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Marie 1d

These words have meanings

Death- means blood

The blood of someone

Who once had a love
Who once had a home
Who once had a family
And once was a afraid of the day that this

Fear- means the tears of a lonely tragic girl lost in a world of sadness she fears these tears mean she is not okay
And that
Is not

Dread- means the fear and terror in someone’s head the complete and utter panic in someone’s thoughts and

These thoughts they come and go but the worse ones always
Maybe it was her smile...or the way she chewed her lip when shes thinking...or the way she shook her leg when scared or mad...maybe it was the way her black eyes looked welcoming...what ever it was, I fell madly in love with her.
I fell harder when she looked up at me bruised cheek and shaky hands...Her once bright black eyes almost dark grey...she grabbed my hand and placed it above her heart..."I wish we met before I met him..." she whispered and leaned in to kiss me...I obliged.
My heart broke when I heard her screams down the road...I raced to her house barefoot...when I reached her she was already dying...a knife in her stomach, blood pooling around her...I tried to put pressure but all she did was mumble loving words and goodbyes...I watched as her black eyes glossed over and her chest stopped moving...the moment her heart stopped beating so did mine.
I died as I watched them close her casket...They carried her up a hill next to her mothers grave...when they placed in the earth....I did everything I could to not jump in the hole with her...
My heart beats once more when a blued eyed her girl smiled at me...
I heard my love whisper in my ear..."You deserve happiness."
Hazel eyes and red tears,
fakes smiles and little fears.
Confused voices in his head,
mean girls in his bed.
broken girl who broke his heart,
selfish girl he's loved from the start.
New kisses and foreign hugs,
powdered filled nose and **** filled lungs.
Broken hearts and unforgivable choice,
her hands retracting around his head with her convincing voice.
Eden 3d
that she would revisit heartache
for the same reason
she would re-read books—
to find solace in words familiar
even though
she knew the endings.
the human heart can break in
so many more ways than just in half.
rai 5d
dreams are bittersweet
a lot of good things will happen, but they have to end,

you have to wake up and come back to reality,

what we had was a very beautiful dream that I wish would never end.
He was my only sight
That could give me a perfect light
But, that night
He died
Leaving me alone
With my body dead inside.
Ian Feb 6
theres an unraveling feeling building in his gut,
he sits in a cell, trapped amongst towering machinery
guts churning at they run idly against the walls
clinging to the voice on the other end,
spelling out despair
the grinding of metal becomes almost deafening
desperately trying to drown out the words spoken
but they ring ever present
things would be forever changed

its not a wonder things should be so very this way
the twisting thoughts of demons hanging overhead
one fears that if they get to close they might strike
rather dangerous when they cling so tight
what can one do but stand to help
against another's constricting shackles

maybe the dream will be enveloped in the mass
splitting the seems and rupturing the chaos
the cell could erupt and the future could lay bare
but maybe ever still
this place will be where it stays
Eden Jan 30
if romeo and juilet
could not make it,
if mark antony and cleopatra
could not make it,
then how can we?
because if they could not make it,
then no one will.
Lacy Jan 26
What is love when I’m not in it.
why do these things not conquer my fear?
why do you fail me love, why must you fail me why?
run away with me, I did go but love when we stopped running you let go.
Love you give me such great misery.
I bleed in you Love, poison in me, no its you who had poison me Love I was pure and whole lifted I was loved until you took my heart and stomped all over it.
with the words of saying goodbye.
now brokenhearted I sit and wait to heal and recover of mistaking Love for real when it was all fake Now when someone says they love me I don’t feel nothing but a heartache.
Shaina bhatti Jan 15
Her life is tragic
She has magic,

Her eyes tells the pain
Her smile never complain,

Whenever she smiles
She wins the heart of entire,

But she afraid to love
The things which hurts.
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