I'm chasing my dream
You're chasing yours
So why do we fall
through this damaged door?
You sing songs
about broken glass
You're still bitter
but my thirst never ends
You still drape yourself
like you never left

You was my sweet love
We were so young
We were both brave
We were too sing
We were great lover,
Sad to say that now-
You are myself killer,
You’ve killed my love
Will you kill me too, how?

I am too tired today
I cannot think of it-
How you said 'go away'
Why guessed 'cheeky git'
Did you call me, 'ignorant'?
You said, 'I don’t like you'
Truly, what do you want to?
I still care about you
I believe you love me too.

Please, leave me alone
I don’t love you anymore
Now I have someone
So go away forever….

Anonymous Oct 10

My gnawing heart upsets my soul;
I have been drained of my cheerfulness, and there is now a hole.
There is no reason for this sorrow;
But yet I still think about the anxieties of tomorrow.
I simply cannot let go of my tears;
Alas! I still worry about my dark fears.
Yet there is a way to conquer this foe;
By asking those you love to pick you up when low.
There is still hope my fair kin;
For a new joy starts rising, and soon will begin!

For you are not alone in this fight;
Family and neighbors share with you their delight.
Their love is spread deeply all around;
They would put you on a throne, and have you crowned.
I tell you again, you are not by yourself in this world;
For the ones so dear to you will surely make your sorrows unfurl.
Friends and family are amongst you always and forever;
For they actually think you are quite clever.
You must look at this in a way that is strong;
For your family and friends were there all along.


Lure Pot Oct 7

I'm so sad to see you go!
Closing this relationship means-
You won’t get my love and anymore poems
Your smiles won’t be simple and visible to me
My name will be erased from your mind
Truly, still want to leave me sweet?

I'm so shocked to see you go!
Hiding me behind means-
You would forget about me and happiness
Your feelings make me want to cry
My heart will be broken for your rudeness
Would you smash my dreams forever?

I'm really upset to see you go!
Leaving me alone means-
You would break my mind into pieces
My eyes will be closed without your shine
You won't get to see me alive anymore
Would you stop my speeches and songs forever?

Without you and your love I feel homeless
So, I pray that no one will not be in a loveless...

Lure Pot Oct 4

Opens the window
and arcane door
Opens this heart
So come back again...

Missing happiness
and rainy days
More than that
I miss your smiles
and gorgeous looks

Missing chilly moment
with morning coffee
Missing walk with you longer
and emotionally talking to you
More than that
I miss your eyes
and wet shy lips

Missing your lank hair
and your smooth cheeks
Missing your behind touch
and all of them, beauties
Do you miss sweet love?

You're levin to me on cloudy night
I love you and will have
I’m still alive to get your love
Sweet, come back again!

Rubsa Bush Oct 3

Belong to me -

I know these eyes, what they contain
I know these thighs, their strength
I know the cute little spots, neatly placed,
I know the perfected curves, taken care of
I know how shadow strikes beautiful angles

The cheekbones, fleshy full C, rounded rump
I know all the sun shiny days given to me

There is never a need to display,
There is never a need to justify,
There is never a time to manipulate
There is only a reason to be graceful
There is never a need to chatter about

I prefer open wide spaces, not cramped compliments
You don't think I know what I am equipped with?

Mister J Sep 28

You don't even want to start
Asking me why I chose you
Even I don't know my own heart
It just seeks to be with only you

I may have come in a flash of light
I may be a new and perplexing maze
But no, I'm not backing down without a fight
Bloodied and bruised just to catch your gaze

So no, I won't give up no matter what
We may never even know what tomorrow brings
No, I won't put that gentle smile in a tight spot
I just want a chance to be with you, among all things

You don't know how much I'm willing to spend
Just to say no to rejection, to be with you in the end

My niece recently asked my help with her English homework. It was about sonnets, and it kinda inspired me to write one regarding my current thoughts.

Been a few days since my last write. :)
Elin Roberts Sep 27

and god, you best believe
when we don't speak i think of you
oh so much

Nick Oh Sep 24

For the last time and forever
They pulled away from each other.
Their intertwined fingers unravelling
Like threads coming apart.

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