
and i do not know why.
so yeah being dehydrated at 1 am is pretty fun
alia May 10
You don’t think much of your words.
You think they’re just words.

But to the new blooming
Who have yet to fend themselves
From your fatal tongue

The impact is long lasting.
The youth don’t comprehend the cause of your words nor sincerity of them.
They only endure the damage.

Damaged from the get go
Caused to question their worthiness
This is the culture of the kids.

We don’t know what we’re talking about
We are naive with no sense of direction
Confused to say the least, am I wrong?

You belittle us from the start
And then question our outcome.

Your words weigh us down
For they crush our straggling hopes
**** our aspirations
And condemn us to nothingness.

This is the culture of the kids.
sushii Apr 24
Such symbolic sentences...I fancy them.
Situations so well as how I end them.
Simple seeking of silence...useless in its longing.
Subjugating secrets...cruel in its withdrawal.

Shall we share the shyness? There is plenty for you...
Should we show our shallow shells? We will certainly protect you.
Shall we scare the separated sons of servants? They never told you.
Should we sell selfish souls? I did not mean to punish you.

Which is just?
Maybe all of them, if you must.

Which is right?
A few of them, if it helps you sleep at night.

Where is she?
Right in your heart, I promise truthfully.

        -- Yes, I know. Eventually, there will be writing on the wall.


             ­                                       (It is only a matter of time.)
Mal Apr 18
I don't know who to tell.
I don't know what to do.
Why should I tell you?
When do you actually care about me?
Where did you put the key?
The key to the question on how to save myself.
who? what? why? when? where? how?
Brother moon,
do we dream the same dreams
in the valley of black sheep?
My lovers eyes are the size of you
and I yearn only to sleep.
Beneath the freckled sky, be easy,
forgotten, you and I.
Brother moon,
do you weep for sister sun
the way I weep for you?
Can children still on Earth a'run
when you cast your soul's great blue?
Brother moon
will you take me, come afternoon?
To my house of lonesome joy
Brother moon,
do you dream my dream?
Or are you just another boy?
Oh, brother, soon.
Hair has to be past the shoulders.
No bangs
No makeup
Hair straight and always down
Cant talk this way.
Cant hold hands this certain way
Cant walk on a certain side of them.

He wants everything about me a certain way.

I laugh to much
I laugh too loud
I am indecisive
I say ****** things
When I talk I say certain words too much

It is like he wants me
                                      to be
What am I too you?
A play thing?
Your toy?
Someone just to waste time with and give you affection?

What am I too you?
Cause it doesn't feel like your girlfriend.
Joe Bandini Mar 30
In any case
The state of Things
The Morose state
The state without T
It's a onomatopoeia
The T of the state
This is the term
Born to be finished
In any case
The state is at
Its term
This is the state of the state
Made to be T
To be finished
Because the state of things
The state without T
This is the state
The state that buries itself
The state that stubbornly
and buries
And tangled in our heads
The state
In any case
It must be cut
Cut off the head
Whether the state is without
And without land
Without land mined
It's air mined
of lead
It's no, it's no
It's no, in any case
We have to bury him
So that the state without T
The state of Things
In any case
So that the State without T
At its end
Has his T
To end him
To bury him.
Eva Mar 26
“good morning, love”
someone who never
has said such a thing to me.
“goodnight, i love you”
someone who has yet to
tell me they care.
“oh i love you so much”
someone who never
even learned what
these feelings are
“you look lovely”
someone who
has yet to learn
what compliments are.

“good morning, baby”
what i’ve said to my
dearest friend on
a cold morning
“goodnight, i love you”
what i’ve said to my
amazing friend
every night of the month
“you’re so pretty”
i’ve complimented everyone
whenever i could,
so i could see their smile.

what happened to the amazing world?
nice people?
caring people?
to those who have a heart,
to those who i hold closely,
to those who i love so dearly,

thank you
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