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JoJo 1d
how long will you wrap yourself
in jealousy before you let
it destroy the soul
I tried to rebuild.
the lips I once kissed
are tainted with the green monster’s
so I’m left once more
to reveal my heart’s contrition
for wanting you.

now I’m left
alone with the remains
of what the green monster

he destroyed your heart
but God forbid I let him destroy mine.

Every judgemental word of stone that you cast
Shall ricochet and slap you in the face
When you gossip
Be careful
For a bird might hear you
And tell others what you had said
Don't fire arrows of jealousy
For you shall be put to shame
Don't try to mould someone into what you'd like them to be
Unless you're willing to do something against your own will
Don't accuse others of wrong action
If you are guilty of more
For your skeleton in hiding
Will almost always fall out of the cupboard at the most inopportune time
Be who you are
And people shall respect you more
It's better to deal with a criminal
Than to speak to one who wears a mask
Written by Sean Achilleos 19 January 2019©
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We are all green houses,

              never let anyone throw
a rock though your widows..

As there just jealous that's growing

Some may be infertile within,
               cold and un-growing.
No seed of compassion sprouts within.

But you are a virtual rainforest of
                       creative imaginings..
            So growth forth and no rock
shall ever come through your  greenhouse...
I shouldn't be frustrated.
I should not be mad.

But something inside me,
Tells me I am.

I've denied the feeling,
Whatever it is.

To try and be happy.
Shall I begin?

You met up with her,
You guys are just friends.

I trust your decisions,
To my very ends.

But something inside me,
Crawls to my head.

Starts complaining,
A small shallowly beg.

Get out I will say,
Every time!

But it tells me.
That you're not only mine?!

This creature comes,
Quite often I believe.

I goes by a name,

But that's not the only name,
It goes by so many.

The green eyed like grass,
Somethimes even envy.

I despise it greatly,
If only I could see.

That this creature or....feeling,
Is a part...of me.
Snowflakes in the summer from your jealously,
Why are you so mad it’s like you’re yelling at me?
It won’t change the fact that I’ve moved on,
Be happy man cause you got what you want,
I no longer want to be in your thoughts,
And it’s true,
I no longer long to be with you,
I don’t think I ever really loved you.

You left me in pieces,
please don’t repeat it.
If I’ve said I’ve moved on its true,
I don’t want to be with you.
I’m working on me can’t you see,
Please spare me your sad soliloquys
I’m working on me,
Can’t you see?

Moonlight foreshadows the sunlight above,
My love for you is no longer what it was,
The fire is no longer burning in my heart,
Our love must’ve been broken from the start,

I’m working on me can’t you see,
Please spare me your sad soliloquy's.
I’m working on me,
Can’t you see?
Can’t you see?
Can’t you see?

Or when you called me blind,
was that for you
or was that for me?
You can’t hurt me anymore, I pray you hurt no one else .
Carter Ginter Jan 15
Heavy, my chest feels
But not my heart
Its light as lettuce
So light in fact
That it races through these minutes
Like the wind makes it beat
I feel weighed down and weightless
This anxiety is engulfing
But it's based in insecurity
So in reality
I've got more control than I feel I do
You were with them late and
I am fully aware that my mind
Is regularly the dramatic type that
Likes to believe you two are
Making up and hugging it out
Which would be great actually
If my brain didn't tell me you were also
Falling in love
It's so silly to say aloud
And if I would just trust in your love and your word
And believe in my own worth
Then my screenplay writing mind
Wouldn't feel so suffocating
And my chest and my heart
Could fall back into automatic existence
And maybe I could sleep
I know it's irrational. I'm working on addressing my own insecurities, because that's where jealousy comes from, and there's nothing you could tell me to make me feel better. I've got to do this myself.
With anxiety it doesn't get any better.
unnamed Jan 11
Nine, something that is now way more than a number.

It is the root of life, the number in which a woman carries the unborn in her ****, she’ll feel it grow, kick and hear it’s heartbeat so rhythmic like a soft song.

Nine, such a beautiful number to a soon to be beautiful mother, I just cannot fathom the pit in my stomach as she is not me. Nine long selfish thoughts for nine long months, she’s carrying his seed so gracefully, she’s already developing a bond and she’s not even that far along.

Nine, seconds it took to see that post, congratulations from all your friends. Nine, minutes I stared down onto my glowing screen with a certain pounding in my chest, aloud I wish you the best.

But, in the back of my mind. Nine months feels like doing time, for I ache at the thought of anyone else knowing you this much.

-wordsforthesoul 10:36 am
when we are caught up
in our own pain
and jealousy,
we end up hurting others.
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