Axelia Jul 12
There is a bright light
That which leads to a bike
An enchanting, gravitating and inticing light

I found myself reaching for it
Then there was thunder
Which was followed by rain
Heavy, threatning rain

I retreated
I felt defeated
The surrender and defeat, however could not withstand
My gravitation towards the bike

Then, there was raging thunder
And heavy, presistent protesting rain
As I reached for the bike
The rain became more enraged

But it could not withstand
My desire
My strong desire
To ride away
With the wind blowing in my face

I grabbed the bike
The rain ceased
And I rode and rode away
Away from the dark clouds

I splashed into the puddles as I peadled
I felt the sting of the water on my legs
There were many many puddles

Im my path there was a hill
A very steep hill
And I saw a light at the top
An enchanting, gravitating and inticing light

I peadled, peadled and peadled
My feet began to ache
My knees began to inflame
And sweat found home across my forehead

The bike laid almost still on the hill
Barely moving an inch
Yet my body felt like it had rode across the world

The gears were changed
Yet the distance was not
My control of the bike was lost

I rolled away, away and away
I fell at the bottom of the hill with a thud
A loud thud of defeat
And bruises of failure

I blamed the rain
There was nothing I could've done
The rain stood in my way
Eliminated the friction  
My ticket to the light

I laid there

Then I got up
Rode the bike up the hill
I fell again  
And again I got up
And again I fell
And again I got up
And again I fell

Until the bright morning sun
Transformed into a blazing sunset
After many falls
After many bruises
I was again on the steep hill
Peadling, peadling and peadling
Until I saw the light
This is my very first poem so if anyone actually sees this some constructive criticism would be very helpful!
Do not stop if you suffer defeat after defeat
Do not stop if someone does not support you
Do not stop if you're lost and confused

Oooh oh ooh

Never gonna stop

Never Never Gonna Stop
Never Never Gonna Stop
Never Never Gonna Stop

Do not stop if not confident in their work
Do not stop if you are overtaken by disaster

Oooh oh ooh

Never gonna stop
Never Never Gonna Stop
Never Never Gonna Stop

Amanda Jun 30
Not everyone can recover
In ways which are deemed
I should know.
I have tried.
But the alcohol will always
Defeat me.

It’s gentle embrace will always
Wash away the bruises
Permanently etched into my

It’s caressing touch will always
Help me to forget
How he said my name,
How he touched me,
How he turned my life upside down.

I know the bottle is not the answer,
I have tried to leave it behind. But
No matter how hard I try,
The bottom of the bottle will always be my solace,
My safe place,
The only constant I have left.
It is the only way I know how to go on.
Navahopi119 Jun 21
The hour grows late.
The silence sets in.
The Night haunts me again once again.
Rest alludes me and sleep is but a
     broken dream.
Hope foolishly placed in a 'morrow
     that may not come.
Suffocating and broken it lays.
That which was once me.
For I am no longer, but what
     nightmare my fear feeds.
Kelly O'Toole Jun 21
Like a thorn in the side twists, turns, shifts, thugs at my pride, who am I and why?
Forget to be, forget to try. Sigh, deny and try, oh try, to find out who am I?

Struggle to reach. Struggle to come to grip with reality. You see all these expectations get laid on me, I cant seem to find my feet.

Even in finding my feet, defeat. Defeating my mind and steeped and bleeding, I'm blind and beat.
I'm beating the blinds, the street, it limits the finds and eats, it eats at my mind.

But rise to my feet, I will. Beat my way through, I do. The passing days, they may get all hazy. But I got a vision, I do.

Clear as unmuddied water, that vision peaks and from the merky pool hope leaks. Not made that of odour which reeks, rather perfume which speaks to those bold, brave, not weak.
Who on top of a mountain sits and seeks and stands on the ocean before they may sink and know their song well before they dare speak.

Hope keeps us hooked. Pain gives us drive. For that, I will swallow my pride. My dignity beat, battered and bruised. But my reputation in tact.
My strenght unmatched. Unmask myself I will. Through this treacherous journey, I shall grace salvation, to find my inner will.

And with journey abound to destination unknown leaving that hope, strenght and will for events which have thrown light into the tunnel. Illuminating the stone which sits on the temple of freedom and soul, spirit, freewill, autonomy, suddenly realisation that still ...
Still I am me.
A poem wrote in collaboration with my good friend Johnathon about the journey to one finding their true identity.
Toxic world
Toxic people
Toxic masculinity
Toxic relationships
People turn to their dogs for love
And stop investing in other people,
Causing the toxicity
To increase.
Spencer Smith May 22
It holds me down with an iron fist.
At least that's what I tell myself.
It pins me to my bed,
Not letting me get up to do anything.

I finally defeat it,
But he is not a forgiving force and he keeps pulling me down.
I want to get up,
But it's strength is more then I can handle.

I just want you to leave me alone,
Though if I'm being logical,
I'm not sure if you're the thing holding me down,
But if you are as John Mayer would say,
"Gravity, stay the hell away from me."
E l l e May 14
I've been swimming all my life.

Treading; Floating.

Inside the infinity of all infinity pools.

Yet I never learned how to swim-

                                                                              Until I learned
                                                                              I could drown.
You never learn how to fight until you've been beaten.
White was it in the end
no colour, no
the pale skin
an uneasy peace
frightened with shadows
what in the end it came as white
a stream of light
in the night.

Changed what could not be
disturbed yet still
alive to see the shine
the sun, this morning
cheerful to come with all the might
the end of darkness
but then the life left.

White moon flowers in the garden
wilted after fighting the night
all remains was
the feeling of the defeat
prominent after the victory
all the black dressed gathered
speaking kind words
of how she won the night
and died despite.
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