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I hope I will end up with you
or none at all.
you or no one
Johnny walker Aug 22
I know I've  had my time with her and that time will be no more but I'm not letting go of
To much we had together that's there's just no letting go to much water
under the
And bridges I've crossed over throughout my life I've never
burned any of them when I reached the other
They're all still standing those bridges of the past lie within my memory every day reminders
of our time
Waynepatrick Aug 18
None but the lonely heart
Can share in my sorrow
Desolate  and vacant
Of delight till morrow

Daily, I witness people full of glee
Same can scarce be said of me
My ailments posses all but a cure
Oh what a state so impure

None but the lonely heart
Can share in my sorrow
Desolate and vacant
Of delight till morrow
Desolate and vacant
Of delight till morrow

My soul is frail
A might storm
Engulfs me
None but the lonely heart can now my sorrow
And be this hurt.
My version of none but the lonely heart

Original version was by Tchaikovsky
There is no such thing as an **** art,
But an **** heart.
Every art has its own meaning by the one who made it.
aL May 31
Now, her heart lacks a courage
then she knew that she couldn't cry forever....

Is this madness? I forgot to ask her
And how does it feel?
life’s expanse is hard
only better in your path’s eagle height
understand this before the world began reward
what you do, as he said, done well

silhouetted smoke, sadness, silvery time, sagacious

music is the holiday
oozing into this side of paradise
beautiful like a moon out in day
lives fast like birds as free as you over the sky

music is the religion
just leaving town for now
what do you have playing
takes your soul riding
even through the night

on freeways through gilded hills, until now
raceling traveling to my coastal world, edge and heights

song lonely, giving bliss
seeping from the other side of heaven’s doors
dreamy like dawn’s first lights for
lives fast horses bronze racing as fast as they always could

dressed in true worship
festivities, this is purely living
dreamy and propitious
blessed with a slightly sullen glow
don’t belong here no more than he

chance at pure light in each spin around the garden
play and design life today, Lord knows the time we have awake

I’m a soul eternal, living vigil of the
gentle diamonds falling summer,
horse country sunset wonder

when I get back in from all, azure skies like a billion stars
these days will seem strangely far away but you’ll love me all the same
i had all
and then most of you
and then none of you
Seanathon Feb 26
Give me the ocean
Or not a single drop

Give me time
Or not even a moment to stop

Give me every glimmering evening star
Or none at all

Give me fire from my finger tips
Or no more sparks left to fall

Give me everything or none at all
Give me all of you before I fall
Everything or none at all
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