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Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019


I say again,

You will not catch me,
You will not stop me,
You won't control me.

**** the Blue Man!

I own this fight,
I own this night,
I own my rights.

Never again will He slay me!

Though I am tired now,
In screaming pain out loud,
I will go home now.

For I will take my stand!

Gone is your meek gain,
Now you get dark pain,
Your blue hair erased.

And fight until I'm free!

I rule the fight,
King of the night,
This is my right.

Even though it burns my hands!

I'm so sick and tired now,
Of hurting behind shrouds,
Can we go home now?

My sword will slay him swiftly!
Can we go home now?
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
Here I've been singing
Songs for my bleeding soul
Can't you feel my morality leaving?
And now I'm struggling
On heartstrings I'm dangling
And emotionally muddling

There I was, running
My gold armor scuffing
Soon I'll be trusting (forgive)
Soon I will rust
My soul will join the dust
And maybe that's enough
Can't you feel my morality leaving?
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
Oh, the things I've done in the dark of day
What's happened is expensive
But I'll never pay
At least not with money
This will cost me one whole soul
The reality is, this will cost me my soul
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
It comes down
The rain
The steel crisp blue rain
Puddles block my journey
The ground now laced in murky mud
One slip
And then that's it

Pain comes down
Self induced rage pain
Lays me on life's gurney
To the hospital of broken souls
Mine's shattered
And that's it

He comes down
The Blue Haired Monster
To revive pain for longer
I don't think I can keep swimming
That's it

Somebody loves me
The rain
The disdain
The Blue Monster's pain
They're all gone
No they're not
They'll always be there
But someday, they'll be smaller
And that's all she wrote
Behold what keeps me up at night
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
What do I tell
About the blue deep inside me
I smile
But inside
I'm indigo
But few know
Few can know
I can't take their pitchforks
I can't be ostracized
At least not tonight
I can't tell you
You'll find me a fool
I can't tell them
They won't comprehend
I can't tell them
He'll abandon my sins
I can't tell her
She'll see me and swerve
...Who do I tell?...
When you have something eating you up inside and need to tell someone, but nobody will believe you, what do you do?
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
You know what?
I want to dance!
Down the street without music
I know the song
It's memorized
Embossed on my brain
So you can have your Oldsmobile radio
But I WILL dance down the street
Deal with it

You know what?
I want to sing!
In the hills like Maria
A song all my own
And the hills and breeze will harmonize
And the stream will dance
So you can keep your televised singing reality
But I WILL sing in the hills
Deal with it

You know what?
I want to run!
Nowhere in particular
Just away
And that's perfectly OK
I need air in my lungs
So you can keep your treadmills
But I WILL run nowhere in particular
Deal with it

You know what?
I'm going to shout!
From the highest mountaintop
The world will hear my deepest cry
And with happy tears I'll finally cry
So you can live your life
But I WILL shout for mine
Deal with it
I will live my life my way, deal with it
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2019
How can I not hate you all
You all live normal
Happy lives
I'm a victim
Of a monster's lies
A monster with blue hair
Led me to his lair
And in return
Desecrated my tavern
I thought I was free
But that monster he...
And took my liberty
I was free
Darkened yet happy
Now I am taint
Brittle dry paint
And you have the gall to be happy
But it's not your fault
You don't know a monster stole me
And you never will
I don't hate you

I envy you all
I can't hate you for what you don't know
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