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Sometimes when I sit all alone
In the darkness of my mind
I see what all I hide
And I just ask myself why
Why do I cry when I have no one by my side
Is it because I’m just weak inside?

I can sit at parties
And talk with my buddies
Laugh at the stupid things
While we all call ourselves kings
But I’m sometimes relieved when it ends
Oh how I do love my friends
But I’m just not like them
I don’t seem to fit in so well

Maybe it’s the sadness I feel
Making it all seem a bit unreal
My feelings just all blend
Sometimes I wish I were dead

And why must I be tortured so
With cupid's little bow
Some say love is magic
But I’d say it’s quite tragic
And well…
Some would say I’m just being too dramatic

But there it is
A feeling seeming to never leave me
I’ve given up on what to call it
So I call it life
And it cuts me with a knife
Geez can’t you give me a break.
It was a perfect ending to star-crossed tragedy

Like you were Romeo
I was Juliet

The best place to be became the location we left
Goodbye whispered not only to this godforsaken world
...To each other
I think romeo and juliet is my second favorite Shakespeare play as cheesy as it is
AstralPotato Jul 9
I grieve for the time of the past;
Hoping they would've last.
I grieve for the future untold;
Without you for me to hold
Ana May 12
everytime you told me you loved me
it sounded sinfully real
so i fell for it
and those three words
broke my heart into three more pieces.
hey sorry guys that literally all my poems are about this, i just relate the most to this idea:)
Beckie Davies Apr 21
you try me on for size
only to realise we never fit
oh, how tragic
we never fit
Jay Apr 19
Mermaids die with mortal souls

At least that’s what Hans Christian wrote

And so we’re born with shallow holes

Where hearts should be.

Where nothing sleeps.

And when our bodies turn to froth

And mouths agape sing final notes

We wash away upon the waves

And dwindle to an arctic haze.

A darkness born of quill and ink

To drift to fog upon the sea.

His holy words.

His blasphemy.

His written verse has rendered me

And stolen my infinity.
My first post on this site. A poem about on of my favourite mythical creatures and one of my favourite authors.
Bella Apr 11
It was silent, but not dead of night
The sun still out, setting in the sky
But the stage was empty, it was really a sight
There were no performers, not wanting to die

They're all alone trapped in their dressing room
Costumes hung high on their shelves
There were no flowers, but it bloomed like a sweet perfume
Spreading through the theatre, only by oneself

There was no laughter, no clapping at the end
There was no intermission, just act after act
It greeted them all, like an old friend
The catastrophe wasn’t beautiful, but it was abstract

The theatre was empty, but everyone knows
The tragedy wasn’t over, the show didn’t close
Eric Mar 29
Mom , in a world full of dismay , the only thing you can do is hold strength in yourself . Be as it ,you are a saint and I thank you for every service you have done for me as a human .the teachings you have gave me to love the world as it is and only hope for a ending better then the beginning . Many people fall short of gods eyes , but yet not forgotten . Even in the most disturbing of times . It'll only gets worse , I know that . But yet to live a life believing things are for the best . Well yea, for the best they shall get according to the woke humans .  Many are slaves to the unknown demon that is constantly nagging their neck . But yet we let these figures of physicality become the waking moments of our own reality . I'm over stressing , I'm over believing in a god that is misinterpreted into many forms . Really only you can open the door way to heaven . Self worth is humility , humility is self giving . To who you truly should be in this world of dismay . Only believe in yourself.
Crystal Mar 19
Every marked date that comes around,
gives me more reason to frown and
make no sound.

Every year that passes by, gives me more
reason to hide away and cry.

For alone I shall now be, no Mother
to hold or comfort me.

To share happiness and special memories.
To be held and loved like things
used to be.

C.Holder 13.03.21
Personal Poem
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