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Ja Coby's
father 'bout
the *****
then fought
a tort
in awe
while this
court of
*** was
dowd but
next this
coat of
paint and
their brush
of laughter
and forever
musty last
Kaylee Ann Feb 7
Beautiful life
when you can stab anyone with a knife
it is an existence
with constant silence
a poor reality
with stable brutality
all have consciousness
still so lifeless
life is filled with foolishness
though full of ungraciousness
it can be painful
yet so graceful
Life, it has meaning. What is it?
There's no equality!
You see the tyranny of the heart,
The hands that exploit, the mind that steals,
            From the hands that make,
            From the minds that conceive,
            The little ones and the old.
                    All cease
                              After time capitalised.
Alienpoet Feb 5
Do you think they will ever care?
the rich and powerful and the big banks
own us with their guns and tanks
will they care when we are gone?

they siphon our money through a straw
Just so they can get richer through the profits of war
on everyone including the poor and disabled
the immigrants and working class able

We are slaves to the rich in this so called Christian country
full of those who would spout forth
I speak of my discourse
but wasn’t it Jesus who said
that it is as difficult as a camel to go through the eye of a needle
as a rich person to go to heaven
the hour is getting late it’s way past quarter past eleven
Or is the doomsday clock wrong
we live on knife edge don’t tell us we are strong
In being poor
heaven can wait for our souls
we need to be cared for...
This government made a loser out of me once Once
had a wife and for twenty years of my life with my wife first time I felt a like winner but
government made a loser out me when Helen away they didn't give the time of day very little respect shown for loss of my  
all they wanted was money I hadn't got and one year past and It just the same they still carry on making demands each day through my
even to point of threats of 3 weeks In prison this government has sure made a loser out of me but this guy who once
winner but won't let break me so hitting back through my poetry and
this government
who turned me from winner to
who hit me every day now that I'm down but they'll
never break my spirit nor will stop me standing
up for all the other poor soul
also suffering from a government who's made loser's out of us all
This government has made a loser out of us all
Julia Feb 3
goodnight my baby
in the morning maybe
i’ll feel a little bit better

sweet dreams my lover
alone under the cover
i dream we’re still together

i’ve no self control
i block u then troll
u with my camera roll

you bolden my chat
“i miss u” n all that
“so do the dog and cat”

that may be the case
but it doesn’t replace
issues you need to face

time to swallow your pills
you act like it kills
you to pay off your bills

goodnight my honey
in the morning your money
will disappear with the wind

when you wake upset
hungry, tired, and wet
my love will never rescind
Painfully golden sun
Runs over the dark brown pasture
Of tranquil summer.
Enlarged double sevens on its waist
And brimming black waves
Striding ahead of me.
What follows after is,
Deadly disfigured disgusting dust.
Grains as sharp as broken glass
Shatter and splash,
Ripping and untangling every little vein
As they revolve inside my two eyes.
For once I-
I wanted to run on the same line.
But being one's mere wish it is,
The scar from yesterday
Edges its piercing blade against my mane,
Pilling every inch of my skin,
Delivering its pain
Across the entire system.
Audience screams as he reaches the white belt.
He was just- just born like that-
Effortless and fortunate.
Yet he snorts as if he owns the world.
Behind him,
My frayed crimson hooves howl in the shadow.
Once again-
I'm on the starting line,
Spurting towards the unseen finishing point
Of a never-ending race.
Hello, I am new here!
This is the first poem I ever wrote, hope you guys enjoy!
Johnny walker Jan 28
The depth of despair I've often been there felt like the lowest of the low that what society has done to me
but so many others
just like me who suffer
the Injustices of 9 years
of austerity the poor people of this country  
have had to
this now cruel world controlled by the corruption that Is now so much a part of our lives but was not the same as when I was growing up as a child
then world that had respect for It's people but all that has been sold out to self Importance and greed that sits back and watches our people die on our streets while they themselves live there comfortable lives so glad to be the age I am so don't have to witness the suffering much longer compassion died the day this government got elected
Hitting back at the Injustices of austerity 9 years the poor people of this country have endured
Johnny walker Jan 26
There has been time In
my life thought I'd never get through but here I am at the age 65
And still trying muddle my way through lives many problems you either born rich, but most are born very poor
Some have the drive to succeed no matter what stands In there way but most just
give up through lack of motivation
the necessary drive that required to escape from poverty I'm afraid most accept and just roll over and die
Some born rich but most born poor there those who succeed no matter what but lack the necessary drive to win just accept roll over and die
There may be those who have more than you
However only in material value
They might possess a bigger bank balance
Drive a better car
Live in a luxury mansion adorned in splendour
Wear attire bearing famous names
But they will never be as free as you
Even if you were a bird in a cage
You'd still be freer than they are
Because you hold freedom of mind
Written by Sean Achilleos 24 January 2019©
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