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Never again will she lay I'm my arms to feel the charms of her body pressed against
Never again to wake upon dawns early light to roll over and see her face such a beautiful
Never again will I kiss those sweet tender lips no more to caress her with my finger
Never no more to wash Helen's hair never no more to dry and run a brush through never again to smell her freshly washed hair and of this I
really do
Never no more so many things I miss so much about Helen  some very simple some more complexed I miss everything about Helen
I knew Helen from the age
about eight as I'd pass her house on the bus into town where she would be sat upon her garden gate even then so pretty she

But another eight years did
pass before I see her again
for now, she was sweet sixteen "oh how pretty she'd grown, full figure but so petite

I knew her brother so would come to her house
she'd be sat on her garden gate just like she was at the age of eight I knew even then I loved

She used to wear a two-piece tightly fitted suits very short skirt which showed her lovely legs she so very forward full of fun Helen had that kind of school girl Innocence

But In reality, Helen was far from being shy she could make me  blush so easily and very often
did  but as time went by through childhood abuse I started to become more reclusive shutting myself away In my

Helen went on to a marry a uniform, Airforce but he didn't love her cheated lied
made Helen ill she was committed to a mental Hospital where he did his best to keep her there so he could have his sordid affairs

Finally, he divorced her but Helen won custody of her two children despite her illness I was 44 when we met again she was 42
but fell In love Helen was still sectioned under the mental health

But happily signed her release we got engaged then married had a son and up until her sad passing we had a wonderful relationship for twenty years I loved her and miss
Helen was unique there will never be another for I loved
so and still do
~for Allison~*

she loves your poetry,
ok you think,
cause you just love her his-stories of her/here life,
the children, the musician, nominate her as daughter,
her poetry and her yay’s spontane-us,
we are fan fanatical
of each other

and she describes us perfectly -

“So I am an idiot standing in a sad storm of letters that are unrelenting”

ok you think,
not bad, for surely
only the most precious things in life are

Since Helen's been gone
night time turns to day
day time turns to night
for nothing stays the
same find so much In
life to
For anger held Inside feelings, I no longer can
I try to hide Emotions
that cut deep to my very
soul there nothing to tell you how
deal with
So night time turns to day where last nights dreams fade away to become distant memories of a life once shared together before she
was taken
Again day time turns to another night without her sleeping by my side no more to wake upon the morning light and see her pretty
Where I once so happy but then the world turned full circle and made a loser out of me where once I was a
Day time turn to night then night time turns to day and all I've done Is nothing but sleep the time away
as last night dreams fade away to become distant memories of a life once shared by two
A life once shared by two lovers as night time turns
to day and all done Is sleep
the time away
Helen could be be like two people one loving and Incredibly **** and the other almost like innocent
school girl that you'd met for the first
Almost as If shy similar to the people's favourite Princess Dianna, but of cause Helen wasn't shy and neither was Dianna the opposite for she was very
But this was part of Helen beauty the ability to act the Innocent believe me she could this so well when she
was about sixteen long before I married
She would come down to my school from her school that was just up the road she stand out side the raillings right front of my classroom making sure we boys were all watching she would tuck her skirt inside her
then do cartwheels up against the rails
revealing her pretty legs oh naughty she was she would stay there until she thought she had a good enough
leaving us boys with our tongues hanging out but
I was the boy later In life that would make that naughty school
girl my wife and how pretty she
From school to eventually being my wife so pretty she was my naughty school girl
How I miss the touch of her hand upon my body, to lay with her In my arms to kiss her nakedness to almost trembling through sheer excitement of seeing her undress before

She's drawing me Into her
Into her beautiful smooth warm body to feel the sensation of our nakedness
the smell of her perfume as our bodies come together In the pure ecstasy through making love

Kissing her lips her neck her ******* drawing her legs around me to feel her scratching my back with her nails through sheer excitement till both
would collapse In unbelievable pleasure

And then to lay In each other's arms with satisfying smiles on our faces than to
together Oh God I miss her so, to know I'll never share this again I can only relive through memory but at leased memory Is  not the end for me
Haunted by memories of In Incredible ******* with
Helen I know my memories are not exactly reliving but
then at least I no It not the end
for me
Opening my eyes on another day without
my sweetheart beside
me don't
I'll ever get used to her
not being here they
say time a healer but

I don't think that applies
to me for I can never let
go of her to much In life
I depended on her, In so
many ways that she will
always be a perminate
part of my life even
though she long

I will never let go of her hand I took flowers to her grave today beautiful sunny day and sat with
her for a while so warm
and peaceful there
They say time a healer but I'm not sure this applies to me I loved her far to much can't let go
Star BG Feb 15
TO CRY is to release and recenter into love inside heart
TO LAUGH is to release and center inside the heart

To live in the heart everyday in every way is the BLESSING.
inspired from jRaw Rodriguez Thanks
Aquinas Feb 15
I'm so disco
shining ball
electric dance-floor
sweaty skin crawl

no one listens to the devil at the bar
dancing alone
making love to a cigar
"who let him in?"
  ask voices afar

I'm so disco
it's not hard!
sell your soul
give in to what's wrong

the songs are cruel
but the people are worse
they dub you disco
make you curse

when blue lights turn us dizzy
***** coats the throat
there's an evil deep inside
that brings me to my knees
every time

"help me! help me!"
I scream with sore lungs
crashing to the floor with a thud like a gun
"I'm so disco!"
but no one hears
they're so disco
the dance goes on
He died.
We cried.
All this pain.
Tears coming down like rain.
He's not coming back.
And yet it all happened
so fast.
In the blink of an eye,
he was able
to die.
Any suggestions on how to deal with losing loved ones?
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