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all of a sudden
its her vivid memories
that started to fade

like a photograph
captured in a camera
in grayscale effect

{ l.m.l.b }
at some point, i think it's pretty cool to also do what clementine did to joel barish. // may 2019
You are like a deep breath
After spending years gasping for air
You are the brightest of days
After weathering months of storms
You are peace after a seemingly never ending war

But you’re not the air I breathe
I can do that on my own
But how nice is it to know that your breath can be synonymous with my own
To know this is ours to share
Ylzm Apr 16
The familiar and well trodden
Walked over each and every day
Yet they still surprise and bewilder
Not so much that stones moved
Or grass grows blue or pigs fly
But the eyes of the soul renewed
Like a newborn child's first sight
Seeing the world fresh and anew
In every step you walked the walk.
today i put sheets on my bed
not a big deal to most
today i picked clothes up off of my floor
not a big deal to most
today i put clothes in the hamper
not a big deal to most
today i washed my blankets and clothes
not a big deal to most
today i washed my hair and face
not a big deal to most
but today i made progress
today i took care of myself
today i broke through two months of brokenness
today i took a step to recovery
today was a big deal to me
haven’t had sheets on my bed in two months. but i cleaned my room and made my bed and felt good.
S I N Jan 11
Today I was humiliated, shamed and killed,
I stood there as that one condemned to th’ execution,
Unable there to find no fair solution,
Imbibe my words with soothing, lulling lilt

It was as hard as walk through pool of fire
Where all the other sinners boil to crust,
But wade through this unstoppably I must
To reach the other shore more vile and dire

And at the end there’s nothing but great pain,
As one realization starts to take me over
And as the trunk it strives to roll me over,
That all the path I’ll have to walk again
So all the tape again, anew re-reeled
Today I was humiliated, shamed and killed
Samuel Hoffmann Nov 2019
I used to say I wish to never ever fall in love.
But now I’ve met this girl and want to wish that all away.
Because even after all this time now I want to change.
So open my heart, break me apart, Im looking to fall in love.
Well yes...

I’m also playing around with extremely long yet rhythmic lines and seeing if I can make them work.
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