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The crooked claws of darkness clashing
Targeting my weakened soul
Upon my broken mind a'gnashing
Sizzling like scorching coals
Hope and faith they're busy slashing
Torturing with many wretched tools
As the world around me crumbles and comes down quickly crashing
How they've defeated many fools
After all is said and done

The fiery fangs of darkness mawing
Targeting my broken mind
Upon my sanity they're a'gnawing
As I'm running out of precious time
My freedom to live they are a'stalling
The hope of peace sounds so sublime
As I fall to my knees and attempt escape
By crawling Freedom sounds divine
Desperately losing the battle as I'm frequently bawling
Because I know I'm trapped inside
When all is said and done

Consumed in reckless insanity I still ponder
The depths of evil is quite the wonder
Will I be forcefully be cast a sunder
When all is said and done?
Just some thoughts I have.
A strand
Its all I've got
Some people have
Some people have not
A strand is all I've got

A strand
Its all I've got
Some people have little
Some people have lots
A strand is all I've got

A strand
Its all I've got
My strength is failing
Win? Nah, probably not
Because a strand is all I've got

A strand
That's all
That's all I've got
A strand is all I've got
This one is pretty self explanatory. I don't have much left to hold onto. I wanted to express that using as few words as possible. That way the poem structure relates to only having a strand as well. I love reading this one. Its exactly what I was after when I thought up the idea.
Mickey Sep 3
Oh honey,
We are fireflies.
Dancing in the heat of a wild campfire flame.
Nothing can defeat us.
Saint Audrey Sep 2
Fatigued of hand prints woven in the breeze
Corporeal winds tactfully stealing away decay are best left to their myopic ruination
There's no taste in the world beyond dull green hedges

Grown weary of waking, sequestered themselves in dreamy twilight, eating from otherworldly trees, evidenced by the mirth newly formed in their once glazed eyes
Mirth, though a flimsy facade, masking an ineffable cruelty malignantly circling their hearts, invoking fleeting fancy that they know all too well will lead down, down into dark, is mirth nonetheless
Perhaps the sobering drunkenness through which dust soliloquy echoes, sonnets rising like smoke through crown candy, unfurls heightened sensations
Through tactile impressions; how they approach their apex of disenchantment
Unfurling their broken spirits
Where the fay pixies dance under burning sky, their flaking flesh rises like smoke, rejoining a procession of white evening fire
Quivering with their feeding, needles against withered bark against the fire behind, marring the space between hazy, ill defined borders
The satyrs acting droll prophets of ashen groves, places where the soul becomes re-imagined
Under pinprick enteral, a serpent on every branch, danger and recompense united in a cohesive, all pervasive, cyclical motion
And it comes at all hours, and all is golden, all is fire, and all rests on the vestiges of the restless, countless, formless faces freed of their dull, gray stone
Stone of the satyr's legs
Spat between their golden teeth, laughter bubbling below the skin
Burgeoning machinery under earth green cloak, lightning bereft of destruction tunneling through the shadow
As they take their places, with sordid mirth still warm within
Drought of the ageless, apparent calamity reflecting in the pools of reason
And still the dead air laughs

Let them dance the dance of death
In it's pure expression, the tension it creates is seldom contemplated in isolation

I still love you
But no candles burn for you here
Thoughts of you grow thin, as I compose the faces
They're all waxing and waning, in tandem with the tides
Silver flecked through tiny wings
Catching effervescent light
No quality of life
If life is to be sought, it'll only be rent
As it once was, so it will be
Again, and again, and again and again
Mercy Sep 2
I made a choice
Learnt to Love just
As you taught me
Now with all the
Knowledge am confused
Where to implicate.
I try to resonate with
Possibilities of waiting as
part of testing but loose my balance on

If communication wasn't
Much of a death wish to you
Maybe our LOVE
Would still be alive.
But you can't miss
What you replaced.
You choose what poison should **** you, Ego was where you fell and fell hard.
I mean you concur your Goliath
Upon the marble foundation
stood kings of light and dark.
Each towered above their noble men,
each watched from their royal mark.

The queens faced off where they stood,
while the knights mounted their horses.
The bitter players sat on each side
considering their forces.

The bishops were positioned beside the rooks,
the pawns in a line up front.
Up there they would take the attacks,
up there they would take the brunt.

The pieces were arranged in perfect order
the match was about to begin.
The players shook hands, one stone faced
the other with a stretching grin.

The pawns of ivory made their move
while the ebony ones looked on.
And so it went, one piece at a time
until most of them were gone.

There the queens were protecting their kings
before one made a fatal mistake.
With a slash from a knight, the queen was brought down
and it left the king to quiver and quake.

The pieces that were left quickly moved in
and the king was pushed to his knees
His crown fell off and rolled away
to the sounds of his dying pleas.
190 words
LC Aug 10
they burned my heart
over and over again
until the ashes fell,
slumping over in defeat.

even as pain radiates
through my entire body,
the ashes rise into a phoenix,
and my heart takes flight again.
solfang Jul 29
I wish I wasn't the one
you wanted to see change;
I wish I wasn't the one
who'll change herself for love;
I wish I wasn't the one
with the feelings you
don't love;
I wish I wasn't the one
for you
potentially going through a heartbreak soon - wish me luck
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