So high,

thank you for this life,
amazing you are,
as open as you are,
I love your tattooed scars,

I live your light,



so beautifully,

addicted to your rhythm,
my God Goddess your goodness,
your religion is alive I love you,
leave flowers in the form of gestures at your temple’s steps,

always yes,
all bless no stress,
yes yes yes,

in ecstasy,

is embodied in your body,
the depths of your generations,
your intuitive inspirations,
making sin seem so Godly,

God we,
are so high…

So high,

thank you for this life,
amazing you are,
as open as you are,
I love your tattooed scars,

here we are,
blasting through this universe like a shooting star,
remind me please,
who we really are,

free enough to be,
strong enough to seam,
these hands together while awake in this Dream,
so we can stop Time from ticking and History from repeating,

ring ring,
so goes the phone,
ringing from WhatsApp,
“What’s up?” I answer the call coming from India,

I answer the phone even though,
I’m in the middle of a Gambling Game,
“Don’t come to Bombay in June.”,
says the girl who’s advice I always take,

my everything I want to request of her,
but she’s on a boat on a lake in India,
and I already know her answer is always yes,
because she’s as in to me as I am into her,

definition becomes infinite as the Lines blur,
definition becomes infinite as the Lines blur…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

from '777: Alphas & Omegas'
available worldwide:

Trixia 2d

you don't have to be the most beautiful girl,
to prove that you fit in,
you don't have to be conscious of your belly or your big ass arms,
you don't have to cut your hair for a reason that inlvoves him,
you don't have to have all the things in the world,
you don't need all that makeup for your acne or unperfect skin,
you don't have to shave your hairy arms and legs just because society thinks it's gross,
i think it's beautiful it shows us how much unique we are,
you don't have to hide your legs because you think it's big,
you don't have to be ashame about your stretch marks,
or your uneven skin tone,
you don't have to worry about what other thinks about you,
you are not pretty but you're are beautiful,
inside and out,
you are smart,
you are amazing,
you are everything that you chose to be.
never let one thing ruin your life,
be the one who chose to walk on the path that he/she wants,
be the one who is incredibly different,
flaunt yourself,
it's your personalized flag that is limited edition and will never be stolen by any other creature in this world.

never let someone belittle you by just your appearance, you're more than that, you deserve so much not just empathy.
Robbie Gunn Jul 7

Bobby Punn
on the mic son
your going to get done

I'll spit in your face like a lama
tell your mum I love her
Put a ring on her finger
marry her in the summer

So people are so dull
it makes me mentally sick
now get on your knees
and suck my dick

Look at these muscles
I dont even eat brussels  

sprouts !

look at your mum and her double chin
I fucked her in the ass at butlins  
Are you constipated?
because your full of shit man

Cant fight me
end up getting dizzy
got a big dick
ask smelly lizzy

Bobby Bunn is a fictional character created by Robbie Gunn (author)
Robbie Gunn Jul 1

Searching me down
looking for the prada
thinking every chav is selling narcotta

I  am a university man I said
well you resemble a local crackhead
said the rude fed
Whats with those meds
I went chemist for my mum
Do you think we're dumb?
tell us the truth son
those drugs are full your addiction
and that bike do you have permission?
no its my sisters she's at college
she recently left
that's technically thief

(based on a true story) which means an element of editing said events.
ShowYouLove Jun 9

How do I love you? In word, in deed, in thought, in speech? How do I say I love you when the depth and height of Your Love can never be reached?  I say I love you, but sometimes my actions don't match. If I want to truly love and follow you, there is a catch. I must crucify my sin to the Cross of Christ and rise with Him to new abundant life! My Jesus, how much you love me! You took the wages of sin (death) and paid in full so I could live. I can't repay the gift you give, but I can show my gratitude in the way that I live. God, I want to fall in love with you more each day. Make my heart beat for you alone. How do I love you? I love you by loving all I encounter and loving myself, by treating all with dignity and respect Help me see through your eyes of love. Your love is a fire in my heart, a song on my lips and the light in my eyes. I know that you love me, but I ask for the grace to understand ever more deeply and ever more powerfully your endless love for me! How DO you love me Lord? How you DO love me!

Written June 2nd during adoration at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Geneva.
Wolftrax Jun 9

​Your smile is beautiful
Always share that vibe
A quality worth showing
No matter what day it is
Because you'll be amazed
Just how much it means

No matter the pain
No matter the fear
You have so much love
It's tucked down inside
You just need to dig deep
Know it's always there all along

Days can get the best of you
I've seen them at their worst
You just need to let them go
Move on, and see what's ahead
Never give up hope, I see so much
You will always be amazing in my heart

Another quick one that I wrote, hope you like it.
Torsten Tim Jun 5

She is my therapeutic recipe of beautifully placed atoms.

A wonderful arrangement of parts, wound together with love and kindness, hidden behind a fake smile and shy eyes.
her mind a mess with cigarette smoke and memories, brought back to haunt her through lonely nights.

But it is here, in the mind, where she creates the most extraordinary things. Poems and word arrangements in ways I never could, expressing such deep emotions, that bleed from the page. Every word elegantly feeding into the next, delicately woven to appeal to the reader, I could get lost in those lines for hours.

natalie May 22

bite your tongue,
hold your breath,
your lungs will fill with blood.

continuous anguish,
lovers unknown,
feelings you grasp.

hold me.

pluviophile May 10

behind monochrome layers of fog,
are beauties of the natural world.
long forgotten and taken for granted,
a variety of reds,
yellows pile up.
our spectrum -
our prism of crystal glimmers -
fill up our everything.
fading away in my remembrance,
remains nothing but a sheer shine,
a dazzling imagination
filled with extraordinary visions,
replacing the wonderland
outside of it.

written by c.g.
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