Domagoj 3d

Angels are dead,
Roaming through darkness,
Everything is now silent

You can't feel my pain,
Our voices are eaten by wind,
Understand me?!

Sorrow as my morning sun,
Tears like drizzling rain,
Insecure, I walk alone,
Let me be, you love me,
Let me live, you hate me.

Holding myself before death,
Evenings are too dark,
Reality is broken mirror,
Everyone cut themself..

Lou 4d

To be a Poet,
One must kill them self slowly,
To be an Artist,
One must kill them self fast,
To be a Musician,
One must kill them self in time,
To be a human,
One just dies.

We are not just human.
We are sacrifices

Humanity remembers all but one.
Domagoj 4d

My heart shatter in many pieces,
with one I slit mine own throat,
whenever I call you
you will hear me gargle with blood,
although you never loved me.

My mind is crowded with darkness,
gunshot illuminate my ugly face,
whenever I write you
letters will be splattered with blood,
although you never loved me.

My body is weak,pale and alone,
abandoned on the cold rain,
whenever I hold you
I cant feel anything,
although I never had you.

There are so many shades of my life,
and you are none of them.
There is so many pain in my life,
and you are all above them.
There are so many feelings inside me,
and yet you never care.
There are so many endings of this road,
but I choose to die in your shadow

All she can do is cry,
All she can feel is pain.
No one even dare to take her hand.
Sobbing, she wants to leave.
Saying to herself, it's easier to die than to survive and live.
Bang! Kills herself.

SabreLi Dec 8

Dear Tragedy, we meet again.
One day your reign of terror will end.

Why the cruelty, why all the lies?
It's like you build up my hope just to watch it die
Why all the anger, why all the grief?
Can't you see I'm dying, will there be no relief?

Each challenge you bring I rise above
Time and again but it's never enough
Your chaos I'll fight whatever the cost
If only for the sake of those I've lost

You raise the ante with each move you make
But you've taken so much there's no heart left to break

You chisel away until cracks develop
They merge together until fractures envelope
All of my soul, all of my mind
Little of me remains 
Bitterness and pain
I'll pay you back in kind

Why the deception, why won't you cease?
Where is my redemption, is there no release?
Why do you haunt me day after day,
And why don't any of my prayers keep you away?

The damage you cause I try to contain
But it's never enough, it's always in vain
I want to fight on but I'm tired inside
For all that I know I've already died

Again the bar's raised, now too much is at stake
Cos now you've taken so much there's no heart left to break

And sometimes I wonder, what have I become?
Is your victory complete now that I am so numb?
None of my soul, none of my mind
Nothing of me remains
But my shell will fight again
I'll pay you back in time

Dear Tragedy, we meet again
One day your reign of terror will end.

Copyright © 2017 SabreLi

I've been away from writing for almost a year now and I am facing some tragedy currently, which has prompted me to write again.
Tori Dec 5

"I am enough"
She said to the mirror,
Dull eyes gazing back
Her reflection recreating regal
That coming so naturally before, now were cracked

"I am beautiful"
She said, with silver tears
Brimming in her eyes
In the daytime she was Clepatra
Aching for affirmation, filled with dirty lies

Standing in her own presence
No lines so sweetly versed
No role to be rehearsed
Fists clenched, lips tightly pursed
Oh beautiful tragedy! you lost your identity...
the ache is stayed with the plunge of a blade
breaching  the chasm which once held your heart

Wearing a perfect facade can eat away at you until you loose who you are.
Nicole Dec 7

lurking in the dark,
i sit and watch him from my secret hole by his side,
even though he claims to be a piece of trash that deserves
the look of a blind eye.
i cannot help the way the shape of his face
causes the fire in the pit of my stomach to roar,
or how his tragic words
slip and slide into the depths of my mind,
losing themselves to the maze so that they may never leave.
he has found his place in the world
among the things i hold close to my heart,
and he may not realize
what he has done,
but he will always find his way to me now.

Tony Ortiz Dec 4

The Mind and Heart had settled in but a lot had changed,
The Heart kept her scars hidden because they felt strange,
The Mind was more experienced with life's twists and turns,
But unfortunately, The Mind was never one to learn.
He may have had knowledge given by The Wise,
But The Mind never truly understood the compromise,
He didn't understand that The Heart was still timid,
But he knew her passions is what made her so vivid.
She was clear to him; completely transparent,
And told him about her dream that they'd one day be parents,
But something came over The Mind and he lost his wings,
He became numb, and started hearing things,
Terrible visions started to occur,
And when he tried to speak it'd come out as jumbled slur,
But he kept it hidden until it was clear to her,
There was something wrong with someone dear to her.
She became concerned and questioned The Mind,
Until she learned the truth, which wasn't too kind:
He'd been hearing things, whispers from the dark,
Spewing awful words that were ripping him apart.
Unsure what to do, she sat him down and silenced his whispers,
Before she understood this was the work of,
The Gifters.

Tragic Tales 2 begins now.

Human Potential
Rotting like carrion or road kill
Out there on the Streets of  Denver
Some of them might have been Bar Mitzvahed.
Some of them might have gotten married.
Some of them might have served in the United States Military,
But it doesn't matter,
'Cause when they hit a snag  in Life.
The Mental Health System just wanted to profit off of them
With their Toxic Pharmaceuticals.
And  they end up looking like  Human Trash on the Streets.
One needs to be careful to avoid stepping on their  rotting carcasses
When one steps out of the #15 East Colfax Bus.

I don’t love him
But oh, does it feel nice to be loved
To feel the warmth in his arms
The beating of his heart
It’s killing me to feel this way
Because I miss your love
Miss the smiles you gave me
The way you made me sing
But when you can’t love unconditionally
Why bother at all?
I don’t love him
Like I love you
Don’t want to be with him
Like you
But he doesn’t care about being with me
Being seen holding hands
He just wants to love me
And what’s so wrong with that?
He’s caring and kind
Things you always were to me
But the shadows that we hide in
Are screaming at me
I just want to be with you
Happy and alone
But that’s so fucking hard
When you refuse to let it show

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