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His head supporting a hat
His nose and ears
Supporting blue goggles
And hands blue gloves
His torso and arms covered in blue shirt
And legs in blue pants
Feet fathoming blue shoes
Sitting in style
On the ground
Resting his back against a tree trunk
A blue blooded man
Blessed with divinity
Declares in baritone voice
With his white beard flowing
Human beings
Not suffering life
It's memory and imagination
They suffer

Isn't memory and imagination life?
What's life without
Memory and imagination?
A life in coma?
A life in vegetative state?
Memory and Imagination
Attributes of life
Without memory no time
Without imagination no future
Isn't it salvation?
Good memories we enjoy
Bad memories we may suffer
Fantasizing we enjoy
Fearful imaginations we may suffer
You do not suffer life
Bad memories and fearful imaginations
Originate from nothing!
Sala hum ko kab enlightenment ayega?
(When will enlightenment come to me?)
Inspired by a video on YouTube by a Divine personality. You suffer life. You have bad memories. You have fearful imaginations. Because you suffered life. Pain and sufferings are part of life. You can't avoid them. However, continuance of suffering with bad memories and imaginations can be controlled and curbed by growing spiritually. IT'S ALWAYS LIFE WE SUFFER. WHETHER DUE TO PHYSICAL PAIN OR MISERIES, TRAGEDIES, TRAUMAS, MENTAL DISORDERS, OR MEMORY AND IMAGINATION.
Once i thought I knew something
and then knew nothing at all
Climb the wall or break it
fly on wing or fall
Somewhere in between
I've heard that balance is in tow
Something about ducks
being neatly in some row
Evades me, this enlightenment
pervades me does the doubt
Essentially there's always something
that we do without.
Man Jan 31
writhe under the boot,
a heel you were born to
its imprint pressed onto your cheek
a mark you'll bare no matter the distance
in the pursuit of liberty
in hopes of justice
just for a chance at happiness
where did our virtues go?
were there ever any at all?
light yellow and then some
a little extra i know
this isn't real flavoring

you don't get to question it
if you aren't even real with me
Olivia Lake Jan 12
The curls are cut and gone
The past falls away
Swept up with a broom

Pent up in my room
Slowly changing
Long hair
And short sleeves
To sweatshirts

A beanie to cover up
The dread I feel
Looking in the mirror
I hope to see change
But I don't know what of

This is my dysphoria
I might make this into a song... well see
Kaliya Skye Jan 10
your all seeing eye; my skeleton key
a desire to hide, met with longing to seek
the world is our playground,
we're no longer kids
swallow me down, til the meds can kick in

is this what you wanted?
can you take it all in?
an angel not fallen,
but pushed into sin?

you're carving crop circles
into my skin,
if i'm all thats left,
then shall we begin?
Tam Jan 9
There was
a time
I got called

unexpectedly so
I floated to
the top of
The World.


Why did that happen?

Don't say it.

The answer's
pricked me with
a sharp pin.

Everyone else
that knows
has poked at it.

I guess
this is what
you call

Euphoria comes.

I stuff it down.
Try to forget.

I accuse myself
of not knowing
who I Am.

When really,
I'm afraid
of the answer.

Of what it means
being wrong

maybe I shouldn't
give a ****.

What if
this is
the thing
I need to do?

What if
this is
My Path
to being strong?
Aazaad Jan 4
It breaks like waves against the cranium
Again and again the syncopated beat of my heart
Is it magic? Is it a miracle?
Is there madness behind such a glowing word?
Ramblings of a madman, I'd rather me insane than comprehending extreme sanity.
What sanity is there in a world that holds no bounds?
What gods can there be when man in turn becomes his own god?
I have no answers, I am all but questions.

Urgent and bursting, it is a sweet fruit that ripens until juice trickles out,
Turgid and thick, quivering and throbbing like breath itself,
Not solid or liquid but a state inbetwixt.

Maybe this is mania, maybe this is something above what I am?
Who am I if not for my breath and my breaking?
It is the gaps that make the solid thing whole.
Yusti Dec 2020
Nothing has never been scheduled,
but the power of the question.

Itself, the world makes no sense,
without scheduling it doesn’t.

And it’s not the freedom to think,
or even the calmness of free will.

It goes deeper inside with no trace,
so people use to believe what they don’t.

When hopes become the sole odds,
when the odds become triggered defeats.

And so, people will forever value and worry,
but what’s the beginning and the end?

The past seemed to not be determined,
and the future; yes; it does.

You all forget your past was your future,
and your present never dies.

Arriving to the conclusion of non-caring about that,
to just live or feel comprehensive about your now.

And never about your after or before,
exclusively about your then.

This could lead you to madness.

So what’s the right thing?
Should I care about?

I am not frightened,
I am just curious.

But nobody seems to believe it.
Ivy Dec 2020
I had this thought which I have found a little scary
What if these things which you were saying
You said but didn’t mean at all
Who am I to you after all?
A friend? A person you hanged out with for a month?
Or just a gal you had acquaintance with?
Avoiding girly analyze
Of what you think and say to me
Of what you wanted me to hear
Or what you feeling
What are you feeling deeply?
Our relationship is going through time testing
And are we passing such exam?
Some time ago you even made a joke that we could marry
Each other
Oh my god  
I even didn’t know how to react on such request
But honestly I’d probably consider proposition
Not from romantic side and all
But just because it’d give the possibility to stay with you a little
And do the things together
The things we dreamed about
You know we short in options
In current situation
When boarders closed
And lockdowns everywhere
I wish to share with you my moods
Right at the moment
And now it’s hard to do
We’re having 14 hours difference
My sunrise - your sunset
It’s gonna be two years already
That’s why I’m asking you
If you’re ready
Not let your joke come true
I may not ask you for such thing
But do you wanna have with me
Some part of our future?
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