ignite a warmth in me
when I've been so cold

evoke jealousy in me
as I watch the world appreciate your essence

make me want to hide the world from you.

Because I know how cruel the system can be
How it will fall in love with your facade
Bring out the best in you
Only to turn around and chew you
Bring out the inner demons in you
Intimidated by the real you

make me want to hide the world from you.
As I realize they're not ready to see your

intricate layers
cubic block
cubic zirconia
cubic soul

are the words that can describe my love for you

Of the words describing you
hiding your intricate design
thinking nobody will understand you
sretending you don't care
because when you do people hurt you

as I watch you unravel me
peeling through aspects of my being
reading right through me
bringing out emotions I didn't know existed
making me feel so lifted
from reality

make me
Our old selves
cannot hold
cannot grasp
onto the living
emaciated fragments
that only stir
in the depths
of an imperceptible place
beneath conscious living
swirling in an infinite
cabinet of souls
and theys
who are unidentifiable
who run
and swim
into each other
and cannot differentiate from
an other.

Can we let go?
Can we form
an ocean of selves
worth no more
or no less than
Can we recognize
the worth of
that is other
without feeling
Can we demolish
those confines
which provoke
By the light of a fire burning bright

The Lady sought love in the night

Desire ignited within her dark eyes

She went to him with innocent guise

In his chamber her Lord did wait

With his black heart full of hate

After Hearts and bodies did entwine

He gave her a goblet of ruby wine

The venom brought her to the floor

He told his wife he loved her no more

It was another who set him aflame

He was callous and without shame

As the poisoned wine her life did take

A final promise she did make

Beyond the grave, his cruel crime

He would rue until the end of time
When I write short stories they often begin life as a flow of words as the seeds of an idea engenders...Wine of Desire touches on themes I like to explore-love, loss, betrayal. This little piece became "Candlenight" the tale of Lords and Ladies long ago and the ghost of Lady Leonora who walked within her castle walls seeking to avenge her murder, having met her demise at the hands of her adulterous husband and his mistress Sibylla, versed in the dark arts with a strong desire to be rid of her rival.
Zoey 5d
How can I miss you when you lay next to me? Little do you know I break while you sleep.. I can’t control the thoughts they’re smothering me.

It hurts.
Fuck, it hurts. I wish you could experience this. It’s the worst.

Jealousy’s an evil demon
Who has taken every part and the core of my being.

I feel myself slowly going crazy.
Jealousy will drive me to insanity.
Wake up, dreamer!
Welcome to another day.
Waking up to an empty bed.
No girl to work on my morning sweat.
Got about a hundred calls,
can’t even shake my Johnson off.
This morning traffic is the worst.
Messages, clients, meetings with the boss.
Did you see the new assistant?
She looks good! Ok, focus and be efficient.
Gotta finish the web content.
Gotta start planning the next event.
A 24-hour day isn’t sufficient.
Who said another task would be inconvenient?

All you phonies, won’t you suck it up.
Your opinion is irrelevant, so shove it up.
Not your cup of tea? Here’s another cup.
Even at my slowest pace, you can’t keep up.
Gotta write a script, finish this poem,
edit a video a working on,
hit the gym, pump up these guns,
make the girls fall in love.
Do you get my innuendo?
This is my manifesto.
I’m retro, but I’m not mellow.
I work hard to make it perfecto.
Gotta give my best impression.
Can’t forget to show God my appreciation.

Think you’re shooting fire?
Anything I work hard for; that's fire.
You don't see me like a fly on your ass; that's fire.
Being proud of who I am; that’s fire.
You really can’t relate to my lifestyle
and you can’t emulate my own style.
Every time I pass in front of you, you can’t recover for a while.
The stench of your jealousy can be smelled from a mile.
I’m not aiming higher, I’m aiming straighter.
If you can’t deal with it, then see you later!
Hey, Miss Feisty, they see us as a threat, ‘cause everyone is an imitator,
because they know we make of something good, something greater.

I tried to be what you consider a good man.
I tried to be what you consider a good friend.
I lessened myself to be accepted
and by you and your jealousy, I was rejected.
I tried to become everything that in your eyes was “fair”
and if I failed at it, ask me if I care.
Written on June 10, 2014
Composition number: 477
Anne 6d
i felt miserable
every time i see you with someone,
making your memories more memorable
who made it more fun.
I thought that it could've been me
who would stand by your side
but now that i have set you free
please, just stay along the ride.
Having memories with someone can be happy or sad or painful memories
Ellison 6d
We've known each other for countless years
We've shared our happiness, joys and fears
But even with all that, something is amiss
When she smiles at you, my demons start to hiss
Cause our brotherhood means nothing if there's a girl
That you could run off with; my heart would uncurl
And this poison that lurches forever in my night
Makes me hate the stranger I never wanted to fight.
SG Rose Jul 6
Jealousy tastes like her on your lips.
I want you so bad I’m willing to suck and
savor them clean just to find you underneath.
Anne Jul 4
A sun, a moon, a love
A girl who had enough

The sun was he
He rose above
He glanced back down
And he saw love

The moon was he
And he was a vile
Who hurts the girl
So out of style

A warmth a glow
The sun bestows
But grief and cold
The moon was told

A day had come
When Anne chhose
Between them and
To gain, to lose

She looked upon
The horrid moon
And never on
The warmest noon

Her heart was cold
Her love was old
Done by her story
The moon had told

While the sun
He focused on
Rising up
Every dawn

And Anne glanced
Up above
The brightest star
And she saw love
An old poem of mine
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