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Bhill Aug 1
who set the temperance in the square-faced clown
he was dancing and strolling and roaming around
he was scary, he was strange, he was really quite large
no one knew how he got there but he came out in charge
his hair was was chaotic, his skin an orange hue
he wanted to tell stories, all of which were not true
his stay should be over, in that fact we hope
the square-faced clown, it appears is a hoax....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 210
Romaisa Abbas Mar 16
I wonder whether all these marvels are handwritten or soul-woven?
I wonder whether all these marvels are a matter of skill or vision?
Because life is fair to us in such an ironic way that it's unjust with all,
Then what is it that keeps most of us back amongst the audience,
And make us watch our life play?
Is it that we don't want to take hold of the script,
For we're too afraid what others would say?
Or is it that we're just waiting for the perfect moment to hop in and lay claim?

And shall I dare say, that very moment, we all know;

It's just not ever coming
It is π’šπ’π’–π’“ tale.
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
And on that night he learned
Never look towards the storm
Unless you're ready to give your fiercest battle cry
And charge right inside
And **** it through its eye
Never look towards the storm unless you're ready to give your fiercest battle cry
Faith Nov 2018
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You made me feel worthless
But I'll be the bigger person
And say I don't want you to be too
Paul NP Oct 2018
What freedom it is to be nothing among everything.
The point inside the wheel cycling for words, knowing
myself through mirror's reflection forever like air under wing.

My Soul becomes freer, growing ever fractal
upgrading it's software, such as they in the sea.
They who jump forth by thy will becoming distinct
by that of beneath.

Positivity through connectivity, I am In Charge.
Love in Phase, will resonate a Standing Wave called Ki.
That which Resists only exists when it passes through the
body of me.

In such the Capacity of Responsibility remains for the taking.
My soul yearns to lift the torch to teach those in a lesser light,
forever above is my Zenith in which under such flame I cast
no shadow, or as it be that which rests underneath the souls of my
feet may be freed.

In every step I take toward my goal.
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
If you are in charge
you will end up hurting
your own soul.
Nylee Apr 2018
My batteries has gone off
not charging anymore
most of the power lost.
I'm just staying in silent mode
few percent more
and then I'll be gone.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
Tuition fee: X
Development fee: Y
Security fee: Z

Extra-curricular fee,
probably : V
Fee to **** time,
mandatorily: W

Cost of being good,
β€œZERO”, I evaluate.

We pay a handsome waste,
X, Y, Z, V, W
to be nothing.

With a hope,
to be something.
Genre: Beyond Poetry
Theme: Education becoming costlier
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