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deadhead Apr 17
the sun kisses us
while that good ol' Sublime plays
and the joint is sparked
Are you ready?

Let's talk something different
Beautiful, and raw
Silent, yet profound
Devotion, and surrender
Thoughts, and beyond

Let's talk about the things
You can't neglect
The thing you understand
And the things you want to understand better
Let's talk more
About the background
And the challenges
Let's talk about soul feeds
And the common sense

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Back To Basic
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
The Other Side

Look through me so that I can see you
Surprise me
Do not hinder your reveal

I appreciate your humanness

The blood that sings when you think of me in golden evenings

I know.

That you can hear me learning
I feel your brain’s creativity on my spine

That is beauty speaking to the core
Growing one breath at a time
before we meet again
A first true love is undoubtedly the most powerful and wonderful
Ray Dunn Dec 2020
a man crested his hill, he viewed the world around him. never before had he seen such ferociousness.

he was viewing something no souls had ever encountered. he was, for the first time in his life, the first.

he fell to his knees— water crashed below, as the tangles of pine closed in on his frail form.

he believed the world built this view for him, and only him. only— the world built this view for no reason.

the serendipity of the hill he collapsed on was marveled by the man. he wept. alone, in a world only he would ever see exactly as is.

cries to the heavens were silenced. his own drive to rise again fell off the cliff face. he simply watched.

vines creeped up his torso. snakes nestled under his legs. his hair melted with the spring thaw, then washed away with the rain.

his eyes never faded. his mind never dulled. he simply sat and waited. he waited for god to extend His hand.

what else should one do in front of the sublime?
i’m not quite sure what i was going for but i hope you enjoyed!
SAME Dec 2020
The sky is clear blue, the kind that cleans your mind.
since covid, the planes have all gone, is this the Burke sublime?
I can see Constable clouds, look at those softs hues!
Is that a Joseph Wright's horizon and Fuseli's velvet blues?
Look at that deep beckoning, orange burning, Turner Sun!
Did the world have to pause for me to see this, what had I become?

I miss the comfort of a hug, a kiss on the cheek.
I feel the warmth I've had, from the warmth I now seek.
A griefing world on pause and a collective fight.  
Crowds protesting what's wrong, individuals trying to do right.

This year, a Sublime painting of the quality of greatness with no imitation.
So much loss, strife, grief; yet so much love, spirit, courage, and most sacred of all creation.
C F Tinney Nov 2020
When she walked it was as though
     the wind would move her
she would flow like summer breeze
one could barely behold
the perfection – oh the ease
with which she moved

Each step was like the ballet
like Swan Lake was set afoot
in the person of her womanhood
she, like no other could

Men fell in states of blunder
and ladies shapes of awe
for none could stand before her
not one resist her call

The Mona Lisa in the flesh
a living work of art
her subtlety betrayed her
a disguise she ill could wear

Her modesty set before her
a veil that through would shine
the loveliness of her countenance
the lady so sublime

I saw her once.
poem speaks for itself
Mark Toney Aug 2020
A chance encounter
a snapshot in time
life's random moments
are simply sublime

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
8/14/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Here in my leisure Time
I tend to spend more Time
Out here
Chasing Rhymes
Than I do
When I could be
Fighting Crime
But that's only because
I have no Freaking
Man  I'm really powerless
As a matter of
But don't judge me
Or try to
Censor me
Just because
I'm too Sublime
Ok then
Call me Criminal
Be Hypocrites
Illiterate at your
Finger tips
While reading Braille
Oh Well
And so I guess
You were just too Blind
To see
The Cataracts
In your own
Eyes 👀
     ( SMH )
I tried to teach You
But my Pupils
To reach
Wrote this a little over 3yrs ago. But it seems to be fitting for times such as this.. Yeah stuck in the house with nothing else to do.
Ken Pepiton Aug 2019
Opposition research, programing overcomers of
Self-Generated Adversarial Nets

who opposes imeyou I me You we
twining entanglements

trippy y syn edoche cliche okie-dohkie

eh okeh, we flow, make me feel

youngagain moragain bis morgen jetst

finite form we have Gausian blurs
per ceiva -wait, Hay -

ible- I baled on spel-chick she got al

faithful to the meme team,
Them Me.

can't keep a secret, any more
or less

as secret keepingers go, both ways

truth, pa-tien, wait, watch, see

free-be, from your fiture.

Art. Call this that, say

This is that,
which to poets of old claimed ours

by right of use known
gk kg (y'know how t' vocalize those sounds, in y'mind?)
now n gnost
tic thirty three
degrees of separation twixt
this and that

comes being
we seeing we re
arrange perceptions from deceptions
during less patient proper
property, something to lean on,
itified for support, not to own,

they rod, the me-asurer and
they staff, i lean on for ward

setting the vector of now from now on

easy as that,
lean good, in any way, next

is never as predicted.
This is that.

This is how words live in readers of this book of
This life. and that,

more abundant.
A message to the world from some thoughts I caugt tempting me to dare say this is that aloud. If gay and may are mine to use, as I wish with no nevermind to otherwise. My side did win. I helped, that feels amazing, un-mazing in the local mind.
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