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Ahmad Attr Dec 2021
I have said things, I wish I could take back
But If it had to be one
It would be the time when I insisted
‘’You can tell me, I will comfort you’’

The things you told me,
Like rain on my fire
Blasphemy to my feelings
Like it was all for nothing
Even though I knew it was coming
But not like this
Now I hear the tales of your lovers
You gaze at the stars in the dark blue sky
As you talk about your darling’s eyes
And I stare at the pale ceiling, lying supine
Pressing the device into my ears
Trying to imagine that you’re talking about me
But you keep on pouring those words
The words I have already said to you

Now I try to fix your relationships
Your amorous hardships
You try your best to hurt me
So I can sympathize with you

Such cruel thing fate is
Cruel times to witness
I want to go back when you said
That it was none of my business
it was a bad choice to get to know you, because the more i know you the more i know that we'll never be together
Persephone Aug 2021
When she begged her heart not to find another lover
It went and cheated on her anyways
All she wanted was a bit of beating room
Amanda Hawk Apr 2021
I should have chosen Bermuda
Triangle over making that call
But never could turn away a friend
No matter the trap
Each button of the phone snaring me
Pulling me further into this three-way
Conversation, and I, the unlucky participant
In a love triangle I became enlisted in
When my best friend’s boyfriend
Decided the center more
On his crush for me than his love in her
So the random act of all of us going to a movie
Became a ruse, and I should have never
He should have never
Picked up the phone, once he said yes
I was done for, exiled
Drifting alone on campus
Guilty of his infatuation
I should have chosen Bermuda
30/30 Day 4
Orion Rosemary Feb 2021
Fiery soul with emerald eyes,
Listen close to my words and what therein lies
Dear sweet thing with dancing sliver hues
A stormy grey or seeping blue

There's nothing more I need than both of you.
So I'll tell you now, I cannot choose
And my dear lover supports, approves

Soft uncertain smile, now please don't shy
Listen close to my words and what therein lies
As for the large bubbly boy holding my hand
Intimidation is not his plan

I would only love one if I found I can
Instead I want to be you gentleman
So I'll approach this gently then

Long-full boy, wishful sighs
Listen close to my words and what therein lies
Because I love you both and hope you'll love me
I want to write a love song for three

Please listen closed
And do respond, darling
It's for my love of you both I'll sing
Ahhh, I'm so lucky my boyfriend is accepting of me and my endeavors. I really hope I can get my crush to unde stand and feel the same.... Regardless, good luck to those who nderstand, and any who are searching for love or maintaining it already.
Aquila Jan 2021
I love you, and it's a mess.
You love her, who is dating him-
   and she loves him, but he won't tell-
    and I love you, while I'm dating them-
  and I love him, but I love you-
and thus, a mess is made.
love triangle? more like love dodecahedron. also, I've seen this happen so many times.
Chad Young Sep 2020
I have five appendages: head, arms, and legs.
More complex than oneness: what of the
six joints of every leg and arm, or the seven vertebra of the neck?
Thus, looking at the body becomes more and more complex
until I revert back to where my body evolved from a single-
celled organism, which in turn came from water.

Emotions are like appendages, there are also five simple emotions.
Looking at them react together is very complex to follow each motion.

Then, to complete the divine triangle: body, emotion, and, knowledge, which is born of unification.
Virtue are singularities of all three together.

Spirit is service,
compulsion is a virtue of youth and vitality.
It is excess of enjoyment. It knows
less limits and adheres to less stillness.
Insanity is the virtue of enjoyment that is converted
to pain: a pain for others, if not sorrow for me.

Thus, when I am continually the object of my own
insanity, it can be hidden.  But when it affects others,
it becomes mental illness.
A night of regret due to ignorance.
pragya santani Jun 2020
Two men
Strung to the poles
Bedazzled in love

A girl
At the apex
Stringing them along

A classic triangle
Hopeless romance of sorts.

They meet on the decision day
Under the cherry blossoms
The girl having made her mind


“No thanks I like my triangles with crust, marinara, and mozzarella spread.”
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