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Unsung, in love, if loves rerun,
   could love be love and all in its devour.
Failed, in love, if loves regaled,
   could love be love and all in its cower?

   Fairytale wheels, fruits of power;
      knowledge, therein, lies the shoulder
      we learn upon ...

Above, in love, if loves enough,
   let love be love and all in its power
Undone, in love, if loves begone,
   let love be love and all in its flowers.
Defeats, in love, if loves replete,
   let love be love and all in its shower.
Voices, in love, if loves rejoiced,
   let love be love and all in its tower ...
Toni Jun 17
I know I should be sad at the thought of what we had being washed away,
But a clean slate doesn’t sound too bad
And I brought my umbrella anyway.

What do you say?
This year has been very transitional, and mindfulness has been a constant theme.
Jon-Luc Apr 20
I stopped waiting for reciprocation that would never arrive,
I stopped leaving the doors open for you when we left,
I stopped letting others give me the purpose you
Once gifted.
karo Apr 14
i'm not breaking easily
but when i do
i fall into small
little pieces
and i must rebuild myself
Through the ashes
And the rubble
Comes the first light
From a series of trouble
Life begins anew
From catastrophe comes new changes
Toni Feb 3
If you dwell
On the things you
You were doing

The things you
Will never be
It’s time to romanticize your own life. Everything you do, from your morning stretch to your brew of tea is exciting.
triztessa Jan 25
Someday we will get up from this mess
of stirred blankets and soiled laundry
living on piles of boxes and untouched documents
old unworn garments hanging on the curtain rod

The stench of manure and the old man’s unkept
bags carried over last night’s binge and false beliefs
with evidence of old computer notes
to pretend he’s making money
will someday be a memory

Baking tools and sundresses
will finally make it on today’s to do lists
black circles will not be hidden because
we were not made to be pulled apart like dolls

When the time comes
birds and the sound of leaves falling,
the loud bang of the overripe fruit atop
our heads echoing through the roof
like the sound of nature telling us

We are not frail for walking
on steel bridges bare foot
waiting for rain to fall
like dancing

Strongly the grip of the earth
and winds churning about this house
led us to these sights we cannot ignore
to leave this place
to start new maps with bare hands
Eric Dec 2018
When those who put us down , we shine.
When we forget ourselves, we shine.
We , us , our lives are a must .
We can't lose touch , we shine .
We show all those who don't feel, feel how blinding our beauty can be . We shine . Further then any star , we shine . So much beauty in so much insanity , we keep going , we shine .
Blade Maiden Dec 2018
Since I already knew
I'd die of a broken heart
I made preperations
treating my death like art

Stop worrying
I took care of everything
the guests and the burying
even ordered flowers in early spring
I'm still around. If anyone was actually wondering where I've been I apologize. I missed posting on here so I might get back to it more often. No promises. I hope you, whoever reads this, are having a good day, week, month.. and if not, hang in there. Just hang in there.
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