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Amanda 4d
It starts with only a sip
Turns to a chug
Shot is soon to follow

Next have a drink
What damage could one do?
First wasn't bad
Why not two?

A beer switches to six-packs
Twelve-pack to a keg
Before you know
You are on your last leg

A glass of wine daily is fine
Til glass grows into a bottle
Coasting gently one second
Next speeding wide-open

What begins as play and fun
Soon escalates to live-or-die
Stops being casual
You partake without knowing why

The line between both are fuzzy
Tipping point never clear
Problem is you cannot see it
After you approach near

Once you have crossed there's no going back
Life becomes a sinking ship
Pause a minute and ask yourself
"Is it worth the cost?"
Before choosing to take that "harmless" sip
I got a typewriter for my birthday and this is the first poem I wrote using it
Karly Codr May 13
My life is like a weight
Pushing my body down a
Deep, dark abyss
Deeper and deeper
Until I'm consumed by
My body shakes from the pressure
Of not being pretty enough
Of not being smart enough
Of not being enough
My eyes are swollen
No amount of makeup can cover up
The puffiness that plants itself
On my eyelids every morning
I cry out
But no one hears.
Will anyone ever hear?
Rinse and repeat
Poetic T May 1
I felt like the titanic,
  we're perfectly sailing along
       on our sea of dreams..

But I never looked below
            the surface.
We were about to crash
              upon the other..

Cutting me beneath
                 the surface.
Not immediately visible.

But you slowly sank me,
       my life boats of emotion
empty as I had nothing left..
my heart serenaded as it sank
    beneath the waves..
And all that was left.

The wreckage of my dreams,
        As I sank beneath the
surface.. I'm never sailing free...
delaney Apr 29
i can see you,
while i'm on my deserted island
you're on a makeshift wooden boat
waving to me, yelling at me

and i hope the wood creaks
and breaks
and your boat sinks.

i burnt all my bridges in fear of you
but you,
in your sick sense of determination,
took the plunge.

now you stand on the beach barefoot
your dyed green hair looks like seaweed
and your smile is deafening.

'i want you gone,' i say
but you twist it and hear
'i love you.'

i want to do something drastic
to prove you wrong.

i do not love you,
i have never loved you,
and if you'd please watch me sink
to the bottom of the ocean,
it  would be nice
to hear a goodbye.
Glenn Currier Apr 27
Guilt and its grave cousin shame
a heavy gnarled ball and chain
on my ankle, holding me back
sinking me into bloodthirsty black.
Bhill Apr 26
the amazing stones have been sinking
without warning  
without reason
the only question is why
after all the quakes and storms throughout time
why now
what is prompting such activities
this question survives all others
this question exists unanswered forever...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 117
What are the amazing stones?
MSunspoken Apr 22
Enemy moving in
An old friend-
Itching under the skin
Clawing away at marrow

Sleep hollows the mind
Blank of reality-
Ah, but not a sign
Of it making haste anytime soon

Isolation known and welcome
Familiar as it comes-
Although this feeling is all but seldom
Paranoia is beginning to show

Memory of this wrath
Now too real to be past tense-
slinking straight down the path
Once tread and disrupted

Growling straight out of a nightmare
Emanating throughout the room-
This hunger is constantly aware
Though it’s warning is lost to mind

Pain is quite the grounder
A reminder to keep in time-
Stand upright despite the hour
Always alert within these confines
My therapist cannot contact me-
"I'll be fine"
Bullet Apr 20

I'm coloring in these tensiles
Shapes test patterns to sell
Instead I'm constructing a new formation
My mentality blending in with my insanity
Painting in pain so the light spilt into the paint
Running deep blue waters while yellow splashes in with the compassion
Bubbles piling up to pop at the surface to serve my dying face
A boat bought sinks with beautiful daffodils as poetry
Separates the ink from the words
Colors distorted from the canvas
As I emerge the sky is now mine
All these patterns I've gained
Become my whole page
Tell a scope because my view is far out
Tessellated picture is now draped as my soul
Proceed my figure and we both shall see the sea shells

Art is whatever you interpret it to be
Marina DeVito Apr 14
I hate circles. I hate their constant
And repetition.
Circles cause distance from humans and ideas. I crave a
Closeness that only the orbiting planets can
Spinning, spinning, spinning my mind turns to chaos.
Watching my laundry circle the washer makes me
See my mundane life circling the drain, ready to drown.
Life cycles and menstrual cycles… ahh! what it is like to be a
an odd favorite of mine from a portfolio I turned in during my freshman year of college
J J Mar 22
Face down, whole town's on unofficial lockdown
And no one knows how to deal with it
And when they do it's already been too late

For too long.
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