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Bea 11h
How can I forget

The person that shares my

Favorite memories
see how dangerous

there's it
something blue
blackberry, pourrait être allergy


for this stone rolls
lo que alguna vez fue
and who's he become

allow me to enter
impel for break
me bridge before crossing

bit gold in youth
voiceless impressions
a loose tooth, some indent

i finally die
on top the mausoleum
behind a mezzanine

see how dangerous
there's you
i lift you into the sky

mountain zeus from this view,
may i fill your heart with pain?
with no cause to doubt
my belly protrudes.

I surrender.
Jeremy Betts Mar 29
Comedy and tragedy never seem to be distributed evenly
Not sure destiny would even recognize me
Nor I it honestly
But could it, would it, should it be able too avoid me deliberately?
Surely if I coulda, I woulda and probably shoulda taken it more seriously
I know this is my millionth apology,
That's not lost on me
I'm so sorry that I happen to be so sorry
If you could find it in your heart too forgive me
It'd be
Just another thing that I envy
For all of eternity

Bea Mar 28
Will the ghost of you

Haunt me if I cannot let you go

After you leave me
Bea Mar 24
I'm going to miss you.

For days, months, years;
For the rest of my life.

I am going to miss you.

I am sure you will invade my thoughts when I least expect it.
Like when I drink my morning coffee, find a new song or book, or when I hear a laugh similar to yours.

I am going to miss you.

Many things do not last,
But I know my thoughts, feelings, and memories of you will never die.

Even though, at times, I will not want to,
I am going to miss you.
Bea Mar 22
Despite of every

Little thing you put me through

I loved you selflessly
between resilience and vulnerability

sit on the grass with me
bury me

please offer

eyes, sanguine

could we turn the fan down

in stone glib

useless word
useless blue world

wet from concrete
we but cement
Bea Mar 19
Love with you was different,
but you still played me.
Like every person you claimed not to be.
Bea Mar 18
I've had enough loss

In this life and the next life

That has yet to come
eat one and behold the rot of majesty
one can, one chemical

measures of sickness
surround my building

& valiantly
you take from me

a set of lights
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