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Snow flakes fall upon
the black mountains.
   But never mix,

But where oriental blossom
falls, in the next field
         fruit pickers labour for

Our words define our morality..
Racism has many words that  are every day vessels for all to use against another, there is no room for racism in a world so woven together but pulled at the seams by the few
They all stood in order: False witnesses, lying judges; and that was the greater pride he had - if the scientific Balek stuck on their backs - could be ridiculed and persecuted as a bookworm column. But the real Truth did not bother anyone - it was not the pure Humanity and Morality that was the important reason, based on sympathy, to explain!

At the same time, from the consecrated citadels of science, in addition to the deceptive burden of sympathy, he also displaces those who read all obligatory work with honesty: What follows: That is already a classic requirement of Shame! On the humanities track, the road is steeply icy, and anyone who is careful will soon climb to his seat! - There can't and can't be

individual defense, not context! - I keep crying and laughing at myself: Gentlemen and ladies, at least don't lie to yourself! "If you can, and the gallant stumbling may begin again — so that Uncle Samu would be more willing to pay you the budget head quota — what a clear favor!"

And he who has failed many times has deliberately ruined and humiliated the marks on the merits of linguistic history: They are silently still tolerating and resisting! - Choice None! The only trouble is that there never will be if you are whining and vain monkeys

exchange peculiar alpine messages: We are, at most, mere cowards and cowards, as far as those who soon rejected the rules of the Code of Morality: Conscience, Humanity, and Responsibility -

Not-so-respected exam-jury: On their boards, the One-Truth is proclaimed: Everyone is a lying accomplice who feasts in a hedonistic way, thinking from the lights of knowledge! Haughty ignorance, like the secret worm, devours the tyrants of the intellect if they are not careful!
Maybe living is
itself morally worse than
never being born

4:08 PM
Sharon Talbot Apr 29
Choices, so many choices:
Nordic noir or French comedies.
Bluegrass but not country.
Right wing or left wing:
What is useful and what is not?
Random violence doesn't help the plot.
Summer but not autumn
Moss gardens but not lawns.
The grass isn’t always greener,
Or didn’t you know?
British country houses or French chateaux.
Fishing for trout but not bass.
Sailing but no boats with gas.
Cycling but not motorcycles.
So many choices on which to pass.
San Francisco but not Las Vegas.
The Caribbean but not Florida.
Watching films of the desert but not being there.
Admiring the stars but not flying there.
Impressed by the horseman but not the cavalry.
Settling for Ubuntu but too tired for Kali.
Lumping things together is a bad recipe.
Living in Boston but not New York.
Eating peas with a spoon and not a fork.
Living like Dickinson but reading Walt Whitman.
Staying inside is nice; but run outside, shouting if you can.
Watching Downton Abbey on TV but not the screen.
Drinking mocha latte coffee but not tea with cream.
Loving travel round the world but hating the trip.
You can go exploring with your eyes but not your lips.
Deciding what's worthwhile isn't hard; just be resolved.
Critics tell you this or that, but can’t decide what's art or trash.
East or West Coast—why get involved?
Shuttle between them in electric hot rods.
Don't get bogged down with picking a god.
Followers always end up dead and all that matters
Is where they bury or burn you or scatter,
Whether you are declared saint or sinner.

But if I were one of them I would reconsider:
You can be a prophet, the calf that’s golden,
If enough of your votes are stolen.
You can even rule the world
If you ruin lives, steal countries and hurl
Thousands of lies online. These are the stakes.
"Lawyers, guns and money": that's all it takes.
The only real price will be your soul.
But do you believe in it when you get old?
Better make a simple choice.
Speak simply in a honeyed voice.
I read the news today,
Telling me which words to shout,
Make people ignore that time is running out.
Learn to step on them and which crimes to flaunt.
And how to get everything I want,
Then I can enjoy it as the storms rage round,
Live on the mountain as the sea waters drown
Everyone else—do I only need to save myself?
I've got a bombproof mansion underground.
I can hold out fifty years in such a spot....
I would be safe and comfortable,
But then, maybe not...
You’r exploiting the weaker
The same way
As you are being exploited
By the mightier in anyway.

And this vicious circle goes on
Where the mightiest reigns on.

If you want to break
This vicious circle
Then start at least
At your own level.

Bring a smile on
The face of a sad one
Bring hues to the
Life of a deserted one.

Agree what can one flower
Do in this vast jungle,
But remember
Your blossoming will
Be a great revolution

Seeing you flowering
Other buds will be motivated,
By your blossoming
At least a corner will be scented.

What’s the use of
Sitting hands-crossed
Better to do little
Than sitting legs-crossed,

So try giving a mild ****
To this vicious circle.
If you are sincere onr
Then see the miracle.

Then realise what is
Your actual existence,
A single tiny lamp
Disperses darkness
With in its range,
The Weak Is Exploited By The Stronger. It Is A Vicious Circle. No None Escapes It. But For Humanity Sake It Ought To Stop.
Marissa Apr 26
Temptation controls me
And surges through my brain.
Nothing but shame
Is all I feel towards my
Manipulation of evolutionary instincts,
Which are simply caused by an
Abundance of hormones.
The crafting of this scheme
Was influenced by me.
Although, it wasn’t I alone...
That chose to participate in these
Unconventional series of events.
We were both eager for a
Game of emotions
That would soothe
Our temporary boredom.

These relationships without
Definitive labels and boundaries
Create unnecessary confusion.
I knew this deep down.
But somehow, I convinced myself
It was logical
To play around with attraction
Because any seriousness between us
Lied far out of sight.
You, my quest at the moment,
Easily entertained my time,
As I dissociated from my actions.
I’ll admit, at first, you caught my
Interest with your endless flattery
Composed of intentions to
Explore territories previously blocked
By my fortified sense of morality.
Not all experiences are worth having, which is why it is important to listen to your morals, as they will help you navigate the world.

This is a work in progress, but I will update the finalized version soon!
Phil Bailey Apr 19
Oh COVID, oh COVID, oh COVID-Nineteen
Last year in Wuhan, you emerged on the scene
Your entrance was brutal, your path so direct
Not caring how many nor whom you infect.

So while we all quarantine, let us discuss
What this terrible crisis tells us about us.

On the one hand, we've all seen, with horror and shame
People pointing their fingers and trying to blame
The media, China, conspiracies, science
Endangering others through reckless defiance.

On the other hand, good people step in harm's way
Giving care and compassion and support every day
By inspiring us all and by doing their part
Using their head and opening their heart

So when it's all over, what will be the effect?
Will kindness take hold or compassion be wrecked?
Will reason prevail or will selfishness matter?
I hold hope of the former, but I fear for the latter.
Emi Mar 16
Low morality strung on a white checkerboard,
Waiting for social justice to rival with peace.
Each move a power play,
Throwing their own egotistical feast.
Heighten sense of vulgarity,
Dishing out with the popularity across the street.
Painless arguments grow upon the
numbness aggression;
shielding those with agony to be beat.
Over a lack of kindness,
None will ever meet
I created this poem because people would often talk about my ex boyfriend and I due to the fact that we were different races.
Empire Feb 18
There’s no empathy in me
So sweet of you to notice
I don’t ******* care
My heart is a gaping hole
A void you can’t fill
And to feel something
I’ll hurt you
I’ll watch you bleed
To amuse myself
And cut my own skin
To feel something more
Because I’m not a good person
Don’t get me wrong here
I am not okay
And I’ll drag you to Hell
Right along with me
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