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Andrew Rueter Jun 29
While working my routine at Amazon
picking the same items I always have before
I was trans shipped to trans ship
filling me with anxiety
understanding unfamiliarity
nerve racked novice
sweat trickles down my face
soaking into my PPE.

Two man crew I'm meant to join
black guys wearing reflective vests
"I'm here to help, can you help me?"
blank stare foreground
empty workload background
perplexed aesthetic
French accented walls muffle communication
I form a reluctant alliance with repetition
yet my counterpart understands everything I say.

Their patience eases my troubled mind
when my capability falls short of my enthusiasm
hand gestures guide me free of frustration
I stay silent, only saying
"I'd talk more but I figure it'd be a hassle"
my learning ambassador understands
but his extra steps start a conversation
creating comforting small-talk acclimating aliens.

Sydna and Josue from Ivory Coast and Congo respectively
and respectful was all I wanted to be
yet I got the impression Josue was uncomfortable
after I had brought up gold, diamonds, and oil
but Sydna had taken control of the conversation
telling me all about the lottery he won to be here
I wondered what lottery's prize was living in Cincinnati
to work a factory job in Hebron.

We work bundling totes together
printing confusing and mysterious tags
reading ACY, CMH, SDF, JFK, or CSG
these bundles will be leaving CVG eventually
carried away on skids
to their indifferent destination
of the same capitalist company
just at another fulfillment center.

I guess I should be more grateful
to be in the poor nation of transportation
but I'm not—I'd rather be picking
where I can communicate with compatriots freely
but I'm far away from the south mod now
near the north side red tag area talking to strangers
it's just a shame
because there's plenty of material where I came from
but transitory shipment is where the work is.
Snipes Apr 23
He’ll show you hell
With a heart full of fire to tell
There’ll be a house pushed down by hail
Where the paradise garden floods and the ship can barely sail
She’ll call you in the fall
As everlasting as it all dwells
You’ll descend as death stands tall
Where the knife keeps stabbing at you, behind the decorative wall
Jamesb Feb 20
As I sit waiting in the storm,
My car buffeted by the wind
And pedestrians leaning
At impossible angles
Those few who dare

I watch the ferry that will
Carry me back approach
The dock at a crazy offset
With wind driven waves
Smashing in spite
Against its side,

Outrageous weather
And red travel warnings
Everywhere yet this ship
Will sail and on it will I be
With my car and with my son
Travelling anyway,

And such is my life
In many ways,
For there are many waves
Hurled against me
And the winds that set against
Are huge,

But ships are safe alongside
The Dock
And I would be if I would
But acquiesce
But ships were not built
For harbour's shelter

But rather for the open sea,
And therein lies the issue,
Ships should brave
The oceans swell
And so the same
For me
Whilst waiting for a ferry back from the IoW
Coleen Mzarriz Dec 2021
The cold January air has filled my lungs. A fiery gaze I give the moon—my tight breathing, hitching, my divine shadow foreshadowing what will happen next. Blood and my sweet cherry wine.

The stars hovering over the moon and the grey clouds fogged up and him, beside me. His heartbeat almost dugged out of his chest, even if I can make out what will he say next, I make sure I wear an all smile. He needs to see I am better off without him. He needs to know I will be okay.

And the next thing I knew... He was gone far away like a ship in the night, drowned by waves and dark fiery gaze of the ocean, I listen, as I slowly loses the noise of everyone, I lost myself. And then this song came, another tears swell at the sight of my eyes. I sang a little bit, and a part of me lost everything that night.

The cold January air and my sweet cherry wine.
I remember how I stopped writing when I was grade 12 and now that I'm on my second year as a college student, I'm here again... Meeting the old self I buried years ago.

And to top it all, I'm tired. Aren't we all? But somehow, the universe always put me back together like missing puzzles and I regain some of my strength. And here I am, back again.

Cherry Wine - Hozier
Crego Nov 2021
This ship is sinking
Ever so slowly
Nobody realizes the cracks
Hemorrhaging water

This ship is sinking
Faster by the second
Everybody panics
Salt water crashing through
The gashes in the hull

The blue abyss below
Its' mouth wide open
Waiting for another crew of victims
Poor souls cast away into the unknown
-elixir- Oct 2021
The voyage to my soil is long ahead
while my fire still burns in my mind.
Pirates that dwell in the murky waters
sleep with one eye open,
to loot the treasure of
my destination they can never reach.

To the oceans I sail on, I have a last wish.
When they shoot their canons
towards the timbers of my ship
that I sought to build with all might,
swallow me in with my ship and all
before they shiver my timbers.

Lest they get hold of my honour.
Svetoslav Oct 2021
All sailors get drowned by the number as the sea monster devastates their journey. ''Don't ya worry, lads! It will start to rain once we get home,'' was the last sentence the captain said to his mates before the clash. Echoes of cannons and guns, cries are carried in the wind onto distant shores.

Anchors are floating in the waves, on the surface of the sea, drifting downstream. Memories of this event are sealed deep within the sea monster's conscience. Stories about these murders thrill the skin of the sailors that follow. Their wits get consumed with terror. All who dare to sail there analyze their lives. Reaching this ****** domain may be the last sight the sailor will see. And the only concern of the sea monster is-- will there be more fools to pass from here?

This legendary beast returns to the bottom of the sea. Flutes alarm the isle cities as panic arrives as an uninvited guest. Whirlpools swallow the remaining objects of the ship that remained intact after the impact with this mythical creature.
Miriam Oct 2021
We built a ship beneath the stars
And drew an anchor from the rocks
We dug up treasure amongst the sand
And found our refuge in the docks
We birthed our home upon the waters
And set sail on the glistening blue
We eagerly climbed the rafters
And fell in love with the sea view
We sat under a carpet of stars
And sang sea shanties from long ago
We tanned on the decks all day
And told stories of sea monsters below
We dived down to the ocean depths
And caught the finest fish
We surfed and danced all the waves
And then dreamt about all we wish  
We never stopped exploring
And had a hunger for more
We traveled England and the world
And sailed to every shore
A seaside poem about a voyage
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