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Strying Jul 14
I often look up at the television
seeing heroes like the black widow,
and warriors like blodreina,
and I want to have this power,
but a society with people like this cannot function.

These people inflict so much pain on civilians,
that they would never be allowed to exist,
in reality.

Hidden under the depths,
they may be discovered,
but killers and the innocent cannot coexist,
despite needing each other to survive.
I really look up to Natasha from the new Black Widow movie. So proud of the actress for getting her own movie finally, but the character itself is amazingly strong and loving. Part of me wishes I grew up to be someone that strong, despite knowing how terrible her childhood was and how much pain she was forced to inflict.
Neelam Jun 22
Apranik, the beloved
daughter of ancient
Persia had the
untainted courage,
unmatched valor
gleamed in her

The domineering
commander on a
white steed
confronted the fiercest
marauders with her
indomitable spirit,

The unquenchable
fire in every drop
of her blood cried


The undefeated
fibres of her being
breathed for the
last time, the
blood of the martyrs
weeped ruefully.
Azaadi : freedom/liberty

Dedicated to the women who chose to fight for their dignity and freedom.
Where does solitude end
And the beauty of love begin?
We must allow our emotions to permeate
Our spiritual vestibule
Before rapture dawns
Like an empyreal gust
Within, upon, and throughout us,
Then our bliss will no longer be ephemeral,
It will be everlasting.

Someone on this existential expanse
Loves you
Beyond words, Beyond thoughts, beyond
Time & space,
With cosmic understanding;
Like, age-old supernovae
Radiating with stellar light
Until their macrocosmic romance
Waxes nebulous:
—Dust to dust.

You who are gleaning these words,
Contemplate your immortal value
As a living legacy
That Burgeons & blossoms beyond the day
Of your exodus from the Earthly Plane
For the soul is a seed
Radiating with the Eradia of Ages;
Therefore, shine
Until The Flora of Yore, Yggdrasil germinates within.

Lamentation makes you more loving,
Just, wise, and strong;
Yes, embrace every moment
That life brings
For Providence safeguards you
Within His Celestial ramparts.
"But the path of the righteous is like the bright morning light
That grows brighter and brighter until full daylight."
(Proverbs 4: 18) (NWTSE)

You have an undying will within you,
You are a vessel of sanctity
Intemerate & hallowed;
Yes, you have been set apart
For an ethereal crusade
With no known beginning &
An indeterminable end;
Exhale, you are Life, Love, and Liberty,
And a Spark of The Divine.

It is true, that you are the experiencer of
Your joys, your sufferings,
Your exultation, and your woes,
But you must ne' er forget
That you are not alone;
Therefore, walk forevermore
In the Baptismal Rays of The Sun
For you were borne with purpose,
O, Warrior of Light.
Excelsior Forevermore,

Sanders Maurice Foulke III

Neelam May 27
The path of a warrior is paved with




This isn't for the faint hearted


It's a choice for men and women

      On fire !
It isn't easy for people want security, comfort and familiarity.
NefariusHD May 23

Those who try to hurt others only end up hurting themselves, my love, passion and kindness is too strong.

I am a warrior, I am the sword, I am the shield & most importantly the voice of reason,
If you can relate then you too are a warrior, it is a revolutionary time and if you cannot relate then perhaps it’s a time for change and or a reconsideration.  

Money, fortune and fame is not what we seek, it makes the heart weak, there is not enough space in my own or a fellow warrior’s heart for greed, pride or anything alike,
Those who hurt others only end up hurting themselves.

We look to leaders, prophets & gurus for answers yet lose ourselves in the process, we forget that they are just people, and at times become unaware that they aren’t all that different from us, the answers lay within each and every one of us and we must remember that everyone is a teacher.

The fight never stops, we must push ourselves every day, so, keep fighting, keep that fire going and try not to lose yourself in the process but if you do, don’t be scared because there’s always help, you just need to reach out.  

Don’t forget that we are not survivors, we are not animals nor are we predators or prey, we are human, we are warriors.

Hope you feel a little less alone,  
Thank you.
Natasha Basil May 23
If anyone ever asks me my story
I’ll tell them a tale about a warrior
The one who fell so many times
But who managed to rise
Who’d cried in the night
But moved on at sunrise
Who’d been beaten up
But was never defeated
Who would fight for life
And no matter the scars she would win it.
Graceful is her stride as she treads through the journey of life,
Peace lies within as she harbors solace among the mayhem,
Organic affection towards the world unbound she travels through the myriad of phases,
Embracing the unknown and entrusting the sovereign she persists fearlessly,
Effortless charisma engulfs her trance,
She is a woman warrior,
Defying the odds and living her ancestors dreams,
A raw glory to be seen.
See full collab on IG @solaceamongsolitude
Opal Wood Apr 18
Those pretty scars
Filled her arms
A reminder of her darkness
Her pretty scars
Remain her battle wounds
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