As The Mind and The Heart left the scene of the crime,
The found themselves in the center of time.
The Universe spoke through The Hearts dark eyes,
And never ceased to fail to give The Mind surprise.
When The Wise passed, he gave The Mind experience,
But all this knowledge at once made him delirious.
The images he made were vivid and abstract,
He thought he signed some sort of crooked contract,
That would make his pictures lose their beauty,
The Heart put it to rest with a simple, "Looks good to me.
Nothing you've written has ever read bad,
And none of your images ever look sad.
You're an amazing artist, creator and partner.
Me and you together will bring the world much farther."
The Mind was set at ease with such kind words,
And to show his gratitude he created her a record.
A tally board with every word to describe her,
Each word was her drug, and The Mind her prescriber.
The Mind gave The Heart one final kiss,
Before the sky collapsed into this moment of bliss.
The world stopped turning, and time began to freeze,
And in this last moment, The Mind dropped to one knee.
The Heart became teary eyed and as soon as she said yes,
Every clock in the universe stopped making progress.

The Tragic End to our Tragic Tales,
Despite it all, The Mind and Hearts' love never failed.
In a cruel world, filled with only The Mindless,
The Mind met The Heart, and together became,
The Timeless

The final chapter of Tragic Tales

Dealers of death and folly,
Fun and failure,
The stores of fast food,
And Walmarts,
Dealing goods for demonic corporate,
Bringing the people to rely,
Upon a cold unfeeling building,
To supply them with goods,
Long gone the times,
Of man forging his own way,
In his own life,
A tragedy,
Of Modern times.

Time strikes hard like the hammer of a jackknife
Cutting through the fabric of your lifeline
Entwined in loops, so many one forgets those stories that were once not tales to tell but the life you experienced.

And another second passes by
And you look all about
And you take a deep breathe
And the hammer knocks another nail like the infamous stake through the heart of the dead who are living life forever and forever ever mourning the mistake they once made to stop time in place, stop the hammering knocking down the rails, to stop the round and round to live life in one endless night

A vampire I am not, but Bram Stoker was a genius, in his writings it was he who caught the stunning beauty that is the tragedy of time.

Remmy 6d

the world is sad

the deaths are constant

the heartbreaks are like twigs breaking beneath tiny childrens feet

the catastrophic events are like birds flying overhead, swooping down occasionally

the violence, like sparks from the fire that burns in all of us

that fire burns within all of us

until it doesnt

it can suddenly flicker

and it can grow colder and colder

till is coal and cold

i wonder if the birds beaks like the taste of tiny childrens feet

if the sparks fuel the joyful jog of children till the beaks swoop down and eat them whole

i wonder if the forests fires scare the birds into the air

swarms flying flying flying

air full of beating wings

children crying

people screaming

bodies falling

bodies lying

birds swooping

birds eating

bodies dissapearing

smaller bodies wondering

small cries fill the air

crackles of fire join them

hear the sound

smell the smell

I hear it makes some ill

But Im so used to it by now ive stopped plugging my nose

the smell of charred flesh is near me

surrounds me

is me


I mourn you for all
that was stolen
I mourn you for all
that was lost

I mourn you that
You were betrodden
Until nothing was
left that once was

Your life had
a beautiful reason
You can't be accused
of living in vain

Your days were made full
of goodness that's lasting
Yet the tragedy of all
that's about you remains

Cry me
because I'm here
without you
Cry you
because you're
gone far away
Cry We
that we lost
all We treasured

I mourn Your loss
forever somewhere
beyond my very last day.




Happy Birthday to you.
Wow, I thought you would be dead by now.
I would have thought the demons got to you to.
I have to ask out of genuine curiosity; how?

How did you make it out?
It was an eventful year, it caused such a commotion.
Last time I saw you, you were crying with blood running down your arms from that night's bout.
I smiled as I saw you bow down to the self inflicted corruption.

Were you too scared to go even more deep?
I tried to settle into your skin and bones.
I thought the numbness would have seeped.
Silly, you should have welcomed me home!

I brought a glass vase just for you!
A little house warming gift as it's called.
Did you shatter and cut yourself with those pieces to?
I'm sure your crazed, clumsy little head made it topple and fall.

I knew it would come into use.
Though, I think I should be taking all the credit.
Of course, it was you who tortured yourself with such abuse.
Nevertheless, you turned my whispers into actions, and actually did it.

You were such a fool, you know.
How long did they keep you in that white jacket?
You had everything going for your life and you let that blow.
Remember when your wrists had a red stained blanket?

And who could forget your half-assed attempt to making your exit, what a show!
I honestly don't know what you were afraid of.
You could have just went through with it, you had the power to, you know.
I knew I should have gave you that much needed shove.

The chair was the only thing holding you back.
Your suicide note written by yours truly.
Your will to die was the only thing you lacked.
And you have failed, so I had to become your bully.

Unbelievably, you made it through another year.
I'm honestly shocked, but I will come back stronger.
I'll kill you little by little, until you are dead, my dear.
But please, don't worry, it won't be much longer.

Enjoy this triumphant day, it'll be the last before I come for your heart.
Until then,
With death shall we impart.

Sincerely, your old friend.

PS, don't forget to blow your candles and make a wish.
Let your soul whisper its impose.
And please don't stop flattering the Reaper for a kiss.
He truly loves those.

A Happy Birthday card from the underground.
Sam Aug 9

He stood there by the shore
The mighty, glacial, lake before him
He stood there with a rose
Tightly in his grasp
His clothes weren't clean
He hadn't shaved in a week
But that rose was of prestige

As the tears slid down his cheek
The rose fell to the water
His lips began to quiver
He spoke only four words
A simple reply to the three she used to say
"Daddy misses you too"

I truly despise
This cruel disguise
placed upon me

In circles, I run
from evil I have done
But I am not free.

I am terrified
of this roller coaster ride
going faster until it suffocates me

My depression and anxiety
my never ending insanity
this will all be the death of me

I want to be alive
But I am deprived
of oxygen and sleep

How do I go about this
turning these scars into bliss?
The end times is all I see

I cannot choose
I'm always bound to lose
And a loner I will always be

I cant see any escapes from this
and only Death can put me to ease with his kiss
Someone, anyone, please, help me...

my mind has been constantly racing with so many thoughts, it's bound to shut down completely.
Nicole Eden Aug 3

lying in the hospital bed
his arm soft yet wrinkled
i kissed him
  a smile on his face
told us he could beat it
covered in a soft blue blanket
his failing organs
surrounded by those who love him dearly
he smiled
we came and left
and now
he has come and left

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