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My Dear Poet May 1
Maybe if we started here
we’ll get somewhere

Now let’s go from there
and find ourselves back here
toleomato May 1
My mind is made up.
For the first time in my life,
I will be aggressive.
I do not care about failure,
I am resolved to deal with it,
I just hope
it will be a private defeat.
Could I bear the humiliation
of both being
and known?
Rahama Feb 5
Well, you got me again.
It's been a while since we rode together, old friend.
Although you've been there,
Stalking me in the shadows.
You thought I didn't notice your subtle signs,
The different costumes you wear,
The places that you hide.

But I do, and I did;
Every single time.
I was aware and wary,
But I guess not careful enough.
You got me this time,
But I promise this will be your last.
Can you guess what this poem's about?
Joaquin Armijo Oct 2020
My silly little days
Passing by
Bit by bit smaller
Bit by bit more sad

Sometimes I wonder
If I can go on
No, not even that...
Is it worth going on?

Honestly now, I do not know
My silly little tasks
Keep me moving on
Like a puppet, not by choice
But to keep the charade up
Just a little more

But sometimes
Just sometimes
Days come by
Days I can’t stand
And I cry, and cry
But I’m not sad

Move on

I just need those days
And my strings, for a moment
They loosen up
And let me breath
A little more
a poem about the everyday
Marya123 Oct 2020
I tried to walk along the sands of time
Wishing my footprints would one day be seen
But I got lost in the uphill climb
Consumed by a dream of what could have been
Struggling to breathe in the thin air of hope
I'm looking for a clear path ahead
There's no way back down this slippery *****
All that I see are illusions instead.
Are there signs that will tell me where to go?
I'm tired of waiting for them to arrive
If this is what it means to learn and grow
I'll make a move, aiming to stay alive.
Haueru Oct 2020
I don't regret nothing it's nothing wrong with trials or disappointments or hell failure
How will you grow, how will you learn to succeed
How will you come to be better than the last time mistakes are a given
Key focus and effort
is all you need to know
If you truly are valued..but..
If you can't forgive how can you truly live
I am thankful
I Can
VibeActivist Aug 2020
I write these poems,
i write about the what ifs
i write them feeling nothing but uncertainty
I write them to understand what love is
I write them to unburden my heart
I write them to let my demons loose
I write them to feel a little sane
I write them knowing i'm still burdened
I write them knowing no one might read them
I write them knowing happy endings hardly happen
I write them knowing that i feel relieved when I do
I write them because it's my escape from boredom
I write them because why can't i write to my heart's content
I write them about you, me and our experiences
I write them about my thoughts that i can't comprehend
I write them for you, for sanity, for understanding, for everyone
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2020
I shall meet you
in the middle
Even a step
or two more
if need be
Once there
let's put our differences aside
- joining hands -
and with pure motive
remind each other
what we love about us
Akhiz Munawar Jul 2020
The phrase might go like this
Between those flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder
It all became evident
So, he showed an axe to his hair and tossed them in flames
Flames of every bridge he just burned
Thus, allowing rationality to rendezvous with his mind and soul
It’s a reciprocal arrangement nurturing a moral endeavor
One that nullifies willful blindness with concrete truth
Restraining all those peculiar idiosyncrasies of the heart
Flatlining prospects of getting lost in the familiar
A newfound resolve to honor the obvious
No more niceties of showing a candle to the sun
* Got a Haircut after 6 months… just wanted to give it some meaning.
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