shin bones resonate
then part ways
walking razor edges
in descent to
the underworld

so sink I
under the waves
of Gaia's fury
roiling through my veins
overflowing, spilling
pouring out my
drunken offering
in shame

subsumed in doom
saturated with ultrablue
blood not mine
penal lineage incongruous
with divine

my sole salvation
is empty
my soul empties into
Tartarian depths
and definitively
denied access to
heaven and hell
I'll sleep with the
sealed, entombed

forever frozen crystalline carcass
Helter-skelter soul.
know this
that dark matter makes up most of this
that the here and now runs on dark energy
and dark forces stalk our collective conscience

my child
you come from a legacy of darkness
born of men with dark hearts who, thoughtless
thought to make a legacy in darkness

night falls
down into the depths of the soul
where, shrouded there, lies the shadow
your dark twin you'll never truly know

stop this
end the sad story penned in inky blackness
it leaves a darkness in the subconscious
better to bleed out the ink with water

drown out
the thoughts inside your head, better off dead
better to not exist than to be blackened
marked with that dark stain of the abyss

unconscious, look into the light
With eyes not even open, the abyss is already in you.
Anshara 5d
Pure and true; wings of innocence
Everything new and no clue
Different paths; right and wrong
Fall, get up and fall again.

Tainted wings; sins reveal
Chaste and veracious; demon's mate
Sins of the past uncover themselves
Guitly freed and angelic punished.

Pride, envy, greed, wrath, gluttony and lust
Distract the youth; the devil conquers
Deadly as they sound, but easy to follow
Contract signed? Sacrifice is yours.

"I'm sorry, forgive me" shouldn't be heard
Every string is now with someone else
Don't run away, don't hide; face and cope
All's too bad, but it's too sweet;
It's too EVIL...
Hey guys here I am with another of my poems.. Hope you all like it.
It's inspired from BTS's album Wings..
Listen to it if you guys are interested in Kpop! It's beautiful.. Don't forget to read some of the theories too... It will make you think about it all the time!

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Thank you.

Perhaps poetry is destined to be the hopeless romantic,
a duration meant to endure, not changing a persona,
it just lives, as it’s be, as it should. To live, it’s suffering
in private burdens, while we smile at brief moments of
complete contentment in our singular package of formed
figures. Poetry is a derivative serving ever so few.
(knowledge variable)
Grief is nothing until we reach it. Though we know, death is
always a definite, no matter what our inner world declares,
presents to us or it forms us. Dislocating us from the world
and providing less meaning, fading away, innocence loses
as the notion of expectations leaves us. Rendering to deal
with reality, alone.
(knowledge variable)
Words burning my throat
    the same burn
    as the shot of whiskey.
    Waterfalls of ethanol
    trying to drown my sins.
    But they have learned to
A fountain of rain
falls from her hair the way
men jump from airplanes.
Droplets plummet to her shoulders
and roll off towards her fingers.
Water streaks her body,
painting her with a cold damp
brush. She stands there cold
and shivering but will not move.
So stubborn. Why is she
an evergreen withering a storm.

Simple, she wants to show
her demon, he has not won.

oceans beneath our wounds
sacred reefs under the skin
watch the bed of gold
as lessons reflect such sins

later punishments may grow cold
as one's life is easily told
a serpent will always bite
behind the rocks to snatch your life

it is hard to regret on your bed
especially when time's racing up your death
so forget what that pride had said
before it comes and hit you with its breath
Probably the words my late grandmother would say...

And I spoke for the unspoken words she had never uttered until it came
Pax May 21
Too many shattered Mirrors
Mirroring my sins.

Too many walls
Hindering my wings.

My growth remains
as silence Kills.

How do you love the
I was never a writer
I was just some poet
Who seek some
understanding in my
understatement @pax

at times I feel so tired...
thanks to those who still read me..
Alvin Agnani May 13
Let's have a moment of silence, for those who understand.
We who lack the knowledge; children beaten by the damned. 
Infected by the hurt inflicted, by just a single hand.
This silent moment is for those who hid their father's brand.

For those who lie there centered, in the evil play of man...
If you find this poem relatable and it clings onto your mind.
Look back on the ones who've hurt you and do right where they did wrong.
Try to find it in your heart to forgive them; throw it all behind.
If you can cast away your resentment, you are clean, fresh and strong.
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