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By Arcassin Burnham

Stay where my soul is extending while
slowly ascending from the abyss,
Stuck between a rock and a hard place in this
place I wish I won't exist,
Searching for things in this life I can not find,
They leech off my existence,
Committing these sins for the same **** reason,
I don't know if I serve a penance.
Live from the river bank , song from the ocean floor,
People spill the red stream,
Religion kills and revive the life of the others waiting
for a dream,
Serving things that don't serve back, why the ****
Is this an ongoing thing,
Playing off your weakness boy , don't let your blood
fall in the red stream,
Red Stream.

Ilion gray Oct 12
The simple life of pillows
Or clouds
Both being of stellar variety
the burning gasp of being saved
everything goes eventually
If  you leave the room
The space will be missing something;
When it is found
A trillion Seconds you
thought you lost
will catch up to you
All things return
To their someplace;
Now all that is earthly
around me
has begun to rustle
And wave
There is no other planet to go
There is no farther away
The machines are eating the child’s
The air is bleeding
It’s invisible hue
The earth in search
Desperate to borrow
pilfered from
Everything with an ending
The hour is coming,
You and I will seek
It to;
Just up that way
Then to the right
Through the frozen fields
of nimbus Pass
Just a horseshoe
toss from
the holy
Where nothing falls
While the drifting spritzes
Do not drip
But climb
The mountain staircase
Of night;
I will go.
Because the hour draws close;
And soon when the
Unending dusk grows
No road will be empty.

Perhaps I will
Return to someplace
That will only be a place
Once I’ve arrived
Someplace as lost as all the rocks
I’ll build a throne and observe
The might of the almighty
The Strong roots of infinite
Shades of blackness
Where all creation
Justus Chan Sep 24
i bear the cross of faith
tied down to the angels of
He listens to my praises
like the whisper of windchimes.
a tickling of silver tongues.

in the trying times
He burns in my head
a fireball of glory
a lavish thought in my brain.
He instills fear
He instills pride.

we read the words from His Grace
memorising the holy scripture
pretending like we understand Him
pretending like He
understands us.
the loss of faith is lost upon all.

and so as i sing these monotonous
phrases of glory
inside the church of alabaster
i ask of Him a delirious question
and he would answer deliriously.
a consciousness of oneself.

and as i feel my feet on the floor
the gold tiles freezing my soles
i bring into His Grace
a sinner
i ask myself
i reside in a golden cathedral.

i bear the cross of faith
Devin Ortiz Sep 23
I am of different mind.
Strong convictions about
The guilty, the right and the wrong.

And with the Devil on my back,
I scream this strange song.

Sins of the father, falter farther.
His downfall will be my ascension.

Through the manacles of manipulation,
He offers cries of peace, of mending.

A piece of a puzzle, which drew me life,
But the business ends there,
I'll not be intertwined in such affairs.

I'll ******* the old man, in mind and spirit.
The blinding goal of this obsession,
But these fruits of labor utter no confession.

And true, such an unwavering soul,
Is dark, toxic and ****.
Though, with black magic, it is for me to sell.

So it happens, that the devil is me,
Then I'll sit with that in evil glee.

Good, bad, or ****.
I am left only with myself.
Sam Sep 21
Back then when I was a kid,
I used to picture a demon's face.
I thought it has horns,
I thought it has tail,
I thought it has wings
and thought its color was red.
But growing up in this world
made me realized I was wrong.
Demons has no horns,
Demons has no tail,
Demons has no wings
and they were never color red.
They weren't **** - instead they are beautiful.
They weren't scary - instead they are soothing.
Their looks are decieving
which makes us keep on sinning.
They are someone we always see
and something we can't let go.
They look more like an angel
but leads to trouble if we fall.
I remember the times when most people use to scare kids by telling them stories that are scary to make them obey what they would ask to do. Back then I was scared that I imagined a demon's face ready to prey on me at my sleep. I was so so scared. But after growing up in a world with a lot of situations happening in my life. I have realized every thing. That sometimes, there are moments that we couldn't stop making sins. And the very reason we made those sins are because of the demons that keep on decieving us. That moment I realized, demons would never look scary to come for us and tell us we should do this and that. Instead, they will look so innocent and beautiful so we can be decieved. That's how a demon works.
Some demons are born from malice
Sky rending hatred and blood storms
Such are demons of unending passion
Some demons are born from greed
Covetous grins and shifty hands
Such are demons of delirious nature
Some demons are born of desire
Coquette gazes and glazed eyes
Such are demons of temptation
Some demons are born from hunger
Thirsty tongues and soft palates
Such are demons of gluttony
Some demons are born from envy
Green eyes and clenched teeth
Such are demons of bitterness
Some demons are born of laziness
Slow movement and emotionless
Such are demons of apathy
Some demons are both of the self
Arrogant demeanor and fearless gaze
Such are demons of pride
All are demons, that come from oneself
But the true evil of sin
Is the self.
Aiden Aug 30
Demon fang and angels wing,
All those below them are to be taunted with string.

Of the most powerful beings,
They are on par with the top demons.

Before the Satan and the ***,
The seven representatives of each are to be awed.

For David,
He has his son,
Ira, The Sin of Wrath.

For Jesus.
He has his daughter,
Phi, The Virtue of Hope.

Under Wrath,
He has,
And his Trainee,

Under Hope,
She has,
S­he is yet to have a trainee,
But many believe she hopes for it not to be.

Of demon and angel,
Hellspawn is the strongest when all laid out on the table.

As angels use weapons and craft there armor,
Demons fight with magic and fist,
Along with taking hits like common fodder.

Of demon fang and angel wing,
Hellspawn and Human Reflections,
They are opposing each others constantly,
And are the balancing act of reality .
Ehhh... Would Improve but I like it the way it is.
Rooh Aug 24
Brown and black mark the day
of the deceased, the celebration
is in full swing and the band awaits
the midnight gown. The masks
have plucked the stars, so let’s begin.

Before the fountain drowns the
accordion’s laughter, take a second
to bow before the corrupted sighs.
Lick the ash and bleeding thorns,
there is never too less for a soul.

She will summon your darkened half,
so stitch your tears to the body and go.
Remember the routes that your sins
have carved, so ignite your last wish
to lead you beyond the world undone.

They speak in impious ink, the leftover
froth denies to be swallowed, but
stand there to help them gulp down
the lifeless. Help them tear the flesh,
help them gnaw at your breath.

aria xero Aug 24
Tower beneath me,
superior in nature.
All hail thee, your queen.

Abduct ideas,
no regard for you,
I will take everything.

Revenge is the price,
pay with your life spiteful *****,
I am watching you.

Sluggish movement bound,
tethered to grotesque slowness,
apathetic dream.

Gorge on thoughts,
emotions spew like red ash,
bloated flesh.

Desire unchained,
rapacious need in luxury
predator of seize.

Appetite of ***,
lasciviousness in high,
demand arousal.
lbbueno Aug 20
I'm everywhere all at once
In my mind I am making love in Chechnya
But I don't call it that
I am writing a speech for my middle school graduation in Texas
Where all I know is brown and white
I listen to the world news in black market USBs
That I got from a guy at a parking lot
Wondering who am I loyal to
My soul or survival
The freed are never free of everything--
No matter where I go
I am still my father’s seed
The way he carried me
I carry his sins
While creating my own breed--
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
It will be Instagrammed

I am an egg
Inside a black hole
I am yet to grow old
Because I am yet to be--
I am here,
But my mind is not
As I lay my head to rest
I raise my hopes to wake up tomorrow
More than I did today
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