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You stop to look at yourself
For every mirror you pass by
You can’t help but to gaze into your eyes
Such perfection that lies in the glass
You tilt your head and pass your hands
Through your shimmering hair
Brushing all those obsidian strands

Oh the fortunate mirror
So close to you
So close to you
I envy it

But then again I envy every single particle
Of dust that rests on you
The golden light that lays its head
On your pink shirt
The blessed water molecules
Holding your hair together
The plastic comb running its fingers
in your otherwise tousled hair
held by your warm fleshy hands
As you stare into the mirror
Brushing your obsidian strands
toleomato Jun 7
Selfishness only breeds jealousy
is a phrase I have repeated
of times.

It is like medicine.
In a bout of melancholy,
I simply must repeat this phrase
a few dozen times,
and I am okay,
in fact,
maybe I am better than okay.

When exactly shall I learn
that I do not need to be a part of
I can do an act purely for the sake of the act itself.
There is no need for self gratification.
Surely, there are others who have
lived selflessly before.
Then what is my excuse?

Under my breath,
I mutter once again,
Selfishness only breeds jealousy,
It doesn't really help, does it?
Andy Chunn May 29
In Teapa he now makes his home
After his journey from the states
Trouble caused his heart to roam
And sorrows filled his plate

One friend asked him about the gun
And what he planned to do that night
He said he’d do what must be done
And anger blurred his sight

He shot her down and did not care
The gun still in his hand
His woman said that she had dared
To love another man

Someone asked where he would go
Where he would run or stay
He simply said I do not know
And headed down Mexico way

People staring from a distance
Some just mumble and turn away
And he can tell in just one instance
What they mean and what they say

So when I see him on the street
I shake his hand so he will know
He has a friend and when we meet
I simply say “Hey Joe”
A tribute to Jimi Hendrix and his song pinned by Billy Roberts called "Hey Joe"
Julia Martin May 17
My lungs breathed in disdain
Whem you mentioned her name
And that's when I knew
I had to stay away from you
Dark Dream May 8
To dream of desire
Is to live again
Within a pit
Of not seeing
Some big picture
That might exist
On the other side
Of a green fence
toleomato May 4
Once more, I rewrite
a line of poetry
from one of the great poets
as one would meticulously retrace
the outlines of an image.

The placement of each period,
the choice of a particular word,
if one of these were amiss,
it would be all for naught,
but my!
How each word, each line
supports the other,
what beauty!


What beauty indeed!
The more I know,
the more it burns
like celluloid!
Fuelling anguish in my heart!
And oh dear!
What a jealous heart I have!
Surely, others must feel the same.
Is it so hard to discern beauty?
Can we not read?
Yet why is it so elusive to recreate something
even a fraction as eloquent?
Do we not spectate the same Earth?
Such mockery!
To recognize such and be unable to recapitulate it!
All things of significance
have already been written.
All else is imitation!
And how much more it aches to know
that I am a cheap one at that!

At least just once in my life,
could I not write just one line
equal to this?
I do not ask for much.
Just one line!
Then I could proudly brandish
whatever mediocrity I amount to,
like a brand burnt into my flesh.
Wenwenchi May 4
If there's the sun,
What am I

If there's whole,
Why am I still breathing

If there's everything, unfolding
What should I do

Being less

If there's you
There isn't me
Estel May 3
Might as well hang me out to dry
I’m too sad to cry
I saw you walking by
Hand in hand with that brunette
You too looked like a matching set
While I’m just standing here
I might as well disappear
Maybe it’d be better that way
Or just don’t say hey
But I can’t help it…
I have no one else
I just need some help
If only I didn’t feel like I need you.
riri Apr 29
her hair shines like the sea glimmering in the sun
flawless, radiant skin with a beaming smile
her eyes are like a trap, once you're reeled in all you can do is stare in awe
how i wish i could be her

boys treat her with respect, that's for sure
effortlessly gorgeous they say, even when she wakes up in the morning
she's the girl who everyone stops to stare at
how i wish i could be her

i see the way they talk about her
the respect and humility they have whenever they're in her presence
especially the way he looks at her, for some reason i envy
how i wish i could be her

she calls herself ugly
but i never will understand why
she's perfect in every way
oh how i wish i could be her
a best friend who doesn't know how jealous i am of her, the thing is i will never compare to her beauty. next to her i will always be the ugly best friend
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