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xavier thomas Feb 2022
i just show out
blessed and grateful
ball is my life
game comes natural

hater said don’t let
talent change you
that’s how i know
“talent” ain’t you

skills, i been had
new deals, i’m so glad
folks just take notes
they just big mad

mouth so sinful
ego so full
they just waste time

humble of my mind
ignore the hype
stay in the gym,
dedicate my life

to the craft life
work hard each night
success’s a struggle
this is my grind

reaching my goals
cash in billions
help out lost souls
give back millions

my style is classic
IQ brilliant
just hit different
one in a million
“When something push you, you push back”
Basketball 🏀
Dave Robertson Jan 2022
If you had diarrhoea
got caught short, took a ****
in that drawer where you keep all your cables
and bits tangled vociferously
then later discovered you needed
a spare micro usb,
so you had no choice
but to roll up your sleeves,
that would be this Monday
Dave Robertson Sep 2021
There aren’t many jobs
where Sunday night
cold grips your guts
and has you palpitate

while midwives are called
and antiques are roadshowed
every inch of will is bent up
in figuring the impossible

if we all know how leading horses to water ends
then can we not give the stable hands a break?

As I watch my own digits shake,
stable hands seems like a joke
no one lets me in on
Dave Robertson Sep 2021
We try to sink into the crepuscular
as behind, another working week
picks us out of its teeth

we throw a couple of weaves
into the route to the sofa
for a headful of peace, maybe

though home has deaf ears too,
we love them
and through years of gaining favour
we’ll keep bruised hearts open there

beyond, you’ll see each aortal latch fixed,
each ventricular bolt slid
and each arterial snib

if sweat and tears are the currency
you’d better ****** earn it
Dave Robertson May 2021
Shush brain,
let the regular, looped refrains drop,
seek a safe, blank space,
a place for quietude
and maize based snacks:
for the love of Pete
live hard,
care free on
the open lanes
just to get a
from it all.

how am i supposed to
have any fun
cooped up
like a house cat?

this place is different,
just enough light and
not too sticky but
the hops taste like
stale lollipops.

"call for a good time"
thanks, way ahead of ya.
two-dollar condoms?
what a way to make
an extra buck.

i'm back, sorry
wasn't expecting
to stay so long.
i'm parked out front,
what's your favorite
breakfast food?

Mom warned me not to
trust these dogs,
should've used
my last eight quarters.
for L.J.W.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
I am in distress
'Cos we still keep trying to have to stress
That we still should rest
While we keep trying to give our best

In a world where you gotta move, where you gotta prove
To people you don't know that you're the best
To hell with the others, it's a test
It's always nothing personal, "I just mean business."

But it's tiring, alright.
We keep saying we are fine
Even though it's outta line
We're fine, should be fine
I'm fine, I'm fine
Fake it 'til we make it:
'Tis the demand of the grind
still not enough
two cold cups of coffee later,
once the morning show has ended
and Boss quits yelling through walls.

jingle bells leap through the door,
an alert to be alert.
yeah times are tough,
but we're tougher.

keep on smiling,
another threat will leave
and you’ll still have a job
and you’ll still have a bed.
so they’re not satisfied
with the color palette,
big deal.

escape route would be nice,
but then it’d be You vs World
and there’s just too many of Them.

at least soon there will be
one more of Us.
for M.S-P.
the ones that teach you,
who lift you up over
their heads
in good faith,
these are their stories.
Dave Robertson Nov 2020
Sitting at our distanced picnic,
a moveable feast in which the scotch eggs
probably have deep significance, I said to you
“We’re only ever inches from the cliff.
If left alone we tread steadily. It’s those
other buggers you have to watch out for.”
and the mist on the windows
stopped us seeing more.
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