lbbueno 8h
I'm everywhere all at once
In my mind I am making love in Chechnya
But I don't call it that
I am writing a speech for my middle school graduation in Texas
Where all I know is brown and white
I listen to the world news in black market USBs
That I got from a guy at a parking lot
Wondering who am I loyal to
My soul or survival
The freed are never free of everything--
No matter where I go
I am still my father’s seed
The way he carried me
I carry his sins
While creating my own breed--
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
It will be Instagrammed

I am an egg
Inside a black hole
I am yet to grow old
Because I am yet to be--
I am here,
But my mind is not
As I lay my head to rest
I raise my hopes to wake up tomorrow
More than I did today
        Well, I have none,
I think I will stab you in the back;
                           When I think i’m done.

                         Kindness makes me weak
               I’ve seen too much sorrow
       They say you have no future
You have no tomorrow

               Guilty as my thoughts can be
                                   But I don’t fear no one
                   Regret is the only thing missing
When my killing is done

      You come rushing from all the sides
                   when i make any mistake
             But hold on I don’t need your grace
I have got more lust to fulfill more innocent  souls to take.
The story of a murderer in a few lines, who was thrown into this world and has seen much sorrow when he was young, he knows he’s got no tomorrow and goes on a rampage killing innocent people without any reason.
And by any means he’s Stopped and shown kindness , he kills that person too.
Xaela San Aug 12
You can never run or hide from your greed
Twisted by your tainted hands of sins
For you are not afraid to rise your sword aimlessly

And mercy never crossed your pitiful mind
As you drown the innocent with their own anguish and blood

You have become someone your hateful soul molded
As you rise from the ashes of your once beautiful life
And destroyed the peace of the world

You have caused sufferings amongst the humankind
The world of people you once loved

Living like a demon
So much darkness
And so much numbness

You have lead your own blood lust world
I love Fantasy ♥♥ ^.^
Ashari Ty Aug 7

Love is in the air but lust is what I breathe.
random poetic lines that come to my head
With the outset of your child
to a brisk, cold wind unfettered.
How do you stare starving virgins
in the face as they float untethered.

Lies are a currency, counterfeit only to etiquette,
and emotion, and love. We lie,
locked eye within eye, in ways
to boost pride.

When vainglory preaches to you from a
styrofoam podium.
How do you recollect your bargains
Made in dead of night,
blanket to your neck.
Lies can sate those fever dreams
crept upon you from opium.

Does love mean love if it is said with force?
Faint heart never won fair lady.
Without Victorian hysteria;
Our corsets are not so tight
We lack the need for chaise longue
May we lack the need for, indeed nor,
the lie?
veritas Jul 30
draw a bath. close your eyes.

soak in your bath. (and then sink, lower)

look up, and then higher than that.

read the discourse in the light. read the flutter, the frivolity, the fumes. read it all.

and sing. whisper. scream. rage. rage rage rage rage rage rage rage. sigh. fall back. lament.

pull the stopper. drain your bath. wait.

stand up. stand tall, and then taller than that.

turn and look. really look in the mirror.

but just look. observe. vigilant.

turn away, not ashamed, not proud.

wrap a towel.

step out.

rinse & repeat.
not unclean.
Pyrrha Jul 28
I don't have an issue with self confidence,
A repetitive lie I've begun to notice that I tell.
It's like the pain in my chest when I see other people's success compared to mine,
I ignore both.

When I read other writing I start out feeling so much inspiration,
Then I reflect back on my own and feel incompetent,
Because I can't write what they write.
I can feel what they feel through their words,
Something I wish I could accomplish.

It's jarring and frustrating,
I keep judging myself.
The very thing I've run from has become my life.

I can't escape the judgmental ways of this world
not from my father,
not from my mother,
not from my brother, my sister, or anyone.
not even from myself.
Because like it or not, the judgment is me.

It's soaked into my veins,
Like an obsession, an addiction.
I wish I could pray it away,
But I don't have any faith.
There is no God to save my soul,
To give me pity,
To take my sins away.

There is only scrutiny over my every move.
Whether it comes from within or someone else,
It's not something I can wash away with a prayer.
Ashari Ty Jul 26

Lust. The way I starve and crave
For that red voluptuous lips
And the other one underneath.

Gluttony. The way I would never
Have enough of your flesh
And your rawness and innocence.

Greed. The way I will never
Share you with anyone else.
Be with me 'till my days in hell.

Lust. Gluttony. Greed.
It's almost poetry by themselves.
Those words fit each other.

Lust. Gluttony. Greed.
So deadly and yet
We are beautiful together.
Freddie Ruiz Jul 24
You think that you’re clever and smart,
because you’re hiding your sins away in the dark,
but what you’ve forgotten and failed to think through
is that there’s One, who sees each and every evil thing you do.
Written on May 27, 1999
Composition number: 68
M Ellis Jul 20
What sins do I have if not the same ones that that seep between your thoughts unintended.
The ones you would deny if anyone were to ask. The ones that lead you outside the confines of your own  mind.
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