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Lovely 4d
Why did love disguise itself as a man?
Why did love put a gun in my hand?
In my bed, in my head, in my hand.
Was it for redemption?
Was it for revenge?
Was it for the bottle?
Was it for the ledge?
Was it for the thrill of pushing my hopes off the edge?
Why did love open up my scars?
Why did love put a knife in my heart?
In my bed, in my head, in my heart.
Was it for revenge?
Was it for the smokes?
Was it for the amends?
Was it for the sadness?
Was it for the thrill of watching all my madness?
Why did love put the gun in my hand?
Why did love put the knife in my heart?
In my bed, in my head...
I saddle up my iron
at the small of my back
under my t-shirt
above, my *** *****

I hope and I pray
that'll never be drawn
40 S&W the weapon
that I've always worn

Hollow of point
plus P, iffin I can
need only one shot
an expert, I am

I work in a business
not always safe and assured
I like to have options
for the risks I've incurred

Be sure of your targets
something I always say
as that's just safest
when guns are in play
**** right I carry ;D
Scott Graves Nov 26
I came home from work
Expecting to see his friendly face
My roommate of years named Leo
Yet what I found was a mess

Leo, why?
Life is life
It's ***** and messy
Never quite what you conceived

Bone fragments strewn about the place
Stainless steel cylinder and trigger
Lay upon the ground
Breathless Leo, slumped body

Hi velocity blood splatter
Brain matter upon the wall
No need to take a pulse
The reaper had made his call

Leo, I still possess thoughts
Of all our good times
French onion soup and Gouda
Conversations, thoughtful and deep

Today marks 34 years of you gone
Yet, I can't forget your dorky laughter
Your intelligence readily obvious
Your humor exactly the same

No, I don't miss you
Yet, I still have your possessions
My wife asked me why and I won't answer
The very topic of you makes me start to cry

Leo Paul, you are gone
Someday I will be too
But peacefully, Leo
I saw the storm you created

I understand that this you did not intend
You just couldn't suffer any longer
So you brought about your own end
I still think of you often, you're still my best friend
Stark Nov 24
A gaping hole
Straight through the brain
Perfectly cylindrical
Holds no mercy as it rings
Through my body

The gun is still smoking
From the heat of his hatred
Shot right through my brain
Can’t even consume it
The idea that he had done it

Silver bullet through my brain
Amelia Nov 16
Just pull the trigger,
Because nothing
can be worse
than this ongoing
Peninsula Oct 23
Late night playing with a fake gun
Pointer finger married to the middle one
Latched to the side of my head
I let out a whisper through my teeth
As clenched as the fist on my chest
I let out a whisper through my lips
They shiver with the thought of death
I'm scared but sometimes I want to do it
I often pick fight with myself
Not knowing which side wants to win
I click one-two and hold my breath
Shake as I ***** all the ***** into the sink
And shake off the ***** and sink to my bed
honestly it feels like to me kids nowadays are being killed by words, perceptions, appearances, by a war being fought in the streets based on these things. we've pitted ourselves against each other because of these intangible yet malleable things and it's hard for me not to wonder when these feelings began. was it in our ancestors during the ice age, fighting for survival. survival. wow. survival
          - r.i.p to all the brothers who have lost their life because of modern day mankind's perception of- survival
Bullet Oct 17
the Gun
At You

Blank Range
With it too

A Score
Driving with
A 0 to a 60
Ball Limits
With the
Ball Point

Pen I just
Shot a Brain
I Might've Just
Shocked a Brain

Pending a Life
That I Just Took
I Handed You a Shook
Behind a Silver Lining

A Scuff on the Ink
Written In Red
What Do You Think
Have I Fallen of The Edge

Pulled the Trigger
But Have I Killed
My Opposer or
Another Bullet
Pointed at My Prospect  

Pulped Or Have I Put an End
Too All These Bullet Holes In The Head
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