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Perhaps I was never meant to be the hero of my story.
Heroes always die.
But I am still here
I can only wonder when it will be over.

Or if I am to be the tragic antagonist
In the story of another.
But one thing I can confirm
Is that heroes are never happy.

And regardless of whether I am
I certainly will meet a tragic end.
That's always how these things go.
I don't think my story was written with a happy ending in mind.

And thus one day
Just when things feel like they're finally
Finally going right for me.
I'm going to collapse again.

Maybe it is time for me to accept that things won't get better
and that they're only going to get worse from here.

Tragic Comedy kinda beat.
Kath Apr 26
Once there was a lonely crow,
Who fell in love with the nightingale's broken soul
Bewitched by his otherwordly beauty and frailty
She yearned for his song to possess of her body

The nightingale fell in love with the crow's genuine affection
Of how she visited every day to listen to his misfortunes
She accepted his whole being despite of his imperfections
A broken bird like him doesn't deserve to have salvation

They shared a special bond, no one in this world could understand
One moment of their affection is eternity in Time's hand
The two understood that Fate abhorred their unlikely passion
And one night, they knew, everything came to a conclusion

"Sing with me, my love", the nightingale hums
"For this is a memorable night  I wish that would last"
The crow who does not sing, sang a song full of love
Two incompatible birds wove their melodious sounds

"Will you hold my hand while I sleep?", the tired nightingale pleads
The crow nodded her head, not looking at his misery
While holding his hand, she promised of unending songs of devotion
The nightingale closed his eyes and dreamed of their reunion
Moonwriter Apr 22
One thing I never had
was a kind dad

I wish a lot that I could’ve
But as I ponder over the

And realize that without that
I would be the teen I am today

But like most boys
I still wish to have a dad

That wouldn’t hurt or hit me as bad
and that would be there for me

Cause my life hasn’t been easy
but I am thankful for those who
we’re there

In the times of darkness but I can’t stop

I have never had many great experiences with my dad and I wish things could change.
alexis Apr 22
write me a tragedy
and i'll write the tale of you and i-
i will build you cathedrals and palaces of words
and burning infernos of our love-
leave trails of ash onto each page
and give us a bittersweet end
so that you may realize the words i spill out will burn you-
that to love a poet- to love me-
i make my tragedy yours
22 avril 2021
02:24 am
alexis Apr 21
four things to know he's in love with you.
1.) he looks at you as if you're the sun.
2.) he will follow you anywhere.
3.) he will love you too much to let go.
4.) he will want you to be the last thing he see's before he goes to sleep

four things to know he's in love with you.
1.) he looks at you as if you're the sun- you're the centre of his universe and oh so beautiful.
2.) he will follow you everywhere- you wished he would stay away just this once
3.) he will love you too much to let go- you don't want him to let go.
4.) he will want you to the last thing he sees- you will be, before the water lulls him to sleep
avril 21. 2021
17:25 pm
Lil Moon Moon Apr 15
The hero dies at the end of this story
We all know how it goes
The same old song goes on and on
So strap in and raise your chins
Its a scene we already know
The hero dies at the end of the story
And were left wondering
What even was the point of it all?
It's in my nature
amplified by my behavior
You can't change me
You can't be my savior

We are past the tragedy
and I am "normal" ever since
Don't be fooled by words
you won't ever be my prince
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people.
Behind the mask, another full of lies.
In the rambling  tongue a vile disguise.
The vial now broken, blemished, exposes a burning cleft,
Don't talk to me, for in you I have no trust left.

Time now passes, as in Helheims Depths.
Falling rubble, the ringing bell, rapid partings in the mellow tears that fell.
No more words, my 'friend', please go to hell.
Someody hurt you?, Fake freinds , fake lovers or anyone hiding their true nature.
It's for them.
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