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It was not true, the sky was pouring flood.
It was true and all around with tearing blood.

He was dying next to rusted royal region.
His father frozen the anguish to painful tragedy.
Maybe April light will exhaust.
His heart with its cruel.
Ray, removed his key to intuitive rude.

In this part of the story he was the one who
Dies, the only one, and he died in regretful
Prove Tsar’s emotion. He with Love, in fire and blood.
There are no time to farewell for Russia’s Tsar.  

And we don't know Russia and the Russian Tsar
never did lie to each other.

(Because there’s history, and then there’s art, patterns rotate.)
Regarding the Repin’s “Ivan the Terrible, we look at the Patterns in the theme of modernity
selina Apr 9
the romantics
after meeting you
will idealize love

the poets
after loving you
will romanticize loss
Chloe LeBoeuf Mar 31
I got up because I was hurt /
She kept riding him /
She never checked on me /
She never stopped kissing him /
I should have known then.

Is it because I establish no boundaries /
Is it because I love too much /
I always knew in my gut this was coming /
I just never wanted it to be us.

I am a magnet to tragedy /
The only protection would be isolation /
Would that not be a tragedy too?

This world has not been nice to me /
It places people in my life
who can choose to walk away /
The key here is that they both knowingly made that decision /
Is it something about me,
or is it a shared trait between them?

My biggest fear is to be the person who leaves /
To have the ability to turn my back on three beings who love me /
Perhaps I bring out their selfishness /
I give all of myself to this world /

To the calm evening sea that will sink a ship in the morning /
To the rolling South Dakota hills that are bound to host tornados /
To the craggy tipped Oregon mountains that are inevitably going to erupt /
To the nimble cougar that will find its next meal /
To the swaying shark that is going come in contact with a human again /
To her naked ******* that are no longer mine to hold /
To her sweet smile that is not mine to see.

She was my partner aimlessly /
But alas I lost her to the wind /
I was so afraid of losing her,
I let her do whatever she wanted /
I let go of the leash with the intent of enclosing history.

I wish I could go back /
I would have just bought a longer ******* leash.
coqueta Mar 23
A girls beauty only exists as an extant form of a decay
The ****** gets down on her knees to pray
that God delivers her a good good man
to come, and demand, for her hand in marriage
A girls beauty will never exist as long as her lips haven’t tasted true love’s kiss
her legs are long and bare and
her face is rosy, fair
and that silky hair can be wound around his rough calloused fingers
The beauty of girlhood is being used
Desiring love and being pursued
And if he doesn’t think I’m beautiful? Do I have any worth at all?
Lost innocence is a beauty (a sweet sweet tragedy) so utterly unattainable, (only for those girls with their blue bell eyes and their waif-ish thighs) I’m left to wonder
am I even a woman
at all?
Carlo C Gomez Mar 17
A room lives in Zoria
And also the trees
At a critical distance
She seeks their shelter
An abiding solace
To wash free
To swim sea
Who can blame
The suffering of her stream
Whether it be
A time for hanging on
Or a time for passing
Let the waters come
And overtake her
Flooding her with
Safeguarding arms

For those suffering in Ukraine
Stalwart Dull Feb 11
9th day of February I was happy
5 times, I wish you were here
Breaths heavily on count of 3
But after this is another three
0% possibility that somebody will help me
As I passed out around 6
I heard your voice called me 3 times
8 steps to follow your voice
But there's no one to see, it's 0 visibility
Because the 9th day of February ended sorrowfully —tin🍃
To my young eyes
To my innocent heart
I remember the world was a blueprint on canvas
It was a dream undreamt
It was a song unsung
As if in a crib, I looked about me at the stars of the cities
Constellations of people hung about
Their wounds and aches, joys and laughter, were the myths
Like the Zodiacs, groups of these people
Could define a person
Yet believing myself undefined, I strode out from shelter
Untamed, I ventured to find my purpose
A purpose that would shake the mountain
Rain down the ash of winter
Smother the pits below my dreams
Cull the nightmares that stoke my fears
I waited
I waited, I waited
I tell you the waiting became my purpose
Finally, there, in the clutch of time, I found my calling
I will tell you all of the waiting
I will tell you, don't wait...

Don't wait for the door to ring
or the latch to unlock

Do not wait for the song to play
or the band to sit

Open the door
Be the composer
Be the pilot of your dreams, be the chieftain, be the god

While waiting for what I could be
I saw everyone else become

With the zeal of their hearts
I saw them build, I saw them grow
This one built a nest
That one stitched a doll
Now the doll's a mannequin and my waiting missed the change

I waited for the waiting to end
I waited for the wanting to decide
I waited for foe or friend
I waited until
there was nothing left inside

Where is the zeal of my heart
The timbre of my soul
I lost the sight, the sound, the love
because waiting took its toll...
Ultimately, I started this poem because I wanted a poem title that started with the letter 'Z' since I didn't have one. That's important, LOL. So important I got inspired, hopped off to a grand beginning, then got lost and saved this poem in a draft. That was May 2021. I was lost then, I realize.
The "timbre of my soul" had quieted. In mourning, it was still.

Yet today, January 21st, 2022, I managed to finish this poem. I opened it up, felt the passion in the words and just went at it. I'm quite satisfied not only with this poem but with the fact I finished it. Finishing, or even starting, longer poems has been a struggle for me.
Writing has been a struggle, all in all. But I will not let the fire die.
That is the one thing I owe myself.

Keep writing. Even if I am starving, in pain, destitute, heartbroken, wrathful, sick, lonely, terrified, abused, blind, crippled, persecuted, villainized, disillusioned, cheated, imprisoned, shackled, insane, exiled, abandoned, lost, confused, desperate, paralyzed, dying, I will do it. I will keep writing.
Latina1813 Dec 2021
so im here to baby sit while u cry over ur
non ex
ex cause me
I dont buy it
I won't even waste my change on it
u can't change
I won't even give u a tip
ur just a cosmic tragedy
let ur emotions
dictate ever single movement
and that's why I cant see thru the *******
sorry but I got 30/20 vision
In both eyes
sometimes in my dreams
I can see our destiny's
yet u still here lying about the present
can't u see it hurts me to see
the truth come true
it's resilient
I see a truth 30/20 vision
dat u just can't accept
or admit to
telling u the end of us  begins with you
you just can't actually be true
u just can't actually be genuine
I pity you
a tragic comedy
something outta a Shakespearean tragedy.
Gill S Dec 2021
My grandparents gave me a holiday card.
My grandfather wrote in it, "stay young as long as possible so we can watch you grow for a little longer."
In the card, they put a $20 bill for me to keep.

How ironic that they tell me to stay young then hand me the social construct of deconstruction; of internal combustion.
Part of being young is not understanding social constructs, like money, class, privilege.
Please don't hand me money if you want me to stay the way I am.

I truly do want to stay young, though. I want to stay oblivious.
It's hard when you hand me the world's struggle in the form of paper and tell me to stay happier for longer so you may have the privilege of watching my joy and be delighted for it.

ramenoodle Dec 2021
I've been screaming it in your face
End me before I do the same to you
If I had met you before
Would we still end up this way?
Before I went down this path
I could have turned around into your arms
Yet one of us must meet the cold embrace of death
by the point of the knife that each of us directs at the other
chaste kisses we share with knives digging into our hearts
we share a love
we share a hate
but our goals clash and so do our lives
we both will lose
but only one loses their life

Why did you hesitate?
If you give me an inch I'll take all that you love
End me swiftly and let me feel your love one last time
tender words we whisper in secret
glances we take when no one is looking
even our dances of death together is an act of love
a love doomed is better than none at all
our time was meant to be short
we can't come out together
your hands shake as your sword digs deeper into my skin
Don't you dare pull back

don't cry
if you can't bear to blacken your heart
I'll do it for you
After all I can't let my darkness touch your light
Just one tug inwards and I can finally rest in your arms

Let's meet again in another life
I'll give you my heart without the ugliness of the world clouding my intentions
I'll live for you
my hands won't ****
We'll embrace until our hair turns silver
In every life after that one we'll be together
just not this one
The villain kills themselves during their last fight with the hero.
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