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David Hilburn Jun 16
Time passes a thought
To another, in a climbing sense of renderings...
We see the call to unify, in a shy voice ought?
Today was a marveling hour, we could marvel's ends...

Bite me...with a resolve?
They said the sour news is a welcome sunshine
With pets and history to come at all...
Of a younger moment to be quiet, for a composure of time...

Hours as we know, a fixation on else
Can be, the truth be found in a place of sin
Was this imagined tongue, the saying of wealth
Yet to be, the stir of justice of what is a craved wince...

Of passion over a legend to become, our friends
The tale we notice, and simplify by devoid and avoid
Is but a loose remark of such to roll and imbue, the like we end
As if the world knows any better: the fight of certainty's choice...?!

Sly or slime?
Tows of redoubt, between lovers or a heroism of dry finality's
Sunny as we should note, is about the hour I am trying
We see the traitor of commonness and pence, our humor is...

A rushing eye, to know a catastrophe
That is being a silent opportunity, to approach though
And worth the implied key, we find in the future feat
Of lying to the misses, when a game is for those we hosted, should first owe...?
No, brain disease smells like glue with a sesame bun in it (not, hamburger)
What do you get when you cross a cow and a vampire bat? something that needs less iron in its blood, bud...
Io Jun 3
I wanted to ***** -
To spill my heart out on the floor
Under the bus stop, to scream
until my lungs gave out
I wanted to *****,
because I wasn’t who I wanted to be -
I wish I could be her...

I was jealous.
I won’t let it take a hold of me again.
Louise Apr 26
Sweet envy,
I'm envious of how she was blessed by the gods to have looked into your eyes, eye to eye. To study their color and watch how they look when you lie.
She knows the way you blink and how you close them when you sleep at night.
I hate thinking how you've both spent some nights.
The thought of her taking granted of breathing the same air as you boils my blood.
I'm jealous of how she was able to graze her fingers upon your skin, let them travel across your back
and how her hand once held yours... only to foolishly, finally and thankfully let them go.
I curse and bless the day she broke your heart.
I curse each day that I have to live with this jealousy.

Holy jealousy,
I'm jealous of the kind of jealousy you've made her feel, like when you would glance at another girl when you're together.
Or how you'd talk to a girl in a cafe or bookstore when you thought she wasn't looking over her shoulder.
Or how you'd talk to anyone about anything at all without uttering her name.
I'm jealous of how you two probably used to stand across each other in a room and throw blames.
I could imagine countless of scenarios but then
I also imagine I'm the one feeling that too.
I can take that any day, as long as we're together too.
Because the only jealousy I feel is jealousy of your past. This fiery envy towards your history.

****** history,
I'm reading into every words you said like memoirs and piecing every excerpt trying to look for answers. Answer as to how and whyㅡhow she broke your heart and why she did it.
Would you change a thing about everything you did?
I ask and scream these questions to the moonlight.
Yet if you tell me and show me the answers yourself, there's not a single battle that I would win and fight.
Yet I search for clues in every old photo, in every message and through my sly, secret ways.
Must I scour every corner and highway?
So I can come up with answers to my own 'how and why'? How can I mend your broken heart?
Why do I love you this much?

Because above all, I am a revolutionary.
I acknowledge my envy, work through my jealousy and respect your history.
But then again, with every dark history comes the need for revolution and change.
And I am the catalyst who will spearhead that game.
I am your new age.
I am your renaissance.
I am your vengeance, nirvana, revolution and everything at once.
dierdre Apr 16
Every time you were together
Whenever your hands touch hers
I am filled with this emotion
Was it jealousy?
Because it wasn't me who you are with
Or was it envy?
Because you have someone to lean on other than me.
growingpains Apr 7
I hold on to anger.
She’s the only one who has ever defended me, 
who has promised to respect my boundaries, 
who’s taken me seriously. 
I hold on to envy. 
She has reminded me of what I wanted, 
reminded me that I was worthy,
reminded me that I, too, should be blessed. 
I hold on to sadness. 
She has helped me mourn the life I
didn’t get, 
the life that was robbed from me 
because I was born to the wrong
family set. 
Anger, envy and sadness have
validated me, 
my lived experiences 
and my grievances
 more than any lover 
or anybody in this world.
I missed writing. I've had lots of thoughts but I've been running away from them.
Bard Mar 26
Im running away every day
More and more words to say
I guess things will never be okay

Water soon to be a hot commodity
Ten years at most till we trade bodys
For a drink and everyones an enemy

The elders scarred my back and ripped out my heart
Abusers who feathered and tarred every upstart
They partied while the childs life fell apart

I hate them all no love left, ***** soon to be in our court
But the ***** ****** flat and the coach said we fell short
We could've built a future but instead they made it sport

Well they won and their children lost
Never did care about us and that hurts the most
Or maybe what hurts is that I won't mourn the ghost
And if you think kids these days are just lazy I'll be ******* on your grave in the ruins that are left to us
Val Vik Feb 27
Remember when dreams
brought happiness?
And then, we grew up.
from childhood into adulthood
Shanijua Jan 22
When I look into her eyes, I see everything I have always wanted to be.
I see a girl who is admired and loved by all who happen to be in her presence.
She happens to be a girl who knows what she wants and gets what she pleases without having to ask.

How can I measure up to this girl when everything I am is plain and simple.
How can we be in the same room when her features shine a light on everything that I do not have.

I can not love myself when I have learned that I am worth nothing compared to her.
She knows that, and I do too.

They only call me pretty when I'm with her anyway, so what do I do when I'm alone?
Nothing but pray that I have the courage to change everything I am as time goes on.
Ahmad Attr Jan 4
Round and round in his voice I’m sinking
Her aroma, her figure you lust
Go on leave me sour in your thoughts singing

The way she smiles, the way her eyes are twinkling
He says she sways like fairy in the stardust
Round and round in his voice I’m sinking

The way she laughs in the air, swinging
It’s the only thing he wants, her breathes like spring’s gust
Go on leave me sour in your thoughts singing

But she’s trapped in her life, can’t make him her king
He’s says he’s tired of the ever rising distrust
Round and round in his voice I’m sinking

Sacrifice, it’s known to me, I know what I’m risking
So I tell him go back to her and let his love combust
Go on leave me sour in your thoughts singing

He saved her damsel from her wall’s crumbling
Now they kiss in the ashes, rose to rose, rust to rust
Round and round in his voice I’m sinking
Go on leave me sour in your thoughts singing
A villanelle
lua Jan 2
i've picked apart myself
the pieces that make sense
looking through a rose-tinted lense
of being content

i'll walk behind them
my friends who dance
along the lines of more than friends
and i'll clap and smile

i'll keep tabs on them
their pinkies intertwined
awkward and flushed, i laugh at their faces
as i feel a pang in my chest

these glasses are broken
maybe, i ask myself
i don't need it, i say
but i know inside that
i will always wonder what it's like

i'm at the end of the bridge
steps slow and quiet
to not make a sound
i give them privacy
as they share a kiss
tender and discreet

discreetly, i sigh
i'm at the bridge's end and they've walked past me
but i lean against the railing and think
"when will i?"
i remember entering highschool with a vague idea about teenage romance, and how much i never really understood what that meant. but as i grew older and progressed further into highschool hell, watching friends of mine grow closer to something more than friends, i began to understand little by little just from observations. i became some sort of a wingman figure, the person they went to for some much needed advice even though i never experienced anything of the sort, all while feeling a weird type of pain in my chest whenever they did. it was only until a classmate of mine told me how confused and shocked they were when i told them i've never been in a relationship before that i realised the pang in my chest was jealousy. now i'm nearly 18, nearing the end of my teenage years with no experience in my belt writing about love and romance without knowing what i'm actually writing. i know i'm still young and i still have much ahead of me, but it's still something that i think about alot.

here's to all the thirdwheels <3 cheers and happy new year!
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