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Matt Bernstein Aug 2019
Through the forest grass,
a lockstep march.
Neat columns
of silent striding teams.

To ground they go,
to burrow deep.
Bringing prizes
foreign and mundane

Can they look into the giants above?
There is no time to dream.

Hurry home! Your colony calls
and the task is but half done
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2018
Alone in bed
I'm crying.
Dark eyes lose their spark
All because somebody lied
And they don't feel cornered
It's what they've learned from a colony of lustful hearts

All I feel
Is heartbroken
I'm close but feel so far
Someone always lies
And they never feel cornered
It's what they've learned
From a colony of lustful hearts

I'll cry on your shoulder
I refuse to rot
Although someone lied
I won't let it keep me cornered
I won't be a consequence
From the colony of lustful hearts
I won't be a consequence of the colony of lustful hearts
Snehith Kumbla Nov 2016
the wayward
bat of slumber
no longer makes
trajectories of the room

dog on leash
used to it

running shoes
walking stick

first water tank
pigeon flap

water tank
squirrel squeak

school girls
at the gate,
call out their
friend's name

a scattered,
shrill chorus

fallen hair
comma over
tattered road
PS May 2016
No man is an island
But I am a colony
Of an empire who thrives
Off of its own jealousy.

I am always being governed
By what people think
Could I get out of it?
Alone I might sink.

Am I your ally?
We're not treated the same
I'm sorry for my history
But you're part of the blame.

I have to get away
I'm sick of hearing who 'won'
I don't know how I'll do it
It's not going to be fun.

I don't like this policy
I should be governed by me
I'm a superpower
Not somebody's colony.

No one is an island
And we all need someone
But maybe from a distance
Vive ma révolution!
When you've got friends who low-key control you.
K Balachandran Apr 2016
                                               ant hill
                                          an ant hill
                                      a perfect ant hill
                                 a perfect ant hill it was
                               a perfect anthill erected
                        a perfect ant hill erected at will
           by ants and ants and army of disciplined ants.
     ants of many kinds, sizes and colors erected an ant hill
the design was grand, nice to look at like a cathedral,functional.
we love the ants for being so versatile,co-operative and creative
Do ants possess minds, ability to think,organize, put decisions in to actions?Or do they just have an instinct,prompted by nature, how do they receive it?Even if we are yet to find out such secrets,many of us are skeptics."All this is like the crawling leaches, inscribing  letters on smooth surfaces, inadvertently" they vehemently argue.And there remains the million dollar question,seeking answer:even tiny ants,could make millions of their ilk do amazing things, why oh! why, the most intelligent of living things, at least replicate the feats the community of ants, at a scale, proportionate ?If these disciplined insects, in spite of their small brains could be a great example, why can't human's be like them, behave more responsibly , take charge of their own destiny, construct, not destroy. Every ant hill in silence, asks us many questions,  we walk past pretending that we heard nothing, that could disturb our peace.
Much studies have been done on ant behavior, but would humans ever  be  as organized and industrious  like these insects, supposed to be at a far lower level than mankind?
Your bust is going to make me combust
Turning my pain into rust
Your soul should be one of the few things i trust
A pizza with a refined crust
You're steaming when the summer kicks in
And even in the winter
Can you remove all my emotional splinters?
It would be preferred
I'd thank you endlessly
From the bottom of my heart
To the end of days
You're radiating like the Sun Rays
It's seventy degrees out here and i'm about to sweat like it's a hundred
Rain won't come my way
Because i won't allow it
Too much to handle
Causing the brakes to halt
Melting steel in my mental vault
All you need to do is consult
Me and we'll be fine
That's what i like most of the time
Forget about the dollars and dimes
I'm ready to take us to the next colony
So you don't have to fend off the rest of the male species
With that amazing presence of yours
I can feel the pressure
I like physical pressure too
With you
I like this one lol

— The End —