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What are you doing, you devastated one?
Why do you dress yourself in scarlet
And put on jewels of gold?
Why do you highlight your eyes with makeup?
You adorn yourself in vain.
Your lovers despise you;
They want to **** you.
Gems to be found in 2,000 year old Roman texts. Jeremiah 4:30
caroline Feb 4
little words can be little
little words can be big
but the best of all these little words
would have to be
Lorrin Feb 18
           wooden stand, oval mirror,
reflecting all my inner fears.

hours spent
                     primp and preen
endless pursuit of nonexistent perfection.

a life
        blown by the wind
chasing shadows of supposed happiness

Life, without purpose
Benjamin Jan 14
My efforts have vanished
Gone like the wind
Gusts have blown them away
Its true that vanity exists
Not many people stay
You want to go where the cool kids go
You covet that old time rock and roll
Make a difference
Build a city
Run right to the top
And get rich-filthy
But if you think you represent high society
Allow for me to serve you some reality
When you think you'll finally have resting time
Hang it all, you'll be stuck with five ex-wives

You crave to go where celebrities go
Something us poor kids will never know
You want to make a difference
Change history
Something new of yourself
A new kid to be
But if you think success will raise you up early
Life will move right through you, thick as it can be
If you think you can make it home on time
Find your light
And shut it down.
You'll be alright
You'll be alright
Astray Dec 2018
I kept watching
I did nothing but tremble in fear
Yet I knew it all

How could they be so mean?, I said.
How could earth bear their existence?
Now I see myself one of those I once despised.

Is it too late.... Is it even possible..
To undo what had been done?
But I know that falling is far easier than standing
So call it a day
Call it a year
Call it a life

That once could be a good one.
Francie Lynch Dec 2018
The most rhymed word
In the poetry world is
That reveals volumes about
Taliesin Dec 2018
There are those who’d curse the paintings
That held the highest beauty
For being formed from something
Impermanent as oil and paint
Intangible as light.

There are those who’d curse a romeo
Cast in stone relief
For such vanity, and hubris
For how could such a man
Begin to know such beauty and
The truth of open feeling?

There are those who would cut this holy wire
That tethers us across the world
For fear of some lurking evil
Some banging in the dark
That’s bound to take our souls away
Some lack of love or depth

There are those who’d see the flesh on flesh
And cries like angelsong
And **** it for it’s fleetingness
For their father’s love was purer.
For their father’s love was strong
Their poor and lonely fathers
Cursed to loveless love

Oh brave new world that I have seen
That has such people in it!
Who cry for long-forgotten men
Yet **** the ones before them!
wrote this in anger after the 50th poem I saw pass by which complained about the evils of modern technology and society
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