Laura 1d
Like hungry dogs we turned on each other,
two bitches, tearing skin from bone.
Strips of fleshy dignity dropping from jaws
as we fight for a prick. Fighting not to feel
the smack of one more rejection;
to feel pretty, to feel desired, to be worthy.
The things that women are built upon.

It’s in Athena’s wrath, that turned the Gorgon’s head
to snakes, and made her sweet face unsightly.
Cixous said that she was beautiful and laughing-
at first I didn’t understand, but now I see it too.
Osal 3d
Curved and molded with utmost of care
to look pretty but second to the flowers i bare
children and maidens prest kisses on thine flowers
what does this wild weed has hidden in power

My body is shaped with detail to frill
while the flower is blank and the wind brushes it chill
i sit in the oven quite painful and warm
and its loved by winds and grounded in the lawn

May the number of frills and the detail to rise
never shall I win my dream my prize
All beautiful vase are made to be
to hold the flowers and the weed to see

The truth behind what our eyes can see if far beyond what our mind can think. There is no such thing as a straight line. All things are paradoxical and molded into a twist of reality. a constant change of structure we see is what defines life and what we see as one is not a constant but a change. so one may have what another may not. hence why the man who might go through the furnaces of the world burnt into character with utmost pain might not get much luck as the wild weed kissed by the wind. it is unnecessary for envy, understanding the logic behind the probability of luck will make life's endeavors of much ease.
"We battled this particular demon with words, but when it learned our language it was hard to tell the difference. "

"The difference between...?"

"The difference between our thoughts and its own..."
PM Mar 7
I'm seeing a lot of poems,
about poets, their love and immortality.

I've also seen a lot poems,
about poets, their anger and immortality.

I'm yet to see a poem by a poet,
devoid of love, anger, heartbreak or jealousy.

Because, hey, we are after all people,
people, who feel love, anger, heartbreak and jealousy.

So bear with us for a while,
before you decide if your presence in my poem makes you laugh, cry, fume or smile...
I'll laugh off the bad ones
Grin at the good
Pretend that I don't care

Sometimes I can push it away like an annoying bug
Sometimes I can't

I'll feel the tears
I'll feel the shame
I'll feel jealousy

To tell you the truth, I don't think I can do it
Thoughts for the two upcoming months
These are not friendly smiles
          Upon the faces
            of the girls I pass
When they know very well
    How my heart could splinter
       And my love be lead astray
          by their deceitful charms
As I approach the girl
           With a chip in my pocket
               A pair of dice that never turn
      The half grin of a loser's smile
           sits uncomfortably on my face
And I wait for her to break
      Never gamble with my luck
         Just hoping for the chance
  To prove she is the one;
    My true desire
Until she can spare
     A moment's grace
That both of us know
    Could be the one
      To really break the bank
Alec Astaire Mar 1
Okay, I’ll admit it-
Maybe I don’t love you
Because when I saw how his gaucheness made you chortle-
How his mundanity carved your dimples,
I could feel every winged insect inside of me shrivel up and plunge into my deepest cavity.

I know love isn’t self seeking-
But is it so wrong to feel cheated when I once owned the patent to your smile?
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