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Kaitlin Evers Jan 2021
See the colours
Vibrant hues
Look into the mirror, it's you
Paintings on the wall
How far did you fall
Before you realized you were changing
And not just rearranging
Welcome back to you
Dancing bright and true
Unhaunted, undaunted
Clear and breaking through
With the spring I've sprung anew
So much I wish I could undo
Somehow I'll let it go
A set of seasons done and gone
And now I'm moving on
Nolan Willett Jan 2021
A name follows you-
Even when you’re made anew.
Neither can you leave your face,
Or entirely forget your birthplace;
We must have done some misdeed,
In a past life, indeed,
Because we’re of a lower caste,
Doomed iconoclasts,
Fighting for nothing,
And eternally suffering.
And when we’ve had enough of it,
Enough of being misfits,
When we realize it was designed this way,
And that there is no “someday”,
Then we’ll venture six feet underground,
To tear a heaven down.
Betty Dec 2020
is not to wipe the embarrassing stains of the past
anew is to take them with you
wave them like a flag
wear them as a reminder of your former self
a new beginning
is often wrapped in the rags of an old ending
Careful dance
Under the rain
Only for once
Hiding the pain
Shoes on the damp
Innocent road
Glowing street lamps
It's sleeting and cold
Dust settled down
They've survived
Lucky to 've found
Each other's lives
Starting anew
Hoping for more –
They are the few
Who made it through war
Even if memories of people dying haunt them forever, at least they have each other to fight off nightmares... and this relative approximation of peace and happiness, so rare and such a fragile treasure
Marg Balvaloza Sep 2020
all of a sudden
its her vivid memories
that started to fade

like a photograph
captured in a camera
in grayscale effect

{ l.m.l.b }
at some point, i think it's pretty cool to also do what clementine did to joel barish. // may 2019
Nicole Gaudiano Aug 2020
You are like a deep breath
After spending years gasping for air
You are the brightest of days
After weathering months of storms
You are peace after a seemingly never ending war

But you’re not the air I breathe
I can do that on my own
But how nice is it to know that your breath can be synonymous with my own
To know this is ours to share
Ylzm Apr 2020
The familiar and well trodden
Walked over each and every day
Yet they still surprise and bewilder
Not so much that stones moved
Or grass grows blue or pigs fly
But the eyes of the soul renewed
Like a newborn child's first sight
Seeing the world fresh and anew
In every step you walked the walk.
Abby Cunningham Feb 2020
today i put sheets on my bed
not a big deal to most
today i picked clothes up off of my floor
not a big deal to most
today i put clothes in the hamper
not a big deal to most
today i washed my blankets and clothes
not a big deal to most
today i washed my hair and face
not a big deal to most
but today i made progress
today i took care of myself
today i broke through two months of brokenness
today i took a step to recovery
today was a big deal to me
haven’t had sheets on my bed in two months. but i cleaned my room and made my bed and felt good.
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