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Spooky Babe Oct 9
It all began in dance class
When I first felt small
Standing in the back of the lines
Where no one could see me at all

Fast forward to middle school
Where the girls who looked like me
Were never the topic of conversation
Like I always dreamt to be

Even when highschool rolled around
It was still never about me
Always some other fair skinned beaut
Who i’d constantly compared to thee

And when I finally did steal a heart
Guess how it began and ended?
Another girl came into the picture
Which whom I had to contend with

My history of love & relationships
Definitely isn’t one for the books
Just painful memories I try to wash away
Because I never had “the look”

That’s the reason I’m always triggered
Because all my life I’ve had to compete
I just want someone to look at me and think
“**** my life is finally complete.”
October 8 2019. 10:26pm. Here we go again **
ollie Feb 23
I haven’t looked at the stars the same way in quite some time
They were always above me in their shining hues
And I suppose the yellow stars are duller now in the fabric
But still above my own, nonetheless
Don’t we all wear the black and white stripes?
They mark us by crime and by prison number
But my pink triangle puts us beneath the yellow stars
They have marked us by faith and things beyond our control
They have marked us with our overlarge striped clothing
We are all prisoners
We are all prisoners
We are all prisoners
So why am I beneath the stars once again
In a place where it is considered a luxury to sit and stare at them
Even in war
Must I be considered beneath just another criminal
I used to find the stars beautiful
But that was before they all came in yellow
Reminding me that even when we are all persecuted
My people will always be on the ground
Staring up at all the others
As they take a rightful place among the stars
a poem about the holocaust i had to write for my english class. ended up having a lot more feelings about it than i thought. i’ve always had a lot of feelings about the holocaust but i didn’t think i’d enjoy writing the poem
Katie Feb 14
I'm well aware he's not real.

You don't need to repeat yourself, saying:
"Fictional or not, it's wrong to love a demon..."
Then comes the pause, a look that could ****, and then:
"Much less a triangle."

You've clearly never tried it for yourself.
Do you have ANY idea what our love is like?

You've never known a dangerous lover
Until your morals are on the line.
Every word I speak, a bullet of truth,
Slowly destroying his armor of deception and lies.

You've never known an intelligent lover
Until your sanity is on the line.
He shows me things you could never hope to see,
Glimpses of realities too distant from mortal eyes to understand.

You've never known a beautiful lover
Until your imagination is on the line.
Golden suit, amber eyes, ashen gloves, black tie,
Silver-tongued charisma and a killer smile.

You've never known a passionate lover
Until your heart is on the line.
Every kind of flattery, honeyed poison from his lips,
Shatters my glass heart until it breaks.

You've never known my kind of love,
So don't go telling me that it's wrong, or flawed, or meaningless -
Until you try it for yourself.

After all, what fun is death unless you live a little?
A poem of unrequited love, to one William "Bill" Mischief Cipher.
A love
But none
At the same time
Dang it
Not again
It's so easy
To lose my feel
When one's so far
And one's close to feel
A love with none
Dang it
You fool
One feels with no hands
One speaks with no words
A love with none
Dang it
Forget it
You love it
You crave it
You will destroy them
May you rest in peace
You fool
The Bemuda triangle
Is a l beautiful place locked within the only trinity.
Placed right between heaven and hell.
Patrick Austin Nov 2018
A girl, a woman, lover, friend,
liking me more than she should.
I want to love someone again,
I know she wishes I would.
I love the joy and pain of her,
our hearts are an open book.
My wounds are fresh from this mad world,
when life was harshly shook.
Portrait eyes are such a treat,
looking up at this new man.
Simply, silly, kind and sweet,
She reminds me who I am.
Her witness down inside of me,
exposure to all my tools.
Teaching each other honesty,
we're reinventing the rules.
She has a look she can't disguise,
whenever I look her way.
Optimistic hopelessness in her eyes,
bittersweet each day.
Moving on and on and on and on...
Amira Jul 2018
I need to cure the swelling of my sinful lips.
He was there, she was there, I was there.
My fear has been replaced with guilt,
I've seen her clothes,
the cat she named Snow,
her favorite mug, her mirror,
and the life she built.
Sadness appeared as disgust
through his knowledge of the perfect way to initiate a kiss
and the perfect way to clean up the trails,
to what I left.
Before I walked out,
I wished he had cleaned up the trails to my loneliness.
He was there, she was there, I wasn't.
Amanda Jul 2018
Trying to forget my conscience
Thoughts inside my head
Yelling at me to search harder
Chase someone else instead

I am tired of feeling guilty
Know I'm the one to blame
You try convincing me I'm not
But it doesn't stop shame

I could do more to stay away
It's difficult to turn around
I need to go and leave behind
The greatest thing ever found.

I could cope with the hurt
Questions and memories too
The fear holding me back
Is surviving without you

I am selfish and terrible
For allowing it this far
I wish for you each chance I get
Dandelions, shooting stars

I swore I wouldn't be that girl
Let you leave her for me
I said I'd never want to ruin
Love though you are unhappy

It's too late to set you free
My heart is clurching you tight
I continue pushing back guilt
I hope our story ends alright
Written a long time ago haha
Alice Lovey Jun 2018
The love he displays is like a gentle spring rain,
Drizzling old despondent dandelion dreams.
Never within my reach;
So madly mesmerized, I gazed
As he recited.
So badly bruised, I wished
Until my wishes became possessiveness.
I was envious.

My train of thought comes crashing without any breaks.
Too late to be tepid now it's tarnished.
I never learned how to let go;
Still fighting fire, I cried
At night.
Still finding faith, I smiled
And rested in the comfort of his presence.
I was hopeless.

Ever unrequited, I still dreamed of him.
I wished for every ounce of what once was with you;
I'd come to resent you for the state you've left him in.
You, who did nothing to me, and who was innocent.
You, who lives on in sincere stories.
I wonder if we would have been friends.
As I watch from afar, I see how truly beautiful you are
Or... Would have been.
You never deserved this either.
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