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1985 i arrived
Just like 80's film
I hit 'em with the boots in July
I don't need snow
I gotta go bigger
I gotta go figure
There's an aching,
There's a hole in my chest
It's amazing
That the crown of a king doesn't change me
It's amazing
But that's when I remember
That we all want,
We all need fashion.
Once when I was younger I was helping my mom set up the Christmas decorations and she dropped a clear tack onto the grey furry carpet and before I could say anything she bent down and began to look for it by running her hands along the carpet.
“Why are you doing that? Won’t it hurt if it sticks you?” Eight year old me asked with concern.
“Maybe but it’s better than you or your siblings finding it by stepping on it.”
This was the moment I began to understand that my mom would hurt herself before she ever hurt her children.
The moment I began to understand the love of a mother.
- J.S.S
Aaron LaLux Sep 9
but you can’t fool Me,
I see your sadness for exactly what it is,
in between fake laughs false compliments,
& passive aggressive insulting attacks,

I see your sadness that you hide behind those name brands,
Drew House with fake smiles can’t fool me nor impress me,
the only way to get ride of your darkness is to let it go,
share Yourself with others like Shia did with #IAMSORRY,
made some mistakes a couple hundred times but it’s okay,
find a Purpose like Justin admit your mistakes & say Sorry,

you’re beautiful just the way you are, mistakes paved the way,
you are a living Self Portrait,  put your colors on display,
& admit you were so concerned with your own heart,
that you didn’t see the Heartbreaks that you made…

from poem #5 of THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available worldwide 9/9/19
Panashe Sep 8
She dressed up into her best smile
But it was one size too small
For it failed to cover the broken lines
That ran down her light skinned youthful cheeks
As they uncovered the darkness that lingered within.
Drowned by her own despair
She broke down bit by bit until one day she began to wreak
She wreaked of bad decisions and daring adventures.
She became a blank portrait of uncertainty
Unformed and misunderstood, an empty void of utter lack of ardour
Consumed by her silence and yet so loud in the way she walked.
For she had become obvious to the world.
She uttered, "if only the smile was one size fits all."
The Vault Aug 30
From your lips
Poetry never sounded so good
Rolled off your tongue
And into the air
And I breathed it in
A high like no other
From just words
We've been here before
And its never been "amazing"
A word reserved for new beginnings
Not the same old same things
So familiar and worn
That its browning and aging
As if left out on the lawn
Because its not worth saving

To afford "amazing" would be amazing
But amazing is not a necessity
Other needs are more pressing
So it fades from our vocabulary
To make room for whats usable
Like things that aren't accessories
And like the boxes in the garage
It fades from our memories
The Vault Aug 24
Air deeply breathing
Comes in as fall
Another Loving
Crisp cold in the air
Should be just as it

Sentences left open
Never met a wanting
It open just to leave
To inspect for the brain
To fill in or maybe the kind
This is mind fuckery right here Bois.
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