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Alpha Jul 14
A firework
Of brightest colours
Dances slow
Beneath the stars
Torches and candles
Iron braziers' light
Glowing warm
In blue midnight
Gowns of silk
Fineries of all kind
Whirling in solemnity
"A dance, do you mind?"
A thousand miles from sorrow
High society indeed
La crème de la crème
The very best of breed
Extravagance never is
Too extra for those ladies fair
Gossiping girls, all of them
"Oh, look, this lady's hair!..."
Gentlemen bowing
Talking with hushed voices
Trading, socializing
Polite merchants' noises
"This daughter of mine,
She might well catch your eye..."
This just a market of brides n' grooms
An exchange, !!one truth for a hundred lies!!
Gossip girls and merchants noble
Less n' less real knights and dames
Nobility used to mean heroes, and protection
But long extinct, those once bright flames
The only light there, now,
Comes from a stake pile in the debris
Burning bright, but in truth all hollow
This great bonfire of vanities
First, I had the idea for this while listening Pachelbel's Canon in D-Dur (at least I think it's in D-Major). Secondly, I wanted to publish it yesterday, already, but just typed the title, and thought nothing of it. I thought it would have been saved as a draft, but actually it turned out, that I published the title. And, as it further turned out, it started trending, with just the title! I had to laugh so hard🤣
My Dear Poet Jun 12
Don’t hide me in a shoe box
only in shoes fit for a king
I’m just a poor man walking
in rich men’s things
like the checkered jacket I’m wearing
the vinyl bag, tarnished rings
I’m just a poor man walking
in a rich man’s things
yet, there ain’t no way of knowing
how rich I am, that be true
unless you look down on me
smudge the shine right off me shoe
yeah, there ain’t no way of hiding
me pride or anything
when I pull out to dangle
a rusty gold watch, and silver tin
where I keep fine stained paper
and my tobacco rolled in
Like I say, me brother
I’m just a poor man walking
in a rich man’s things
among the high class dining
treating myself to their bin
I’m just a poor man walking
in rich men’s things
yes, I’m living the life
and nothing stopping
living every man’s dream
till I’m another poor man
in a coffin, with a chauffeur
in a black limousine
Laokos May 22
I burn
beautifully in the
fires of

I got lost
in my reflection
on the
frozen foods

I was
with all the other
on ice:

three fifty-nine
for four
egg rolls

six twenty-nine
for frozen
bread dough

six ninety-nine
for wild

among them
my long mug
doing its best
to fit in

according to my
I am
three ninety-nine

but if you
ask my solar
I'm clearly marked
five fifty-nine

my **** is apparently
on clearance
reduced by thirty
percent and
selling for
one dollar and
nineteen cents

and that old lady
at the end of the aisle
is eyeing
my biscuits
and rattling
her coin purse
like she's about to
a yahtzee

my eyes dart
back to
my reflection
on the doors

what did I
come here
for again?
Maria Mitea May 20
we have eyes
it is said
"the eyes make the mind",
in this life
we don't really see others,

absorbed by ourselves
we notice the others
only then
when their weaknesses catch our eyes,

fear, - is a cloudy glass
through which we look at those around us,

here and there
two people
undress in the fire of love
burning the blurry layers,

- in the light of the fire
empty hearts can see
the nakedness of the newborn.
My Dear Poet May 3
My girl likes little things
not the big things of value
or baggy big like Jeans
But short skirts and tight tops
Little shorts and flip flops
with high hopes,
but little dreams

My girl likes little things
Not big things or deep
Little things like lipstick
The comments on her self pics
The brand of her breeches  
The right lace on her sneakers
My girl likes little things
Not the things
too heavy to keep

My girl likes little things
Not the big and the weighty
Just the little things shiny
like an iPhone glittering
the right tone on the dial ring
a cover case with the right bling
Almost everything
And anything
not significantly big

My girl likes little things
nothing seriously grand
little things, like small talk
A nice sweet short walk
Even holding hands
among other little things
If there’s room for my fingers
beside her diamond rings
Strying Mar 22
is destined to fade
like a heart
is destined to break,
and every line I write brings me
closer to sanity
but every sentence you take from my lungs,
brings me closer to vanity.

Dear God,
when will I find my humanity?
ah im kinda losing my motivation everywhere and my grades are starting to slip but i cant seem to focus or learn or even care.
Gary Cuming Feb 9
Painful embers stab the dark
Of pain too rich to bear
Callous flames, beguile a heart
Left stained by acrid air
Dreams denied by rancid thoughts
On lips too vain to care
Lifetimes lost in frozen eyes
A soul beyond repair
Arthur Balmoral Dec 2020
That flesh’d vizard – does it decay,
So much alike the ******.
My mortal stature – emaciated –
Forthwith; it’s programmed.

Do those lines – like trenches deep –
Carve moats for tears to flow.
And do they flow – like rivers march
My countenance; fallowed.

To rejuvenate – vials and vials,
Ointments in plethora.
I rub and rub, till the vizard cracks
Lo! Restore my aura.

Pseudoscience, falsehoods galore –
A vice of fiscality.
Like a cyst, does it tremor,
Melting my vanity.

Visage – deep – a pick inside my soul.
Those flakes of ego crumb.
A mien so ******, yet so loved…
Can they not see how numb
                         I am.
Traveler Dec 2020
All is vanity
The meanings of passion
The aesthetic expression
The lines we draw and stay within
Even love is beyond intent
Vanity transcends
Flowing from our pens
And so we breathe again
Traveler Tim
I wait to be awoken with loves gentle kiss.
Though at night I draw my curtains closed,
forbidding even the stars to gleam.
I do not desire beauty unless to catch but a glimpse of it in the reflection of your eyes.
Vanity is the poor womans death
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