How easy it is to forget.

When it doesn’t affect you.

When the ones lost, weren’t your loved ones.

How easy it is to forget when it wasn’t your child on the receiving end.

When it wasn’t your daughter shrieking for help as some man had his way with her.

Indirectly telling her, her body only exists his pleasure.

How easy it is to forget when it wasn’t you that missed the call that may have allowed you to talk your son down from that ledge.

How easy it is to forget when your mother makes it home, and you didn’t even think to worry.

How easy it is to forget, when your father won’t get mistaken for an immigrant.

It’s easier to forget the horror when your family isn’t the one being torn apart.

You see how easy it is to forget, when it’s not their sisters and brothers being left for dead.

You see how easy it is to forget, when the bodies don’t look like you.

Flint Michigan still does not have clean water. Puerto Rico is part of America. The veterans you love so much are jobless and homeless.

Me Too,
My body,
My soul,
My voice,
Which you never see, feel and hear,
All never provoke you to smash me,
Again and again,
Yes Me too,
Faced the same as many like me faced from the birth till death!

By; Nida Mahmoed

me too- he didn't hear me begging him to stop.
me too- he didn't feel me push him away.
me too- his words stung with guilt,
me too- he made me think everything was my fault.
me too- he choked me as I dug my nails in his skin,
me too- he didn't stop,
me too- he choked me until I passed out.
me too- he manipulated me into saying yes.
me too- he forced me to say yes for his own reasons,
me too- he didn't want to hear no
me too- he didn't want another girl to tell him no.
me too- he always told me I wasn't good enough.
me too- he would tell me all the things wrong with my body,
me too- he thought I would want to try harder to be better.
me too- he expected telling me I had "DSL" was romantic.
me too- he thought touching me without consent was ok.
me too- he thought he could get away with rape,
me too- he thought correctly.
me too- he believes he has done nothing wrong.

Don't let him get away with rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment. It is not okay in any sense. Don't make the same mistakes I have. Say something before it eats you alive.

As I sit here writing about you
I can feel your hand slipping up my leg.
The softness of your finger tips.
I can imagine your lips up against my neck.
I can feel you sitting here watching me write

As I lay here I thinking about you
I can feel you covering my mouth
I taste the dirt on your hands against my lips
I can hear you saying "shut up"
I can feel you laying here watching me think

As I drive home I can feel it
I can feel the pain radiating across
I can see the look on my face in the mirror
I can imagine the disgusted look you gave me
As I drive home I can feel "it"

On average 321,500 girls are raped a year. Girls have to live with the pain of rape. Everywhere they go they think about their attacker...
This is a fiction poem.
Jungdok 3d

Run, run fast
I'm coming to you
I cannot find you, where are you?
Are you there?  I'm about to catch you
Don't try to hide
You're about to be caught
I can hear you
I'm near you
Hah, you're dead, i told you not to hide
inaudible sounds of laughter and shouts

To a friend who was a victim of rape.
Remmy 3d

There's a sensation in my clitoris
It's annoying and raw
They tell me it's just cause I have to pee
But to me it's all wrong
It associates itself with hands on my thighs
With unwanted whispers in my ear
With a finger in me
A finger that is not mine

There's a sensation in my clitoris
That makes me feel unsafe
It makes me want to chop it off so I never feel again
It makes me leave my body
It makes me never want to come back
It makes me want to cry
It makes me want to die

I've been having dissociative episodes, we think it's because I was raped at some point in my life but can't remember it

The day will come where it takes a mortician
to show you there are worse things
  than your depression
Death or dismemberment
It's not just your falsified insurance claim
The day you fell to your knees and wept
  over the great pacific ocean
In the city of angels you were humbled by its majestic potion
The message in a bottle you never sent
Your laziness allowed the entire ocean to be swept
  carelessly away for your lack of devotion
The day you spoke about your loneliness
sitting in an upright-coffin-confession
Adjacent to the man who raped children
  to make himself feel... more... man.
Literally, I meant, he felt those young men.

Did that yet distract your pain?
Remember that day
that day you cried to your doctor
  Elaborating about your back and lack of motion
She’d been crying
She was trying to comprehend
hospice for her cancer-ridden husband
  Off to die, he was sent
Oh, that's exactly what it meant.

But, oh, that little tiny microscopic pain!
Then there was that day you complained
To your flat-mate about your job being so mundane.
  As she spoke of her boss firing her,* post-rape*
To avoid the human resource claim
You were hell-bent over your issue…
As she went insane.

Remember the day you went "insane" to your best friend
About your second wedding being destroyed by the rain
Your bestie was a man who had never felt the embrace
      of love
                 or pain
The ability to cherish
The passion and pain of a woman,
      he had paralyzed legs,
           no woman had ever loved him
                 Because he could never provide sex.
And YES you booooooo-hoo-ed
Over all your costume-esque dresses getting wet
Whats next?
You complain about the rain...
  A magical natural scene
You've never once tried
to see that persons suffering.

Selfish people. Self absorbed and thoughtless.
Regina 3d

“No” does not exist
“No” has been replaced with “yes”
So, every time I say “no,”
it means “yes”
This is what he told me.

I am not allowed to say “stop”
In our relationship,
“Stop” is not part of my vocabulary
This is what he told me.

“Take off your clothes”
“What did we talk about?”
“I said No”
He pushes me on the bed
and unbuckles his belt
I try to get up
but he pushes me down again
He grabs my legs
pulling me towards him
“Please stop” I whisper,
He puts his hands around my throat
I can’t breathe
“If you say the word ‘stop’ again,
I will kill you.”
I close my eyes
because I knew he wouldn’t stop.
Not until he was finished.
I lay in silence,
tears running down my face.

My name is Mashuganah.
Only kooks and lunatics
Will be allowed
To serve in my regime.
I promise a government
Of unrestrained brutality
And state-sanctioned rape.
Vote for me
And these perks and privileges
Will be yours. too.

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