The bond was complete, and I realized she was one of the most amazing people, I’ve met.
Her smile is bright and bold.
I love her soul, the ones who thought she was just there, who really doesn’t notice her or even know her, I knew it was so much more to her.
Her energy and vibe , bounced off the wall to me, It was like we was meant to be connected.
From the world, she was so disconnected. I'm the one who loved her, and showed her affection.

Ww Jan 12

I have always wondered
how your kisses
never touched my soul

now i pondered
that your love
for me was never whole.

Finals and broken relationships. great just great
Jathan Hall Jan 11

Everything I've ever wanted in you
Has all come to fruition and bloomed
Believing my love lay rest in tomb
Instead it slowly emerges from the womb
My new eyes are opening now
First I must remove some crust
I tried my best
Another one bites the dust
How deeply I was rolling
Yet I did not drown
It tried to drag me to my death
Ha, what a clown
Fear is still present
Yet hope and confidence is profound
Everything I've ever wanted in you
Was lost but now is found

Just something I never shared cuz it wasn't all that.
Ella Jan 8

You know that feeling when you can smile again and mean it?
It takes you over like a wave in motion
You get this feeling that everything is going to be alright

You feel that you can do anything now and that you're not limited by anyone

It's the best feeling of all, to finally feel a new
Like nothing has ever happened
And you're just about to start everything
You have complete control and nothing will stop you from completely starting a-new

Alaina Smith Dec 2017


So much to say

Think of all the wonderful things that happened this year.

Everybody standing up for what they believe in

Women uniting against misogyny and hate

Women starting the #metoo movement and speaking out against sexual assault.

African-Americans taking a knee during the American National Anthem in a show of peaceful protest against unnecessary violence towards them.

Tolerance and love showed to the LGBT+ community in Australia, and the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Americans organizing massive movements protesting bigoted leaders.

Teen pregnancy rates falling.

Women in Saudi Arabia gaining the right to drive.

Body positivity shaking up social norms in the media

Maybe 2017 sucked

Maybe it was rough

Forget about the tough times

And think of all the amazing acts of kindness and equality that took place this year.

Going into 2018 I want to focus on all of the good things that happened through 2017, instead of all the bad
Oupa Gedion Dec 2017

Beauty personified is what you are in my eyes, everything that makes you who you are is nothing short of amazing, in a world that's filled with angels you're a Star among all, your radiance that is spread through your smile, your voice, your scent, your eyes and your soft touch brings light to my world. There is a lot one can say after being in your heartwarming presence and with all of those words only one can be used to describe you perfectly and that word being "Beautiful".

I wrote this to her after our date.
Mane Omsy Dec 2017

Straight at the stars
She stared in this beautiful night
The constellation reflected
In her glowing eyes
I believe I’m alive for you
For this glare every night
Early in the morning
When the sun touches her skin
I stare at her beauty
Just like her at every night
At the different stars
Shooting across the sky
Let me wish this forever
Let me hold your hands
I don’t mind the downs
Let me give my life to you
And millions of kisses
On those rose petals
On your rose cheeks

You're so beautiful darling
Jay Dec 2017

There are wings
Trapped beneath
My fragile skin

There are stars
Trapped beneath
My blue-green eyes

There are demons
Trapped beneath
My light hair

There are forests
Trapped beneath
My rib cage

There are supernovas
Trapped beneath
My fingertips

There are all these
Wild, wonderful, beautiful
Things trapped within me

But instead,
All that comes out is
Ugly, awful, hideous

I wish you could
See my stars and forests
I wish we could explore them
I wish that I could
Show someone my wings
And fly to the supernovas
That resides in my fingertips

I want to show
All these stunning things
But they are
Just like me

The demons are not wonderful or beautiful. They are monstrous, treacherous and vile. I wish to let them out so they are not trapped within me any longer but I could never let them out for fear they'd hurt someone else. I suppose some things are meant to be trapped.
Lunatica Nov 2017

How amazing and beautiful it must be to be loved?

I can only imagine

Have you ever stopped,
to smell the flowers?
You've surely been amazed,
by nature's wonders.

Seen that singular stunning sunflower yet?
Been badly beguiled by the beauty, I bet?
A floret that does not blossom for you,
most certainly is not the one fit for you.

There is a garden.
Not every single fruit is forbidden.
There are choices.
Not every single one is scrupulous.

Look far.
Look wide.
Life may not always be a bed of roses,
But there is always a sea of flowers.

Lovely lavenders lazily frolic about,
delicate and demure daffodils dance around.
Caring calming carnations create a candid capture,
petite pleasing poppies peak out from the pasture.

There is a garden,
it's filled with happiness.
The secret unspoken,
is just paying attention.

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