Umi 1d
Love is always praised into the heavens
But never is a tale spoken in which hatred truly prevails,
For those creatures who have nothing but it left seem so lost,
Is this the price they are taking, or must this be a farewell ?
Alike love, hate can give strengh but also great misery,
For those who have lost the access to light it is but an embrace,
Because for them the heart was made to be broken,
Eventually though, through all odds they find their way, despising what they formerly had done, had felt and had acted.
This side of the story remains lonesome,
The light of love is for all to bear in the end,
But the embrace of hatred is undesired as if it was cursed,
Just because the darkness made an attempt to protect their minds,
An outcast who was left behind, who was undefended,
Bidden farewell the shadows of night give in to the sunrays
Another night ends in defeat.

~ Umi
Umi 2d
Even if I’m alone now, from our yesterdays,
Today is born sparkling,
Like the day when we first me,
But what good is a heart if it keeps on aching,
Spirit away in the stream of thoughts, the answer is unclear, always.
Even if I sink even deeper into the embrace of the sea,
I will remember the light of better days,
The whereabouts of the heart have faded,
The kiln has no flame to possess,
Cinder is what is left of this burnt away past.
Mother Purity has been staned by anger,
Sympathizing with fury is a lost cause,
A widdow without a child who cries for help,
But who will answer but the voices from within ?
At least the ghost of the night carried her to sleep,
At least she doesn't have to die in a dream.
The dream which shattered long ago

~ Umi
You are someone's universe
Or galaxy or the brightest star in
Their night sky.

You are precious, my love.

You are needed,
More than you could ever think.

You are in their thoughts,
Memories of you linger in their minds
Like the fresh fragrance
Of roses.

They think about you
Every day;
Each passing second and minute.

You are deeply loved, and
Your life matters.

You are not to be blamed,
My love.

Life gets difficult sometimes, things
Do not go as planned,
Rejections and failures happen
But that doesn't mean
Life isn't beautiful or you have to
Give up.

Your day is just not here yet,
My love.

So don't give up, and
Don't taint your arms with strokes
Of crimson red.

You are an incredible person.

You are braver than any soldier
To walk on this planet.

Your battle scars
Are what makes you beautiful;
Wear them like a medallion
And be proud of them.

Because battle scars will heal,
Death doesn't.
You are all precious. I know it, and others know it, even if you don't.
Bryce Jul 8
And I have seen paradise before
It was a heaven of ideological
on the junction
of childhood and interstates
of man and youth, with marble floors
and distant speakers echoing drops off of
cell phone booths
and older people
selling things for us to buy
to find ourselves happy in the moment
deep cascading waterfalls

Is this heaven?

When a child it's all you see
the white and pedicured purity
of a waxed granite floor,
the impersonal monotony
feeling a soul in a world unknown
the closest thing to dreaming
Old T.Vs selling like hotcakes
buy it while it's new!

Gameboy games, pokemon on the tele
silent in the face of some strange musician
playing unworded tunes you'll recognize later
their focus-grouped chords left somewhere in your mind
for you to hum when bored

Everything was perfect, then?
was it?

Those same malls don't sparkle
no more

maybe it's just the grime of life
blocking the mirrored measure of my childhood soul
lost amidst the echoes
the sweet music of truth
bouncing off of the uncolored walls
a send-off of my youth

Maybe when we go back, one day
the walls won't be quite so grey
they'll be power-washed with light,
shine better than ever before,
nothing to buy but our happiness
somewhere in those hallowed halls
searching those windows into other lives
hoping to find the key to our soul
to leave this silly Sphere and
our boat back out the sliding door
back out into the real world,
no longer dreaming.
Kim Elaydo Jun 27
My words,
My poetry,
My art --

They're my suicide note;

And no one seems to listen.
i am alone
Who am I
Who am I
I can’t find
I can’t find
Peace of mind
Peace of mind
Do or die
Do or die
You decide
You decide
Tell me are you
Down to ride
Down to ride
Tell me are you
Down for life
Down for life
I swear that I
Need you by
My side
I swear that I
Don’t think
I can hide
From all of these
Demons inside
Won’t somebody
Show me
Where to find
The Light
that song played so loud
so loud
so loud I couldn't manage to tune it out
i was forced to savor those lyrics
each one reminding me of those days last august
those days where my summer friends wisped away my worries
reminding me of how much i miss you all
fighting back watery pupils, i reminisce
blaring music in the background
so loud
so loud
so loud...
Maybe you'll stumble and fall off the road
Maybe you'll lose what with tight hands you hold
Maybe you'll drop it all
Only then you will see

That you don't really need me

Withstand the pain
You'd better say
I wish you well
Maybe you'll sail
Maybe you'll fly
Maybe you'll fail
But first you must try
For life is a flight
My angel so bright
Withstand the pain
I hope you say
I wish you well

Maybe we'll see each other again someday
I wish you well
We'll meet again through this pain
I wish you well

Dreams aren't always what they seem
Dreams aren't always gone when we wake from sleep
Dreams reveal to us who we truly are
And your dream has made you a star

Withstand the pain
If you can, please say

I wish you well

I'll meet you in the sky
I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well...
Never say goodbye until it's the right time. But the right time never comes...
Rebecca Jun 13
You know how to make me laugh,
and make me smile -
it's been a year since you've seen me last,
yeah, it's been a while.

But no man has ever made me feel,
the way I feel about you
the way I do.

I'm so glad my hearts always racing
when I'm catching your gaze and
my heart has never felt like this
all full of bliss,
baby come and give me a kiss.

I never felt quite like this before,
and I'm so glad that you found me
and so much more.
I wrote this as a song, it's not the whole piece only pieces put together. This is an original piece, sounds good with music.
Sunshine Jun 11
I wonder what's going through your brain
Why you had to just walk away?
Thought everything was good and perfect
Till you took it and smashed it on the floor
And you were the only thing ever holding me together
So when it broke, I broke harder
I knew I wasn't enough for you
Still you gave yourself up for me every time
Now look at my tears on the marble
I can almost feel your arms around me
How can this make me feel so good?
My everything was taken away but I don't care
You're probably back in the club where I met you
In the dark playing games
I should have just walked away
Instead of giving back my heart I gave for you
You gave me back my crumpled
                                        messed up
you told me i wasn't enough
so i let you break me down

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