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bianca Mar 20
Your hand would be in mine while we walk in summer air past crowded swarms of people; some tourists, some travelers, some musicians all joining into background noise as we eat gelato from the little store past the corner, you would get chocolate chip since it’s your favorite and I would watch it drip along your lips as we walk back to our small apartment and I would grab ingredients from the vendors on the way back while you stand behind me to watch me pick up each ingredient so I can make sure it’s hearty enough to prepare. We would reach home with all the windows open and our clothes half off and I would start to prepare dinner as you pour a bottle of roscatto in iced glasses because that’s how dinner ought to be prepared and we would sit on our tiny balcony listening to the people down below and I would read Hemingway but by then dinner would be over and it would be dark except for the candles and we would lay in bed under our cream sheets because I would want to make love to you in humid Bergamo air all night long till sleep meets us in morning sunrise and I would trace your skin dot to dot for je t‘aime piare. That’s how it ought to be in Italy.
sushii Jun 2019
I remember that placid night...
Sitting in my room alone.
Something inside me was filled with fright,
Knowing that there was no one to phone.

And I suddenly hungered, ached, desired—
That animalistic feeling,
That urge left unhindered—
That lustful tingling.

A lust I lusted after,
But to no avail.
My lonely heart started beating faster,
But all I could do was wait and wail.

I felt choked up,
Stifled beyond belief.
I felt like I had dealt with enough,
And I needed to help my soul breathe.

A lust I had lusted after,
Longing for that forgotten feeling.
But my hopes were useless chatter,
No one could hear my silent pleading.

I felt so very hopeful—
Hopeful and excited.
But I was left feeling wistful,
With my lust uninvited.
You were barely dressed.
Your clothes between us
gave me symptoms of
withdrawal from the
softness of your skin.

You applied lip gloss.
To leave an imprint
where you pressed your lips,
smudging all over
my love’s arousal.

You slipped on your heels.
To make it harder,
to frustrate desire
to caress your feet
with legs around me.

You were beautiful.
I needed nothing
that you were wearing
to know I wanted
complete nakedness.
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Sexus Obscura Mar 2019
I wake to something in my throat
g / r / o / w / i / n / g
it is yearning, hunting, haunting
it moves deeper, to darker caves
it is in search of a final burial site
it wants permanence inside of me
Sam Mar 2019
I love your whiteness but I wanna make it red
Before you my heart has only bled
In a dark world where tears were shed
I wanted for once to live in peace instead
Lived in pieces that I gathered in every tread
With your ice-melting hug, you raised me from the dead
Collecting my shattered pieces and banishing my dread
There is no more reason for sorrow that is what you said
I’m here to ravish your lips you just rest your head
Gathered by a hug we are, though your legs I’ll spread
Your body on mine as molten lava on heavenstead
That doesn’t make sense but neither does life without you in my bed.
Stuck in my mind night and day planning our future ahead
I got you means I got all, you’re the one I wanna wed.
Anthony Mayfield Dec 2018
Alone in bed
I'm crying.
Dark eyes lose their spark
All because somebody lied
And they don't feel cornered
It's what they've learned from a colony of lustful hearts

All I feel
Is heartbroken
I'm close but feel so far
Someone always lies
And they never feel cornered
It's what they've learned
From a colony of lustful hearts

I'll cry on your shoulder
I refuse to rot
Although someone lied
I won't let it keep me cornered
I won't be a consequence
From the colony of lustful hearts
I won't be a consequence of the colony of lustful hearts
Euphie Dec 2018
Your lips are like a work of art.
         Soft, decadent, a lustful sin.
a lawyer's
batch in
a brief
if hiring
direly break
trepidation that
equality *****
when a
state of
confusion interrupts
rights to
a genuine
occupy of
love where
intent only
makes mark
in society
a note on hiring in land of oz
Seema Nov 2017
Hungry filthy eyes
From every corner
It spies

Lustful desire ignition
Hardly any blinks
Sparks temptation

The growth of hunger
On youthful body
Deludes my anger

It hunts upon everyone
Especially the feminines
Carrying a gun

Streets pollute such eyes
Some cross, some straight
Most full with lies

Each day my eye meets
Such perverts
With viciously lustrous greets...

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