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Nick Huber Sep 9
Now that passion's embrace has left me cold.
I find I must stay away:
Deliberately, Intentionally....
With purpose and necessity.
Whenever I begin to cave in,
Lending an ear to those forgotten words.
All my hidden resolve departs.
Sweet betrayal,
How could I ever doubt?
My Dear, My Love, My Light...
Deceive me again.
annh Aug 30
Confessor, I am reborn,
Vain with ash and frankincense;
Absolved of my inverted pleasures,
Reconciled to the morality of suffering.

Confessor, I am returned,
Predestined to gravely offend;
Nimbly contrite in my genuflection,
Gracefully weak-kneed in my resolve.

Confessor, I am reborn,
Although aged by my discretion;
Examined satisfactorily by my conscience,
Blessedly relieved through your encouragement.

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
‘A true confession: I believe in a soluble fish.’
- Charles Simic, The Unemployed Fortune-Teller: Essays and Memoirs

Written - somewhat cynically - in response to a situation with an immediate family member, who is seemingly unable to break out of a continual cycle of apology and recidivism. There is no doubt that her ‘sorries’ are meant at the time but within weeks, days, sometimes even hours, she’s at it again.
Don't let your lows
Define your heights
Keep your goals
Set within your sight

Focus on yourself
What you want to achieve
You can bring about
Whatever you believe

Pick yourself up
Brush off the dust
You're almost there
Right on the cusp

Learn from the past
Rise up from the depths
Climb the stairway
Step by step

Like a Phoenix
Reborn from the ash
Ignite a new flame
Shine with a brilliant flash
I did this
I let the monster in
I let the demons win
I am pain
Void of gain
Leave me
Hate me
Loathe me
****** me


If I deserve life
Then Monster wouldn't have touched me
Monster would have let me be

light it

But instead
I am dead
Monster is merciful master of misery
How lucky

light it up




what's that?

A ship in the night?
Did it hear my wet cry?
It sails back
Back to the sunrise
Back to me
Don't ****** my pain
Don't ****** my misery
Let it be
Let it be
Let them be
Let them see

I need
A break
To just be

I didn't do this
All monsters come in
And sometimes
They will win
But only the battles
Never the wars
YOU own this ship
This voyage is YOURS

If I'm to survive
I'll stay in MY ship
I won't drown again
On this night, I live
light it up
Sakif Hossain Mar 29
What keeps you going?
It is the promise that distant future gave?
Is it the dream that you cradled from the start?
Is it those responsibilities that keeps you pushing?
Or is it that promise you made to yourself?

Whatever fuels you, you have to go on...
Hurdles can divert you, but can never derail you
It only makes the journey fun..

Quitting is not for you!
That pedestal of immortality is yours for the taking...
You have to instill despair in the heart of those haters...
You my friend, have to go on..
You owe it to yourself!
Own your destiny!!!
Heck is there a destiny??
It's all in your hands...
Keiya Tasire Mar 18
Another day
Another challenge
Another "pick myself up"
Another heart wound to bandage
Another determination made to keep going .
Another  stand myself up straight & strong
Another  resolve to find wisdom within the pain.

Today I look out the window
Today's sun is shinning.
Today I face the sun  
and the shadows fall behind me
Getting up whit courage and moving forward everyday no matter what life give us.
James LR Mar 7
The nether hells that fill with fear
Shall ever be allowed to reign.
Forever would I tarry here
In circumstance that brings me pain.

For in the forging flame of hate,
Is purified the steel of man,
To hammer out a course for fate
And callouses the heart and hand.

Awaken now to chance's curse
Behold and rage against the lot
That life has deemed you to be worth
And then we die to ripe and rot,
Our steel conquering Earth
EmVidar Mar 4
I'm not sorry
that you felt you had no choice
I'm not sorry
you think that it is my fault
I'm not sorry
that the only way for you to deal was with the holes in the walls
I'm not sorry
that the bruises weren't covered easily under my makeup
I'm not sorry
you cannot take your words back
I'm not sorry
that you blame him instead
I'm not sorry
that enough was finally enough
I'm not sorry
you think its unfair
I'm not sorry
I'm not sorry
I'm not sorry
we apologize too much for things that we can not control or for things that aren't our fault
Mary Feb 17
And think of your husband
The day you met
The day you married
The birth of your child
Your life together

And think of your son
The milestone he's achieved
First steps
First day of school
First time behind the wheel
First love

And forget the things you’ve left undone

And know that whatever comes next
Will be better than burning to death
In this raging inferno
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