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Crow 1d
Tango on a tightrope
Argentine Cross vibrating the line
like the strings of a Latin guitar
playing our song
only a spider’s web for a net
if we fall

Waltz on a wall top thirty stories high
our story tops them all
traffic below doesn’t even see
top hat and tails, silk gown
cocktails in our hands
Fred and ****** sit it out to watch

Rumba on a rope bridge
hips sway in time
with the windblown span
gliding past missing boards
waterfall below shouts up to us
can’t make out what it says

Paso Doble on a plane
faux bullfight on a wing
Matador and his scarlet cape
pose and sweep
turbulence tilts the dance floor
ten thousand feet to the ground

Quickstep in the quicksand
feet so light in rapid step
no time to sink
flow across the surface
to syncopated beats
shoes left stuck to the floor

steps we mastered long ago

now we glissade and sweep
only to the rhythm of us
most challenging of all dances
and most natural of movements
always in step
dancing on the edge of our hearts
I married him.
He and I the danger,
to whom one may order not to return.

pondered in my heart.
You rose upon me so unexpectedly,
believing you before
now I thank my strength.

A quiet alone present
did stare at me.
You cannot wonder how I miss
your soul.
I had difficulty at the moment.

Only the last words suspended in air,
and for the space of time,
you were gone.
I held that moment to my lips,
and I let you go.

-Credits to Jane Eyre
Kathryn is fire
she is warm
like a tender campfire
graceful and grand
as mesmerizing as she can be
you may never get to close
because fire is too much to handle
and too much heat
will send you screaming
send you away
I was too much.
Em 6d
You rest inside my mind
Flooding through memories
Melting the corridors of my brain

And electrical activity
Since the day you came
I knew you would stay with me
In my consciousness.
In my *****,
dangerous mind.

And I know you still will.
im bored
cant write
lev me aloon uwu
i wanna play with italics
Laura Nov 27
Your hand in mine, makes me feel so calm.
(It awakes a craving for more inside me)

The look you give me, makes me feel so save.
(Yet nothing’s ever been as dangerous as you are)

Your arms around me, make everything around go silent.
(But there’s a storm of desire raging inside me)

Your lips on my body, make me vulnerable and weak.
(Even though I was never as strong as I am right now)
helena alexis Nov 24
her tongue is a serpent
slithering slowly into my mouth
careful not to let the poison touch me

she tastes dangerous like smoke
and breath mints

i can feel her pumping through my veins,
coursing through my heart

she is now a part of me
MawaLin Nov 24
I fear for myself
Thus, I fear for you.
Fọlá Nov 19
The door is open.
    Monsters might be lurking.
    Do you see your life as just a token?
    Would you even live long enough for your story to be spoken?

    Stop shivering, start praying.
    Stop screaming, start acting.
    Stop looking, start running.
    For the Demons, are coming.

    Your dreams, they are haunting.
    Your blood, they are craving.
    For Your sound, they are listening.
    For them to pounce, while you are sleeping.

    The Boogeyman is in town.
    Pound, Pound, Pound;
    The heart sounds.
    Silent, goes the town.
    Empty, goes the crowd.
    As the Darkness, grips the clouds.
    Even the King shall not be saved by his crown.

    Oh, you think this is just a story.
    You think this storyteller must be joking.
    The signs, you keep ignoring.
    The tales, you keep dismissing.
    Well, then fear not. Take your time, enjoy and keep playing.

    For very soon, your tears would be streaming
    Your throat would be croaking.
    Your blood, gushing.
    Your skin, flailing.
    Some body parts might even go missing.
    Because, the darkness is coming.
    The Darkness, is Coming.
‘The Darkness is Coming’ is a poem trying to tell the tale of an impending doom. A warning to the people. A warning that wasn’t heeded. Please, enjoy.
T e g a n Nov 10
a stare to get what you want
a gaze that manipulates
a seduction that will always leave you wanting more
a demon dressed as a daydream
evil disguised as elegance
Red will win everytime
it will entice you
play with you
control you
pierce your soul
you will never understand red
it will dominate you
a fire you can't help but fall into
Red bites your lips with only the eyes
a confidence you wish you had
Red will get you everytime
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