Love is a thief.
I never asked for my
focus to be stolen.
You never meant to
take it from me, I'm sure,
but its gone now.
I've always said love should be a synergy of
two whole people. Despite this claim, I find myself
newly unwhole. I lust for wholeness.
You cliched me.

Love is a humaniser.
All my life I've been
an alien, grey specimen
trapped and bound in pale white skin.
I've never felt comfortable in this form.
I want to be light, energy, flowing out of here
and through the world
and the stars and all.
Only, you
make me now feel human.
Breath comes easy.
I still yearn for outer space,
but maybe we could go together.
If you wanted.

Love is a would-be assassinator.
It possesses your mind and your fists,
a dark green spirit. It targets wandering
eyes, and it loathes

Love is a fear of inevitable "see you later"s.

Love is an all-conquering now.
The past is dead and
the future isn't real
but we believe in those illusions
until we come together.

Love is half-burnt coffee on a dark November morning, as mist haunts the air outside of the old kitchen we inhabit.

Yes I am clingy,
But you will never find someone
There for you like I will be.

Yes I am needy,
But when you need reassurance
I’ll be full of soothing words.

Yes I am jealous,
But you will never find someone
More loyal than me.

Yes I am possessive,
But you will never find someone
That values you like I do.

Yes I have flaws, I am human. Please don’t fault me for loving the way I do.

i can:

flip a switch
just for you
sometimes i do
forget how to

flip a switch
one day it's on
and then it's off
then i am gone

i get lost
in your love
lose myself
a part of

you becomes
a part of me
flip it off
then i'm free

flip a switch
i will do
flip a switch
for me and you

He is mine, and no one else's.
He is sweeter than candy and softer than silk.
He is the universe.
He is beautiful.
Wounded, but beautiful.
How was I so deserving of him?
He is my warmth, and without him
I'd die.
He's the sun to my Earth.
The moon to my stars.
She tried to take him from me.
Tried, but he is mine.
His heart, his love.
Him, that one over there, he is mine.
And I am his from this day
till the end of my days.
I love him, and he loves me.
He is mine, and no one else's.

I'm a little salty but I don't know how to express my thoughts so whatevs.

She has long brown hair.
Mine could never compare to hers.
I have short, curly, ashy hair.

Her hair is softer than feathers.
Mine is crisp, thin, breaking.
She has chocolate eyes and
spider leg lashes.
Mine are blue; such a generic color,
and lashes, sparse.

She has a white smile and
rose colored lips.
She has perfect teeth; symmetrical.
My smile isn't the brightest.
Lips, pale and thin.
Crooked teeth.

She smells like lemongrass and apple juice.
I have no scent.
Nothing signature, or memorable.

She is beautiful.
She is captivating.
Her soul is beautiful and I see
why people like her.
I'm the plain girl.
Nothing if not ordinary.
My soul has scars and blemishes and
I see why I'm easy to miss.

I wish I could be like her.

I couldn't compare to someone like her.
She tastes like peaches and sweets.
I see her and feel threatened.
I wish I could be like her.

This daydream,
So lacking in appeal,
Jealously abounds,
Blurs come in random order,
My mind drifted restlessly,
I find myself wandering,
Why am I here?

I'll brood in silent contemplation,
Though my heart holds a burden,
While fancying pleasures,
I'm not swayed by pressure,
I'm completely still in my own calmness.

Breaking the silence of complacency,
Was nothing but the realization,
I was a specimen,
Used for an experiment,
To prove a point...

Lisa 5d

Rat, sarcophagus she
Mouse hunt
Trachea tail sloppy lose in womb room
Tomb, tumbling, squeak
I hear the sound of my own eyelash blink
You call me a devil
But the dishes rattle for you
Time is well spent
underneath a table of drama
I lost something once too
Inside your vagina shaped monologues
The queen eats her own head at the end

Tyese Chumov Dec 3

You say her name
When you should have said mine
I still can't blame
You, I hold on all this time

Lex Nov 30

I hate her because you said you loved her
And I don't even know her.

I know this may hurt,
But I needed to get it down
I needed to say something
About that darling little frown

Your bloody knuckles
Bright blue eyes
You'd think I'd have known
To know better this time

So hear me out,
Listen to me
I'm not the girl
You believe me to be

Your emotions run deep
But honey, so do mine
You think you've lost it all
But you've still got time

I can't control the way you feel
Just like I can’t control what’s real
I may not love you like I love him
But trust me, I love you still

I saved his life, you see
He risked it all, and then found me
November was the deadline,
But I turned out to be his lifeline

Now we’re the “us” we were meant to be.
If only it were you and me
Maybe then, I could make you happy
Or if you didn’t love me
But I could never ask that of you
Could never plead to deny the truth
If only I had had more proof
Maybe then, I’d love you
Like you deserve to be
Instead, I’ll sing a song
And to you, I’ll plead guilty
Of lying for redemption
In words of small contention
If only
To make you smile for tonight

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