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Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019


I say again,

You will not catch me,
You will not stop me,
You won't control me.

**** the Blue Man!

I own this fight,
I own this night,
I own my rights.

Never again will He slay me!

Though I am tired now,
In screaming pain out loud,
I will go home now.

For I will take my stand!

Gone is your meek gain,
Now you get dark pain,
Your blue hair erased.

And fight until I'm free!

I rule the fight,
King of the night,
This is my right.

Even though it burns my hands!

I'm so sick and tired now,
Of hurting behind shrouds,
Can we go home now?

My sword will slay him swiftly!
Can we go home now?
Bre Marie Aug 2016
Only if they knew the pain I've gone through. I could be me without all the lies, no more worries not a tear in my eyes.
Ear to ear my smile appears... The unseen stitches that have held together my smile and all my tears. Wishing away all those painful dreams; I slay them.
CallMeVenus Jan 2019
The hardest thing in the world
is loving someone who can't love
and who has never known of true love

I loved a girl who had a divergent mirror
And when she looked through that mirror
she saw things far from what they actually were

I was gonna slay dragons
and stop the time for you
But you rejected it
Somehow when I proclaimed my undying love for you
All you could hear is that I was gonna use your vulnerability
I am sorry you did not love yourself enough to let yourself see the truth
mikumiku Jun 2018
I’m ‘bout to work my fire *** to ice
No need to guess, baby, or roll the dice
I pray like “dolla dolla make me holla”
That’s how I build it up with every caller
Ain’t no one’s gonna motivate your ***
You’re either sweatin’ or you get no sass
I earn them dollars just to stack them good
I don’t mind grindin’ as I know I should
I works from Monday straight to Friday night
Pick up the calls, fill up the tickets right
Here I acknowledge your sincere applause
Don’t touch my money with your ghetto paws
I’m way much flyer than the God’s big curse
If you can’t handle it then call a nurse
I came to work it down, Lord is my witness
Yeah, I gon’ slay like it’s nobody’s business
Kuvar Jun 2018
Just when I taught
Why girls with curves
End up as ******
Tina is just a letter I
And she ***** like acidic pores
Notice Gina
Letter 8 is the word
That lady preaches the word
With her character and her word
She is slaying the devil’s chord
A woman with curve
Yet not a *****
Deserves applause in this ******* world
Alas! Some women out there won’t just let that beautiful body praise the devil
Anthony Mayfield Jun 2018
There is a monster
Inside of my head.
It’s not in the closet,
Or under the bed.
Us two locked in combat,
Soon one will be dead.
War is peace
For this monster and me.
The arrow,
The notch,
The sword in the sheath,
It stops.
Is it blood?
Have I spilled the beast’s blood?
Perhaps it’s water,
Please give me water.
They are mine.
Streaking white across my face.
Fate is truly divine.
Fate is truly divine.
No monsters in the dark to fear,
For my monster is always a mirror near.
There is a monster inside us all, just clawing it's way out. I fight mine all the time, in a constant never-ending warfare, fighting both valiantly and full of cowardice against my most fearsome monster of all... Myself
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
We all need to find the will
to slay the green-eyed dragon,
who is deluded by the idea
of keeping that sweet song
for his ears alone.

Selfish in not wanting
to share the flame
of love.
Be wary about the ones who are jealous of you.
Their potential to harm is dangerously high.
They'll always be eager to take you down.

Be back soon
Foxy Liisu Jan 2018
Be kind to me
And I'll treat you like a friend
But if you act like I'm a slay
Then I'll be the one you obay
Gavin Barnard Jul 2017
The dead, what is it with them
That I find so attractive?
Is it their cold, lifeless bodies,
That bend to my darkest desires?

Its twisted, vile, forbidden,
In every known human culture
To attempt procreation with a corpse;
Its in my very nature to act
Against common conformity,
To be interested in grotesque stories.

Maybe I like the danger,
Defying nature and defiling the dead,
Denying social dogma, doing as I please.
Maybe I like the cold,
The stiffness, the discoloration,
The ******* and exhilaration.

Maybe I like being myself.
Just know that I am no necrophiliac, I just find the subject interesting, the same way I think about torture and suicide. I just like to think of it from an open minded, third party view, not the defiler, not the defiled. Heres hoping that nobody takes this the wrong way.

This was written from a viewpoint other then my own. I want to start writing short stories, so the person this is coming from was supposed to be the main character. Its about this guy that lives alone, rarely coming in contact with humans. His seclusion eventually lead him to start talking to inanimate objects, and his desire for human contact lead him to start digging up the dead, one thing lead to another and you know the rest until the ending which I will not spoil (because I havent gotten that far yet).

I do like to be a necromancer in games, though, or build zombie tribal decks, or play the undead race in World of Warcraft. Something about undeath is appealing.
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