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I am in distress
'Cos we still keep trying to have to stress
That we still should rest
While we keep trying to give our best

In a world where you gotta move, where you gotta prove
To people you don't know that you're the best
To hell with the others, it's a test
It's always nothing personal, "I just mean business."

But it's tiring, alright.
We keep saying we are fine
Even though it's outta line
We're fine, should be fine
I'm fine, I'm fine
Fake it 'til we make it:
'Tis the demand of the grind
still not enough
two cold cups of coffee later,
once the morning show has ended
and Boss quits yelling through walls.

jingle bells leap through the door,
an alert to be alert.
yeah times are tough,
but we're tougher.

keep on smiling,
another threat will leave
and you’ll still have a job
and you’ll still have a bed.
so they’re not satisfied
with the color palette,
big deal.

escape route would be nice,
but then it’d be You vs World
and there’s just too many of Them.

at least soon there will be
one more of Us.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
Dave Robertson Nov 2020
Sitting at our distanced picnic,
a moveable feast in which the scotch eggs
probably have deep significance, I said to you
“We’re only ever inches from the cliff.
If left alone we tread steadily. It’s those
other buggers you have to watch out for.”
and the mist on the windows
stopped us seeing more.
byron Johnson jr Aug 2020
The point of view
Is that it is pointed at you
of which your perspective is askewed
They will point to their point of view
demand that you start anew
Muddy the waters till it looks like a stew
murky and obtuse
gory and smelling of refuse
Lacking scenery the perfect image of destitute.
No refuge just excuse
one right after another
Soon all the words come together
Musty dusty and covered in leather
it all changes right before your eyes
now it looks right because your thruth started to die
now your whole life is just a big ole lie
That is the whole point of this
Your point of view
Is pointed at you
Now they are all the same
Your point of view is a point of view
It just isn't the same
xavier thomas Mar 2020
Don’t say you should’ve took that chance with me years ago-years later down the road.

Don’t ask for my food when I asked you “what you want” & you said nothing in the drive thru.

Don’t come crying to me when you regret not taking that opportunity for yourself to become something great than what you were before.

Don’t reach out for help when we both know you messed up & thought you moved on to something better.

Don’t assume I mess with multiple women as if I’m a player. I know I’m cute, however;  That’s not my style.

Don’t tell me how to run my household. Otherwise step up, put a ring on this finger, & help me pay these bills .

Don’t tell me I sleep a lot. I know that. First of all, I’m going back to sleep.

Don’t call me out of the blue asking how I’m doing when you decided to ghosted me.

Don’t congratulate me when you never supported my dream & thought I couldn’t  do it with very little money.

Don’t speak my accomplishments in a text message when behind closed doors,  you couldn’t do it face-to-face, public, nor on social media.

Don't touch my hair nor my paper

Don't give me excuses. Give me success with a team of young legends that want to build a foundation. No fake people around that cause headaches with bruises

Don’t have me pray for you when you didn’t pray with me at the dinner table.

Don’t ever think you have the upper hand in fighting me. It’s a brutality if you try to cross me.

Don’t tell me how to write when you never picked up a pin & paper. Sitting there countless of hours staring at the wall trying to figure out what to say.

Don’t think you can talk to me any kind of way & think I won’t react to your stupidity. You better watch your tongue.
Don’t test the waters
What am I to do with my life
When all I do is write
if there is no money to be made
Then what is the point?

Those are stupid questions
the point is not to write for money
but to do something you enjoy
key word, Joy

That is something everyone should keep in mind
we all have our doubts about the things we do
But please, keep on with the grind
and don't fall behind
because soon
Soon you'll be idolized.
Created by me on December 31st, 2019
FloydBrandon Feb 2020
you make me want to drop my ring in a sink
then reach down to grab it
forget to turn off the garbage disposal
and grind myself to pieces
Nigdaw Feb 2020
enamelled armies
draw up battle lines
inside the cave of my mouth

as I sleep
they fight the war of stress
that rages in my head
shattering incisors
grinding molars
into paste

no one is going to win
no one is giving up
pretty soon I won't have anything
to smile about
Mark kenny Jan 2020
The wake of a pure morning gesturing down the heavy heat
Africa is my mother land tell the foreigner not to mind the scorching heat.

Looking back to the soil how rich and blessed the people feel
But a mere touch of the soil would show you the pain the people feel.

Don't pry into their agony because the suffering can get much
Everyone in the midst of it all hoping and grinding to get much.

The paper is just a tip of what you are getting if you look deep down
But the pain and the triumph after the sweat will push you up and down.
The sound of hope makes men look up and down in triumph.
The focus is still on how African youths is filled with talents but the environment keep undermining their potentials.
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