wolves scream bone
how hollow an echoe
spools seam shown
wolves scream bone

note for nots
Max Vale Dec 2017

Life is always rewarding,
The rewards just take time.
You can accomplish anything,
If you have a go and try.

So no matter the times I slip,
No matter the times I fall.
Life is always worth the trip,
Climbing over the wall.

You can throw me to the wolves,
You can throw me off the track.
But in time I will return,
And I'll be leading the pack.

There is an old saying "Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack"

Blackened rows
Of conscious thought
In heaps, discarded,
Left to rot,

The new is in,
A brilliant trend,
Dont bother thinking
Just watch my friend,

You stall to find
The mind at ease
The bliss of peace
They sell you cheap,

You blindly flock
To their moonlight song
Devoid of truth
You knew so long

Bewarned my friend
The sheep arent free
And the wolves that feed you
Have to eat!,,,,

Liz Carlson Nov 2017

we started as one,
bound to one another.

the wolves pulled us apart,
howling in our ears
and telling us lies.

you left me surrounded
by these deadly wolves.

no control.
no strength.
just wolves.
stealing away my soul.

Natassia Serviss Nov 2017

Hour by hour the moon continues to rise.
She's way too bright and he's as dark as night.
Oh what big lies you live.
Why are you both so deceiving?
Oh look how hard it is to forgive.
Where's your excuse for leaving?
Run away, get away before he swallows your sanity.
She's built her argument on vanity.
You found love in the darkest parts,
The place where you can't have a heart.
She built it on a dream and a delusion.
He grew out of that plot and that illusion.
She loved him true, the only love she ever knew.
In her safest hour on his dimmest day, all she wanted was for him to pay.
He meant no harm and she did no wrong.
We know they hurt and they're not strong.
Little red, my friend,
there is no need to pretend that you didn't know this would eventually end.
At least in fact, you're both still intact.
You're not the victim and you're not the villain.
Both born of moon and light, they would always fight.
Now the wolf and red are in separate beds.
Their story together is a memory.

Another 2013 poem, written about a toxic relationship my friends were in.
Garry Nov 2017

I know you are out there
howling in the darkness,
Moonlight glinting in your
eyes of blackest opal,
With the sweet scent of
blood in your nostrils,
you wait like Anubis,
Guardian of the Scales,
to determine whether
my soul is heavier
than an ostrich feather

CGW Nov 2017

You can count your steps one at a time
I'll keep track
Stack up the unforgivable memorys
Forget all the things I said
It doesn't matter anymore

I locked your heart outside in the
For the wolves to feast on
For them to turn the snow red

King for queen
It doesn't matter because in the end
We'll all be dead
But I'll be the one digging your grave

This is the darkness that never ends
The unforgivable memorys that lay stacked on your grave

Something in me crys for you
But you don't answer
Now the wolves are hungry and I've locked myself out

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