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It's always a criminal time to fight/
To fizz away our furies and our fears
in violent interactions within 'The Warrior Play'/
To unite in bouts/
Put personalities in liberty/
to bring about the death reaction

Untangled in all this
Is an eye/
a void/
It paces and turns
forgetful and lost ;
a powerless ghost and a witness
to these mad spoilings and energy fits/
This pinball of the battlefield
is catalyst ;
The untouched spirit of the weapon-head/
a war chime
and the thirst of all of us 'soldiers'

                 - in pattern & in population
Marrika 5d
I am a master of the things I think
I say what goes
when I am in a bad mood I am choosing to be a yo-yo
remind me of the warrior I am
I am not held captive- I have free will
Jo Swan Sep 30
The darkness of secrets had kept me in shadows
The pain of the past had caused my family to weep
For they experienced life full of unjust woes!
Yet the Heavenly Lord has awakened me from sleep.

I hear the echoes of my forefathers’ voices,
They tell me to rise like the Mighty Sun,
It is time for me to wake and rejoice
On their legacy of what they have done.

The wise wind of fate pushes me to my destiny,
My blood burns with a new determination
As I am resurrected with a new identity
For my forefathers have impacted the entire nation

For many years I thought I was ordinary
Yet the cries of my ancestors beat like a drum-
Telling me to soar like a golden dragon.
In love and hate we have all endured and succumb

I give thanks to the heavenly divine sky
As he has given me a gift of armor made of courage.
“Awake my dear daughter”, the mighty Lord cry,
“Do not let the army of fear make you feel discourage.”

So the wind of destiny has revealed its plan
That I am to inherit their legacy,
Reclaim the throne and be the Princess of Han
For this is my destiny!

(c) 2018 Joanne Chang
Sometimes being born as a female, society  expects us to be delicate exquisite fragile flowers. Yet I realise deep within my soul, there is a female warrior princess waiting to unleash and conquer her fear!!!
Marina Kay Mar 2014
Just when I thought I had it all
perfectly encased,
clutter free,
the loose string of my life came undone
leaving a dome of rubble at my feet.
Nevermore saw it coming,
nevertheless expected it.
Never asking why,
I accepted it.

I won't yield in self-pity
nor wither in pain.
Dusting the ashes,
getting back in the game.
I won't let your fire catch me.
I won't be burned alive.

I am a warrior
and I will survive.
Dear cancer, I won't let you kill me.
Lily Flower Sep 25
Walls! Walls! Build ten thousands.
Wolves, Wolves on their way
Wolves without a prey
Blindfolded by hunger
Drink your tea, water the flowers
and go build walls!
fortify your chest with ferocity
for a fight tooth and nail with the foe
wolves! wolves!
Ready to consume your heart's nectar
and get drunk.
Wear your armour and hit the road
Vultures fly close to your head
and wolves are on their way.
Drink your tea
and keep your sword at hand.
On treachery in friendship..
Apporva Arya Sep 24
What's unsaid about it?
Still it's different
and unique for everyone.

Sometimes,for me its like
songs of cuckoo bird.
Sun that rose again in my life,
a green oasis in a desert,
The best part of my youth.

and sometimes,
i am a lone warrior in the battlefield,
searching for the enemy soul,
dont know where to find
and how to defeat!..

I am not afraid of break-ups or
passionate love.
since who knows,
what love has at store!
the equal amount of love back?
or may be a surprise?
i have decided not to be fearful anymore. whatever it will be,how far we will go i will cherish our journey,our moments together .Because now i know some people are destiny and some destination.
Data Sep 21
The warrior returns
When the battle is done
Home to the care
And the love of his one,
He sets himself down
In the warmth and the light
and closes his eyes
to sleep the long night.



By Data © Sept. 2018
This short poem was written to honour the life & heroic battle of Daniel Thomas (a.k.a PeeWeeToms) whose struggle to fight a rare cancer is truly inspirational.

It now seems that Dan's time on earth is nearly done... I thank him for his courage and good humour, and (for whatever is next) I wish him the fondest farewell. Kia kaha, Dan

We met on the fields of battle,
back and forth are blades rattled.
After I nearly came to my demise,
out reached a hand and gave me a surprise.
It was on that day that I came to realize,
that friendship could be had at the brink of death.
We then continued forward, giving our enemies there last breath.
A pal to travel through the lands for laughter,
a new friend to look forward to hereafter.
Some think that it's all just a game,
but finding a friend is something I'm proud to claim.
RBWhite Sep 12
In your heart,my love letter is a flag of light,
Is a proud sign of the life I share without asking why,
And you'll wonder in the deepest of kisses,
And beg for a response from a forgotten Goddess,
Because,my love,
My sweetest thoughts are of you,
My love as a whole belongs to you,
A rose is not meant for you,nor it will be,
You have a Kingdom of Rainbow Flowers in your heart and I as a proud warrior I stand,
Against all of your enemies,
I stand,My soul,
In every universe and reality,
I stand with you.
Tonight you feast,
getting ready to slay the beast.
You'll mount your ride,
and get ready for that slide,
into battle you will go,
running past any enemies that may slow,
down your progress for the two days you'll be gone,
until the moment you're back where you belong.
You'll concur and succeed where others have not,
your enimies will run cold, as your blood runs hot,
to sleigh them all, with your wicked spells.
With your words you can summon the strength to send them to hell.
They'll try to trick, and try to betray,
but you'll be on top and victor of the day.
I look forward to the tales that will be told,
because a warrior as fine as you, is among the most bold.
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