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There, he hid alone,
In the dark, bleak, cold.
Seeking some warmth,
His arms were fold.

Dust and blood,
The scent of rain.
The terrible screams,
Made him feel pain.

He couldn’t see,
It was so dark.
But, within the darkness,
His blue eyes spark.

He breathed, for air,
He lost his leg.
He closed his eyes,
“Take me home” He’d beg.

In the long, cruel nights,
In the dark, full moon.
He would only remember,
The warm sun of june.

He had his share,
Of death, and blood.
His wet, ripped boots,
Were stuck, in the mud.

“No more pain,
No more death”.
He whispered to himself,
Struggling, for his breath.

As bodies piled,
He just felt broken.
A gasp, escaped him,
For their eyes, were wide open.

A smile, formed, slowly,
At the dark figure, before his eye.
And he knew, at once,
That he was going to die.

Was it death?,
That, he did not know.
He only knew,
That it wasn’t his foe.

The dark figure approached,
And whispered, in his ear.
“Don’t worry, Soldier,
It all ends here”.

“No more pain,
No more death”.
He said, with a smile,
As he drew, his last breath.
A poem about a soldier, accepting death as an old friend, in the WWII
My fortune is broken
She continued to say

Abandon by luck
reflecting her days

The magic in ashes
Phoenix seemed strong

Threaded in pieces
But still holding on

Stun by Night
her eyes in a glaze

Chills bring dreams
of flying away

Poor Phoenix
Night carries on

Poor Phoenix
I too will be gone.
Phoenix and the Knight.
Story of life tragic events.
When I was born
I was dead.
In her womb I was bloodless.
It was Saturday—
and the moon was full.

Summer nights
became a desert
the child in me—
was a gatekeeper.
All that was left,
'til now I was dead.

I grew apart
and my heart has swollen
'tis now I found I was fallen—
oh, my heart bleeds for me
when will I not be forsaken?

It was tingling
the music of a bell;
is my time here short?
The child in me grew apart.
All that was left,
gone by a swift of a wind.

Tomorrow might be
the last breath I breathe
'til now I was dead—
in the hearse I am alive.

By the striking of the moon, gone of me was the child in her womb.
Writing this makes my heart calm for a bit. Writing is such a healing place for all writers. I hope you write one today.
Ginger R Sep 23
I'm falling. And if
I tell the world I am down
No one will help me

I suppose it's sad
Tragic. lying on the floor
But surely I fell

Of my own doing
So I must stay here broken
And very lonely
Depression from repressed emotions I guess
Tizzop Sep 10
kidz are smoking my songs, drinkin' and sniffin'
welcome to the trip-inn, where magic is grippin'
the tragic city, neon lights, neon lights, demon's nights
i'm all in, never ever falling, swirling frisky, like a frisbee

45 to 88, made myself a shake
beat like an earthquake, first take
crying for a remake, dying for a remake
1000 tons of cheesecake, beafsteakz

yummy yummy, my past was slummy
so, you find tizzop where the ice is
my lifestyle is priceless, priceless
i don't care, nobody is viceless

how could one dare to imitate this flair?
i don't say words, i shout "yeah yeah!"
ipod-white teeth, you stop to breathe
and now be good, baby, get on ya knees
Would they have still been remembered,
if they lived for each other instead of dying...
Lyn-Purcell Aug 28

Her heart burns with ache
Swept away by grief's mad tide
Cursed to know no rest

New day, new haiku!
The Younger Charites and the Furies have been completed! Now onto other women of myths, haha!

This haiku is for Lamia. Some myths say she was the Queen of Libya, some say she was just a regular woman. Some myths also say she was the daughter of Poseidon.

But she was known as a great beauty who caught the eye of Zeus which led into a love affair. Of course, when Hera caught wind of it, she was enraged  [we all know how reputed her rage is], and seeing how she could not take out her rage on her husband, she took it out on Lamia. Now it varies on how exactly, but either Hera did away with Lamia's children herself or she made Lamia end them herself. Worse of all, there's a version where Hera made Lamia devour her own babes.

No matter how, the end result is the same. Her children's lives were snuffed out. And she was turned into a monster. Again, some say by Hera but I have read variants that said that it was Zeus, curiously enough. The reason why Zeus did so was so that she could exact her vengeance upon the children of others.

On top of being made a monster, Hera twisted the knife further by cursing Lamia with restlessness so her heart will know no rest. She gouged her own eyes out but that didn't ease her pain because she couldnt unsee her children. Some myths say that Zeus gave her the power to remove her eyes himself.

Lamia's story is seen as a cautionary tale for children to behave.
Be it a phantom, a demon or an envious child eating monster, her origins are just so tragic. I truly feel for her...
Due to her depictions, there are links to her and the gorgons, vampires and succubi.
She is also linked to the Empousai [a shape shifting phantom who has a copper leg and was reportedly created by Hekate for purposes unknown], a Mormocyle [a female phantom whose name roughly translates to 'hideous/terrible wolf']. Lamiais were demons/phantoms who had the power of illusion. They take the form of a beautiful woman to lure young men to their deaths. They were said to have a snake's tail instead of legs.

Alot to take in, I know! I'm just a mega nerd for this sort of thing, haha!
But still, Lamia's story is so sad and tragic.

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Marian Solis Aug 15
He is my sun and I am but a wild flower:
A beauty from a little, insipid race.
Loosing my chance to be noticed,
For there are better flowers than me.

He is my sun and I am but a flower
I live from the light of his at day;
Shiver from the dark when he is away
With this fragile, ephemeral body.

He is my sun and I am but a flower
I envy the clouds for they are always together
With my dearest sun that I fancy above all
And here I am, rooted still on the ground.

He is my sun and I am but a flower
Cursed to gaze at him from birth to death
Until I bow my bald head on my grave
And drop my last, unobtrusive petal.
Kyle Aug 13
We started from enemies;
Until we became allies.
We became closer and closer;
Until we were struck with limerence to each other.

Our love for each other was ineffable;
And we treasure each other.
But there was an accident;
That flipped our entire lives.

We protected each other;
And in the end, we died together.
Our lives maybe ephemeral;
But our love will last forever.

What happened to us proved the promise that we made for each other;
"Till death do us apart."
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