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Jeremy Betts Oct 31
Dear Alcohol

~My Verse~

I got wasted 'cause I didn't wanna deal with myself tonight
My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright
I keep drinkin' 'til I'm someone I don't recognize
I got wasted


She goes five sheets 'cause she says she can't deal with my **** sober
I'm sure there's plenty out there who'd agree with her
I don't make it easy on her, she's a ******' warrior
Wasted or sober

I know it's an escape from more than me but I'm why it's nightly
Just her current mistake, worst one yet, yeah probably  
I know what she sees when she looks at me ain't pretty
Wasted or sober


I got wasted 'cause I didn't wanna deal with myself tonight
My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright
I keep drinkin' 'til I'm someone I don't recognize
I got wasted

Phia Oct 17
Dear fierce,
and little warrior.
The battle you are fighting
will not be won overnight
and your sword is so heavy.
You deserve to put it down;
you deserve to rest.
I wrote this for my friend, but really it's for everyone. It's to people who are fighting their own battles. Who are way harder on themselves than they should be. It's for the people who need to know that it's okay to take some time, it's okay to rest.
leeaaun Jul 3
he calle me a warrior
just because i lived a life
harder than his

others commented
that's the easiest recipe of being a warrior

and here i am thinking
they have not even lived  through my struggles
neither they've faced my ordeals
nor felt my pain

how they have a right
to just pass words
that will stab like little needles
on my existence

making me stand as a question'
in front of everyone's eyes
where my answers will be treated as invalid
even before i will say them

that's not a warrior in their eyes
but a girl whose moves is out of their calculations
they just see me as nothing
and want me to believe that too

sadly, i am not easily influenced by someone's words
as i had so many problems to learn from
what was best for me
and i would call myself the queen who is skilled
in turning girls like me into an invlaid format
they can't decode
I see no darkness in you.
I see only light
that the darkness
is attracted to
robin tarox Oct 2022
They might be few they might be thousands,
They might have set out to conquer the suns...
Their swords dripping blood of their enemies,
Whose bones sharpen their weapons with ease...

Sharpness of their blades are rendered dull,
They cannot cut through that one adamant skull...
They cannot pierce through that cold heart,
Of the one born without fear from the start...

They keep trying to shatter his soul relentlessly,
But each strike deflected time and again tirelessly...
The loss of ichor and sweat not felt as burden,
Because a warrior's spirit is never broken...
nick armbrister May 2022
She strapped on her warplane and flew away to fight
Russian jets being the enemy to be hit
Her missiles were old like her plane

But it was a good one well built
Serviced by her mechanics to perform
When ordered to do by her

She the tip of the spear just a gal
Reason I love my mistress the pilot

Defending our nation each and every day
She already shot down four or five planes
She told me it’s confusing being in combat

Things happen fast beyond comprehension
It’s comparable to driving a racing bike
I think but I’m a hacker and don’t drive

I get into Russian and Red Chinese systems
Do my art and war that way to defeat them
It focuses me while my gal is up above

Keeping us all safe from enemy actions
I want to tell the world but we cannot
We must remain a secret what we both do
xvy May 2022
The moon is not meek for it is a warrior
It is not cold when it is burning with rage
Between the jaws of Bakunawa, it will not yield
Within the shadows of the earth, it will not wane
A piece dedicated to Felip
Mark Wanless May 2022
old warrior
sits on riverbank
katana drops
Lawrence Hall Dec 2021
Lawrence Hall

                                     The Stupidest Metaphor

                         Do these camouflage knee-pantsies
                       make my 250-pound *** look too big?

He never formed up with a skirmish line
To **** and snoop to some distant trees
Across a death-hot field of weeds and mud
With some idiot yelling, “Dress it up!”

He never feared that a 40-mike-mike
Would blow his guts and spine into ****** rags
Which would get his air-conditioned C/O
In Saigon another medal and promotion

His PTSD is from watching TV
But he is pleased to claim that he is a
                                                                ­      *warrior
xavier thomas Oct 2021
God bless me now so I can stand up to foes
God help me now so I don’t stand alone
God I thank you now for me surviving my lows
Due to you I been holding it down all on my own

You see, I been under your protection for years.
I’m learning to lean more on you and become more aware; Therefore, learn not to idolize others love and compare.
That’s just pure destruction and corruption ready to appear.
So I wear, your shield of armor daily when I call you for prayer.
Because these demons want to tear me apart with their fears.
Back then I was scared, but now I dare anyone of them to try to do something.
And I’ll be calling out the angels to help me battle it out.
Cause I’ll stand victorious as your servant dear Lord.
I want nothing else but your blessing as the reward.
You’ve fought for me all day, I choose you like always, cause you deserve it.
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