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Oh my!
             He is in terrible agony.
                  The weight of his sorrow poisons his anatomy.
                ­                              Pathetic..
                        ­              Useless..
       ­           Abandoned..
            He feels all these things.
       Let me place my hand on my heart and his;
I can feel it.

Oh my..
Darkness oppresses his resolve;
many demons have followed him.

                                    "H̫̩̪̪͕͈̀a̸̙͔̺̜̞̮̤r̮̗̀m­͍̭̯̟̫͓ y͢o̴͉̱͓̞͚͖̞u͎̣͙͈̺r̨̠̦̰̼̼s̠͎̬̤̹̖̩e͙͘  lf̯̱.̻͉̤͈̘͙"
    ­                                                                 ­   "K̫̹̺̻̣̬̯i̫͎̳̦̩l͇͙̞̳̘l̰̪̳̗̠̙̜ ͉̝̺͙̥͇͟y̕ͅo̙̮͓ͅu̟r̹̞͍̠̫͇̗s͓̞͇̥͚e̥̳͖  ͕lf҉̩".̙͈̠̼̭͇ͅ

      ̥"Ma̭͎­k̷̜̰̙̗̖̼e̘̣̳ͅ ̲̲t͍̯͕̱̞̼h̲̥̭e͎̼̰̣̭̹̥m̨̞͕̩̺ ̤̭̲̀ć͇͎a͎ŕ̬̦̳̱̬̞ͅe͕̥̦̗̯̻.̸̰͍͓"

They are tormenting him.
                       My sweet John.
                               As he lays down with constant tears:
                                       Suffering and anguish..
                                              He needs healing.
                            Love and affection..
              He is yearning.
Desperately pleading for endearment.

She threatened to be a ghost and to be far away from him.
Yes.. my sweet John;
how terrible that must've been.
No wonder you feel pathetic and lowly..
My lovely child..

You cry.
              ­                                                Tear.

          ­                                                      Your breath is hot.

                                            Your muscles twitching.

                        Your body shuddering.

Your eyes deadening.

You cry out to your loved ones;
                                 none give you the love you so desire.
                                            You feel cheated..
                                                My darling.. Oh..
                                                      I will heal you now..
                                   Do not resist sobbing upon hearing my words.
                                Sob for me, sweet child.
                            Let me feel your tears now.
                    I am the one who will heal you.
              Bury yourself into my compassionate arms.
          Listen to my heartbeat.
     Come onto me.
   I will sing for you.
You weep louder.
You're convulsing.
Your mouth trembles.

Please leave me and him alone.
Allow him to rest.
I will heal him the way he loves.

John, my love.
                 Let me carry your frail body.
                                   Please let yourself cry.
                                         There is no longer any more danger.
                                   You're lifeless...
                  What has happened, poor child?
Severe marks scattered on the body...

                                                          Scarre­d up.
                                                             ­                             Burnt.

                            ­                                                              You­r hands
                                                                ­                      are callused.

                                                      ­  Your feet are broken.

                              Your knees are blackened.

Your elbows are grazed.
Your wrists bleed.

I will bandage you, sweetheart.
There is no painful disinfectant.
My love will heal you.

                                  Pour your soul out to me.
                                        I adore you, John.
                                        I cherish you, Jawn.

                                        I am your angel;
                                     the one you desire.
                            I will give you anything, my love.
                              You don't need them anymore.
Written during a time of horrible suffering. Enough to trigger off despair. I believe I could feel an Angel present.. saying loving words to me..
Ken Pepiton Nov 1
If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now

repeat that, mantra red neck style
drivin' down a for-real country road
with oak trees and double yellow lines,
windows all rolled down,
drivin' twenty-five…

If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now

If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now

con spiracy thee or ye and me we all you all we uns you uns

watchathank can the dumb white boy keep time,

or what?

It's a mystery t'me.
Could be.

If there was anything in the water, its's all been drunk by now
Christmas parties carried some punch when I was Junger. I'm thinkin' about rollin' back, value not price. *** rest ye merry, gentle men, wombed and un.
Shadow Dragon Oct 28
Hands leaving passionate marks
for a crying nun
that has sinned her life away.
Let her pray instead of running away.
Let her cry warm wasteful tears.
***** fingernails explore
the filthy nuns surface.
Tracing bruises
and spreading pain
from the spanking received
for being too needy.
Forming nuances of red
on the prime target.
Sweet syrup fingers
dripping down the arms
of a freshly dead man.
Defeat for the nun
who now is done.
soul Oct 23
Words spoken,
Like arrow
Just touched the heart
But as the,
The protective shied stands still
Blocked the path
Like an armour
Darkness swallowed it
In the depth
Like the other ones
Shoot with crossed heart and dead soul
Never gave a ****
Munia Islam Oct 18
Do you ever feel asthmatic?

Not in a physical way but a mental one.

Like the lungs of your heart are bursting with air but you still can't breathe.
Like you have a lot to say but no words to put it in.
Like you want to pull your hair and scratch your skin but all you can do is stare.

Do you clench your fists hard then? And grit your teeth harder?

Do you feel your eyes popping out of their sockets?

Do you get goosebumps then?

Because, I do.

Almost too often.

Em MacKenzie Oct 13
People walk on by and only glance in my direction
unaware that I am suffering from a deep rooted infection.
For don't you see that I'm painfully dying
and in the future you'll know that I could've been saved,
all it took was a simple moment of trying
and to hear the things that I always craved.

They tell you a drowning man will drag you down
but I've always been a strong swimmer,
we can easily take on another pound
just focus on the waves surfing glimmer.
Keep going, keep rowing,
don't inhale that salty sea.
The wind's blowing, exhaustion is showing,
I'll hold you up even when you can't hold me.

People walk on by and only glance in my direction
they aren't the slightest bit shocked at my self inflicted dissection.
For I desperately need to remove my organs of rot,
these days feeling just takes too much of a toll on me,
and they're so badly damaged that no customer has bought,
even when I offered them up for free.

They tell you a drowning man will drag you under
but I've always been gifted with a swift ******,
how I made it out this far truly is a wonder,
or maybe just another sad tasteless joke.
Keep going, keep towing,
don't you give up so easily.
The wind's blowing, pace is slowing,
I'll hold you up even when you can't hold me.

So call me Ismael 'cause I'm lost at sea,
was caught up in a current very swiftly,
and my white whale has lost all interest in me,
I guess there's some other place it would rather be,
than stuck in my sad excuse for company.
Do I glimpse land's salvation or am I just succumbing to insanity?
There is no more happiness
Only the pain
Exist without meaning
I'm trapped in my brain

Each day brings a struggle
I don't want to meet
A white flag; I surrender
Accept my defeat
Written: October 7, 2018

All rights reserved.
Mae Oct 5
we hate it so much when things don’t go our way. we don’t like it when people notice the bad things about us (and comments about it). we get mad when they have opposite opinions or suggestions of what we want.

and it’s normal to feel that way. normal to get annoyed, to get stressed, to feel angry, but it shouldn’t always be like that... because maybe it wasn’t just the right fit. maybe there are more things you need to learn and accept, like his/her opinions or suggestions. maybe we shouldn’t get so full of ourselves to think that we should always be right, that what we want is better. maybe we shouldn’t be like that. because theirs might be the best but because you forced yours to be right, it just gotten worse.
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