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Tragically and tenderly-
It's the only way I knew how
to love you.
Suhayb Oct 10
As the seconds stretch to miles,
I forget each laugh, each smile.
Now all I see is your empty face.
Once a joyful playground,
Now a desolate waste.
If only we could have a day together.
An hour, a minute, a single pure moment.
If only there were time.

A million specs of dust
Swirling in the rays of dawn.
They lead me back,
From ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
To the tears on that rainy morn.

You always used to love the rain.
I'd bring your coat but you were already out
the door, your arms apart.
Letting each raindrop reach your heart.

I lie upon the warm beach,
The sand sifting through my fingers,
Like the time that has escaped me.
It went so fast, until you were gone.
Now every second feels a thousand years long.
If only each grain,
Could remove some pain,
And replace it with a moment with you.

You stared out at the endless sea,
The day you were diagnosed, and asked
What's on the other side of the world?
I said, my girl,
That's for you to explore.
Open your heart, let your mind soar.
If only you had the time to spread your wings and fly.
Or even a chance to try.
If you had time, you would, you knew that you should,
If only you could.
If only, there were time.
Suhayb Oct 10
A silent voice
An empty chair
Footsteps leading
To nowhere

I follow them
Until I see
Your tender eyes
Watching me

I blink, they’re gone
I turn around
Not a movement
Not a sound

And then I hear
The ring of bells
Far away
Too far to tell

I see you now
There you lie
A sleep from which
You’ll never rise

I reach to touch
Your hand, it’s cold
You fade away
I stand alone

I think of you
Your auburn hair
Of how I felt
When you were here

I see you now
Where skies are clear
And wait for death
To take me there.
Michael Adams Sep 24
He thought he had a grip on life,
He thought he knew his place his Wife.
He thought he knew himself as well,
But when he met her all thoughts fell.

No longer did he know his Wife,
Too loose he’d held a grip on life.
And swept up by a younger spell,
That grip was broken by the swell.

Now swept away he looked around,
The younger spell could not be found.
He called he searched he tried in vain,
But hope and heart began to wane.

For she had gone this much he knew,
His head was fog his heart was blue.
He knew for him it wouldn’t be,
So he surrendered to the sea.
Starry Sep 10
As it darker
Coler out
The rose you gave me
Starts to
Dry up
And die
For you're not that to take of
And the rose.
Kate S Sep 9
They say
"It's not the right time,"
but there has never been a time
I need him more

They say
"He's not the right guy,"
but the ache in my chest
tells me I'm done for

not matter how they say it
my heart won't believe them
it longs for him
while I lay on the floor
Rivea Sep 5
You see, my dear, you have turned my world into a real-life romance movie.  That night you grabbed my hand and twirled me around under a star filled sky, you danced away with my heart.  You've taken me on countless adventures and shown me what the definition of Happy looks like.  Even on nights we spit fire back and forth, I don't dream of being with anyone else.  In fact, I think I'd stay even with your hands around my neck.
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