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Nora Jul 2020
quiet storm,
i answer each dream
like wind
Anthony Mayfield Mar 2019
It's so cold
In this dank wet prison
Where the Blue-Haired Monster
That fiend
That monger
Loves me with grave danger
Trapped in an unstable manger
My own maelstrom brought me down
He killed me
And He revived me
Then He'll **** me again
He doesn't talk
He speaks in giggles
... no
With cold
spindly fingers
and a tongue
of vile
The vanity drips
All over my face
Such a horrid taste







Thund­er and lightning
My Angel of Blue sings
A song that parts the sea
The rain of my pain
Works for my gain
A hurricane
The Blue Man can't see
My Angel of Blue wasn't dead
She was waiting for me instead
Through the waters
I rise
My salt water cries
Bring me to distant shores
His maelstrom traps me no more
If my depression was personified, he'd torture me repeatedly just because he can.
Anthony Mayfield Feb 2019
Allow me this moment to laugh
To scoff
My victory is keen
You lost in the dark
I want to hurt you
Because I love you
I want to **** you
Because I love you
It was so easy
You were such weakling
I came right in
And shot you out
I want to hurt you
Because I love you
I want to **** you
Because I love you
And when you're dead
I will be back
Together, I'll thrive
If my depression was sentient and had a voice, we would be entangled in a tragic Shakespearean romance.
Anthony Mayfield Jan 2019
The lighthouse afar
And the brightest star
They stop
They dim
Alone in this tiny lifeboat
A storm is coming
Gargantuan waves
Toss me about
Nobody saves
I'm lost in this cloud
No birds
No wind
Dead silent still water
Heralds His coming
I'm at the mercy of the sea
An ominous inky black blue deep
His murky laugh
My sorrow, His to keep
I thought I escaped
I thought love set me free
But the Blue Man is tricky
Have mercy, I'm sinking
Have mercy
I cry to the Blue Man above
Have mercy
I wail as the waters do shove
Have mercy
I plead as He leers with sick glee
Have mercy, I beg
The Blue Man's face peers
Into a hideous faceless smile
Rotten fanged teeth
With Blue Hair for miles
You're mine
He whispers at first in my head
You're mine
He giggles with malicious dark dread
You're mine
He cackles as thunder high claps
You're mine
In the cold deep I know what
comes next
My love cannot save me
As I sink to depths
The Blue Man is cunning
Yet loving
He loves me
In death
Cold wet drowned death
Have mercy
Have. . .
I was not saved.
literary food for thought.
Self Mutilation
(ah bet thar iz an app for that!)
within unlit partial "FAKE abattoir"
   sans wardrobe alcove
   where dust bunnies didst allures
completing a simple task among
   my never ending (Matthew's) list
   of domestic chores

this undertaking engaged
   thankfully while completely clothed,
   and scrounging on all fours
nonchalantly picking up scattered detritus
   including food crumbs

   potential critters hors d'oeuvres
the spouse (ideally seated
   on this same swivel chair
   dashing off these lines

   linkedin with this Macbook Pro) -
   housing at least four scores
of word documents, she espied
   the cheeky opportunity
   that triggered many wars

within arms length the taut outline
   of me 'lil derriere - re: rear end
temporarily dormant versus
   when flatulence roars -

   posterior flank hie
   could not de fend
she playfully poked her finger
   that didst dis send
   within close vicinity of sphincter,
   where ****** turgid business height tend

(most likely this husband not alone
   getting ***** twerked) inn me own coal
less cents great movements got made
   jabbing ma *******

   while i happened
   to be "blindly" groping
   upon darkly cutout cubby hole
i.e. without wearing bifocals/ spectacles -

   envision a human mole
thus amply qualified her role
to be literal and figurative
   pain in the *** vole,

where much to my horror a flash
of red hot poker blind
   momentary rage, did lash
out at me, when aye espied

   a kitchen knife and acted rash
(how cutlery got in closet floor
   a minor mystery
   and potential topic de jure

   for another poem)
   to brandish sharp edge
   around abdominal area
grabbed handle with left hand,
   thence commenced to slash

rhythmically thwacking
   wrist of right hand
then quickly dropped sharp implement
(as like a man momentarily possessed)
   before rendering permanent harm
   with a river of blood to wash.
Hidden Glace Jan 2018
we represenT
Forests and StormS
in the way thaT
one can burn the otheR
and one can't movE
but one has to movE

we represenT
Thickets and MaelstromS
in the way thaT
A Maelstrom can be peacefuL
and A Thicket can be wonderfuL

we represenT
Infernos and Snow StormS
in the way thaT
A Snow Storm can be overwhelminG
and An Inferno can be uncontrolablE

we represenT
Storms and ForestS
Maelstroms and ThicketS
Snow Storms and InfernoS

We represenT
the Worst and Best partS
of terrible thingS

your turn, ThickeT
Guden Oct 2017
The engine of the world
Runs on gasoline,
Biological creatures
Live and die to fuel the endless spinning.
Speaking has made us forget how to communicate,
The way cats do,
But words tend to linger
And I hate,
I escape emotional contact,
In an effort to love
Pointless it seems,
A bit contradictory as well,
Since no one can communicate
So we get lost in the translation
From ideas to words.
These words transmit a disease of misinterpretation
Lucky people those who escape my unhealthy affection.
While the world keeps spinning
Like a ship caught in a maelstrom.
Rob Sandman Mar 2016
Flow Like Fluid Concept by Jay Byrne of Eclectic.Collective.
"text" Jay byrne text Mr.Sandman
I flow like fluid. I do it. You knew it.
The cryptic, mystic, Celtic Druid. rpt x 1
"Bring them all on, mix them in me cauldron.
Brewin' up a batch o' bad beats to call on.
Broth's bubblin'. Brewin' up, rumblin'.
I try avoid trouble in me hometown Dublin.
I'm a pacifist. I take the ****.
Spit like a basilisk. A rhyme alchemist.
An optimist when the chips are down.
Smoke verbs like herbs the proverbial clown.  
I get a notion. Pure emotion.
Check out me rhyme. Poetry in motion.
Behold me ocean. Come in it's fine.
Jay's The Name, I'll take you Deep Into The Rhyme.  
So deep.
Put your back to me brother cos me brother I keep.
No sleep now it's on with the show.
Feel the beat now I'm lettin' you know. That"..
"..I flow like fluid. I do it. You knew it.
The cryptic, mystic, Celtic Druid."

Grrr...I flow like fluid. I do it,you knew it,
the Poseidon Adventure,Marianas Trencher,
I flow like fluid. I do it,you knew it,
the Poseidon Adventure,Marianas Trench-yeah

Welcome­ to the Maelstrom,event horizon,
barometer's droppin,ears poppin,the pressure is risin,
yours widen in surprise as you enter the eye of the perfect storm,
beneath the surface beyond the norm,
moments ago the surface was placid and warm,
Now the Sandman's here...Sea's turbulent,
sound the alarm,
too late wrong Siren,your crew is all charmed,
chain yourself to the mast spindrift whips past,
as I froth up the sea's with my breath,
mermaids approach eyes promising caresses of death,
whether Mariner or Sub Mariner,you're no challenger,
Architeuthis is toothless but it still strangles ya,
Mangle ya drags ya down to the Abyss,
welcome to my realm,hear the crackle and hiss,
Neptune's risin,rhyme's sussurus surprisin'-you're caught on my Trident,

Cause I flow like fluid. I do it,you knew it,
Poseidon Adventure,Marianas Trencher,
I flow like fluid. I do it,you knew it,
the Poseidon Adventure,Marianas Trench-yeah
Another Duo from the E.C. files.
Roy Mar 2015
Kissing you was like breathing air
Simple and natural
Easy and sweet

But I didn't want air
I craved a forest fire
I needed a tornado to rip through me

I wanted bruises and cuts
But I craved you
For you to be the eye of the storm

To be there as air
So when the winds died
I could still breathe

Because though I wanted heat
Fire dies without air
Just like me, without you.
George Cheese Oct 2014
My soul is a maelstrom
How dare you maim my son.

You’ll choke on my sea
My beasts will eat your heart.

I am god of the depths
You are fragile meat.
In the context of Homer's 'Odyssey'.
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