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Nat Lipstadt Feb 15
You are so kind.  
Thank you with all the
in my heart.”



A thank you note,
for a simple shining-of-light,
stuns me into inspiration,
deep chested thrombosis consternations and calculations,
palpitations of the boom-boom variety,
signaling the onset of  intracranial contractions
of a new birth~poem

who of us these days,
speaks of the resolve in our hearts?
who of us free confesses deep natured thanks,
it is almost too old fashioned.

it is powerful.
it is a thanks that
powers the wattage sufficiency
to light up a city entire,

and even though inward focused,
it yet is shedding Moses-like
light beams
I wrack my heart to even comprehend,
that simplest of actions reciprocal:

1/Thank You

can it, (it can!)
steel the heart,
give its truthfulness a special
power, and more than resolve,
even solves
our equation solution

so elegantly is the endless searching for the
right way to give thanks, to receive thanks,
it is a mutual gifting, for our mutuality is of
two hearts, echoing the words of
all legislative bodies:

”Be it Resolved”

what is this resolution then?

the consummate of English words
with such a variety of shadings,
requiring a declarative,
not a narrative,

be it resolved,
that two resolute hearts
shall not depart this Earth
before their arms interlocute an

the shadows of their eyes interlock,
casting away
interfering long distances,

a single atmosphere shall
be tasted, inhaled,
by their
combinatory sensories

then and only then:
their resolve tested
and surpassed
will their poem

commencé et terminé,
begun and completed

The Emotion is Carried

“*The gender-neutral name Jamadhi comes
from Arabic origins, meaning “beauty.”
When thinking about all the beautiful
things in the world, your little one, with
their kind demeanor and bright smile,
no doubt springs to mind! But a name
simply meaning “beauty” doesn’t only
refer to their appearance. This name
is a reflection of their beautiful little
soul, too, on a journey through this world.
Baby Jamadhi could be a gentle soul
or the fiercest of little childon the playground,
but no matter what, a name meaning
“beauty” will always ring true.”
Smile, guarantee
No problem with serendipity...
A local house of music and dance, a sharing means
That has the time, to look and see you will be

A promise on top of a hill
Waiting on the first, to live better
Than causes question, the anger of misery still
But to know a faring friend, in scope and letter...

Sweet, goodness
The favors of proper sunshine
To tell a different story than mercy in legend, do attest
The coming hope we due, to liberty, has the voice of time

Picking the best, the wages of a windy day
To these, there is a lived few, fury in the known
Has begun here, to truthful many and their save
We are cares in the needs of more, than a virtue to lonely, come

Sameness, guidance
Welcome to the home of sense, a heed to collect ours
That has the silence for a moment's reward, to advance
We know you, the measure of simplicity to fend for ideal powers

So tender, so without pain
Of remembered gestures and vexes, that seem to be
The fate of anarchy said, the wishes we tell were all of same
All of shared names and the told season of fame, that is our such's lead
Benevolence, Ambivalence, Deliverance, and shadows of home with a unity of more than strangers to worry
Mark Toney May 2023
value sweet friendship
be quick to resolve problems
don’t let the sun set

Mark Toney ©️ 2023
5/7/2023 - Poetry form: Senryu
Damian Murphy Dec 2022
Live not the life that others think you should.....
Live instead the life that you yourself would!
Axion Prelude Aug 2021
In twilight slumber rested death
Mourning for the loss of yesterday

My heart opens widely
Within my chest echos faith once more
Truer still the call of my name
It resonates down to the bone

In somber marrow through blood and sweat
It pierces intimately a callous facade
Standing forth upon a blackened gate
I call one last time "are you there"

Empty sorrows beget empty pleas
Standing now in silhouette lines
Crossing past the fade of light
Darkness consuming an empty heart
I await..

She whispers back..

"yes, I am.. my darling.."
My Dear Poet May 2021
Maybe if we started here
we’ll get somewhere

Now let’s go from there
and find ourselves back here
Leocardo Reis May 2021
My mind is made up.
For the first time in my life,
I will be aggressive.
I do not care about failure,
I am resolved to deal with it,
I just hope
it will be a private defeat.
Could I bear the humiliation
of both being
and known?
Rahama Feb 2021
Well, you got me again.
It's been a while since we rode together, old friend.
Although you've been there,
Stalking me in the shadows.
You thought I didn't notice your subtle signs,
The different costumes you wear,
The places that you hide.

But I do, and I did;
Every single time.
I was aware and wary,
But I guess not careful enough.
You got me this time,
But I promise this will be your last.
Can you guess what this poem's about?
jǫrð Dec 2020
On the tenth winter
Your misery left me like
Migratory birds
The History: You have been gone from me for 10 years and I will never be the same. Thank you and ******* very much.
Joaquin Armijo Oct 2020
My silly little days
Passing by
Bit by bit smaller
Bit by bit more sad

Sometimes I wonder
If I can go on
No, not even that...
Is it worth going on?

Honestly now, I do not know
My silly little tasks
Keep me moving on
Like a puppet, not by choice
But to keep the charade up
Just a little more

But sometimes
Just sometimes
Days come by
Days I can’t stand
And I cry, and cry
But I’m not sad

Move on

I just need those days
And my strings, for a moment
They loosen up
And let me breath
A little more
a poem about the everyday
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