Maybe this summer?
Maybe these stars?
Will be the distant midnight fires
Which will look down upon this tired old heart
And rejoice as it falls
Stumbling upon the greatest love of all

Maybe this summer? Maybe these stars?
alvira dodson Apr 7

I smell a flower so sweet even to the touch but it won't let me near. as though a distant memory, I won't let it go. I see the truth in every movement but can't explain. I push but it can't be disturbed. a moment in time never forgotten. this flower can be concentrated into a petal but still so fragile to touch for it decides its own flight pattern that the wind alone cannot replicate.

one of the most amazing inspirational person I have had the honor to meet.
Pamela Rae Apr 2

Life is our gift. We are given this time to share, to learn, to grow and to expand while we are here and in the process of all this learning, we are entrusted with passing along whatever knowledge that is helpful to others in this realm. Our task is to connect with any and all who are seeking further knowledge for the greater good of not only mankind, but for all living creatures, all species, on this wondrous planet in our realm. 

So let us all move forward with the joy of knowing that each of us has a very special and important mission that not only will enlighten and enliven us, but will aide all who we share our hearts with:

Love and help one another. Teach and learn. Share your abundant gifts of knowledge and your desire to find happiness both within yourself as an individual and as a collective force of mankind. USE YOUR INNER GOD as the gift that it is and allow the goodness, the love, the joy and sense of awareness to shine and to bathe all those you meet with the light that is god! We each and every one of us have the power. Never lose sight of this amazing power!
©Pamela Rae 04.02.2017

I hope I never lose sight of the amazing power that lives inside of me. Sometimes it's hard to remember that this life truly is a gift. Thank you to each and every one here who help  me to remember how precious this gift really is. Blessings to one and all and much, much love! ♥
Wendell A Brown Mar 30

A flower blossoms in
your shadow every
the moment you pass by

And the morning sun
becomes jealous of
the radiance gifted
to your eyes

The wind becomes envious
because there is never
a way he can cool the day

The way the sweet aroma
of your love soothes me
so easily when you come
my way

I am always lost in
your beauty which each
morning I am blessed
to see

Especially when I find
myself gazing into
your eyes whose loving
embrace never lets me be

Each moment with you
becomes more precious
when my heart cannot
escape your meaningful

And I am lifted by my
heart's flaming desire,
for you are the only one
it will ever think of

And the moments when
I am not with you this
daydream will surely
always begin

As my heart belongs to
you since that moment
when my heart your love
did win.

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Delta Swingline Mar 24


That can't possibly be right.
I never planned on being this kind of crazy, but I don't hate it. This is not what we expected and yet somehow we're okay with it.

I'm being very vague, I know. But only some of us are going to know what happened. So I don't need to shout it to the rest of the world. The rest of the world doesn't really need to know what happened to us.

I'm not afraid to die some days.

Mainly because when I do get on with living, I get caught up in being so busy that I don't have time for death.

Or maybe that death will be gracious enough not to have time for me.

I wish I knew how to pick up the pieces of my life and try to put them together without losing anything on the way.

You know that I don't belong to anyone. And that no one belongs to me, I am not one to claim anything for myself.

I think that you are awesome. And you can decide to throw that to the back pages of your life story and I won't be mad at you. I'll just decide to keep writing and maybe the book won't seem so heavy on your heart.

But even as I say all of these great things about you. I cannot tell you that I am sure of what will happen to us. You can't have me.

And I will not be able to explain why. But I will say that I feel comfortable where we are now. Held in hugs and folded away with stray sheets of paper. I don't want to lose you, but I cannot say with confidence that I can be what you want.

Because as much as I care about you. We must understand that we are single people looking for connections in the network of our closest friends and family. And we don't always find what we're looking for.

And that is okay.

So when we decide to stop.
I will still call you gorgeous.
I will still walk with you down hallways.
I will still lean on you in the worst of times
I will still call on your name.
I will still call you awesome.
I will still call you amazing.
I will still call you beautiful.

I will still call you...

And I hope you will still call me.

You are not alone -- ever.
Talia Grace Mar 20

Have you ever loved brown eyes?
Maybe look at them in the sun
See how they become gold
Not a dull gold,
They shine like the sun itself
Hints of browns, golds and dark grays

Try falling in love with someone with brown eyes
Look at their eye
Look and find the stories
The love
The care
Try to look away after locking gazes
Impossible, right?

That little freckle
On the edge of the vibrace
Plunges deeply into my heart
And holds me there
Like it's where I'm meant to be
The warmth of your body,
The love in your eyes
The richness to your voice...
They all hold me close
And tell me that you'll never let go

Deep browns and vivid golds
Tug at my heart strings
And leave me gasping for air
That you return to me with a kiss
Vowing to never let me go

I've always had a thing for brown eyes... I never knew why until a freckle faced boy sat beside me watching the sunset
April Mar 20

My laugh
Is disgusting
Your laugh
Is beautiful.

My eyes
Are dull
Your eyes
Are sparkly and shine.

My hair
Is flat and boring
Your hair
Is full of life.

I'm boring,

You're amazing,

Danielle L Cook Mar 14

tell me -- what is hard, wet, and red all over?

exploding ovaries can't stop me
Austin Bauer Mar 13

You're just like
good decaf coffee
because I can
enjoy all of you,
every nuance and
subtlety without
the fear of
getting too wired,
too anxious from
the stimulus.
No, there's
no regret in
enjoying you.

A poem about my wife.
Carson Hurley Mar 2

Cliffs of dying coral affronted me as I slipped to the depth,
my heart wept for the inspiring sight it once was.
What it has become is a paragon to man's destruction.
I look for something beautiful.
A painter sat cross-legged on the white sandy bed,
his canvas weighted down, the weights accompanied by two mischievous crabs as he cast his oil paint to the page using his hands.
A masterpiece, to paint the ocean's belly from the inside.
'That's true beauty,' I mouth, watching the silver bubbles escape from me with my dwindling oxygen.

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