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I’ll bring you the moon
and the stars will come down for you tonight.
I hope that you will show up soon,
but I don’t see one trace of light.
I’m at dead end ruin,
I guess I should’ve made a right.
Bound to pop just like a balloon,
no need to apply strength or might.

So don’t try to stray
it will never be through,
you can’t run away,
she’s not done with you.

Climb out from the dark,
but take a break before you tire.
I thought that I did feel a spark
but realized that I’m on fire.
I’m ash; my body is an urn,
I beg to be spread and to be set free.
So blindingly bright you burn
but there’s no complaints from me.

So don’t try to stray,
it’s something you can’t do,
you can’t run away,
she’s not done with you.
Every night and day,
one thing rings true,
sidelined and kept at bay,
it’s just déjà vu.

You know I have nothing left to lose
but I’d still give all of my nothing over to you.
Out of options but there’s only one thing that I’d choose,
the only thing I know, but still a mystery lacking a clue.

Think of how beautiful life could be
and all of the colours that could come from grey.
Just take a single step towards me
and I’ll carry us both the rest of the way.

I won’t try to stray,
you know I’m stuck like glue,
I’ll never run away,
I’ll follow it through.
There’s nothing else to say,
one divided by two,
and come what may,
it’s all déjà vu.

I’ll keep my distance
but dream of you nightly.
But in this instance
you just shine so brightly.
carpediem Sep 10
The alarm blares, its seven in the morning exact.

Her mind is bare and her memories can not extract
the happenings of the days that hurriedly passes,
burdens on her back, stranded, sigh; “surely the grass is
greener on the other side... it has to be! As this,
is no way to live, seemingly stuck in the abyss.”

Stiffening day to day regularities; mundane.

Everyday the same - soul crushing, she’s turning insane.

No change. Nothing to remember, a routine ingrained,
by her brain. Life cycle? The cycle through life remained
on the same routes without fail, no twists or turns in sight.

10 pm - night, wishful thinking she holds onto tight,
yearning for the twist of fate her days have greatly lacked.

The alarm blares, its seven in the morning exact.
- tried to keep it around thirteen syllables per line
Trout Sep 2
Take your spirit, find some image
And repeat it, just relive it
No sensation, grab retwist it
Answers come from winners winning
Steve Page Aug 11
I will love you
until the moment I die away
until my last words pass
until my last chord fades

I will be true to you
until the next track plays
until the playlist moves on
and we become forgone
unless you choose 'repeat' to replay
Some songs linger. Some are more easily forgotten.
Eve Stumpges Aug 10
I watch and I yearn to do.
I do and I wish to do more.
I do more and then try something new.
I do something new and forget the old.
As the old is forgotten it faintly whispers.
And the whispers shift to noise.
And the noise turns to screams.
And I stifle the screams until they break my heart.
And morph into mortar filling the cracks
of resistance earning their overdue residency.
Rose Aug 3
Well, here I am again--
Each week flew by so fast,
Did I learn anything?
Not sure, but I know that
Every time I am there,
Sitting in the front,
Do you realize
All that I try
Yet all I can do is stare.

Can a girl be so turned on,
Like never before.
All I can think about is--
Sitting in my chair every week,
So that you'd notice me.
Off-limit admiration.
My dear, smartest universe.
I wasn't understand this meaning.
Could you please repeat everything from the beginning?
Laokos Jun 11
Just outside, the

plays.  An iron gate is rusting shut
across from

traffic lights
maintaining perfect
a newspaper
on a bench losing its
ink to the gutter.

I get the feeling
you've done this
before.  Now

I see,

I         was             just
cycle you like to repeat.

And so it was,
the brief respite attained
through our
lips and arms



a sunset
for a sunrise.

I was just happy to see those
colors stain my sky again,

I refused to

I get the feeling
I've done this before.
Now I see, you   were   just
        cycle  I  like  to  repeat.
im stuck in
this never ending
loop. this cycle
of go to work,
come home, go
to bed, repeat.
i can’t live the
rest of my life
like this.
life is like a
bad song stuck
on repeat.
Luna Maria Jun 4
fall in love
fall apart
fall asleep
- and repeat
falling all the way down
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