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Man Mar 6
I am an ethical capitalist and
A poor philanthropist-
And as for party,
I claim none.
This system is exactly what the founders warned of
Parties that pit parties against each other,
Who forget they are comprised of compatriots of the same nation.
Never swear off community
For the sake of security and comfortability
Because those that tell you that is the bargain we pay
They have shares in lies
Man Mar 6
I tell you all
As someone born to politics,
As someone who when he was born
Was told that everything is political;
There is a far larger nefarious thing
Going on behind the curtain, screen.
You are being tapped of all you know
Trapped, in a snare that closes slow
Man Mar 6
Everything I say, I never believe.
Then, why speak?
It is paradoxical,
That is the purpose

That when you encounter this
You show the cheek, and
Continue to speak your truths.
To not let another, shy you away
From heartfelt honesty.
The beliefs held at the soul's root

To be true to no one else,
But reality
The harsh things that stand
As obstacles for our race
The species run, now from us
Nature rendered with disgrace
Man Mar 8
Did they care
When mothers passed from SARs
Or did they appear on nightly news programs
To kid about killing grandma?
Where was money spent, meant for the grid
Meant for widespread infrastructure
When my brothers and sisters
Died in cold, down in Texas
Of all places, yes, even the desert is cold
Compatriots please, reawake
Before the stranglehold turns to shackles
Man Mar 6
Spit on the ground,
And raise your ******* in the air.
Those things they have
Told you not to do
Out of respect.
Respect, the base too is self-evident;
But men let it rise up in their heads
To control every thought and emotion.
If they do not respect others,
If their values are in balloons
Leaking hot air,
Beliefs in the wind
Those who are not attached, but not free.
Let no man change any other,
Who himself refuses change.
Those that cannot admit wrongs,
Learn from nothing.
Man Mar 8
Keep your cult ****, far away from me.
You know nothing of what it is,
That what is American;
You only can claim it in name.
Those who pit the people against one another,
Deserve nothing but pain and shame
Like those who seek absolute control
And consolidation of wealth and votes
Only aimed upward, toward
Classes who are not entitled to anything
But that which us, the common people, gave them.
It looks as though
It's time to take it away
From politicians who only lobby
On behalf of corporations
On maintaining a broken status quo
Stagnant policy with no change
Votes that go toward killing bills
By the very people who write them;
What sick theater.
How long will we let this aberration of justice continue?
Man Mar 6
I walk alone
For the sake of everyone I love and know
For the blush of unspoiled fruit
So we can walk out into the sun
Freemen and not slaves
So we can get out from under the thumb
Of oppressors who seek to keep us down,
For the Americas
My Americans
For her siblings, allies of dear note to
Fair Lady Columbia
For all that share in the rays of the cosmos
My friends, nature is so beautiful
And once was so full, in this world
Of all the things gone extinct
It is less they do not control
Remember, you too are an animal
Our hands are tied, and most don't know
Man Mar 5
What am I?
I am Apex,
I am Human. I am
He who loves himself, because I
Truly love others.
Who walks weightless,
Because the air that kept us seperate
Is beneath us.
Lifting us up,
In a beautiful eruption of angels' wings.
The shackles of misery,
An enslavement to the self,
Are cast off
And we walk free.
Man Mar 5
If you think I am the rat in a cage
And not those who sit inside all day
In courthouses and temples
You are the lost one and I
Am saved

I stand, even if it is alone
And will refuse to break
Even in death

In death, you will see
What life did not deem
You fortunate enough, living
Man Mar 5
It is not the church
In your local town
That I speak of
In tones reminiscent of hate
It is not those in the pews
My friends, my family.
It's the mega churches
The great mosques and temples
The captured Vatican
The misguided Judea
The estranged Muslims
Who breed religions of hate
Of divisiveness for its own sake
Room it leaves
To take power, and secure control
By the most vile actors
Those who wear a kind face like a mask
The fake walk admist us
Have faith, abandon religion
But never God
**** your bias, with what will is bestowed
Tender your strength for
Hard times are to come
The faults of weak men
Who could not stomach one another
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