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Nicole Sep 27
Tired of me

And this agony

Of feeling so alone

And so free
Jack Jenkins Sep 25
A brief breath stolen away
Wishing on a dandelion the rest will follow suit
Wishing the empty page would match my empty heart
Anxiety suffocating me, I'm barely breathing
Distant dark waters call my name to the shore
Lull my senses and deprive my feelings
The right side of my mind hopes
The left side of my mind despairs
My heart loves my head but my head says my heart is weak
Nothing is ever good enough and peace cannot stay
The voice in my throat often lies to me
Coping mechanisms just aren't enough anymore
Even suicide says she has nothing to offer me
In the briefest moment of honesty
I don't want this anymore
Whatever this is
//A reflection of who I am when nobody is looking//
Tatiana Sep 26
There's an old, abandoned house
not far from where I stay
its windows are all broken
brittle wood blocks the doorway
and it's green with ivy that crawls up its face
as it looks at all the other homes
that have windows lit with warm hues
and boast gardens tamed and beautiful.
I guess at what the old house says:

"I once held love within my walls
now it only echoes in my halls."

There's an old, abandoned house
not far from where I stay
and I see in its windows
it has so much to say.
How it became broken,
how its life faded away.
With a heavy sigh, the door falls off its hinges
like a mouth preparing to speak.
Would you like to know what the house told me?

amber Sep 24
slipping into sleep,
laying my head,
on my pillow,
I imagine it
to be your chest.

the nights drift by.
finally, i find myself,
no longer,
having to pretend.

I don't have my pillow,
but I have you.
your embrace is warm,
and it puts me to sleep.
I could be alone
I could be sad
I could cry myself to sleep
But I don't
I walk through cemeteries
And have panic attacks
And fall in love
Far too often
I guess that's just a side effect
Of deciding to live
This is honestly messing with my head. Is this what living is? Have I ever done it before?
When did things change? Did I really make that decision, or was it made for me?
No, I don't think it was. Other people decided to keep me alive, but I was the one who decided I wanted to live.
I'm glad too.
When you finally decided to walk away, a big part of me went with you,
I’m not going to say you took it, because you didn’t,
I gave myself to you, piece by piece, little by little, I was giving who I am to you, for you,
And I’m not sure if I want those pieces back, no, I am certain I don’t want them back, they’re yours now, they’ve been tainted by the long nights of our meaningless conversations and the last surge of whatever fight I had in me to try and revive you and I.
Amanda Sep 19
loving you
hopelessly and wholly
warms my heart,
thawing the hope
that was frozen inside,
setting my bloodstream in motion,
spreading to the rest of me,
reviving me,
saving me
it's not convenient
or comfortable
it's not carefree or fun

but loving you, ry ry's saving me
it's something to feel

i hope you know
i'd do anything for you
i'd do anything to make you happy
Nina Sep 18
I am still patiently waiting
for the day to come
where I wake up
and smile
kinda sad idk recouvering
Osiria Melody Sep 14
Starry skies bleeding blue and white
Wind rustles my hair, so uptight
Imagining our fates intertwine
Fall asleep under the night's eyes

Waking up to a rainy storm
You come along, all adorned
Getting me out from the rain
Asking me for my name

Life's never felt so complete
No one else can compete (for me)
You're the only winner to my heart
Nothing will tear us apart

Boy, you make me feel weightless (weightless)
Like a famous star on the red carpet
Floating so high up in fame
Cause everybody knows our names
Boy, you make me feel invincible
Everything that I do feels so powerful
Without you, I'd not know what to do

I felt so lonely
Didn't know how to smile
Till you came into my life

cheesy song written on 1/23/19.
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