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JoshuaX Nov 2021
she was never in love
and never will
my hope was lost
but i like her still
william davis jr Mar 2021
A warm Southern summer night
Dozens of cork bobbers
Dancing the night away
Speaking softly.
Where has it gone
A thought not one had.
We were taught not to wonder.
It's just life
The way it has always been.
Him Jan 2021
There is no need for noble graces, with you, I have none. Just one entreat, request and command: "Come."

'You' see me for what I truly am, behind this regalia of dignity and honour; hides a ****** man. Now come, and heed my command.
You know me, for what I am; and yet still, you accept this broken man.
qeren Jan 2021
this void,
is eating you alive
yet you kept on feeding it, knowing how much it kills you

you wanted to disappear too.
yes, i do.
KHY Oct 2020
You’ve infected that part of me
that cries when I’m alone
Now my tears are iron chains
that block me from the sun
I feel none
I feel none
Fireflies Jun 2020
Hatred makes you stronger
What is there to stop you when care is no longer
Hatred makes you unhappy
Nothing that can't be solved with a lil therapy
Hatred makes you run
Fell free, go far ,for reasons to turn back are none
Hatred makes you free
Noone can hold you back not even with a dramatic plea
Hatred makes you stronger
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