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s Willow Jan 12
Sounds like a nice word.
It’s really nice when it works.
wish this was easy, but
everything is better on paper.
I try to let friendships sail,
something happeneds and my cannons shoot.
The other ship shoots back.
We try to patch up the wolves, but we keep firing
The water keeps rising.
We sink.
I swim to shore, get a new ship,
And it happens again.
I find one.
We don’t fire.
We drop anchor and in the middle of the dark night,
we drift apart.
The ropes snapped.
I find a Iron ship.
I fire.
Nothing happened.
I fire again, and again.
After enough the ship slowly starts to sink.
It fries back for the first time.
It hits, I start sinking.
My ship still floats but lower.
During this I find a Gold ship.
It’s pretty we stick together.
It fires, and fires a again.
Now I fire, I sink.
I start to swim, the water keeps me afloat.
She pulls me onto the gold ship.
She pushes me off,
the water keeps me afloat.
He pulls me onto the iron ship.
He pushes me off,
the water keeps me afloat.
It’s a circle.
And everytime, I try to swim back I get pulled aboard.
Through it all,
the water keeps me afloat.
ashley mckee Jan 11
the words in my mouth
feel like a sinking ship.
“I love you”
is a treasure chest
at the bottom of an ocean
and I am not fond of the idea
of drowning.
Floor Jan 4
I'm thinking as if I'm sinking, with my head deep down under the water surface.
Choking in the coldness of my thoughts.
I got used to the negative voices after a while, scraping down the surface of my brain like sand on skin. My eyes are closing because of the unpleasant pinch the whispers bring.
It works like salt, tiny crystals blinding my eyes for what's real.
I can hear the people screaming from above. They want to save me.
I just lay there in my thoughts, hoping for a wave to make the final decision, or a rock to give me final hope. It's hard to see with salt in your eyes.
It's even harder when you're the one causing the blindness yourself.
They think I'm rich
They think I'm wealthy
They think I'm a saint
That I'm healthy
They think that they know
What it means to be me
Oh no
No they don't understand me
Not at all

They think I'm lost
They think I'm drifting
They think I've no cause
That I'm sinking
They think that they can see
What it means to be me
But they can't even see me
Oh no
No they don't understand me
Not at all
Not at all
Umi Dec 2018
Under the drifting clouds, even though the ages may fade,
With this unchanging life I can keep shining for you,
Who am I shining for, what may be my real purpose ?
Leaving these questions unanswered, the river of time drags me into its consuming pull, slowly swallowing me as a whole,
My conpanions were dreamers who were seeking the same future,
But time did tell, they fell one by one, only their will remains,
And so the figure of hatred, whom had failed such a noble task and cause, creeps around the night, resented by life itself
Sound melts into silence as the world around me already has lost its lovely colour, as the beautiful flowers wither, no stars glitter,
These selected words were taken from a paradise I'd lost sight of,
I've been given the great freedom, to sink now ever so brilliantly,
When everything ends, I ask you to hear out my request,
Please, forget me.

Yours Truly; Umi
Esther Dec 2018
for me, i've always liked the idea of drowning

it seems so peaceful, serene

slowly sinking into the dark abyss

consumed by the water that once gave you life.
gone was any trace of you, i think i am finally clean.
Kyra Dec 2018
As I watch with bated breath
My absent reflection is more apparent
As the moon shifts and shimmers on the glimmering surface
I search for the soul I lost
In the cold dark sea
That seems to **** out the marrow of my bones
Where is it
she remains anon Nov 2018
you have been
a weight on me
since the day I first saw you.
I think
my heart is gently
Beneath the depths of a thousand waves
I want to cry out
but even if you heard,
you’d watch me be engulfed.
Strawberry Nov 2018
All the ways I try to fill the void
Seem to make me empty

Funny how shallow needs
Create a shallow soul
I'll continue to sink lower and lower
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