I started out simple... Flat, plan, and white...

The first few folds were easy... But it's finished form was far from the light

"What is it? What is it?" They constantly asked

I didn't answer them, because I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to complete this task.

I folded, twisted, and bended the paper in many ways

And when I had to throw it away... I heard laughter of great dismay

Continuous fails... At creating a sensitve beast

Different structures brought different problems with every crease

Doubted, Slandered for even trying, over something fragile and small

What threat could this Paper Dragon be? Into the trash it falls...

Origami is window that makes the weak paper stand out as strong

Conflict built its wall, Tension rested its tent, is what I'm doing wrong?

Hands stiff from determinations curse... At last it was finished

Excited to reveal my plan for such a magestic beast.. But too soon that was diminished

Although it was white and pure, its appearence and identity was shamed

"Why a dragon? A symbol of Satan, A sign of distruction, Hell as a name?"

Can you stop seeing me and the things I create all a symbol of darkness within me?

You say I am what I create, and I can't say that you're wrong. So this is what I want you to see

I am that dragon... You think all my words are out to melt and burn

You think I am strong enough and big enough to take on your drowning waves you think I've earned

But I am a Paper Dragon... I look strong and fierce... But I can rip so easily

A simple motion of pulling me in different directions can bring the end of me

I run to you with my webbed wings spreaded across the sun burst sky

Greeting you with a firey smile, and a glowing warm heart... And yet I'm despised

A sword is impaled through all the scales you assumed were tough

They surrendered as easily as paper... And down I went...only wanting to be loved

I am Paper Dragon... I'm not dangerous... I'm not evil or bad!!!

I am of creation!!!  If I use my ferious fire on you, it is to protect me from you... Which is sad...

I have been Labeled... Along with the things I create

Isn't it amazing? This majestic paper king of the fire in the sky... Can't you relate?

You call it a demon... You call it a mimic and a mockery of purity and light


... If you don't want the fire the Lord has gifted me with to melt your ice...

Then alright... But I won't allow your waves to soak me and wash away this life...

I'll be perched on a hight mountain top, looking over you and your waves from a far distance...

You wonder why I'm so far away...  Why you feel so much resistence...

My glowing charcoal eyes you can still see... You grow more confused and ticked!!!

All because... Of this Paper Dragon Conflict...
I made a Paper Dragon Card for a dear friend of mine a few days ago and the response I got out of working so difficulty and hard on it was not what I was expecting...

Dragons I know are one of the most misunderstood and misjudged creatures... They were once living things, they are an animal, no different then the dog or the bats or dinosaurs... Along with snakes, theu are seen as evil, but it doesnt mean they are themselves are evil... Theu can represent something, but it doesnt mean that they are what they symbolize or represent...

It's loud and clear that there are so many things that I do or make that causes question to my family... But I know that these labels and discouraging words are to test me... To see if im going to fall into focusing on pleaseing them, or focusing on who the Lord says I am and focus on making sure I am becoming more like me and my reason for doing or making something is good and is for His glory.

All I can say is... Thank you for accepting and appreciating the Paper Dragon, that was a deep relief for me. XD

It taught me alot while making it, and I know the Lord had strangely strengthen throuh that long hard drawn out process

Happy Late Birthday? XD lol sorry I had to write this poem, dont be mad at me.
We’re dancing on the edge
Between friends and more than friends.

Don’t come any closer,
My mask is on tight.
I know who you are,
But we’re strangers tonight.

No I don’t love you,
I couldn’t if I tried.
And I would never dare,
With the way you almost died.

Blood on the ground,
But we’re feeling fine.
When you take my hands,
We slow dance on the line.

We’re dancing on the edge
Between friends and more than friends.

Don’t say anything,
Some things are best unsaid.
Like what we really are,
If we’re really more than friends.

No I don’t love you,
I couldn’t if I tried.
And I would never dare,
With the way I almost died.

Time is running out,
But we’ll make it out, perchance.
The night is almost over,
But let’s stay for one more dance.

We’re dancing on the edge
Between friends and more than friends.
Our balance is maintained,
At this tightrope masquerade.
Signs littered with no scripture,
footpaths devoid of direction.
The sun is out but blotted by clouds,
and it's dark and it's cold. How?
I am lost in search of a way to find.
The quiet us search without distress--

When first eyes set on tamed nature,
a field of dying wheat worth about an acre.
A neck poured choke smoke into the ether,
we turned and looked,
not a word spoke between either--
of us.

Our chapbooks in our pockets, this hike a mistake,
we brought nothing with us,
and were leaving with only words on page.
She took us in and gave us water, our senses vigilant--
we broke.

We somehow found ourselves comfortable in this house where only this woman resided,
and her fireplace was manic in its flame. We got warm, got watered, and we were wanting
to wander again, but we both eked out from our nervousness. Something was off, but we--
so alone.
Getting lost
frankie 7d
grab the bull by the horns
look at it dead in the eyes
see the danger of the flames burning within
remember that you are the red flag
you control the fierce beast that it clutched in your grip
one mistake, one flaw of reasoning and your fate becomes the bull’s decision
the bull is getting impatient
you release it from your grip
the bull with its new found freedom, stands still, stares at you as it lies down
the bull has surrendered itself to you
be gentle with him, he only wants your affection
and in that moment you realise that the bull is your heart and you, you are everything you have ever inflicted upon it.
Her eyes were the oceans
So very wild, so untamed
I let them drown me
Haiku no.4, danger can be sweet
lins Apr 18
everyone always compares eyes
to the rolling ocean tides
eyes that wash over you
eyes that are a deep blue

the ocean seems peaceful
often described as wistful
the tides appear to be magic
depicted as utterly romantic

they’ve forgotten that the seas
can be dangerous beasts
plagued with enormous forces
almost always remorseless

those eyes might be chaotic
perhaps even hypnotic
so be on your guard
you could end up marred
you're putting this love in danger
by treating me like a stranger
You remind me of danger
And of broken down walls
Such a foreign sensation
But im feeling it all

Give my all just to save me
To prevent that I fall
Avoiding what's left me broken
Ignoring its tempting call

But I feel myself slipping
Giving me, without shame
I deny, but I know it
That I'm loosing this game

And you'll probably hurt me
I'm sure you'll leave me to break
But im familiar with danger
And you're my newest mistake
Sasha Raven Apr 7
You became to me, a complete stranger,
all the time, you were just a deadly danger ...
I am glad, now, that our ''love'' is dead,
just want to get you out of my head ...!!!
Some people can act like a poisonous snake,
I have to be careful and completely awake!!!
To a few, maybe, nowadays you can trust,
life can be cruel, painful and unjust ...!!!
My story is not like a beautiful fairytale,
all the time, she had a plan b - the other male ...
I guess, she thinks that I am a stupid fool,
but she was my bitter lesson - school!!!
Samruddhi Apr 5
Sleepless nights
with those repetitive nightmare
All sort of hellish fights
and the way they leave their glare
Heart full of sadness
with the void of erased laughter and memories
Every form of madness
and the horror that will live forever by all the stories
Broken hopes
of LIVING a life
Each millisecond it elopes
with slightest sound of gunshot and the heartless strife
Dangling arrow of constant death
takes away all the courage to survive and strength to stay strong
Counting the remains of life with every breath
while witnessing all the senseless brawl that did all wrong!
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