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D A W N 17h
and so i gave cupid back the arrow.
your kisses were cold.
What if you meet
Your soulmate
At 11th hour

Feel the pain
Genre: Dark
Theme: When nothing matters
I float out of mind, or the visages of time
Born from the gusts of a star’s mighty stillness
I fly to a sphere of lovers and mimes
Still, no one can bear to notice my dress

Dear- she is silent, yet stands so close
The eyes pierce my body, smiling fro
The human gaze is one of repose
Is there something the cosmos did not show?

I'm an actor! The Guile! Kaleidoscopic motion!
In the midst of monotony, the lumbering locomotives
I laugh on stained tiles, I'm a star of devotion!
Know me, fools! My essence is votive!

O vile and veiled stage, which I perform under!
Is my passion redundant, and my words so tasteless?
This is my dream, that fate struck asunder
I can't feed myself at my worst or my best

I think I will go back to star Sirius' caress.

Years- the passing of time
Insurmountable to my looping eye
Not so much as a dent in their grime
The vice of the purpose, unhinged by a sigh

What can one choose to bear
When ******* the clasp of cosmic hands
When all one sees are fleeting stares
And their last teacher is time’s command

Not a single ear hears
Not a single voice cheers
No hands, free to jeer
For I am not here

The joke is as old as the star that birthed me
As careless as a rampant sea
Tatiana Dec 9
Two monarchs cross paths
dancing around eachother.
With words so airy,
one should know to be wary
of what will be said next.

"How does your son fair?"
"Fairs as well as yours I presume."
"Yours always had a knack for flair."
"Yours always could wow a room."

Disguised insults spoken.
Each compliment flapped away with wings
that carry the monarch to their next test.
Where they'll see which flowers they like best.
To gather in support of their queens.

"You know what would be tragic?"
"Why do you continue to speak?"
"If a son were to fall to magic,
before his heart could take a beat."

The two monarchs parted ways.
Promises rolling off their tongues
as sweet as the nectar they drank.
But were designed to attack the other's rank.
Their success depends on the other's defeat.

Conversation stalls as the monarchs fly home.
On wings decorated so finely.
Each of their thoughts seem to turn towards their sons
Just caterpillars before their transformations.
Weaving their chrysalis with determination.

Though they're far apart
the monarchs speak the same words

"I fear for you, my son, in this great world,
Our reign can never last for long.
But I wish for you to have your chance
To encapture the world in a trance
With a grace bestowed upon your wings
I wish for you to make others sing.
For I've seen the tragedy of the other king
Just before transformation
I saw a caterpillar die in its chrysalis."

"I saw a caterpillar die in its chrysalis,"

"I saw a caterpillar die..."

"My son, that has made all the difference."
Blake Dec 8
So go ahead
Write your poems
Sing your songs
Make mistakes
Or right your wrongs
Drink your beer
Smoke your ****
Deal with the pain
However you need

Cause at the end of the day
They’re all strategies
Used to cope
With life’s tragedies
How can we
Even think we won’t be casualties
We are the tragedies of life

We are coping tragedies
Find a strategy
To fade away
The pain of day
To drown the thoughts
Of why we’re lost
And why we don’t seem to want to be found
Unless we’re found in the ground
No longer capable of sound.
I’m getting way worse.  I don’t even try to hide my arm anymore. My mother has seemed to stop caring.
Zoe Renee Dec 7
in a perfect world,
i am not plagued with ever-present sorrow
i am not a hostage to my own emotions
i am not a caretaker to the rationalization of loss
in a perfect world,
my desire to jump headfirst isn’t tinged with shattered memories of abandonment
my "I love you’s" aren’t followed up with a thought of when those words will eventually fade into nothing
my body isn’t marked by those who did not love me
in a perfect world,
i get along with my father
i see my sister and my brother as often as i’d like
and all the things i now consider a "broken family" do not have definitions to me
in a perfect world,
my mom watches me graduate college
she watches me walk down the aisle in a white wedding gown
she is there to witness the birth of my children
and gush about how elegant their names are
and how much they look like me
in a perfect world,
my mom is just a phone call away
never unreachable due to night or day
and i have an unlimited amount of "I love you’s" for the rest of our lives
but this isn’t a perfect world
and that, i’ve come to accept
i just hope when i scream "I love you" to the stars,
she hears me.
Before the world calls again
We must make amends with the wind
Look not towards, turn around
Learn to challenge your mound
The world is erupting in earnest
Pearls rim the bulletproof vests
Another bay of mammals
Stripped of their enamel

Watchful eye, clockmaker
***** hands on blood bakers
Stagnant relics of the past
Wailing worms on salted masts
Crowded church, bullet tears
Limping for the flaking fears
Mountains bring a gilded path
For the saints, a shallow bath

Handcuffed legs, boarded hands
Folded on a calm command
Rotting hope, livid arms
For the magnate, no alarm
Bracket helm, grainy green
Swords are drawn on gabardines
No *** will eat a tear
And dead they flow, winded pier

Dead they crow, winded pier

Billowed fire, riverside
Cower under thickened hides
Excess arms upon the dock
Sandinista on the rock
Triggers sold in tragedy
Lilting light, youth will cease
Leaders sleep in padded wells
Suffer mother, drink from ****

Here’s the hero, banner flown
Ruby paper, nature grown
Skeptic in the eye of rhye
***** comics sing to die
The site is exiled from the shore
Stricken by a fiery pore
Steel-laced curtains, hesitance
Infidels in happenstance

Here is fortune, there lays war
I have sold a solid car
Husband creaks, mother moans
Children bred to take a bone
With a blonded, slanted eye
Astronauts will learn to fly
All the while, a preacher seeks
A pinstriped caddie and a freak

I am born and I am weak
Sam Dec 3
Absence makes the heart grow fonder,
Is a thing they always say,
But every time I leave you,
My heart beats slower everyday,

The fondness hadn’t sprouted,
Like a lily pad in spring,
It was  more like a melancholic mold,
With power to destroy everything.

I love you and You love me too,
And every day speak,
And when times are good they’re good,
But when times are bad they’re bleak.

The thing about our distance,
You say this is our “fate”,
But when something bad happens,
I’ll be there...
7 hours too late.
Arianna Dec 2
'Twas but a moment:
The Law of a Moment
In all its force




     In a moment, and not

                                     A moment more.
A short tribute to the element of immediacy characteristic of tragedy, the sudden finality which at once sows the deep-seated anguish of tragic experience, and facilitates the catharsis necessary for triumph over suffering, "having learned not the meaning of suffering but what it means to experience it truly and unexpectedly for the first, though not the last, time".

(In quotes: excerpt from a fantastic book/collection of essays called "The Tragic Abyss", editor Glenn Arbery)
Mary Frances Nov 28
He loved her
with everything he had,
with everything that was left of him.
He promised his heart to her.
Told her to call his name
whenever she needed him.
She never knew that was the last time.
And as he took his last breath
in the darkest alley,
it was her name on his lips.
But she didn't hear and
she would never know.
Not now, not ever.
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