sometimes I just want to view the world living
stroll with the wolves
and sing a mellow song

a holliday Jul 2

full moon, full moon
shine your light down on this wild soul tonight.
the natives are restless,
and I am losing time.

piece by piece I become part of the earth.
I can feel the ivy wrapping around my leg,
steadily bringing me down.

my finger nails lacerate the dewy moss,
and my hair is crowded with petite violets.
eyes that have been seized by the threatening wolves eyes.

so gray, and unexplainable,
like the ocean after a hurricane.

Patrick Jun 17

Blinded by our dazzling vices
Wolves waltz along red tapestry
They contrive the fair sheep’s virus
And drown rebels in baptistery

Few see the faded stars smothered
Sailors lost on the rough waters
The stoic man slowly weathered
Isaac burnt black on our altars

As warm whiskey floods the honest man’s heart
Sitting in the dark of the bar in fear
All the good in the world didn’t depart
The man realizes, it was never here

Eleni Jun 16

The moon is howling
at the wolf now whole.
Inside of my
Transparent skull.

It is the hour of hunting;
Of flesh-eating packs
But what is it they are wanting?
Hare blood stains the train tracks.

Those wraiths are ravenous
They are forming inside my head
Scandalous, ominous
They gather around my bed.

She's the alpha hound
Looks me in the eye:
Showing dominance crowned
And my end is nearby.

A collaboration with Gabriel burnS who put together that beautiful opening stanza. Please check out his excellent poetry! I'm am very grateful to have had his guidance.
Ryan Holden Jun 11

Those snow prints mark you
Like a howl at the pining moon
Crying at your beckoning calls,
Family and loyalty runs deep
With wilderness in the night.

You find spaces in hollow pine
Whilst stood on boulders,
Your cry screeches through
Descending moons and bark,
The most gentle of heart
But viciously snarls and bites.

Coat as thick as the ground you tread,
Scratching at your fur as snow flakes fall
Shaking like the leaves
in cool breeze beneath your feet,
Blending into snow but only able
To see pearl smoky quartz eyes.

Just a quick write. I'm glad HP is fixed also! :~D
Pepper Smith Jun 9

My wolves are at war,
Angry fucking beasts,
Mapping out their territory,
Tattooing stigmata on my flesh,
Haunting my moon,
My soul a bloody battleground,
Stripped bones,
Marrow sucked dry.

At the first speck of dawn,
I am their master,
Shackling my beasts,
To distant lands,
Decaying facades and dead spirits.
My wolves howl,
Feed me,
Break my chains,
Set me free.

Poetic T Jun 9

feeding the sheep to the teeth
wolves woollen clothing


A pack of wolves is
Sometimes preferable
To a pack of cigarettes
Makes for a coup de grâce
A merciful death
And I’m fresh out of wolves

Dhaara T May 3

The bluest of oceans
In your beautiful eyes
Your gaze speaks eons
Of your hermit heart
Yet not one speck, I sense
Of lonesomeness
In your life
All I can pick
Is your joyful vibe
Your horsepower mind
Intrigues me
How you solve mysteries
That bind you in a world
Smaller than your universe
How you escape, lost in an expanse
Where you feel more at home
How with the darkening of the sky
As the snow reflects moonlight
Your energies rise in unison with the tide
How your howl feels more like a hymn to meditate on
What are you, wise soul?
Such beauty wrapped in mush and fur

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