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Alexis Aug 16
the sky is crying so hard
these tears feel like bullets
and sound just the same .

i have to ask
who is she trying to **** ?

if its humanity
i admit,
i do not blame her .
tears or bullets?
I dont see a difference.
Autmn T Aug 12
Shameful to feed your kids breastmilk in public, but yet we will feed them bullets in their public schools.
Annoyed with the urgency some people treat something natural and the dismissive nature they treat something urgent.
clever May 22
i bit the bullet and threw up the shell.
your high is like heaven and your  love is like hell.
Haylin May 10
You know that feeling
When everything around you
Is just spinning,
Bringing total chaos?

But somehow you feel nothing at all.
Not scared about being shot at.
Not being scared that a car is about to hit you.
Not being scared that the freshman that you just shoved out of your way will come and hurt you.

You just stand there,
Watching the bullets fly at you.
Watching the headlights on the car come straight at you.
Walking away but turning around to make sure he isn't running after you.
Just waiting to see what will happen next.

That feeling you have when all that chaos is happening,
That my friend is called calm.
awknight May 1
I dream of death by bullets
entering the jaws of strangers
exiting my own skull
my own mortality is fragile
in the hands of my instability
As I shoot, like fireworks, across
the blue sky and paint it red
is that my finality?
AsJay Mar 24
What’s wrong with our planet?
Where did we go so wrong?
It’s slowly dying and I can’t stand it
It’s only here once and where we belong

I can’t begin, it’s difficult to pause
I sit here stunned in disbelief
How someone could go on and cause
A careless amount of trauma and grief

Saddening that they had to bother
And spread all their hate speech
If you cannot accept someone else’s color
Then who the **** are you to preach?

Hatred is a powerful word
It can boil over and stain in minutes
There’s a better way to cure that curse
Than to express it using a couple of bullets

Like Lennon said let’s just imagine
Jackson’s wish to heal the world
Like Luther King, I had a dream
But woke up and saw the hurt

Straight, bi, lesbian or trans
Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist or Anglican
No matter where your background stands
We’re all people not just a manikin

I’m so angry at humanity right now
For not protecting the Earth
Let’s stop the wars and put the guns down
And support the next generation’s birth
Introducing... Bullets!
Constructed entirely in 15 minutes after literally waking up this morning, 'Bullets' is a poem that has quite a powerful meaning behind it and a meaning that is quite important to me.
After the recent terrorist attack in my home country, in fact, my home city only 9 days ago... I was completely heartbroken and taken back by the hatred that we as a society have for one another based on our own beliefs.
The poem basically outlines my personal thoughts about the tragic string of violence around the world and the acceptance that is being overshadowed by so much hatred which personally... I think is quite a shame.
I feel that the poem can be related to so many people around the world and I'm ultimately so proud to have written this piece.
Of course, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones in this tragic act of terror that really did hit close to home... may they rest in peace.
Thank you for taking the time to read through this poem, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Your support and inspiration really does help me with writing more of my poetry.
Interested in reading more of my poetry?
If so, find me on my social platforms!
Instagram: @iamasjay
Tumblr: @underestimated034
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Who Am I?
I Am AsJay
In a time where making ****** is entertainment
Icons of killers and repeated death giving faces.
Parents leaving kids alone with guns in the basement.
And when kids are in placement, we wonder what the **** happened to Sarah and David.
A gun does not make a medal of honor. When the same gun is used to **** Billy and Connor.
Saviors are portrayed within the bodies in graves. All the while the victim never gets saved.
And all it took was a unlawful ******* to give the kid a gun in the first place. Then they wonder why he caught a case. Masters of manipulation are more than we can tame with. And then that gun is small enough to hide in the width of a backpack. Guitar cases and duffel bags. All plotting the innocent attack of human beings caught by bullets in the back.  And then you got family’s who want to ask why the little kid deserved to die in his desk in his class.  Transforming ammo into trauma. Then you got politicians transforming ammunition into budget raises. And you didn’t know that the same people you praise are helping you give your life away.  And as he walks down that hallway with a AR. Just as you call him a monster think about all the people who contributed to his downfall. The people who abused him and made a call to give that fool an assault rifle. The things projected in his head had to come from somewhere. And I know most of you don’t even care. Just know how the victim feels about it being ‘fair’. I know what you’re thinking. It wasn’t me. Shut the **** up please. You are the reason they can’t breathe. Thoughts like that are the reason this keeps a tract record of continuous attacks. What if it was you. What would you do. You do not want to be in those shoes. So realize the impact of the media you contract and show your kids. Sins all start with a purpose. I just hope you heard this. Because no one deserves it.
Khoi-San Mar 20
Guns and money
bullets and power
running and hitting
chidren in the shower
Two four year olds died in the Crossfire
All they want
Is whiskey and a mirror
To see their faces clearer
Steer clear
They'll say
For they want peace and adoration
Yet they're stuck in emulation

All they want
Is a mirror and a gun
For dark reflective fun
Curse the ashtray
They'll say
It ruins their laundry whites
To gaze on their delights

All they want
Is a gun and God
To walk where sinners trod
Drunken Bible bullets
They'll pray
For when the darkness takes its motion
They'll fall to their drunken notions
Tell me: what does whiskey, a mirror, a gun, and God all have in common?
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2018
Roses, bullets, and a Bible
Guided my life
A shine for my light
My happiness was never trifle
My smile was bright
My heart was kind

   Roses, bullets, and a Bible
   Blind my light
   Pervert my sight
   Not prepared for Blue
   Not by a mile
   But lost, through and through
   Youth's too cruel
      Roses, bullets, and a Bible
      Broken shards
      Build my scars
      Happiness is only trifle
      But maybe I'm still good
      I hope I can still be good
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