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tear down their thrones;
take back your crown,
with blood upon your teeth.
oh darling, change your shape;
for within you there is a wolf.
you were born to howl,
and to serenade the moon.
The Gray Wolf Oct 16
The time is now
Prepare to fight
We move as one
Under dead of night
We hit the ground
Without a sound
Everywhere we look
There's evil abound
The hunt begins
We absolve your sins
Don't take us lightly
We're not jester's and fools
Warriors of God
The legion of wolves
Two wolves, dancing in the night
The way they play is such a magnificent sight
As they run, enjoying every breath of air
The two dance around the trees without a care
One wolf stops, and they both stumble to the ground
All in a jumble wolfish grins and laughing all around
The wolves rise and look to the sky
Sing out do the wolves, sound ringing out in harmony,
'I won't say goodbye!'
A wolf named Kaos runs to and fro'
Howling and bellowing this wolf needs his home
Unlike Odin's wolves, Geri and Freki, Kaos cannot live on blood and wine alone
Kaos lives on his love and home, far from being alone
The wolf named Kaos cannot live on blood and wine alone
The wolf named Kaos needs his love, and needs his home.
Running under the three moons
Her world is feral, it's her hunting ground
The moon is full

She sings softly with the children of the night
What music they indeed make
The river moves swiftly

Down in the darkness
She rose to the light
Queen of the woods

She shone brightly
Her porcelain skin radiates like a 1000 diamonds

They bow down to her grace
Slept for seven days & seven nights
Her kingdom growing rapidly

Two twins crying loudly
The world was never ready
All her ways paved
To where they will Rome.
About the myth of the founding of Rome.
Betty Jul 25
When the full moon shines
Wolves are calling to their God
Singing lights out please
Tom Salter Jul 18
Down on the sun-bleached ground, treads a white wolf. Prowling
At the river bank, and seizing the land in which
He has left a deep dent. There is nothing left
In the streams, for they are no longer flowing
Like before. Destined by the bark and branch blockade
Perched at the river’s start. The water has fled, taking
The greenery and mirth away, bleeding out in dread.
The white wolf stares longingly now, hoping
Life forgives his abhorrent and
Disgraced growls.
But he forgets in this moment, that
His great biting jaw is to blame for the depressed landscape
Torn at the base of his grand griping paws.
His scent lurks in the hollow openings of trees, and loose fur
Lingers atop of sullen bushes like a covering
Of thin March snow. He has no say in what should be done now.
And like his distressed whimpering howl, he
Is thrown into the endless nights
Of this soon dying world.
When white wolves walk, the skies
Sell their freedom.
When white wolves walk, trees sink
Into their soiled beds.
When white wolves walk, rivers
Stitch their mouths shut.
When the white wolf runs, the world
Is blinked into chaos.
And we
Must answer.
And we must answer.
They have left the earth asunder.
And we -
We must be better.
Your eyes fall so naturally over the body of every girl that walks by,
And they avoid me like I am diseased meat.
Men are wolves and when tamed, they're dogs.
But dogs still eat meat,
And she is quiet the piece.
This is not a reflection of my emotions towards all men. Just a demonstration of **** culture.
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