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Jay M May 3
Hold me
Take me into your arms
Hold me tightly
Safe and right

Hold me
Away from the monsters in my head
Hold me until they go away
So I can stay
Here with you

Hold me
Close to your beating heart
Hold me
And tell me I belong
That my monsters are wrong

Hold me
And don't let me go
Hold me here
Help me fight my fear

- Jay M
April 30th, 2021
Sometimes it can be frightening, and I could use a nice long hug.
Raven Feels Apr 23
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, pen ink cries too:(

fines that cant be identified on the near

or the writes put on paper they die they cry

got my reasons for the sacred peasants and held daemons

nurtured weapons earned upon various treasons

came surrendered on your questioned gazes

that i fond a sweet spot on my unsolved mazes

unhealthy for the mind

my ears brought up to a permanent blind

you descend my pride

to fault on knees loose

cut on shortage of scenarios to choose

amazement on the major dominance captive of my shoes

leading calls to a song never told never sold

shortweeb Apr 12
As young children we are told monsters don't exist
We are told as young children they are simply figments of our imaginations
We have our parents check under our beds and look in our closets
But what our parents have seemed to forgotten to tell us is that the monsters live among us

No, these monsters aren't a black figure with long fingers creeping out of our closet
No, these monsters don't try to grab my feet as I get up at night
These monsters can look as real as humans and can be hidden as well as a chameleon
You see not all these monsters are humans

Some of them live in our minds
They are like a parasite that can not be ridden of quickly
The monster comes out most when I am alone
It holds me in its arms as it tells me how worthless I am
The monster makes the night so appealing that it will not let me rest

It will tell me that I am useless, pathetic, and nothing as I try to close my eyes
It will shut off my emotions during the day so at night it can remind me of how much pain I am in
It tells me to put slits and marks and cuts on myself because that's the only thing that will make me feel better
It tells me how no one will ever care what I have to say because I am nothing special

This monster is not something we can see
This monster is not something we can touch
This monster is not something we can taste

This monster is known as depression.
Monsters will forever live among us. I know this because I have this monster the same as many of you do
Sharon Thomas Mar 27
What you call love;
I call weakness.

Don't mind my bleakness.
I wasn't always this way.

Monsters make monsters,
I've heard somewhere.
I guess I am one,
with no love to spare.

Love makes you feel all kinds of things;
Yet not warned are we
'bout people
whose actions sting.

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but if that's love for you and this is for me,
I guess all it did was make me
pn Mar 11
i wish you'd leave me alone
i wish you'd leave my head
like how you leave me in the morning
i wish i could make it go away
with a whispered lullaby
like the monsters under the bed
i wish i could stick a knife in it
you're still standing there so perfectly
and it feels like a tragedy
when you smile at me
and it's not like how i remembered it.
All the forgotten lawns, and far apart, and monsters in the darks.
The cross country farms, some kids are playing on.
Thus, our liberation falls, a soldier dies, a family cries.
See dropping blood! Oh Hallelujah! Oh Jesus Christ!
All waters are iced, and the bread smells of rot. And ghosts knocking at the door, right? For its the wicked king's payments time!
rose Feb 1
it had been only a nightmare, i told myself. but when i awoke he was still there. in the corner of my room.  he was not staring at me but the window, everything was pitch black. i looked out the glass and saw more. “they will hurt you” he said. “i will protect you.” i looked away from the window to him. “but for how long will you last?” i asked, “and how long will they be there?” he looked at me. his ****** eyes into mine, “eternity.” i wept silently as the banging on my door started. “honey, it’s mom! im home.” my mom called, as i got up to open the door, a force stopped me. i looked at him. “it’s them. not her.” he said. “don’t come near me.” i replied to the banging. “let me in, he’s mind tricked you, we’re all trying to save you!” she yelled back. his eyes weren’t ****** anymore and suddenly he was starting to look less humanized. “mom come get me!” i cried. until i opened the door and everyone was gone. i woke up. on the floor of the bathroom. leaving there, i saw my families dead bodies. blood everywhere. i saw him. “their blood is on your hands.” i looked down holding an axe.
Betty Jan 23
Candles light the dark
They illuminate a room
So monsters can see
The thorns that ***** your heel when you walk into the jungle unsure

The wild monsters that appear in your nightmares float around

The trees, like scarecrows appear like scars on your neck

There is a war inside your head

Reignite your flames, phoenix

And reincarnate
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