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Annie Jun 2021
If the past is but an illusion
and the present is all that I am,
then it’s an illusion that has made me strong;
all those things that didn’t go as planned.

I drift now, happy to observe life
as it happens around me,
as it whisks me along with it,
I’m trying to stay grounded.

And I love now, passionately.
Not with a flame, but now I am the sun.
I have my own mind,
but I’m made up of everyone.

I am human enough to feel
slow crushing of heart,
but I am angel enough
to not fall apart.
Himangshu Singh Jun 2021
he waltz in the room
she waited for him
she was a harlot;
he was her redemption.
madi Apr 2021
is it harder to
forget or to remember?
to forget is bliss

a numb, empty bliss.
and to remember is to
live with so much pain
Words' Worth Oct 2020
You have to scale the height
Don't stay at an edge of a plain sight
After a while when it is a lonely peak
Shout and you can hear your spirit in an open valley
Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens
Words' Worth Oct 2020
Our words are ours, think upon what we can share
If you love yourself, then don't hurt others
Free them from the guarded heart
It opens their beautiful mind to reason
The role of the artist is not to look away
Words' Worth Oct 2020
Now you will no longer speak
Because your words are an endless field
Where the dead come to swim
The lifeless come to crawl
Those left don't even know their soul
Or their worth as lovers flee
The ghosts of the past aren't free
Luxury and lies have huge maintenance costs. But, truth and simplicity are self-maintain without any cost.
Words' Worth Oct 2020
Think about me
Pick up a phone
Once spoken, you know
Love is the only word
That binds us in torn hearts
Patching us up like broken birds
That haven't flown after dark
Every pain gives a lesson, and every lesson changes a person
Diana Aug 2020
The prince wanders, unable to
Think of the things that he must do
For he thinks his heart is starting to ache
For the women he met by mistake

But she won’t know that it was he
Who saved her from the depths of the sea
And without two legs like the other men
He could never see her again

Melancholy and pain arrayed
And then he knows that there’s a way
To travel to the witch of the sea
And ask her to answer his hopeful plea

And so he swims to the dark and deep
No time to rest, no time to sleep
He reaches the dungeon of the ocean floor
Goes up and slowly knocks on the door

Inside answers the witch, appeased
Thinking of the kingdom she will seize
She listens to the prince ask for legs
As he bows his head to her and begs

She tells him that he has a choice
To give up his alluring voice
And in return walk on land
But only if he follows her demands

For should the maiden not love him back
The spell that holds him would begin to crack
And he’ll dissolve into the seas
But foolishly, the prince agrees
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