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Day after day her sanity peels away,
Living to fight another day,
Her hunger stirs inside once more,
Murky shirt is hanging loose,
Her face and hair covered in grime and dirt,
Clothes ripped and worn,
Her skin is withered and torn,
Physically craving meal,
Weighing 10 Stones lighter,
Sockless and penniless,

Time keeps slipping away,
Feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders,
She lays there on the hard concrete floor,
Feeling scared and alone
Looking over her shoulder,
Terrible fears plague her,
In this place she calls her home town,

Strangers walk by gawking,  
Analysing her vulnerability,
Criticizing her capability,
Paralyzed by her identity,

Stability is what she is hoping for,
A facility that puts bread on the table,
But the system shuns her away once more,
She grasps onto her faith in fear it will start to crumble,
A sense of purpose to stay alive

She sees a familiar man standing by her side,
He offer’s his hand with a welcoming promise and smiles with a high-spirited expression,
A sense of warmth and belonging races through her body,
She traces his wrinkles on his face,
His eyes are hazel-nut brown,
His hair and beard is frosty white,
She recognizes his smell from when she was a child,
A scent of incense and lavender,

He gently rests her cheek in his hands,
Sadness fills up in his eyes,
He glimpses into her shattered soul,
The grief which had burnt a hole,
The anguish deep inside,
Tears trickle down his face,
There a stands a man of her heart
Homeless victim in Brighton street
Where is my mind
the sunset is always pink in my eyes
skater boys ridin around, nothing but freedom on their minds
all the grunge girls just wanna be loved
all the rich girls just wanna be grunge
spending all their money to look like they spent none

Where is my mind
misfit teenagers are getting jobs
wonder what they're gonna spend their money on

Where is my mind
you're in the car and it's late at night
the radio is on and his hand is on your thigh
you're nervous as hell but it feels so right
he's older and his girlfriend is out of town
he picked you up, just to get down

Where is my mind
all the girls wanna look like celebrities
just take off your make up and get down to the melody

Where is my mind
he's sitting with all of his friends in lunch
she's sitting alone with all of her thoughts

Where is my mind
all the kids are swallowing the drugs
drowning out the lies
with the promise of love

Where is my mind
she's writing poems and he walks by
doesn't even look her way
look at the journal, stained with his name

Where is my mind
wait till everyone leaves the bathroom
sit down in the stall and muffle your tears
but just make sure that no one hears

Where is my mind
money makes the world go round
money makes a man bow down
money makes a little girl cry as she has to leave her house and say goodbye

Where is my mind
he sees her cheeks are stained with tears
hes known this look for many years
he quickly looks away as if he'd never seen,
and his eyes glaze over
all peace and serene

Where is my mind
open up your laptop at 2 a.m
figure out how many pills it'll take
to do you in.
wrote this a couple years ago after my first, or so I thought, heartbreak
On a spare tire
Under the red-line
In the mind... just fine...
Trying not to feel shitty...
Out of clean clothes
Job searching in the city...
Friends down to zero
My journal number one...
Go for a walk
Is the only source of "fun"...
Cans here
Bottles there
Find them under lost despair
And gratitude
Both have come from where?...
Life is great...
Say it loud
All alone within a crowd
Its just been so long
For a chance to breath
Find some shade beneath the trees
Watch the leaves
Fall before my feet
Then blow away
Caught within the wind...
Will not
Accept defeat...
New things will begin...
Life is great...
Living the dream...
Pain floats away like steam...
Eyes have closed
Its time to rest
Dream to live again...
All is well
Inside of hell...
Well meet again... my friend... as well...
Written Sept. 17. 2018. 10:00 AM Monday
I make poor fucking decisions
and I can never follow through
I'm sick of the divisions
and how I'm always doubting you
I do things out of spite
to not just hurt him, but me, too
I'm done hiding from the light
my soul and heart, I give back to you
considered referencing a bible quote
AditiBoo Sep 10
They took away his things

All his possessions, his belongings...

The roof above his head,

The duvet on his bed..

Even the rotten food in his bin.

They wanted to leave him - skeleton without a skin

They hung him out to dry

Beat him up until he could not longer cry

Dead man hanging

Soon, vultures will come prying

It's dead in the alleyway

At least until the rats come out to play

Riches to rags, is such a clichee

He a 'beggee' having turned into a beggar

Change used to go from his wallet to another's cup

Now from strangers' hands into his pocket they drop

A tip for the waitress at the nearby diner

Now enough for today's and tomorrow's dinner

There's an auction up in heaven

'A smile for the skeleton?'

'A smile for the skeleton?', they say

Angels, gods and saints...they all look away

As down on the forsaken street

The skeleton, oblivious, rubs his feet.
When the current government took over in Mauritius, they had a bone (<-- get it! the poem's called 'skeleton') to pick with the previous Prime Minister. So they  laid an avalanche of charges against him and got him arrested and placed in jail overnight...
Basically my take on "Oh, how the mighty have fallen!"
Bexis Sep 7
No matter how hard you work...
No matter how much you make...
No matter how much it takes...
It is never enough.

Let me say that again!
It it never enough.
You live your whole life to make as much as possible.
No matter the cost.

Work 3 jobs, work over 60 hours a week.
Only to get a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment.
Because you have to have your own bathroom.
You have to have the best of everything.

You talk about your dream house.
Yet you can't even afford to fix up the house you live in.
Talk about how many people are going to leave you money when they die.
To talk about how rich you'll be.

Here I am.
Scraping by.
In a cheap apartment.
Barely afford to get groceries.

But you know it's no skin off my back.
I have something way better than being rich.
At least I have a place to live and a job.
I have a girlfriend who I would die for.

Some things are better than money.
I am glad I know this.
I am glad I don't run in circles for it.
Life is what you make it.

If that's what you make it about, that's okay.
I choose to believe there is more to life than that.
Tell me, how can we fill the gap between rich and poor
How can you tell me; there’s no different between sweet and sour
Put on my shoes and walk through my sea and shore
Then you would feel my pain and see all the things I’ve saw
Go through my head and hack inside my deeper thought
Look in my heart and see the war I fought
Those born to poor family are forsaken by the gods
And if they wish to be rich, they must fight the odds
Life is hard and never easy for those born into slums
Poor children, they wish they were never born
In the slum part of the world, you will only see decay
Homes and gardens looking shabby; their sky is old and gray
The poor walk on the ground with their barefoot on mud
And the rich walk on the ground like their shoes ain’t meant for dirt
And they will treat the poor like a slave; like they’re one of em property
Don’t count yourself a failure if you’re born into poverty
Vexren4000 Aug 10
Smoke billowing,
From the mouths of humanity,
Hot air blown,
By fools and kings,
Smoke tying together the poor and the rich,
Man can never escape,
His commonalities.

With filthy fingers crusted in mud,
In ignorance we blissfully rub
Precious people and meaningful moments the wrong way
Until reflecting in our catalogue of memories one day
We see their true worth, the staggering figures of what they cost
And wisely lament on our poor loss
Once there was a very poor man,
He needed to get off these streets.
So he wished for this for a reason,
Spare change ma’am? He pleads.

The lady he asked, had no change,
So he begged and pleaded for any.
The lady felt bad and had nothing,
I’ll take anything ma’am, I’m so sorry.

He just needs money so desperately,
I’m trying to get off these dirty grounds.
I’ll take anything, I needed this so badly,
I’m so poor, I’m robbed from these towns.

Just the man wanted to ask another lady,
She wanted to help him, she was so nice.
Gave three hundred and thanked her kindly,
He got up and saved this, kept this as a prize.
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