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"if that's how you feel, then leave"
those words echo through my skull
forgive me if I'm still a bit shocked
new year
new beginnings
it's supposed to be a fresh start
but what if it's just
the same
on repeat?
we still bleed,
a new year but it's bittersweet.
I hope finally some things change in 2019.
Wolf Dec 2018
When will I finally give up?
But something that is broken
Cannot break again
And yet it is repeated
Like a swirling storm in my head
So I'll keep my eyes up
To see the distant promises
Glittering in the night sky
Christopher Jan 4
Sing a hymn
Sing a song.
Rejoice! Rejoice!
A ***** I am no more.
So now freely shall I roam

Onwards to a brighter future,
To a brand new start.
Pack your things and we'll tear away once that they had started.

But why?
Why burn something so nice?
Claim it for yourself.
Make something new!
Trust me why don't you.

Let's work it!
Keep it as it was,
Maybe place this chain here so I won't forget where I'm going.

Its okay, it's not a like it was before.

Funny how free I thought I'd be once they called it off.

Yet I find myself going back to where it all happened.
Obassi Bholai Dec 2018
I tend to do this unforgiving
method of maddness when it comes to writing
I'll start and stop, repeating onto new work
unfinishing the last.

incomplete as each piece may be,
the brain is scattered
lost and afraid, it'll never feel the same way.
connected to what beginnings
may be.
Jessica Stull Dec 2018
Poetry is like my diary
I can tell her anything and everything
I can scream from my soul
In aching longing
Intense rage
Or sadness beyond measure
Perhaps it’s TMI
But I tell her my secrets
I tell her how you taste in my mouth
How you took the time to figure me out
How I love the feel of our own rhythm of life
Indeed no one else understands but who cares
My poetry, my diary, my life
It’s messy as ****
At work my thoughts a-running, actually I just miss my man right now
Mackenzie Dec 2018
"why are you so insecure?" repeat. repeat. repeat.
why wouldn't I be?
do you know the ache of being me?
I never learned how to love myself, and I've never really seen anything to love
It is only me. it's impossible to feel confident when you hate every inch of your body
to be trapped in my mind, is like being publicly criticized just like
Your worst dream, but every night
my disgusting body, the life I keep trying to find
and then ask again.
why are you so insecure?
This is no disguise
Try and see through these aching eyes
Please love yourself. I know it can be hard.
Jeannery Dec 2018
its three o'clock
i wish i wasn't going home alone
my sadness, it *****
then add this playing melancholic tone

the same playlist on repeat
i keep on thinking of you
my heart still skips a beat
i love you, always
what's the date five days ago? It was written five days agoo soooooooooooo
Christopher Dec 2018
4 out of 5 become different.
But the one will change the world.
So why not me?

I've got the plans but no action.
Seems I'm no different than the 4 and 3.
Except I'm not dependent on chlorine or finding the right thing to make me happy.

1 and 2 just remind me that we can all fall into the ability of finding ways of not being so panicky.
Though hold your breath deep and hope these things will stay for a while.
So why not me...
Chlorine and the Right Thing seem so easy and the thing that keeps them from being shakey helps them.
So why not me?
I've already found my thing but the sad truth is there's no way out.

Counseling is a way
Sure talk about why it seems so wrong.
Even though I caught you looking at them the way I do, you still lecture me as if you're not doing it.

I admit I'm an addict
But could you blame me as they blame themselves.
Excuse this excuse that.
So why not me....
I ******* hate myself a lot for my addictions but you know, life is weird. Happens for reasons we do or don't understand.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
finally getting skinnier
numbers dropping on the scale
head's hurting, but that's alright
getting dizzy, but that's fine
one more
just lose one more pound
i'm fine

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