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If we should all be seen
Through our guarded screens
Then no child is redeemable
Just as no man is evil

For our thoughts can be effervescent
Like the naive, nascent cub
And vividly sanguine
Like a bloodwhelmed manmonger
Or sick and unkind
Like the seething, suckling babe
And outrageously violent
Like a repentant red hand

We clearly defile
Our maiden tongues
And are wholly beguiled
By the soul’s rusted rungs
Do not deny yourself the luxury of cruelty
Do not allow yourself a solemn devotion
Do be privy, when talking so crudely,
To the virtue of the truest emotions

We are no crueler than the beasts of labour
Who birthed us tenderly upon their broken backs
Into this strange land
We are no kinder than the false saviours
Who kept their heads on wooden racks
And gave us a reason to stand
Zenlcaudell Jun 27
I’m so reckless
I’d do anything to make you want me
Break down my coded moralities
Expelled to the core of my being
A death note that has been left unwritten
Speechless and I feel empty again
Blank canvas
Crtl Alt Delete
Beauty isn’t subjective to me
shamori Jun 23
What's the difference between good and evil if we have the same goal? The means to attain it?

But the means are near identical, so what is it?

The last person who attained that goal is who decides. And the start of that comes with the end of life.
Dexter Jun 15
one day i’ll be gone
my throat in death as hollow as my chest was in life
all thats left of me is the glaring absence of me
i am nothing if not consistent
i am nothing
except dreams of becoming something
i do not know how i will die
i do not care when i will die
i don’t want your tears
and although i fear being forgotten i don’t want to be remembered
all i ask for is forgiveness
if i have done no wrong by you
then i ask the world forgiveness
i ask human kind to find it in her heart to forgive if only out of pity
i ask myself for forgiveness
i’m sorry for opportunities missed
i’m sorry for days lost laying in bed
i’m sorry for canceling plans so often because my chest lights on fire at the idea of crowds
i’m sorry we never reached our full potential
i’m sorry for fleeting thoughts i never wrote down
i’m sorry you didnt get to change the world
then again,
how lovely it would be to be forgotten
for nothing would hurt more than being stabbed after death
when i cannot shield myself
my rotting corpse unknowing the horros the living are committing
a legacy no longer concerns me
i long to be forgotten
Michael H May 30
every so often
one comes
and doesn’t go
frothing like fire
as cream from the slums
where the stars shine higher
with every step lower
into the cave
of reckless ambivalence
So we will save:
With our sense
The actions
As they fly higher
Spreading our wings
With daft desire

So come with me
Walk fast

Because we will not stop
in vain
or for liars
or thieves

Or for
those that
Do not
generate life

Thank You
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beenseen May 29
Just like sand cathedrals, we're forever changing with the shifts, constantly fading back into a blackness.

There's always going to be this urge, this feeling that we're crooked. We'll never be the ox pulling our own wagon, we're on a magnetic path to the unknown yet its the only road to finding acceptance.

Feel small things, let the little magics wash your face before bed. Let the birds be your whispers, flittering over the mountains as your body.

You have no name, you have no fear. The stars are your cardinals leading you to the quite.

Find this moment & rest in it.
things happen, this is your life, take full possession & then pause.
Michael H May 25
Waves of life
To moral roots
are beautiful

Treads of knowledge
healthy in reaction,
avoids negative stealth.

the Core
erasing unknowns
Gifting benefactors
James LR May 13
Brick upon uneven brick,
We built our standards high.
The stones we laid, morality,
Are slowly stripped away
By brick uneven brick.
Morality's demise.
Ylzm May 8
like the blind content just not to fall
the faithless constantly confessing sins

paying lip service to morality
ever ready to shoot the enemy, or anyone

desirous of faith's mountain moving prowess
never really believing literally

faithlessness betrayed by gun always on hand
shooting into hurricanes when prayers failed
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