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Dark Dream May 11
Hoping for words
No ... tired of those

Needing the ship
Sailing into the ache
Erasing the lonely winds
Not sure why
I yearn for that bow front
Heading toward me

Yet I do
I wait
For the winds of change
Or for a new sail
Maybe tomorrow
That ship will
Land on my shore
Aŧül Apr 17
Bereft of love all my life,
Thought I would not need any.
Still, you entered my life,
And now I need you as my wife.
Proposals, you can get many,
Yet you say you will be my wife.
You scuttled my ship.
My HP Poem #1926
©Atul Kaushal
Aŧül Apr 7
I was enjoying the bright moonlight,
Rambling about the starboard,
Rambling about the starboard,
I let my memory go stray backwards.

My ship glided through the calm sea,
Cleaved through brief obfuscate,
Cleaved through brief obfuscate,
My ship exited into the starry waters.

And you will never believe what I saw,
I saw my spirit lifted from me,
I saw my spirit lifted from me,
My body falling dead on starboard.

Out of the body, my spirit wandered,
It wandered furthermore,
It wandered furthermore,
I hope they would cremate my body.

I want to reach your Käilāshä
Rescue me, my Shiva,
Rescue me, my Shiva,
They reach you through the land.

I shall reach your realm gliding,
Receive me, my Shiva,
Receive me, my Shiva,
Zapping through the night sky.

Your Yamaraj reaches closer,
May they stay happy, my family,
May they stay happy, my family,
Let them move on peacefully.
My HP Poem #1921
©Atul Kaushal
Brumous Mar 22
I hear the subtle sky call my name,
as my head stoops down in shame

My tears pour like rain
while I try to numb this
non-existent pain

I caught sight of things I wanted to be
yet standing still fills me with jealousy

Here comes ye ignorance
caused by unease and a halt of time

Even one's sentiment
ye words failed to define
sometimes, these words don't even say the things I want to share
Diljeev Feb 3
And then a year later,
the ship sets sail
fleeing a year long sorrow,
into the tomorrow.

Each breath
calling out your name
a yearning for a last gaze,
every ear's thirst
for your voice,

a desire to quench it all
one of these days,
on you and me if there may
never dawn this tomorrow.

From the captain
to the cleaner himself,
they all yearn for it,
before they depart.

From the sky
to the ocean herself,
envy the troop's pining
for she who on the port
detract's the beauty
of this scene
for she who in their eyes
poses to be better than art.

- Diljeev
Jonathon Wall Jan 23
How heavy one's thoughts can be
When one's mind pulls them out to sea,
And floods of emotion spur the gale,
Cracking rudder and battering sail,
So fissures in the way one thinks
Widens as ship and psyche sinks,
And the cargo one is forced to bear
Drags them deeper into despair.
What was made clear by surface light
Shall fade in the depths of starless night.
Ever down into the cold and dark,
Crushing pressure shall assail one's heart,
And monsters from nightmares well known
Seek the intruder within their home;
As one tries in vain to hold one's breath,
While terrors consume 'till nothing's left,
And a hollow husk shall reach the bed
Who once was captain aboard one's head.
Shannon Jan 21
I'll tell you a story, listen to me
About a man who sailed on the high seas
This man talked me onto his great big boat
I hoped on the waves and crashes it floats
Oh Won't you come on this trip with me please?
The captain told me, I thought about it

He agreed to pay me if I did it.
You don't know how happy you have made me!
I can have a good crewmate over these seas!
Now, do you know how to use this sail boat?
There is a round object that seems to float.
Oh, If you know how to sail, tell me please.

Captain didn't like how i couldn't sail a boat,
Well then, i wonder how well you can float.
'cause I am the captain you want to please.
So you better learn how to sail in it.
Or else you will have to entertain me.
By walking the plank into the vast sea.

The captain said to me one day, not pleased,
Have you learned the ropes, how to use it
It would be a great surprise to give me
I thought you'd be more useful on the sea
But now I see you're useless on a boat
Perhaps you're useful for a root beer float?

He ordered me to make a rootbeer float
And no he did not ask with a nice, "please"
More like "I'm the Captain, I command it.
Now bring me my root beer, bring it to me!
I need something to distract from the sea."
That was the words  the captain of the boat.

Turns out I am not cut out for the sea
I should never have gotten on that boat
Instead, i should've gone on a parade float.
But the man got me on by asking please!
Frankly, I'm getting sick and tired of it.
Says the tiny crewmate, that would be me!

In the end, we sailed the seas, all of it.
Just me, and the captain I had to please
I'm done with this boat, I'll see if he floats
This is my first time trying a Sestina, Tell me what you think!  on't hold back, I am an aspiring Poet.
rig Jan 17
by the cliffs of london
it stands, loving the sky
silently with fiery
signs of blissful promise.
the lisbon ship awaits
at berlin by the sea.
Palpebra Dec 2020
The "SHIP"

of our friendship

stands marred,

broken and scarred

are our hearts

that beat apart

and out of sync,

empty to the very brink.

Now that I think

with every blink,

we came with a date

of expiration in wait

because the very word

that defined our world

had an "END" to it

-fading friendship bit by bit.
Guess We're Finally Done
Dinamus Dec 2020
So far away from home
left in the rushing waves and pain
In the pouring rain all alone

So far away from home
left here with ghost ships
and the call of the siren's moan

So far away from home
Silence filled by the filling hull
The cries of seagulls
Lambda represents wavelengths in physics, in this case it is used as a metaphor for water waves
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