we heard
there’s a rumor of war,
and there’s nowhere to

we killed
those Floridian kids
to make room for
our guns;

we shrugged
when we noticed the graves
overflow with our

we can
get used to anything—
like a school slick with

we will
destruct according to
the Devil’s bargain we’ve
Guns are not greater than kids' lives.
mint 1d
the world doesn’t feel the same anymore
these past few years the air has slowly been tinted black
thickening, viscous and sour around our bones
breaking the ones below and leaving some of us to watch helpless
waiting for the air to rise
although somehow
coming from above
bullets shot in the dark didn’t make much sound
until finally youthful
tear stained faces
pulled the bullets up into clear air in their grasps and observed what we’ve become
with a clarity none of us knew
a clarity none of those people know
them with the black tinted air flowing from their mouths
becoming more sour, and more heavy with each breath, each utterance
each denial
they make
youthful faces with words far stronger than bullets

aimed at those who exhale black

the world is different now
we all felt like dissolving in the despair
fortified by it

i join hands with my peers and we climb up above the earth
fight our way up
to the artificial atmosphere
and we throw our fists at the oppressive black film surrounding the earth
we hurl our bodies into it
we scream
we cry

we cra c k it open

one inch at a time
this is me just expressing how i feel about being an american today *sigh*
Kayla 3d
He heard the whisper of her voice in my ear
She had left all so long ago
Taken by the guy who stolen her
He stole her life right out of her hands
With that gun he hid in his pants
She whispers to him about that dreadful night
Even though she is not there
He hears her voice every night.
I've seen it coming brother
It is murder.
Far too late
To offset hate
Yet we do.
And no white person can wear a shirt that says i support white people, but blacks can? Somethimg inherently wrong?!
Black white ot brown yellow or red
Alyssa 4d
I heard a firework go off.
I don't see any lights.
Oh, I think that was a garage door falling shut.
Or maybe someone slamming a door.

I don't want to think about what it might have actually been.
It's not like summer has come and gone months ago.
It's not like nobody has garages around here.
It's not like people slam doors loud enough for it to echo around the inside of my school.
It's not like I'm scared for me and my friends every time I enter the building.
It's not like that, I swear.

Everyone is scared.
Everyone is lashing out.
Everyone is on their toes.
Everyone is trying to become home-schooled.

We want to leave.
Not for boredom,
not for the next best thing.
But for safety,
for home.

Who's coming in the door next?
Who's going to stop them?
Who's going to survive?
Who is going to die?
I'm going to excersize my voice,
and spill to you some hard truth,
to tell whoever reads you have a choice,
in shaping tomorrow's youth.
With a tragedy flashing on a TV screen,
telling you how to think and feel,
you should ask yourself what does it all mean,
and question if what you hear is real.

False flag operations have been suggested
and got a green light many years ago.
There's been a few that have been successfully tested,
then broadcasted and produced like a giant show.
I'm not saying school shootings don't happen,
but please look between the lines,
they've now released the cracken,
and we've missed the warning signs.

It's not video games, television or Hollywood,
that take the blame in a violent crime
I've played call of duty and love entertainment when it's good,
and I'd never take a life, I'd rather give mine.
It is true the access to guns are too easy,
for those who believe it is the only way,
but they need help, believe me,
and treatment is a big price to pay.

If you wish to throw away every gun,
then throw away cars, gasoline and knives,
because when someone has come undone,
you can use all three to take seventeen lives.

No child, criminal or soul with malicious intent,
should be able to stroll into a store and say "that one will do fine"
But they're ringing up the price and the money spent,
is just enough to blur each single line.
But what about if and when the time comes,
those in power decide rations are too low,
and they'll grab you and chain you, no matter where you're from,
and decide it's time for you to go?

An armed ninety-nine percent,
is more a threat to them than terror,
so they use tragedy to receive consent,
to fix the constitution's error.
Where it states you have a right to protect yourself,
no matter who it is that knocks on your door,
'cause that knock will come and you'll look for help,
but there won't be help there anymore.

They only want weapons in their own hand,
and we'll be left completely defenseless,
it's common logic so please understand,
you don't want to get caught completely senseless.

Take their paycheques and put it into mental health,
for those kids who think this is the only way,
so they can be taught ways to cope instead of a politician's wealth,
because it will keep happening until they get their day.

I mourn for those who lost those they love,
but don't let emotion override logic.
We all want to fly a flag of a peace dove,
but there'll still be a bullet and you can't dodge it.

The media doesn't run stories for over a week,
unless it's something they really want you to hear.
And they plan the next one to advertise as we speak,
and the tag line will alway be fear.

Do not waste one of the best gifts we received,
a human's ability to question every action.
Look beyond the way it is perceived,
and research history and every faction.
If it's someone's job to prioritize our rights,
don't you think they might have a control issue?
That maybe they don't want a herd that fights,
and instead of a weapon holds a tissue?
I mean no disrespect to anyone who has lost a loved one due to gun violence. I just wish to express that everything a government does should be questioned. History has shown governments to round up civilians, strip them of their rights and perform genocide. Stripping weapons completely is ideal if there isn't a treat, but there always will be one in this world.
For my birthday gift
this year,

I want

the summer evening mellow wind
on burnt roofs signing off on memories,

Some sober flowers that smile just enough
and smell more of affection than love,

a stray dog to validate me
and wag his tail when my wings are cut off,

A long way to go
and return,

a mute button

and a gun.
Too much to ask?
Paz Feb 8
She don't know how to cuss, she just sounds like her mother.
She ain’t a woman and she sure as fuck ain’t honest like she promised.
She’s  an ugly crier but she's such a pretty liar and by that I mean she said she'd "change".
Don't be cautious, don't be kind.
She’s committed, I'm her crime.
Push my button anytime.
She’s got her finger on the trigger, but her trigger finger's mine.
She’s a golden flame, she’s the poison in my veins.
Perfect murder, she  takes her aim.
I don't belong to anyone, but everybody knows her name.
By the way, she’s been uninvited.
Because all she says are all the same things I did.
Call me heartless, call me cold.
She’s italic, I'm in bold.
Call me a bitch, she better watch her tone.
She better love me, because she’s just a clone.
She’s being a fuss.
She already was shady enough but now she’s just a shadow.
She  loves her friends like I love my split ends and by that I mean she cuts them off.
Ten men standing in a line,
but my eyes only go to one.

Ten men standing so fine,
but only one is the bullet
to my gun.

You're a drug they say.
They try to warn me.

I say I'm listening,
but I'm just wishing.
Oh can I take a drink?
I want to have some fun.

Ten men standing in line working hard,
but my eyes only want to write letters
to one.

Ten men standing ready for a game,
but only one could put my level
to shame.

You're a drug they say.
They try to warn me.

I say I'm listening,
but I'm just wishing.
Oh can I take a drink?
I want to have some fun.

The more trouble you make,
the more drinks you take,
you know that's how the
game starts.

A captain or a coke,
this is no joke,
my eyes only go to one.

You're a double and a half,
you make them all laugh,
look so sweet,
but you're bitter to the core.

My intentions are just a few sips,
but a few sips lead to more.
Ten men standing in line,
but I only want one picking
me off of the floor.

You're a drug they say.
They try to warn me.

I say I'm listening,
but I'm just wishing.
Oh can I take a drink?
I want to have some fun.
Bjan A Feb 5
He had a lovely mask on.
He smiles so brightly
He laughs so loudly
He is so jolly

Yet he had a rope for a necklace
A knife for a spoon
A gun for alarm

He slipped and tightened  the rope
Knife through his mouth
Bang! Gun shot through his heart
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