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Secrets, Secrets under my skin
And you act like you know where I have been
Lies, lies you think your right
But you can tell your lies with all your might
No one will believe you because you lie through the night.
Rumors, Rumors about what I may have did.
Everyone believes them and it spreads like sins
Secrets, secrets tell me what you said
For everyone believes I messed with him when I never did
Liar, Liar you know what you did
Don't act all innocent for what you said.
Karma will get you in the end
You are too full of sin.
Sarah Jan 16
If you put a flower in a cup of dyed water
The pigment passes through its veins
Up the stem and through the leaves
Into the petals
And it stays there forever
There is no running from it
It sticks forever within the cells of the rose
Reminding it of it's impurity
Comapred to those who lived in a natural soil
That rose is me
And the brothel is my dyed cup
There is no escaping my stains
This poem is narrated by a ******* who was forced into this life style, explaining to a man that even if she repented, she can't escape her destiny
Eleni Jan 5
Several days ago,
I wandered through the ashy town-
Which once grew with wild flames
Before the eternal Frown.

The bistros and stores blacked-out
Signs hanging, muddy paths
Doors locked and smashed windows
No signs of life, haunting wraths.

The smell of burnt leather
And bones rattling against the wind.
Broken signposts leading nowhere
And corpses of animals, skinned.

What savagery and fright hit this old place?
As I look to a hole in the ground-
Rats and rotting bodies
and bullet shells all around.

Perhaps these lands will never be free of outlaws
Who **** in cold blood.
Then let them drown in their crimes
Amid the Great Flood.
Daisy Dec 2018
I’m so sad.
Why? Cause I’m a sad girl.
I’m so bad.
Why? Cause I’m a bad girl.

You broke the promise,
And now you say it wasn’t the promise,
You broke my heart,
And now you say you didn’t knew it was made up of glass,
Well now I have to say that glass was first class .

I’m so sad.
Why? Cause I’m a sad girl,
I’m so bad.
Why? Cause I’m a bad girl.

I was playing with the water,
Along with your cute daughter,
Trying to forgive you,
By thinking that god punished me for my sin,
But doesn’t matter whatever I do,
You keep hurting me, would you mind if i call you mean?
Terrible, unbearable,unstable greeny teen,
I’m your little careless, reckless queen.

I’m so sad.
Why? Cause I’m a sad girl.
I’m so bad.
Why? Cause I’m a bad girl.

You wouldn’t believe but I’ve seen, darkness in sun.
Ok let’s talk one on one,
But for you it isn’t fun,
Can I borrow your gun?
For the sake of fun,
I might **** my self and it’s all done,  
Or I might **** you, I won.

I’m so sad,
Why? Cause I’m a sad girl.
I’m so bad
Why? Cause I’m a bad girl.

You say that I’m just a baby,
Didn’t you knew that before, tell me oh daddy,
You say that I am like an animated cartoon,
You say that I am like a cute and wild raccoon,
That’s why I’m a bad girl, sad girl
And a mad girl,
I’ll be a dead girl very soon,
My coffin will shine in the light of pale moon.

I’m so sad,
Why? Cause I’m a sad girl.
I’m so bad
Why? Cause I’m a bad girl.
Deep Sangani Dec 2018
What do you want to read ?
When my heart is heavy with sorrow
i pour my blood
and convert it into ink.
Then, you shower love on me.
You tell me my writing is like wine,

Yet when i feel nothing
but happiness
and i pour my heart
onto your feet
you brush it away.
You don't connect to me
and now you don't shower love.
"Your writing is like wine,

You don't accept happy
because you don't connect to it.
You flow like the rest
in an ocean filled with grief.
You use me like a mat
and i serve you
waiting for that one day
you clean your sins away.
I honestly do not know what to write. I write with all my heart, but I've stopped gaining the love i used to. What are your expectations?
Dominic Thompson Dec 2018
There are many sins I've committed in my time. I've exchanged hurtful words and I've lied. I've hurt others for my own betterment and I've stabbed others in the back. I thought it was fine and minimal to what others had done to me.

After all, how bad could I be when others had whipped me, threatened my life, beat me, broke my heart, and stabbed me in the back. Why did they deserve my mercy? Why did they deserve my forgiveness? Why did I have to be better than them?

They didn't deserve it. Why should I have to be a shining example? Why should I have to be above the rest? I didn't want that life, nor did I want that stress. Shining examples is what we're supposed to be, right?

Well, here's MY shining example. Don't keep pushing yourself for the approval of others. Their opinions don't matter anymore. Be yourself and stand up strong. You got a long road ahead of you, so find what makes you happy and do that. Don't ever try to change yourself for other's approval; That will just hurt you more.

And when they don't approve of you now that you've conformed to their standards? Then what? Are we just expected to move as if nothing's wrong and we're perfectly fine? And, what if we can't? We're not like a machine that functions without flaws; We're humans and have emotions and can be hurt.

We can still be hurt.
Desire Dec 2018
Your sins
- forgiven
Christ is
XXII. Risen King
Six-word poetry challenge for the seasons.
Jordan Ray Dec 2018
It's such a cold night,
Your skin is in sight,
Falling out of bars, hoping never to fall in love, again,
You find your comfort in the company of strange men

So you climb back in through your window, into your bedroom, into your bed
And you hope that nobody noticed, nobody ever notices

Jennifer, you put it on display.
Jennifer, what have you got to say, for yourself?

It's such a cold night,
Your skin is out of sight,
Scared to walk the road, that you walked so far down, before,
You've lost your comfort in the panic of the four walls

So you fall back into your pillow, hands on your stomach, hands on your head
And you hope that nobody noticed, but everybody notices

Jennifer, you put it on display.
Jennifer, what have you got to say, for yourself?
Jennifer, he's gonna away, with it all.
Jennifer, you put it on display, it's your fault.
These are actually song lyrics but who cares?
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