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Well, I think you could my red wine.
My sweet decadence.
Or maybe you could be my sunshine,
My moonlight.
You could be my celestial dream.
In my heard is such precedence,
Such a hope sublime.
I hope that you could be my red wine.
In time,
My sweet decadence.
You could be my red wine
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you.
The moment you were born
were summoned to the earth
far from heaven.
Far no more, no more
heaven became
closest to the souls!

Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you.
The moment did you dip
your toe in this mortal soil.
Mortal no more, no more
it becomes sublimely
the most beautiful of all!

Peace be upon you
Peace be upon you.
The moment you breathed life
your perfume stirred the water
the meaning of life is obscured
no more, no more
it’s all clear as the full moon!
Michael Hart, the author of the book "The 100 Most Influential People", it took him 28 years to complete it. He ranked Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) No 1 on the list.

While he was giving a lecture in London, he was booed and interrupted.
People were complaining as to why he ranked Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as No 1?

He said:
"The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stood in the middle of Makkah in the year 611 and said to the people: 'I am the Prophet of Allah'.
Four people believed in him; his BEST FRIEND, his WIFE and two KIDS!
Now, even after 1400 years, the number of Muslims has gone over 1.5 billion and still expanding.
He could not have been a liar, because a lie will not last 1400 years! nor could you fool 1.5 billion people!
Another thing to ponder is that even after all this time, millions of Muslims will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives over one word that would hurt their Prophet".

"Is there even one Christian willing to do that for Jesus?"

After that, there was DEAD SILENCE in the whole auditorium!
Ormond Nov 2018
Treasure in forest,
Water dropping crystal beads—
Dew on wild orchids
Ruby Tuck Nov 2018
I'm sitting at my desk after a math test
And on my math test, I really tried my best,
But now, thank god, I get to rest
And play with my colored pencils.

I feel like it's been so much time
since I've written in colored pencil rhyme,
But I find, it really is sublime
Writing in something other than monochrome grey.

As I sit and gaze at my pencil collection,
I am realizing that it has turned to obsession,
But there are twelve colored pencils for three stanza perfection,
So, for poetry's sake, I guess it's okay.
I actually did write this the first time in colored pencils after a math test.
S Nirmal Kumar Nov 2018
Writing is my passion
You're my inspiration

My rock solid foundation
Whom I seek in times of tribulation

Pragmatic precepts did he essay
Not so difficult to follow, I would say

Though departed to a place far away
His memories keep me swing and sway

I yearn for your visitation
Desperately need some consolation
An avid reader, a writer of merit, a man of profound knowledge and moral soundness. I owe everything to my appa. The memory of walking alongside with him in the journey of life is unforgettable. The imprints he made on the sands of time are indelible.

"Blessed be the Lord thy God, which delighted in thee..."
Nathalie Nov 2018
There is sweetness in your soul

Secrets that are shared between

Your heart and mind

There is nothing you can say

Or do to separate you

From the love that has always

Been yours.

Shift from fear to love

And you will discover

That the Universe has a sublime plan

You will never grow cold from love.

It will always be there

To keep you safe and warm.

Samreena Lodhi Sep 2018
Thoughts like clouds,
storming my mind.
lightning and
heavy gushes of the words,
striking against the wall,
of my brain, like blind birds.

Here I stand,
no pen to write with,
no paper to write on.
Words will escape,
by penetrating in my soul.

My fear of losing my words,
stays by the side of my thoughts.
They can come at any time,
will shower like a rain in my mind,
or they can go at any time,
leaving me to think sublime.
Shadowhollow Sep 2018
I want to touch you
Run and jump arms open wide

But I’m afraid if I do I’ll fall right through you
Your a fragment of my dreams reflected in a mirror

Your beauty incomprehensible
Dangerous , raw , your the sublime
Too beautiful to touch

So I float atop a dark mirror as your ominous  shadow is cast over my shattered reflection

Stretched out bare
For all to see

Something untouchable
aquis Sep 2018
the sublime music
in his head
consumed him
and then made ‘him’

Thoughts after watching ‘Amadeus’ (1984)...

“I am one of those who will go on doing till all doings are at an end.” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
zen Aug 2018
This place is amazing
nothing like anything
Ha! This place is gorgeous!
This place is a palace of some sorts
A mothership,
This place is full of delight and adventure and rainbows
I wouldn't give it up for the world this
Honor, this Creed
clambering continually in calamitous Abyss
Who is it there behind the rainbow curtain,
calling upon my name?
It's important that you leave home
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