Lure Pot Dec 9

What a beautiful rainy day!
This made my little heart so happy
Nature has been playing
with raindrops from this morning.
I'd enjoy this up to evening
oh, I just can't move away.

Sweetie, you are becoming so shy
drop by drop and talking
with them and I am enjoying
your shyness and dancing
feet and you're making
it hard for me and still smiling.
Beloved, I'm so happy today that's why.

I heard a story about love
it does conquers all,
how the beauty of it
tries to kill somebody.

They started to be a strangers
meeting with friends to friends
shake hands, a little glimpse of smile
and suddenly her name was known.

They were happy to hear stories
each pages were meaningful
and when someone get hurts
you were susceptible.

The tenure you were together laughing
and those memories that was so rigid
your determination on making on time
though you always omit failure.

Things goes up side down
I cried, I laugh, I feel anger at times
not because I don't give love
because I gave it to be destroyed, by you.

And now I see your widest smile
those shining shimmering eyes
while you are waiting on that isle
to whom I didn't know.

Then my tears slowly falls apart.

Saint Audrey Dec 3

I can't get so bogged down
Like i do now
So often its
Boring to be found and
Lost at the same time
Finding time to lie in
My bed, or a coffin
Whatever works
For better or worse

Plans I don't make
Can't really change
Or fall through at all
Funny enough
My whole things been
Mauled and I'm standing here
Coughing and blocking out
More ideas

Pretentious melody's play in my head
But I can't slip into
Real world explanations
The sky can only be one of two colors
A sentiment tied to
One or the other
Or I'm left wondering why
It has to be

I'm still sick of every friendship I make
Its hard to examine the memorys
What I take, and what i leave behind
Trivial, and i wish i had a bit more

I don't care about my future
Irregardless people will still be
And treat me the same
Way, and I'll still be pining for
The same things
Guarded and
Mostly friendless

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