Hoaxers and jokesters
inhabit the online world
dwelling with trolls
akin to the greying skin
of a deceased creature
no visible redeeming feature

A psychologist's challenge
to unravel the disordered
personality behind the keyboard
whose deranged needs
are satiated by hurting others
fellow humans in name only

No humanity, no empathy
far from a victimless crime
too much time to waste
on their own peculiar behaviour
a symptom of technology abuse
in the wrong hands of the corrupt mind

The fiery ire fanned by winds
of change, envy and self loathing
flames spread through social media
in the early 21st century
this unncecessary evil
is a tragedy of our times

I know many who have been victims of online abuse, even in poetry forums, of course.
Venny 1d

You seep into me, like a black ink stain. Controlling my urges, and feeding my pain. Your fingers twist into the depths of my chest, pulling at veins. A burrowing pest.

Your rotting confection sticks to my itching teeth. A liquorice taste, leaving me bittersweet.

I get lost in my darkness, and cling to your light. But it guides me to nowhere, as you steal my sight. A zombie for your heavy pets, and your soft wet kiss.  Your eyes were my windows, but you've pasted over them with bricks.

I search for you in galaxies, and worlds lost upon me. I run to you in nightmares, and pray for you in dreams. The empty air that fills my lungs, and staggers all my thoughts. The skeleton left in my closet, plotting to leave me to rot.

I have no plans of letting go, or willing this to end. I'll hang on every word you say until the very end.

I'll kneel at the alter of your lacking religion. I'll weep for your aching parts, and all you're missing.

I'll worship you like you're a God, and lick your wounds like a dog licks his scars. My Eros who longs to take over me, my Poseidon who can't find the sea. Come to me when your body is worn, and your heart is weak, and your mind war torn.

Take my heart, my soul is your host. I'm in love, but only know your ghost.

You act as if you aren't the root of the statements you deliberately claim.
As if telling me my character is flawed and I am everything to blame.

As if stating that I can not form a sentence without shaking and stuttering is bound to take over my life, crash, and fail.
As if hypocritically saying that I'll end up pregnant with an abusive boyfriend flipping burgers to make ends meet is how my life will sail.

Granted that I'm not even able to make anyone stay with me.
A torment of words in the prison of my home, I feel I'll never be free.  

Let me tell you something, fucker.
I was doing much better until you came into my life, stole my mother's heart and fucked her.

Grabbed my hair in the intention to afflict pain and make me cry
Threw us in a cardboard box and you demanded we don't question why.

Moved us into a house for the reason being you wanted to be closer to your workplace.
No consideration of us, you just expected us to put a smile on our face.

Stole the only memories, childhood, and friends I have ever made.
Left in this empty home with my sad thoughts and the pill cabinet to raid.

Only my razor blades and the silence and my head spinning in a whirl.
You talk so high and mighty for a 40 something year old always picking on a melancholic teenage girl.

Like your bitch of a mother, like a bitch of a son.
You can't even handle the consequences when your deed has been done.

You do what your mother does, and take what I hate and use it to hurt me.
It is me that I hate, and you know how much it stings more than a bee.

Brainwashed my mother to be a replica of you.
It's so sad when I see my own mom break my heart in two.

Always said that she'll protect us first.
Until you came along and made that ideation of hers burst.

The inequality of your ethics is completely noticeable.
I'm not a fucking animal, I'm a person you caged in a bubble.

You wonder why I'm the way I am: so emotional, so sad, so problematic.
Even though I'm far from the stereotypical high school teenager statistics.

As much as you've claimed you have done so much good for this family,
You've also broken me too many times for me to count, the irreversible cracks in my brain and heart's anatomy.

You need to stop attacking my very presence.
As much as I hate myself, I'm also my own essence.

Let me get better without tearing me down.
Grow the fuck up and stop making yourself look like an immature clown.

I know you'll never see this or even try to listen.
Just know everything comes back around, but until then,

I hope you realize your words are damaging to my very soul.
I hope you fix your shit and bury your insensitivity 6 feet down a hole.

Wanted to vent out about the shit my mom's boyfriend does. I'm just tired of being hurt by the very people that are supposed to take care of me.
Keerti 6d

The many ironies in this world
Cannot compare to the likes of you and I
For you and I are destined to fall apart
Like flower petals in the long summer nights

The many ironies in this world
Cannot compare to the likes of you and I
Like how L.A. is an 'angel' in disguise
And how our love is a flower 'bout to die

The many ironies in this world
Cannot compare to the likes of you and I
Like how SG is barely a city of sin
And how our love is barely alive

The many ironies in this world
Cannot compare to the likes of you and I
For without each other we cannot live
But with each other we are doomed to die

L.A.=Los Angeles
Guden 6d

We are slaves of Bullshit,
We give it
And receive it
With both hands.
Bullshit has become part of us,
We can't tell the difference
I give it to you,
You send it back my way,
We build cathedrals to honor it,
We follow leaders standing on top of it.
Bullshit gives us humans a sense of superiority,
We buy it from markets
And eat it as our daily bread.
Love is pure,
Until I meet someone else,
It's all bullshit.

Today is his birthday,
But I don't know what to say.

Other than the ordinary "happy birthday" that everyone else is going to say to him.
I can't help but think about last year when I opened my body to him as a gift on a whim.

With fiery eyes and my legs spread apart, mirroring my heart, as he nervously took my gift of unision.
Now that I think about it, it was stupid really, I should have gave him a cake for him to dig in.

But instead he quietly persisted and I let myself succumb.
I didn't think that the next year, I would feel so numb.

I want to give him the gift of my love but it's something lost in the fog in the distance of empty roads.
A garden once blooming, crushed by the cement he paved before I had implode.

It's selfish of me to make this all about myself.
It's just so hard to see all of his things on my art shelf.

I want to tell him I love him and I'm glad he stuck around for another year of his life.
As he whispers that he's so happy he met me and he wants me as his wife.

He's 20 now, but acts like a middleschooler.
Always playing games with the girl in the schoolyard, the hopless romantic middle school loser.

I always let myself fall this deep down.
My knees are so bloody and bruised and the skin of my palms are unbound.

I didn't think that I'd have to walk alone once again.
Afterall, he made the decision to let our love blast into oblivion.

I want to tell him I love and miss him and wish he can say those love-filled words to me once again.
But it isn't my birthday, so he's blowing out the candles, wishing he'll grow into a different man.

A foolish little boy, so careless with the loser's heart.
You don't realize how much you'll miss them until your heart tears apart.

I want to tell him so much more on his special day,
But my heart's voice is sewn together with thread, and all I can muster is a
"Happy Birthday."

Happy Birthday, M.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 9

~ ☾☀️☽ ~
Your fate was woven in the silence of time.
Embroidered with dread and pain.
Made bearable with bonds of friendship and love.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

Disrobed in the darkness, the sky freckled
with the light of stars, shivering.
Never will we forget the undying.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

For fate is something twined in a misty veil.
Ignore the flute that sighs a sweet melody.
For you, Noctis, will be bound to your threnody.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

Born with the Storm's Blessing,
in all it's strength and might and glory,
all that will be left for you is a ruin
of crying waters, deathless flames, and
flooding song of the Oracle's lyre.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

Her hair of spun gold; a primose in white,
and pearls around her slender wrists.
In her hand, a sylleblossom, bent low
in your final kiss.
Your final promise.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

She stands strong, her trident in hand,
knowing that she is a phantom of
transient life.
She looks at you.
In a field of flowered ice.
Standing as days of harsh sun and rain pass by.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

It haunts you.
The memories of where you dare not
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

Give yourself into the song of the sweet summer bird.
Give yourself to the Oracle - the Morn's Star who
fears no sun in her wake. For she was born
to die in the light.
As are you.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

No need to be afraid, Noctis.
Your corona is a crown that befits no other.
For all shall witness it's splendour and glory
as the Chosen King.
The days are waning.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

The nights are burning.
Alive with daemons and weeping plagues.
The Sun and Moon reap pain sown
from so long ago.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

It's alright.
Because you will be beyond our world.
Where you will no longer be weary.
Where you will no long be pitied.
Where you will finally be free.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

Where Love is sweet and Sleep is kind.
To you both.
The Storm was always yours.
It blessed you for good reason.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

Where the moon is full and the sun is high,
Where the mountains stand so strong in vain,
Where the meadows chant and greet the light,
Where the roses bloom and sylleblossoms cry dew,
Where the wind carry joy and not whirls of sad.
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

There you are,
The King of Kings,
Noctis Lucis Caelum,
and his consort,
Lady Lunafreya,
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

I see you there.
Swaying and drifting off to the sound
of sweet chimes.
Under the Sky of the Light's Night...
~ ☾☀️☽ ~

Based on Final Fantasy XV. Not my all-time favourite in the FF Franchise but it's something I greatly enjoyed. I did take some quotes from the game itself also, I admit. Maybe I should do more poems like this? Feels good to just type and let the words flow! :)
© Poem by Lyn-Purcell.
© FinalFantasyXV belongs to Square Enix.
Wasting wits Oct 7

Your heart was set on mine,
Or so you'd always claim.
Every time you messed up,
It was me who took the blame.
I allowed this to go on,
For a great amount of time.
Until one day I had enough,
I took back what was mine.
This action did not please you,
So you tried again, once more.
You said this time was "different,"
Struck the problem at it's very core.
You'd made a little game,
Of catch and then release.
The tragedy of it all:
I didn't want the game to cease.

A H J Oct 4

Let me feel-
Every inch of my body are all n u m b
I can't even feel my heart beating
I need a hand! I need YOUR hand!
But did you
     r e a l i z e ?

How my fingers just want to scratch every layers of my skin
How the paper cut scars wrinkles every surface of my fragile lungs!
How cacophony is the only scream that echoes on every hallway of my mind!
How hollow is my mind, to be able to hear each wails of my body parts?

Let me feel-
Let me feel! Let me feel! LET ME FEEL!
Cut me through your threads,
Strangle me by your wires,
Stomp me on your heavy metallic existence!

                         l i s t e n ?

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