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Archer Dec 2022
I have nothing to give
but she maintains.
Love doesn't count (at least to me).
She deserves to make her own mistakes,
mine have already been made.
All the self-pity extracted,
only the husks remain.

I've told her
over and over
chaos follows me around.
It's my shadow.
It's why I push people away.
It's for their own good,
they don't understand.

She's young and beautiful.
Refuses to listen.
Declines to see.
Stubborn and naive,
reminds me of me.
(I barely know myself now).
"Don't throw your life away",
I say with a smile.
But she sees what she wants to see.
Do I possess those things?
She adamantly professes I do.

She has only seen me,
as I am today.
I was destruction, not so long ago.
I razed people to the ground.
Hurt them for pleasure,
out of spite or revenge.
A liar, cheat and thief,
as they like to say.
I was just that way,
only yes-ter-day.
Deception was my partner,
and deceit, my friend.

Have I really changed?
The same angry boy,
just rearranged.
Have I fooled you
as I once (and maybe still do),
fooled myself, into, the fool?
(I'm always the last to notice).
That's because,
I refuse to listen.
I decline to see.
I'm still stubborn and naive.
(She definitely, reminds me of me.)

I call her beautiful,
a good person,
and all the things
that grace my ears in her voice.
She denies and deflects,
but I only see what I want to see
and adamantly profess
the qualities she holds, true.
I want to make her confess.
We are so very similar,
but in such different ways.


Today she slipped up,
said, "I love you".
All I wanted to do
was say it back.
The truest truth of the true.
We laughed about it,
as I repeated it
over and over and over,
in my head,
(I almost answered myself out loud).
We smiled at the blunder.
All I should have said was,
I love you too.

I couldn't pull the trigger.
I couldn't light the fuse.
I said those words,
for so many reasons,
to so many people,
even when it wasn't true.
As I hesitated,
my voice screamed in my head,
I couldn't risk it,
saying them to you.
What if I've fooled myself,
up, down, through and through?
What if this isn't me,
What if that's not you?
What if you disappeared tomorrow?
Would you leave me too?


I mustn't give in.
I'm too scared.
The list of victims is so long.
It's been a minute since I added another,
I don't want it to be you.

This isn't how I remember Love.
Not at all.
I was never this scared.
It used to be easy, and this is hard.
I never cared; now I'm on guard.
I'm old, more arrogant,
and badly scarred.
She's the only one
that seems to matter most to me.
So much so,
I care what she sees.
It seems unfair,
but *c'est la vie.
She will see what she,
wants to see.

Love you too, Babe.
(I'll deny saying it).
Funny, I used French,
six lines up *.
I've said it before,
all the time lately.
The same words,
just a different tongue and hue.
How does it go again...
"I adore you. 💔"
Bussin Bussin!
I think I just had an aneurysm.
Maybe I'm learning to Love myself because you remind me of me.
It's like self-love if I say it back, right?
I mean, that's healing, isn't it?
It's almost therapeutic, yup, therapeutic.
Self-care and all that.
Chris Jan 2022
Who can travel like song

Whispering from galaxies

She has sung & he sinks
Deeper & deeper into love

Following in the fall
Bleakness to brightness of the brightest sun

Bathing by purity across the world
Lucky cultures aren't the same & I am from a different one

Kindness can be the morning dew
Kindness is what she is to you

Here and there conflict body warmth & hearted
Holding hands colliding
Squashing crashes avoided

Overcome & overthrown
Positivity is more powerful
Than anything he's ever known
Once in a lifetime
You meet someone that amazes you in a way like no other.
Everyone is good at something
Big Virge Sep 2021
It’s Really AMAZING...
To See Masks On Faces...
In Most Public Places... !?!

New World Social Graces...
Are Quickly Displacing...
What Once Was Engaging...

Like... COMMUNICATING... !!!

With People In Stations...
And Public Locations...

But Now Most Are VACANT...
Or... FORCIBLY Making...
For UNNATURAL Spacing... ?!?

And Of Course Vaccinations...
Are Something Now Making...
Some People Make Statements...
That Have People Chastened...

Or That’s Right RESTRICTED...
Like... Corona Victims... !!!

But To Me Something's MISSING...
Like Cashflow For Business...
And LOGICAL Thinking... !!!

So What Is The Mission...
of Those In Positions...
Who Are Leading Us Through...
This DANGEROUS Flu... !!!

I Just Don’t Have A Clue...
But What About YOU... ?!?

Are You Out There Complaining...
Or Are You Now Waiting...
To Get VACCINATED... ?!?

It Really Is CRAZY...
How Some Are Behaving... !!!

Anger’s INFLATING...
Through Heads Acting Shady... !!!

I Found Myself Facing...
A Fella’... Road Raging... !!!

As If I’d Attacked...
This Fool With An Axe... ???

And What I Found Was Sad...
Was That This Guy Was Black...
And Seemed To Be Ready...
To Break Like Those Levees’...
That Left Things Unsteady... !!!

Because He Had Seen...
My Face Through His Mirror...
And Clearly Had Figured...
That I Was ANGRY...

When I Was Simply Confused...
By The Move That He Pulled...

And That Is The TRUTH... !!!

My Face Showed Frustration...
But How He REACTED...
To Me Was... AMAZING... !?!

Now What I Am Saying...
Is That Life Is Now Making...
Some People Start RAGING...
In Ways That Are CRAZY... !?!

... CORONA Is Now...
Making Folks Start To FROWN...

Who DON'T Even Have It... ?!?
Which I Think Is... TRAGIC... !!!

But... ATTITUDES Too...
These Days Are NOT COOL... !!!
When It Comes To Abuse...
And The Airing of Views...
To People Who Choose...
To Place Judgements On You...
That LACK Solid Proof... !!!

It’s AMAZING To See...
How Some People Think...
And What They Believe...
To Be... DEFINITIVE... !!!

And Some Feminists...
These Days Are TOO Quick... !!!

To Jump Down The Throat...
of Men Who Don’t Flow...
With... Feminist Quotes...

As If Females DON’T...
LIE Or... Do Things...
That Link To What STINKS... !?!

Well I’m … One of Those...
Who DOESN'T Just Fold...
Like These Modern Blokes... !!!

Who Seem To Believe...
That Females Are PERFECT...
And DON’T Make FALSE Claims...
When It Comes To Rapes...
And Forms of Harassment...
That Deal In ENTRAPMENT... !!!

Because They Get VEX...
Due To Things A Man SAYS...
That Leave Them UPSET... !!!

It’s Really AMAZING...
How Folks Are Relating...
In This Modern World... !?!

From Illness To Girls...

Whose Feelings Get Hurt...
When Men Deal In THINKING...
BEYOND... ****** Limits... !!!

And These Days That’s Why...
I'm A … FREE Single Guy... !!!

Because Where I’m Stationed...
Really Bears NO RELATION...

To Modern Day Statements...
That People Are Making...
And Actions They’re Taking...

Because MOST Are CRAZY...

And To Me Are........

....... “ AMAZING “...... ?!?
These amazing times are breeding some pretty amazing vibes, that inspired these rhymes !
Angellah Nyamai Mar 2021
Congratulation! See the far you have come,
You are just awesome,
I realize it has been tough,
You chose not to bluff,
You are an amazing self.

I write to let you know am proud of you,
For all you’ve been through,
Soaking up all guff to become better,
In the game you became hitter,
You are an amazing self.

I have watched you tarry for long in pain,
Pain that has chained your brain,
It’s time to release the hurt,
Time to spurt from the desert,
You are an amazing self.

You forgot that happiness existed,
When your entire world felt haunted,
Don’t **** yourself with the confusion,
You are your own cushion,
You are an amazing self.

Strong and able is your name,
I believe in your ability to reclaim,
Your past is a puzzle of a broken mirror,
Nothing in it can be myrrh,
You are an amazing self.

My pen bleeds for you to hope,
Tie another knot in your rope,
You cannot give up now,
God has a way somehow,
You are an amazing self.
sankavi Feb 2021
even if I found the perfect person
someone who cared endlessly
showed me how much they loved me every single day
put time and effort into everything I loved
and overall just the perfect partner

I would still choose you
and that's my problem

I keep choosing you
when you've never chosen me
Hussein Dekmak Jan 2021
Let me be the spring of your life, and bring you a touch of:
Sweetness, and
Ever lasting happiness,
Like a beautiful flower.

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
D Cole Jan 2021
Words are forged from the fire of the soul,

Brought to life by streams of emotions

bursting from the heart

In harmony they dance, telling the

different pieces of art painted by the

When you write, different words
Seem ,in one accord, to come together
As though attempting to
fulfill a puzzle of mystery
And when you're done
These words tell tales from
Hidden places with in us,
Saying not a word.
Jack R Fehlmann Nov 2020
Every way, each day
I am present to see it.
His miracle of being
I the recipient his gift
Awestruck, humbled, blessed
This I understand completely
Though I know not how, or why
I.  This man I still learn to know
As myself, of my self,
Admit having witness his growing
In great measure do I envy him
See his approach at living, being
embodying the kindest soul,
Naturally thoughtful and caring
How he is, has become
A lesson that I do learn from
My little legacy, so far beyond
better than from which he comes
I worry for him as fathers must
But not of him, of life's unexpected
always haunting every person
just out of foretelling, behind any horizon
For this treasure of my life I know
No doubt, to be a person of light
Wits, genuine smiles, listening and learning
His my Son, He is my Hero
I am out done, and yet,
ever the more thankful.
Blessed by You Zieven Lee.
Thank You.  More than you'll ever know.
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