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Venus 2h
A girl is raped, but wait for the punchline
Except it is not a joke,
And it is an actual punch
Hitting her left cheek

As I sit in a coffee shop,
Her story is being played
Through the speakers, while playing on the news
Everyone giving their own opinion

A couple of men sit at the table beside me
The bald one states that she asked for it
My eyes roll as a drop of coffee runs down my chin

The one with a large mustache laughs
States, "her mother was a failure."
The third man ignores his ignorant friends
But instead listens to the young girl's story

Bald one says her clothes were too tight
Mustached one states that the skirt was too short
Her knees were showing
Knees that are now bruised and bloody

The third man states that it wasn't the
But instead the FAULT of the man
He states that a woman should be able to wear
WHAT she pleases
WHEN she pleases

The bald and the mustached nod in agreement
One says that her clothes aren't the problem
The other says that women need RESPECT

As a woman, covered head to toe walks past
The men stare, except the third
Because it is not the woman's fault
And he understands that

But it is the FAULT of men
Who "cannot control it."
I was having a meeting with a few friends in a coffee shop when I overheard a conversation similar to this happen
(Sounds Of Silence)

Would I have had it any better in life?
Why would it be me?
Why would he hurt me?
He is my Father

Why would he get closer to me?
Why would he unbutton me and tell me not to shout?
and why did I not?
Why did I not tell Mom?

That her husband, my father is not the man he was once
Now, he craves for me, his product,
That he didn't do it just once
but more times that I have even lost count

I am hurt but can only speak to myself
For one word out, is hell
I am fearful not to speak, for he said
DO NOT DARE SAY ANYTHING, or you are gone {dead}

Mom, I am sorry but I each time you inquire,
"Are you feeling fine, Glory?"
I can only say "Yes Ma," a deceiving story;
I can only smile at you

For the man in front
Is not a man
but a beast who feasts
on his own kids.

I fear for my own death to not come at this young age
Perhaps, I can tell only myself this tale
Till when he is of old
and the story can then be told.
The story I fear telling anyone, I have to keep my sounds in my silence
Doug taught me how to get good therapy & prevented me from becoming an over-reactive victim like you.  Don’t you think a single or even multiple rapes minor comparatively?

3/4 of therapists are scammers so before you sign anything ask to see yours & say, "Why did you become a therapist?”  It will upset victims.

A good therapist said, "I have never been a victim and I have never abused drugs. Victims have problems that are unresolved. They cannot give an unbiased view of reality and are too busy trying to compare their experiences with everyone else's."  Kathi R Shell MFT.  

“The way to look for a legitimate therapist is to ask for a referral from a hospital. Offices not recommended by hospitals can be scams.

After I took this advice I said, “Thanks for your recommendation, I switched therapists and this one seems so much better for me than the other one did. I know I've got a long road ahead of me, but I'm trying my hardest.  Thanks, Wendy.”

If you need it search low cost or free therapy but before you sign anything ask to see your therapist & ask, "Why did you become a therapist?" If they're upset go somewhere else.  
After you enter therapy becoming and activist will help you feel better by helping women be safer.  
Radicals Against Pervasive Exploitation
We are just forming so need workers that are following therapy recommendations.  Become a worker and get stronger by activism..  

Healing is a long road full of scammers but you will never get any shit here.  If you see something that upsets you don't just fly off but calm down and think how emotional you have become.  Be safe and get stronger here!    
Thank you,
Doug Miura
78% of rapists are associates and 80% of them are molestation victims.  Normally friendly feeling slighted sets them off.
You'll come around,
soon, realize

This is not pain you are getting
for refusing me pleasure

This a pleasure I am giving,
so you don't refuse MY pain.
Paige Sep 9
Bloody ink, pens out my pain
& rotten diaries hides away the causes.

I wish I was a talker,
Instead I’ve always been a tight-lipped writer.

Listening to my heart pound at the sound
Of loud thoughts banging on my ear drums, demanding to be heard.

Going against the urgency to blade a veined pathway for their eviction.

No longer can I live with the absence of spoken words.

My outcries are no longer content w/ morning debuts in overwhelmed notepads.

Constantly running wild trying to free the thoughts held hostage.

Because never have I ever..
Had the cords to voicalize my brokenness using my now blistered tongue.
I’ve only ever known to bite down.

Swallowing fiery bullets to shield my freezing flesh.

Thinking it was enough when I found an underground tunnel for my thoughts to car-pool through.

Letting my pained fingers be the ambassador for an inaudible uproar.

Leaving the words trapped inside a box of my mind like a faulty magic trick.

My brain has a way of fooling me,
As it shoots pain throughout my body to signal danger. 

While simultaneously conditioning me to mouthed the words “I’m Fine”

So it’s no surprise that not a single pair of eyes can see,
The way my silent tongue is beginning to smother me.
I’m fine until I’m not. Getting over this betrayal has been the hardest for me. I inspire to be like
people who can talk & verbalize their feelings , pains, & personal experiences. I’m so ready to grow from that dark chapter of my past. I’m just not sure how.. but then again how can I when I pretend it doesn’t exist??
Stephanie Sep 7
Why me
Why now
Why again
I'm not a little girl anymore

I didn't mean to get that drunk
I didn't mean to pass out
It was my friends house
We had been friends for so long
I should have been safe there
I wasn't
I over did it
I got sick
I passed out
I woke up
He was on top of me
Inside of me
I was too drunk to fight
Pretended not to wake up
I felt everything he did
Heard every sound he made
Smelled his sweat
And my blood

Why me
Why now
Why again
I'm not a little girl anymore

He finished
I passed back out
Woke up the next day
Can't scrub myself clean
Cant forgive myself
Haunted all over again

I didn't mean to get that drunk
I didn't mean to pass out
Why me
Why now
Why again
I was raped again 6 days ago on the night of my birthday
Deep Sangani Sep 7
When it rains,
I don't go out to feel it trickling down my skin,
to feel myself being washed away,
my thoughts sinking with the weight.
Instead I grab a raincoat
draping myself around it.
I fear
my clothes clamped against my skin,
your eyes would crawl underneath and
make me feel
less skin,
more bone
xaiv vos Sep 4
harsh lessons came with lesions on my skin
i spoke too little or i spoke too much
i didn't speak soon enough

harsh lessons taught to save me from sin
thinking too broad and wearing clothes too thin
crucified for a peace of mind

harsh lessons left a lasting impression
memories flashing into my vision
blinding my traumatized eyes

biting my blasphemous tongue
blood is thicker than water
i choked on chastity
Mae Andrea Aug 29
Life has many milestones.
Each bringing a significant change to one's life.
Whether that be a birthday, a wedding, a child.
But it's difficult to admit the sadder milestones that we carry with us.
However these negative moments also have a significant effect on us.
This is my list of milestones I hate to admit.
But they have impacted me tramendously.
It's time I released them so I can look ahead.

Molested by a boy at age 4.
Countlessly raped by my sister starting at age 5.
Raped by my therapist at age 7.
Beat by my sister throughout childhood.
Bribed and verbally abused by my step father to condition me to keep my issues to myself.
Traumatized at 10 by my father and his ex due to a domestic abuse situation.
Almost drowned from my first public panic attack at age 16.
Harassed by a man at a concert at age 20.
Endured the hell that relationships always bring.
Attempted suicide twice at age 21.
And a man attempted to rape me at a party last week while I was intoxicated.

I know I'm not the only one with these difficult memories.
And knowing I'm not alone will always be my comfort.
But I'm letting it all out;
purging out the evil so I can be releaved.
And now my hope is to heal and become whole again in the healthiest way possible.

I can overcome these milestones.
I know I can.
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