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I was baptized 2 weeks in
With hushed urgent voices saying
"Best do it now poor thing probably won’t make it.”
A death note that would echo through my life  
(I'd make myself a sinner trying to follow it)
All this before I have the chance to plead
my case in front of God
When I die do you think he might
Give me one last shot at redemption
If I tell him the whole twisted mess of it all
Deal him into this deck of cards
I’ve been playing short with my whole life
Should I wager my damnation on God
being a secret sinner himself
(You can’t gamble with peoples lives like that)
   (You aren’t God)
I was baptized two weeks in
With hushed urgent voices saying
“**** her, **** her, **** her.”
Anna 1d
From the sun that 'round me roll'd
I'm cold and terrified
But shining as diamond first carved,
Hell is heaven,
With all of our sins exposed.

So jump and I'm jumping
Since there is no me without you.
You can lock me up but can't lock up my mind,
Can't change who I am,
You can **** me but can't **** my spirit,
My soul can't be taken from me,
I'm prayed up and covered with holy water,
The baptism of my sins,
Ain't perfect but my old ways are gone,
I've reincarnated my soul and been given a new one.

Nothing is forgotten,
Karma is very much real,
We have to answer to things we do,
How we treat others will come back upon you,
I've confessed my sins,
I've been forgiven,
But nothing will ever be forgotten.

Take a long look within yourself,
You shall see past the surface,
The element of our ways aren't always right,
You can't see nothing when you you're stuck within yourself. Open yourself up not stay closed off.

We can see more than ourselves,
If we step outside of ourselves,
There's more to the world than ourselves,
Life has more to offer than we realize,
I took a step back and realized that for myself,
Life has gotten better when I became better.
Aaron Nov 16
Writing a poem for the sake of writing a poem.
I’m feeling emotions. More than ten.
Emotions that numb the toughest of men.
Even after all these exercises on Zen
It still feels like I’m falling apart at the hem.

But it’s all good! Isn’t it? I’m here.
Living through it with fear
Just ordered a double gin and some beer
But the mere feeling evokes a tear
and leaves me kneeling at the gateway of those emotions.
Dripping all over me like hot lotion
Without commitment or devotion.
And everything feels like it's slow motion.

So apparently it’s normal. To feel things.
They say all the stings and the pings are worth it
because we’re not supposed to be perfect,
and ‘these feelings need to be nurtured’.
*******. It’s all a bit perverted like a lie that's murmured.
This ******* feeling is so determined that I can't win.
If I do, I'll be singed and pinned
Even though I haven't actually sinned.
Yet I'm the one writing this poem. Not her.

Where the **** is that beer?
So I wrote this. This poem. Here.
chang cosido Nov 13
my hands are full
and my fingers are breaking
for counting my sins
and all of my flaws.
so i apologize
if couldnt hold myself together.
a word hasn’t been spoken since,
humble abode, you ever seem?
exchanging praises and jolly sins,
with a mouth full of lies
what does that mean?
Sarah Flynn Oct 19
I snuck out

and I stole cash

and I ran away

and I got lost

and I was alone

and I was scared

and I got into cars
with strangers

and sometimes
I didn't know
where I was
when I woke up

and I kissed boys

and I had ***

and I got hurt

and I hurt myself

and I skipped school

and I did drugs

and I drank too much

and I trespassed into places
where I knew I shouldn't be

and I went home with people
who I knew I should've ran from

and I kissed more boys

and I had more ***

and no one noticed

and no one said anything.

but then I kissed girls

and suddenly,
everyone noticed

and I was told that
I was doing bad things

and I was told that
I was going to hell

and out of every bad thing
that I had ever done,

I was never told
that I had sinned

and no one had ever said
that I did something wrong

until I kissed another girl.
xavier thomas Oct 19
The same dog returns to eat it’s own *****
A fool returns to repeat their own sins
Sarah Flynn Oct 18
I try to forget about
the things that I’ve done,
and sometimes I can

but when I get home,
I see that my bad decisions
are still stained into
my bedsheets.
Leifa Oct 9
Weeping Winter
Deigns his spine
In small whispers of magic.

The fingers of a ghost
He Almost
Mourned the loss of them.

Until he tastes
The fruit of rot.
And felt
Old daggers in the dark.

Like a drop of dew
In Summer heat,
He recedes towards the Sun

To await the Winter Mourn
And scorn
A mother of her forgotten son.
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