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What am I to do with my life
When all I do is write
if there is no money to be made
Then what is the point?

Those are stupid questions
the point is not to write for money
but to do something you enjoy
key word, Joy

That is something everyone should keep in mind
we all have our doubts about the things we do
But please, keep on with the grind
and don't fall behind
because soon
Soon you'll be idolized.
Created by me on December 31st, 2019
FloydBrandon Feb 23
you make me want to drop my ring in a sink
then reach down to grab it
forget to turn off the garbage disposal
and grind myself to pieces
Nigdaw Feb 6
enamelled armies
draw up battle lines
inside the cave of my mouth

as I sleep
they fight the war of stress
that rages in my head
shattering incisors
grinding molars
into paste

no one is going to win
no one is giving up
pretty soon I won't have anything
to smile about
Mark kenny Jan 5
The wake of a pure morning gesturing down the heavy heat
Africa is my mother land tell the foreigner not to mind the scorching heat.

Looking back to the soil how rich and blessed the people feel
But a mere touch of the soil would show you the pain the people feel.

Don't pry into their agony because the suffering can get much
Everyone in the midst of it all hoping and grinding to get much.

The paper is just a tip of what you are getting if you look deep down
But the pain and the triumph after the sweat will push you up and down.
The sound of hope makes men look up and down in triumph.
The focus is still on how African youths is filled with talents but the environment keep undermining their potentials.
mjad Dec 2019
my short 5'2" frame locked in place
like a puzzle piece in his 5'11" embrace
Elizz Oct 2019

Ombre colored
           Pressed flush to bone

Hellions march
Witch tip  
        To cat tail

Rift n eager
           Expectations above meager
                                        Grammarly says this texts sounds dissatisfying


So upon couch I settle
Lights ground to the pestal
Twill flicker no more

So no knocks at the  door
Happy Halloween everyone be safe! (And aware Big Brother is watching)
Darryl M May 2019
Is it wrong if I’ve given up on Life?
I move up, I’m brought down.
Humbled, I learn.
The lessons I hate.

Why judge the to be judged?
I blame life, yet I’m in control, or so I’m told.

What is ugly?
What is strange?
Is it the eyes you use for viewing?
Or is it the viewed?

Funny is fun, yet I see no joke in me.
Laughed at, laughed about.
Is it the tickles of the cheeks,
Or the crooked humouring ignorance you carry?

No apology paid for my looks.
No debts, no receipts.

Is the ******* all we’re living up to?
Is the finger pointing, the flag we *****?

I know there’s a place for me,
But I ain’t looking for it.
Is it life that I live,
If all I do is fit in?

No longer enjoying the comfort zone.
About to move to higher levels non-stop.
With a catch;
Never be comfortable of the steps you take towards Success.
Darryl M May 2019
What’s to differ when what differs doesn’t differ?
What’s special, when special comes not but by attention?
If we came the same way,
and we end the same way.
Yet I brag of what the Tombstone doesn’t highlight.
How am I special?
What’s unique, when all’s unique comes and goes the same?
My life is nothing but a worthless farthing,
Yet I brag.
As a child’s thoughts fade,
so is fame and works forgotten.

Reliving a person’s life is a waste.
That space has already been taken.
Leave your mark, and keep remarking.
Amateur Hustle Sonnet.
Darryl M May 2019
You’re focused on me and I’m also focused on myself.
No wonder I think I’m the Centre of the world.
Don’t try to do what I do.
Do what you do better than what I do.
I hate Dreamers, coz that’s all they do.

No Talent is Talent without Habit.
If you want it, work for it.
But don’t blame Life for your shortcomings.
You know you had it coming.
You can’t reap without sowing, unless you steal of course.
No farm is cultivated through imagination.

Motivation doesn’t just spark up action.
Motivation gets stuck in ideas.
Action sparks action.
****** Hustle Sonnet.
Tommy Randell Mar 2019
Soil, Grass

Brick, Stone

Baby, Laugh

Blood, Bone

Glass, Blinds

Porch, Door

Drive, Car

Leaves, Chore

Phone, Children

Phone, Wife

Computer, Private

Terse, Life!
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