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Nigdaw 4d
I have spent my life
looking through a window
at the colourful parade

my search for a door was futile
I really can't see a way in

no one notices me here
banging, shouting, waving

but I will make them look
I will make them stare
aghast in disbelief

I will cause a reverberation
around the world, steal screen time
in news reports and on tv
people will ask why, why
what went so wrong
how can we stop this
from ever happening again

Well there are all kinds of crazies in the world, sometimes you just have to let them in, but above all and most importantly, keep them away from guns.
MeanAileen Sep 22
load your gun
with a nice shiny bullet-
finger on the trigger,
be ready to pull it.
make sure the barrel
is aimed at my head,
then force me to eat
that hot molten lead.
paint my brains
all over the wall,
see my knees buckle-
watch as I fall.
my lifeless body
then covered in red...
told you that I'd be
better off dead!
I don't really know where this came from...? But I don't condone ******. Usually.
Nigdaw Sep 20
Spin the chambers
Await your fate
Balance the odds
Against life and death
Everything rests
On one short second
That could last
For the rest of your life.

You sit now
A whole life ahead
But you take a needle
To inject some feeling
Can you hear the click
Ear-splitting bang
As the bullet flies
Freer than you’ll ever be.
As the man on screen aims
His rifle towards the zombie's head,
I picture myself holding the pistol
To mine.
Tighten my finger over the cold trigger.
The popcorn in my microwave
And dust on the shelves
Are all that hits my ear.

I'm fighting the zombie.
The sunken eyed ghoul that
Haunts my mirror.
Doesn't really mean anything. Just wanted to write about something.
liv bennet Sep 15
All we do is run
away from the monsters
that point their guns
               they shoot.
               they miss.
then blow a kiss,
and walk away like
original poetry written in September of 2018
sophia Sep 9
Loving me will not be easy

It will be war.

You will hold the gun
And I will hand you the bullets.

So breathe, and embrace
the beauty and the massacre
That lies ahead.
Trout Sep 2
My angle screams like the kids at bay!
I’ve had enough of all the master troops!
My heads are gleaming, my turns are screaming
The gun is smoking at the heart of it
We shoot the scene and lay a rainbow star
The moon reflected underneath it all
Just like a gum *** stuck under five shots
My ears are ringing like a tongue of thorns
(But I like it)
Autmn T Aug 12
Shameful to feed your kids breastmilk in public, but yet we will feed them bullets in their public schools.
Annoyed with the urgency some people treat something natural and the dismissive nature they treat something urgent.
Peter B Aug 11
Stop and search me whenever,
I've got something to hide:
lost pride of selfish man,
bitterness in my heart.

Stop and search me, arrest me
for the death that I hide
under the lightless eyelids,
in my soul - in my life.

Stop and search me, I dare you!
help me expose myself.
I deserve to die lonely,
and to rot in my grave.

Hiding under my coat
knives of shame, guns of pain,
bombs of despair I carry
since I've stopped seeing her.
m h John Aug 8
you picked up the needle gun
and sharpened it with your words,
jabbing it into my skin
changing my color
from yellow to blue
you shaded me dark
and trademarked my skin
with the scar tissue
of everything you had put me through
you then put a stamp on me
that could not be washed off
and wrapped me up in cellophane

shipping me off
to a lonely place

that only exists within my mind
where the sky is grey
and the grass is dead
and the only thing keeping me alive
is the silhouette of hope
shadowing between your webs
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