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Kris Balubar May 3
Beautiful, funny, smart
Who likes laughing, I love your smile
Who feels happy, you make me happy
Who wonders, I admire you

Beautiful, creative, amazing
Who loves to change hair color, clever
Who loves to paint, I love your artwork
Who loves to stay up talking to me
I’m thankful I met beautiful, funny, amazing, You.
Lee Jackman Oct 12
Im in a room full of people.
In my head im alone.

People tell me you an amazing person we like having you around.
In my head im alone.

Please come out tonight they say, your the life of the party.
In my head im alone.

Its amazing how i can look on the outside when in my head im alone.
Please excuse any spelling, Im dyslexic. I have not had the confidence to share any of my poems until very recently. So kind words please
Nylee Jul 31
how the day spins
There are chains in
All entwined in

How little my life means
To those I give my everything
it is humbling, to know your meaning

In the scope of greens
I am a tiny speck of red
a very lonely feeling

Cannot say anything
Without meaning other things
Deciding against it
The purpose defeating

It is so small and beautiful
I am noticing the life beyond my life
I cannot help dreaming

Every good thing
That happens after bad ones
That helps us forget
The last thing

I am still living breathing
It is gratifying
How human is still a thing

is my heart still beating
And it always for me.
Dear diary,
I just can't explain the amount of thoughts that I have daily!,
that continuous mind charter that I have daily....!
I'm filled with thoughts, every minute, and every second of my life.

My mind just keeps switching from one thought to another,
& The amount of day dreaming....
you know my silly screaming ??!!!

Sometimes, they are really funny!
And they keep making me smile,
so that I keep glowing!
But some thoughts...,,,
They are really too dark,
That ,when I confront them,
it breaks my heart apart!!

I'm like a confused soul,
who's in search of meaning of life...
Who's in search of peace ,
Who's in search of shine!
But the moment I start thinking,
ugh!!!My head starts cracking!!
I just can't concentrate on one particular thing !

Today, if I feel like being a doctor,
Tomorrow I might think of being an engineer,
& If today I feel like being an accountant,
Tomorrow I might feel like,
" I just need an Oscar...!"

An Oscar for what??
I don't know ...!!!
It's sounds too cool and looks good to show !

Will I work for that award?...
honestly, I don't know !
I'm so lazy,
I don't even get up to "shoo" a crow !

But hey!...there's one amazing part about me,
Guess what ?
"Anyone can come and speak to me."

Being an overthinker,
has also opened up my mind,
I don't form immediate opinions,
till I get a clear sight !

I really don't know this journey of thoughts well??!!!
Will it ever be stable ?
Will it ever end ?

But ...If it ends,
I'll die for sure,
But hey!,
I'm sure there is some way to cure!

Which way?
Hey !...I don't know again !
Is that way gonna be simple
or another amazing pain!

But hey hey hey!!! I don't know why did I write this ?!
Was I trying to find a solution
or was encouraging my thoughts already  in a continuous motion?!

But hey!,
it's ok if you're an overthinker,
Try to be amazing my friend,
even if nothing is clear!
With lots of love,❤️
Your most overthinker buddy
Vranda Punjabi!
Kyle Jul 10
I'm looking at myself in the mirror;
Just staring at myself with curiosity.
Realizing how good enough I am at what I do.
Then thoughts keep coming to my mind;
"I'm actually not useless."
"I'm amazing."
"I'm a great person."
"I'm passionate to what I do."
"I'm good enough."
"I'm worthy."
"I'm not perfect, but I'm thankful to myself."
We are all amazing for who we are.
Just like the full moon
To me, you are a boon,
What have I done till now, if it wasn't for you
With the ending month of June,
You approaching as rain first due.
You are amazing, you are one of  those few,
Precious, rebellious, and always new.
What shalt i play for thee, oh daughter of Adam;
The song of thy purity or my confession unto thee?
Shall i pleasure thy ears with the vibrance of mine strings,
Or woo thee with mine companions of the muses?

Oh daughter of Adam, servant of probity
Binded with compassion.
Thou are beauteous,
Descendant of Esther ;sister of Sheba,
Dipped in glamour and
Soaked in transcendence
By the hand of Yahweh,  
For me by him.

The fragrance of your aroma
Maketh men **** heads together,
For they are seduced by thy magic,
Thy sweet smell of libido.

My heart and soul quarrel over thee,
They row to win your affection
Like a deadly game of jousting.

Betray me not like Delilah
When i unveil mine secrets,
For thou art the warmth that
glimmers on
Mine wasteland of anguish.
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