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Arisa 21h
i think i'm in love
with a man drunk on the moon
i think he's a wolf
I was severely bored when I wrote this.
Toxic yeti Mar 11
I shape shift into
A wolf
To be with my pack
My only family
To lead them to food.
Meals to eat
We must.
Every full moon

I shape shift in to
A wolf
So I can lead
My pack to victory
And beyond
To the moon
That we howl at.
Every full moon

I shape shift into
A wolf
To lead my pack
To help humans
Find bombs
And drugs at the airport
The enemy shall not
Be victorious
This full moon.  

Every full moon I
Change from woman
To a she wolf
Leader of my pack.
Asiah Mangham Feb 27
She threw herself to the wolves like a piece of meat.
ready to be devoured but not quite ready to be everyone's lunch
see, she lost herself and respect went with it.
she went from the desired, to the unwanted, to the leftovers.
No one eats leftovers, it and she is like toxic waste.
The ones before got the better version.
The starved stuck around eager to feast on what's left.
Canis Latrans Feb 23
You took the beasts among us,
and made them gods.
ravenous gods.
Anna Skinner Feb 24
men are sharks and weakness is blood  
circle in the shallow waters of my insecurity
eyes flashing with hunger  
bite off a piece of my heart, help yourself to seconds  
let the leftovers go stale  

there’s blood in the water
like hieroglyphics
like liquid hourglass
memories from a wolf pack that swallowed me whole
all that’s left is a jangling bunch of bones
calcium wind chimes
the ghost of my screams will be the trumpet
your beating will be the drums
How dare you
I was majestic once
But ow
Now in the nettles of Nevermore
I am lost
I had direction
Pious protection
And spoke in such glorious dialect
But now
I am ensnared
Because I never cared
Yet you took me
Let me in
I'm lost
Won't you let me in?
The wolves are coming
I won't last long
I swear I'll forgive
If you just let me in
How dare you
I will die
You won't cry
You don't care
But I dare
To stare down
The King of White Death
Cry if you want
But unless my tears are pure
I will cry no more
The monsters are here
I'll pass on this night
The monsters have me now
You've killed me
How dare you leave me out in the cold to die
n Jan 27
It started off with some blues,
coz every panting night’s gotta start somewhere.
She took him by the hand and dragged his lanky limbs past the pub,
in the back alleys she read him poisonous poetry until they were both drooling.
She wrapped him up tightly in her furs,
he stopped breathing.
He was hers.
memoona kazmi Jan 27
a new wolf,
ready to tear my soul apart,
ready to stab a dagger,
deep into my heart,
they say women like us,
belongs to ****,
pity on them,
how virtuous are they,
to spend nights,
with hellworms like us,
they say,
we are disreputable,
how respectful they are,
to be with us for nights,
how can they be white collored,
after darkening our lives,
i always wonder how
we weren't born this way,
they made us .......
KKM Jan 23
something about checkered ties & purple hearts clenches a part of my hand that keeps me from writing to you and i cant even blame the snow for falling on a saturday bc God knows something needs to come down on us and it cant be our blue realizations or late movie night plans 76 days post April fools where once again the scar on your right hand will remind me of vicious wolves who only know fear and full moons, something we never talk about bc Halloween comes in a different month than Christmas & apparently that's an issue about advent calendars, not mood swings so constant you'll burn your pinky on a tray of bruschetta toast 4 times & react differently each time the heat wants to darken your skin unkindly
Yuki Jan 16
The girl who cried wolves
has been told too many times
to shut her mouth
that now she is crying her own name
having she herself become
the wolf.
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