Mims 3d
I cringe at the things I have said to try and get you to tell me directly
Angry at the lack of honesty
I liked the lies better
They were so much easier
When we lied we were on the same level
Only the truth brings one of us ahead
And we have both been losing for what feels like forever
So I just learned to be okay with it
I grew sick of trying to change it
So I stopped trying to change it
And I let it
Die out
Making it
Neither of us were ever good at keeping promises
And we both knew that
We both knew how this would end
So why
Why did I try it again
Do i let you in
Do I let you put your arms around me
And whisper things into my ear
I would not soon repeat to anyone
Why do I know in the back of my mind
That your arms do not mean safety
But you put them so securely around me
It made me
Want to believe that they did

So I let you kiss me
And I let myself regret it
And I promised myself I wouldn't do it again

And then I did it again.
this is why we can't have nice things
you were there
so was I
we were together at last
but I had to remind myself that it was a fantasy
not a dream
because Disney said dreams come true.
Diya 3d
I am now braver than thee,
Not a frightened coward anymore.
My heart has turned into an oak tree,
Rigid enough to deal with a carnivore.

The nightmares are friend of mine,
Building power in me after every wake.
More adrenaline is now secreted by my endocrine,
Making me ready to fight even with a venomous snake.

Wanna know secret to my rejuvenation?
The answer may turn you blue.
Still, listen to my citation
I am brave cause I've dealt with a predator like you.
This is just a fictional write...
Thanks for reading ❤
t 4d
wear watches without a battery
because the days can’t tick if the arms don’t move
nothing really has to move
in fact, it was all just a figment of our imagination

on this day i got out of bed
and i saw a dead person
i shut my eyes because it wasn’t real
none of this was ever real

tell me how to stop forcing myself to feel something
tell me why i must pretend to make it mean something

tell me about how the number thirteen always meant something special
tell me about how the number thirteen made you feel something

how do i tell Him that i don’t believe in him
but that i believe in you
how do i tell you that i don’t remember the sound of your voice

from he was a good man
to he was Probably a good man
you aren’t a god
He isn’t even a god
who is the real god here?
how unfortunate it must be
living in two worlds at once

i’ll let grandma know about my conversations with god

blink hospital room
blink grandma’s screaming
blink pray and everything will be okay

i don’t remember the first day

blink burgundy rug
blink mama’s screaming
blink first grade teacher
blink standing over your grave

i don’t remember the last day
i put too much faith in you now there is nothing left of me; i'd like to cross paths again someday but i wouldn't recognize you if i saw you; i have no memories left; did you ever really exist; tell me if my entire existence is a dream; i don't remember you like everyone else does; i don't remember you like i should.
your skin;
is tainted orange, red rust
our bones breaking
teeth crumble to dust
your heart is now tainted
and filled with distrust

you always kept the company
of such a tender love
though now all that loving
has all been crushed
the feeling of loving
is head heated lust

I tried keeping this romance
allowing this thirst
allowing the feelings
to grow and burst
all of it rushed
I felt love though at first

all I can see now
is flashes from before
like the image of us laughing
on a black and white shore
and a love that was growing
from deep in my core

all I can feel now
Is cold heated lust
like a warm gun in my hand
and a bullet of dust
in my hand lies a bundle
of sliver stardust
Why am I so in love
when all you gave
were lies?
Love me now...too much.
Love me deeply and wholesomely...
I want to feel you want me.....
Make me crave you...
Your touch, sound, smell......
Give me everything...
or nothing.
My heart hurts too bad right now and I do not even know why and it saddens me deeply...... days like this... one craves more love.
that letter
she never wrote me

in her

that letter

oh my our goodness
we just
Danial John Mar 3
A ghost
An apparition
How can you kill
What never existed?
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