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Annie Oct 4
Still here,

I stand over the girl from my past.

My shadow is a mass, but I am Liberty,
in her stance,
in her strength,
in the sunlight.

Twice struck,
second one has stuck
in deep,
enough to blur the world around me-
around him.

Never mind the darker hours
 (they aren’t important);
what is crucial, is the breath in my lungs.
The fourth poem in my annual series of poems I write for my birthday.
writingsolo Sep 12
yesterday was hard but that is not today

today is a good day
today she wrote a sentence
  "today i will not be afraid"
writingsolo Sep 12
write again, they whispered
try again, they cried
if only they knew the prison inside her that wouldn't let her try
writingsolo Sep 12
they told her knowledge was power and yes it is indeed
power over her mind, over her heart
this power is shutting her in the dark
writingsolo Sep 12
write again, they said
it will be fun, they said
writing out fears she never knew
& yet they're becoming true
writingsolo Sep 12
she realized she could write & that's where her troubles begin
Hollywood joy
was good as any boy
this year with the stallion
but this precipice would enjoy
a hearty show of his miserable foe
the dire place he slept a toe in his faith
and forthcoming season began hep
with the homecoming of the wife
that he tri-tied the rope in his bed  
why a laser conspired
that would be their heart of joy
in the neighborhoods yet
she's a fashionable thing of beach
that would roll his honor such a wife
Seanathon Sep 1
We love the night
Because she holds no secret stars
Or fears no moonlit falling out
Open Skies - An honest series
Seanathon Aug 27
We love the rain
Not because we can hear the sky
But that we can see her thoughts
Tearful rain - an honest series
If I were to lose my eyesight,
My vision would be heightened.
Free from worldly distraction, I
See humanity for what it is.
It is terrifying.
It is beautiful.

2. If I were to lose my sense of smell,
I think I’d be just fine.
I’m used to not breathing,
Smothered by emotion
And over-love.
I think I’d be just fine,
But I’d sure miss the smell of you.

3. If I could never hear your voice again,
Please kiss me with all of your
Words. Let me read your lips
With mine,
Our own sign language.
Let your secrets spill on to
My tongue.
If I could never hear you say
"I love you", dear,
Let me feel it.

4. If I lose my sense of taste,
A fire would burn within;
To never taste your lips again
Would be a deadly sin.

5. If I lost the ability to touch,
I’d go madly insane.
A most basic comfort;
A primitive coping mechanism
Lost to the world.
A world without touching you
Is no world at all,
But the deepest pit of hell.
I do not wish to go there.
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