Safe in the meadow warm glow
forgot are fears of the dark
awash in the bright sunlight
but the woods I must return
and dark is the pathway home
Choderlos Jul 10
Like the light that guides your way
I will protect you and keep you safe
Sheathing your feet from hurting stones
As long as there's breath in me
Till the last mile of the way

Like the star in your darkest night
I will be there in the saddest days
Brightening up your face again
As long as there's a trace of distress
Till the darkness gives way to light

Like the shadow in the nights
I will be with you forever and for always
Staying by your side as the clock ticks
As long as you keep me
Till the last day of eternity
BabeRuth Jul 9
The sound of silence has always been deafening
The quietness being a song of one’s reckoning

Confusing eardrums and hurting our brains
A weird pain it is, one impossible to explain

The sound of silence has always lived inside us
A quiet power we all refuse to discuss

Escaping the locks and walls we built
Mirroring our mistakes and reminding us our guilt

The sound of silence will always make itself heard
A call of danger, one never to be ignored
a reality seduced by danger is
what made her want him more
the passion between them was electric
the way their bodies fit together like
puzzle pieces in the night
she’s addicted to the thrill
and to the evil angel who
wants her to be his forever
Kivanc Jun 28
Demolished man walked to the me,
his short-black hairs were gone already,
I knew just this when I looked intensely.
He asked me a question by whispiring;
and I couldn't answer it, nor I believed.
Question was not a question to answer
like all questions were asked to the him
when he lost himself in danger spirits.
Blake Jun 23
When your danger was mistaken as adventure,
Causing frostbites to grow on my cementing heart,
It seemed my dull eyes developed disfiguring ulcers which tarnished my vision,
Because your lust was thought to be love.

While your manipulation was crowned as kindness,
My skin was being roughly tattooed with bruises and wounds,
It seemed my aura formatted from a cloud to a frigid speck of pathetic dust,
Because my submission was thought to be devotion.

While your destructive words seemed to be a gentle push,
I became trapped and forced,
While decaying poison was being injected within my fragile soul,
Because they labelled your control as being protective.

And now they call me cruel,
Inhumane and a monster,
When I don’t weep for their own ordeals,
When I don’t care about the pain they have experienced,
When I remain indifferent.

But I don’t mind,
Call me savage...ruined...changed...broken...nasty...
A monster?
Because I won’t and I don’t and I can’t
Feel one bit anymore.
Just a quick but meaningful poem x
twelvetwelve Jun 23
A speed demon flying on
A handful of pills for wings
Blasting hip hop and swerving
Like a bird coasting on the wind

He was red-faced and puffing
Gripping the steering wheel tight
White knuckled and teeth grinding
He's had enough as he loses control
There's nothing to hold on to anymore
Yelling something fierce - articulating with spit
Neck veins bulging as his pretty eyes turn

He grabs his stick like it was his dick
He waves it as the RPMs soar
Redlinning straight for the tree line
Breaking 4 inches short - just in time
Slam it in reverse and do it again and again
Jackhammering away at the bravery
Go ahead, take me on one more ride, baby

Fingers caressing the door handle and lock
A romantic interlude to his violent threats
If I leave, he'll kill us both, in one fell swoop
This what cowards do when they're sadistic lovers
Feeding on the sympathy like another hit of psychotropics
He was beautiful in his devastation, the grand entropy
I loved him like a disease, infected and perpetually in disbelief

Obsessive, detrimental, destructive with his smooches
Squeezing my face as he forces his love, much like a punishment
Cigarette begging to be ashed as he bangs his wrists
Pulls at his hair while he crushes my phone - no where to run
Would he end me or set me free, I swallowed words
As I choked to breathe, a fantasy turned nightmare
On a barely lit, densely treed surburban street

A speed demon flying on
A handful of pills for wings
Blasting hip hop and swerving
Like a bird coasting on the wind.
The treasure chest
Her ((Piece De Resistance))
French skills of perseverance
She was a hollow crown of jewels
Not the zircon bright yellow
The darker to see you my dear
near my pillow

That death by chocolate how
she craved those sweets
Graveyard shift current events

Those men dark Batman suits
water skiing and internet surfing
That bat eye batmobile showdown

Cells and locks to open the
gate and keys
A hell  of a wish never on
Sunday to ring her bell the Siren
She made their hair home
Sunday  dark gravy

Lips were too thin and skully
Was a cycle her lowdown
Shot glass don't touch my Philly
So gravely razor suit and a shave
Her mouth Tornado
But the vivacious Viking

  Crypt look hellhole
The gathering dead again
Santa dead pole
couldn't stop bickering
No-one cared to notice her
"The Cryptocurrency"
what urgency
She was drawn into the
Arsenic and Lace
Viva Las Vegas roll the dice
Cryptic engraved cellar
Like the maestro was playing
his serenade
She-devil Pillar
catching her death of cold
Feeling high winding staircase
Wearing her gown ripped lowdown
Being blown off the town lace
Oh! Fiddlestick with the
prick of light
Breaking free from husbands sight
The rise of the current storms
heads up she drinks Grand
dead Marnier
Took over such a restraint
This wasn't black and gray
spray paint

What a fiercest most recent
ancient  current events
Reptilian and it was the
family of witches and covens
Words engraved so cryptically
She was wearing her
snakeskin bag signature

The body of dead sea such rapture
The fire feet stepping over seashells
Takes the hell out of Sahara snakes
  She got a backdraft
Black widow of waistlines
13 inches Spyder Graphics
Those shifters and heretics

He was the Rocky face
The shorelines those laugh-lines
Sad clown dark eyes scratched
The cat feline

Her addiction was the guylines
Crypt crooked cop fines
Another startup kit
The dark edgy women her
legs just fit
Dark and edgy things crypt with coffins dying current waves are the
only thing living. This is like the Arsenic and Lace but those old ladies had a change of face
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