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annh 7h
Oak leaf and oath,
Rock water and spun linen,
Unction and atonement,
The circle and the flame.

”While there is strength in this body, I will raise the sword;
While there is breath in yours, you will do no harm.
For whether warrior or healer, a truth
Appointed by the heart is

Fragmented impressions of another time and place.

‘For so sworn good or evil an oath may not be broken and it shall pursue oathkeeper and oathbreaker to the world's end.’
- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion
My mind is racing with never ending thoughts.
With fear, I try to fight them, with everything I've got.

My will begins to weaken, here we go again.
I don't even know you and you've got me on a pen.

What do you look like? How does your mind work? What's your name? I've got a million questions for you, and they're driving me insane!

Your potential is a parasite that's feeding on my brain, but you might not be right for me with the needle in your veins.

This might be pointless, wasting my time. As your pointiness rapes your mind. Let me help you heal the wounds that days gone by have left behind.

I sit and watch you rip and tare yourself apart without a care. I see myself the more I stare, my own soul a trophy, high narco-ware.

I'm here to help you take a stand, so we can fight the foe. Even if you bite my hand, I'll never let you go.

Your wonder has become me and in my heart I know, you could kiss the ground in the winter time and make a flower grow.

Your demons, I'll defeat them. They tremble at my sight.
Your secrets, I'll keep them. Like your ever shining knight.
Your dreams, I need to know them. I'll make them come alive.
Your smile, is just like ******. I'm fiending for its shine.

I want so badly to hold you, and wipe away your tears. To make up for the sadness you've suffered all those years.

We have some time ahead of us and it will feel like death ,but I'm coming home so its safe to hold your breath.

I'm nothing to you right now like a wisp upon the wind, a player with a pen, or the devil with a grin.

But Sara I'm not playing silly games of the heart. I'm serious like an overdose, with veins that won't restart.

I want to be the someone that you've waited for, for life. The very thought that haunted you and keeps you up all night.

The one that drowns out all of your pain like morphine in your flesh, and light the fire deep within you like the flames behind your *******.

To be the one that you can count on when your world fills with doubt. To keep your pretty face from drowning, to life you up and pull you out.

So if you got this poem from me then I've taken off my vest and opened up the shots for you, the parts within my chest.

I hope you know that this isn't one way, because I am broken too. I hope you would do your best for me, as I would do for you.

We've both made a mess of things, kind of like hammers smashing thumbs. The screaming pain from missing nails has left our fingers flashing numb.

It makes us believe that we were born to fail and what we want will never come. We say "if only I would've hit the nail, I wouldn't have a busted thumb"

In the end we are the same. We need a roof to stop the rain, a place to hide our shades of shame and a place to run to in times of pain.

This life isn't over, the job isn't done. I swear this fight isn't over until we've won, so grab your tool belt. You're not alone, lets pick up the nails and drive them home!

I'm not the greatest person with my list of sins so great. I'm ****** up, intense and jealous mixed with pride, fear and hate.

I have the blessings of a warrior that is also my curse and if you choose to roll with me, you'll eventually see my worst. But that's all for the enemy and those who I detest. When you find the friend in me that's when you'll see my best.

So if you want to ride with me then let me hear your cry. Stand tall with your warrior and the fire in your eyes.

Take my flank and fight with me, its time to take what is ours. Limit not what we could be, feeling so good when we own the stars.

Love Always,
             BJ Lamb
An incredibly beautiful poem written by BJLamb, a pen-pal currently serving ten years in prison.
Zeeyerh Adams Nov 23
Gold, the cloak of victory,
Imbued with the stench of my cowardice,
Whilst I'm astride a warrior,
Speaks of blood lost to battle.
A sinner in heaven,
A saint in hell.
I ride  with the spirits in the wind,
Hooves beating water,
Seeking just a taste,
Of Valhalla.

Noose snug,
Right at home,
Breaking skin,
Like the cracks that reveal the hell in heaven.
I walk the path of the ******.

Welcome darkness,
Eyes seeing in the blinding madness,
As I lead a journey,
To find heaven in hells eyes,
I walk the path of the saved.

I taste the death,
Before it reaches the ones I slay,
Intoxicating decadence,
Trailing a madness in its wake.

Dawn of Armageddon,
The final in truth,
Red becomes the seas,
As land is fertile of flesh.

I have picked my poison,
In heaven and in hell,
For angels danced to my battle cries,
As I bathed in the blood of the slain.

I am burned,
I am reborn,
Absolved of the mayhem mortality begets.

I ride with my brothers in wind,
Warriors of the north,
Finding home,
In Valhalla.
Hannah Nov 16
Being braver than ever before.
Watching you walk out that door like a warrior.
Relentlessly refusing to lose, the battle you did not choose.
Your might will help you win this fight.
This is about a family member's battle with cancer.
EmilyBatdorf Oct 29
Some days I wake up from dreams
if I am going to grow up to be
a warrior
or worrier.
The Gray Wolf Oct 16
The time is now
Prepare to fight
We move as one
Under dead of night
We hit the ground
Without a sound
Everywhere we look
There's evil abound
The hunt begins
We absolve your sins
Don't take us lightly
We're not jester's and fools
Warriors of God
The legion of wolves
Henry Oct 7
The warrior walks
Dawn's first light in the forest
A babbling stream

The birds are chirping
He wades through the tide of mist
Around his ankles

The stream is ahead
Dropping his weapon he falls
The battle was won

He saved his village
But suffered a grievous wound
He reaches forward

The ice cold water
Brings wet fingers to his lips
A slight refreshment

Savoring the taste
A bed of wild flowers
A perfect cushion

Weapon behind him
He thinks about his breathing
With grass on his face

Remembers, exhale
His wife and child, inhale
Beautiful, exhale

Remembers, inhale
The days long battle, exhale
His people saved, still

Remembers, inhale
Vibrant colors of spring, still
His daughter's face, still

Remembers, exhale
Cold water on his lips, still
Birds are chirping, still

Wild flowers, still
Rays of dawn pierce the trees, still
A babbling stream
Oct 7, 2020
Palms cupped in gratitude
Graced by the Guru my,
Heart runneth over
Aum tastin' like devotion to me
Adorned upon Shakti
Like a sari, sway fluid
I Deer Park it, dharmabomb,
Narayan, God Zeus it
Thunderbolts expressed through this vishuddha
Creative flow I weild like a sword
And touch samadhi like the largest *****,
Datz da 'skin' if you ain't knew it
I get nerdy like a student
And will spiritual Warrior ll it,
In the face of foolishness
Fearless the Path
I protect, and vow dat
Like a buddhist
Megan H Sep 27
We use our pens and pencils
As a way to fight the injustices of this world-
It is our biggest weapon.

People will read,
They will understand,
But they will not do.

I will write,
Because I understand,
Because it is the only thing I can do.

What else can I do-
When high society plans against us?
Pitting us against each other.

They watch us fight
They watch us suffer.
As they sit upon their thrones.

To my friends-
Please read,
Please write,
Please fight.

We need to count on each other to win this war.
Jamie King Sep 25
I charged at the enemy, slashed,cracked,pierced wounded and killed.
The ecstasy of fleeting lives, still stale eyes, a ****** reached.
***** mingled with feces, kidneys cooked by grenades, a scent
of the battlefield.

I am in diapers my ***** now mingled with feces faces of nurses
scowling. Words abandoned the mind, my skin a wrinkled cloth.
Scars of a warriors pride long faded. I can taste no more, my sight
a sea of shadows, whispers cling to my ears. I long for battle cries.
I use to breathe now I'm bedridden with tubes and diapers.
no sleep no rest no peace nor death.
I wrote a poem called the old lady, this one is about an old man.
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