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Amy Oct 5
i was warned about the evil of the outside world
but i was never warned about
the evil that resided in the inside
this can be interpreted in two ways:
-you are warned abut the dangers of the outside world but never the danger that was really in the house all this time
-you're aware of the dangers around you but what about the danger of your thoughts that reside in your head?
Caroline Sep 13
Can we ever win this war, baby?

The front lines explode and they are closing in,
Riddled with bullet holes and rough with the wreckage of darkness.
Each blast makes me jump out of my skin
And maybe I should run,
But the sun is dripping tendrils of fire
And the only place I can ever really hide
Is somewhere in the depths between us.

It is a dangerous game and there are enemies outside and within;
Galaxies colliding
In the spaces where you end and I begin.

I like how it feels to break apart in your hands,
Limb by limb, vein by vein,
Spreading out like the fires of battle that can’t be tamed.

I don’t know if I can withstand the flames that

Gently lick my neck.

Lie down beside me in these dark trenches.
I’m not ready to surrender yet.
So we'll run into the open
Keep your hand inside of mine
And then when everything is over
I hope to think of this as better times
The sky got red and swollen
I guess I never see the signs
There can't be songs for every soldier
It can't be solace every time you cry
Acina Joy Sep 9
I'm a quiet woman.
A dangerous one at that.
Give me love, and it's dangerous
for a woman like me.

I don't burn men;
I don't provoke women.
I don't mount weights on my shoulders,
I don't move castles just for myself.

I'm a quiet woman.
A dangerous one,
that once you give me love,
I will swallow lit matches
into my gas-filled lungs
and breathe fire
to my terrible world
to burn, burn, burn
and rub ash on my skin,
hoping it will fix my aching heart.

Hope peace for a dangerous woman like me.
Hope nothing else will fall apart.
hope you enjoyed your day today
Boys want a real girl.
They have their vision
of this genuine
intelligent being.

The problem is
I'm too real
too much
that is aching to burst through
and they feel it
they feel the pulsing
behind my mind when they kiss me
they feel it in the whites of my eyes
and the passion that seeps from my pores
when they touch me
it's static electricity
and I have to put a warning sign
on my skin


High voltage

Trespassers will be prosecuted

Boys don't realise what they want,
but whatever it is, it's not reality.


if it was

I'd have a lot to pass around.
Remember that one book
About the girl with cancer?
The one with that scene about metaphors?

It wasn’t quite my style,
But I remember that part.
Something about
“Hold what can **** you between your teeth,”
Said a boy with cancer
And a cigarette.

A girl,
A **** survivor,
And child born into a life
Of domestic violence,
Hold men in my arms.

Against my *******,
Between my legs.
I hold them
And know,
To take something dangerous
And hold it under my control
Before it kills me.
a monster came out
on a Sunday morning
and broke a bottle on a living room door

running around slow and unhinged
up and down stairs, pressing down handles
chasing mother
into cars
out the gate, the half open gate
we need to decide where to run!
hotel - your mothers - his sisters - inside
decided was sisters, they speak a common language - will pierce through the leather

stumbled steps on and around our bricks
thousand-yard stare of possession
focused and charged by evil
you pushed and a caged nerve burst
and left remnants on our walls
fear turned into impatience
waiting for you to put down the gun
the tension i hope, will collapse and die

apology to wipe clean the whiteboard i keep
inside for marks that can’t be made elsewhere
inside i will make ***** marks
unapologetic and crass
turn my marks into words you can’t take, or shred or twist
the Sunday morning monster will forever have its stain on my ***** whiteboard cloth
put together with lines of forgiveness

i will now turn this mark you made
the monster you and your history birthed
into beauty
Carl D'Souza Jul 29
I have been a fool
all my life,
lacking the wisdom
to achieve joy and happiness
in my environment.
But Destiny
by confronting me
with dangers and difficulties,
hurts, harms and losses,
is beating me into shape,
impelling me towards wisdom.
Carl D'Souza Jul 29
When Destiny
brings danger and difficulty
I aspire to be steadfast
in optimistically
striving to achieve
my joy and happiness.
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