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The Bemuda triangle
Is a l beautiful place locked within the only trinity.
Placed right between heaven and ****.
A girl, a woman, lover, friend,
liking me more than she should.
I want to love someone again,
I know she wishes I would.
I love the joy and pain of her,
our hearts are an open book.
My wounds are fresh from this mad world,
when life was harshly shook.
portrait eyes are such a treat,
looking up at this new man.
Simply, silly, kind and sweet,
She reminds me who I am.
Her witness down inside of me,
exposure to all my tools.
Teaching each other honesty,
we're reinventing the rules.
She has a look she can't disguise,
whenever I look her way.
Optimistic hopelessness in her eyes,
bittersweet each day.
When faced with a request to date exclusively by one of the women I am dating I realized that she is not the one.
Aman Dahiya Nov 12
It pains my heart
To imagine her with someone else
To be ‘that guy’ in her love story
Ten-twenty years later
Laying in bed
They would remember me, maybe
Remember ‘that guy’
Who was in love with you?
It pains my heart
To not see myself sharing moments he would share with you
The moments when you’re feeling down
When you’re scared and it is his hands over your cheeks, not mine
When it is his arms you’ll wrap around, not mine
When it is him who would know what you want without you saying, not me
It pains my heart
Having to see someone else live the life you want
While you don’t even exist anywhere to anyone
It pains my heart
Amira Jul 26
I need to cure the swelling of my sinful lips.
He was there, she was there, I was there.
My fear has been replaced with guilt,
I've seen her clothes,
the cat she named Snow,
her favorite mug, her mirror,
and the life she built.
Sadness appeared as disgust
through his knowledge of the perfect way to initiate a kiss
and the perfect way to clean up the trails,
to what I left.
Before I walked out,
I wished he had cleaned up the trails to my loneliness.
He was there, she was there, I wasn't.
Amanda Jul 18
Trying to forget my conscience
Thoughts inside my head
Yelling at me to search harder
Chase someone else instead

I am tired of feeling guilty
Know I'm the one to blame
You try convincing me I'm not
But it doesn't stop shame

I could do more to stay away
It's difficult to turn around
I need to go and leave behind
The greatest thing ever found.

I could cope with the hurt
Questions and memories too
The fear holding me back
Is surviving without you

I am selfish and terrible
For allowing it this far
I wish for you each chance I get
Dandelions, shooting stars

I swore I wouldn't be that girl
Let you leave her for me
I said I'd never want to ruin
Love though you are unhappy

It's too late to set you free
My heart is clurching you tight
I continue pushing back guilt
I hope our story ends alright
Written a long time ago haha
Dev May 22
She doesn't like to talk much when we're together. She's too busy thinking of him while I'm stroking her head, thinking of her. She twists and she turns, contorts herself into something desirable, because she doesn't believe for a second that she's already something desirable. At least, not to someone she loves. She paints her face, not to enhance the existing masterpiece, but to create a new one altogether. 'the muse,' she says smiling at me through the mirror, covered in self loathing and insecurity 'i have to look good for him, like me, but not me' she folds her luscious locs into waves of pity and hurt and she covers her scars and body with too tight tshirts and scarily short shorts, which is different from her usual "hipster ******" look. She loves baggy clothes. He prefers no clothes. I love her the way she is. I beg her not to change who she is, which is only ever met by anger and resentment. She thinks I love him too, that I want to ruin their chance to be together. I want to tell her she's beautiful, that she reminds me of the sunrise at 6am in summer, when the air is warm and dewy and when just a sliver of sunlight brightens your whole day. Because she is my sun, my moon, my whole universe. She is the centre and I can only gravitate around her in awe. These are the things I want to tell her, but she'd never speak to me again. She doesn't like to talk much when we're together. She's too busy thinking of him.
Thinking about old loves, and this came through. It feels as fresh as it used to.
Sa bawat umagang nagdaan,
mga kainitan ng tanghalian,
sa paglubog ng araw,
kalaliman ng gabi,
ang naaalala
ay ikaw.

Kasama kita nang kay tagal,
ngunit, p a a n o, at bakit?
Ano na ang nangyari?
Tila 'di na kasama
sa mundong dati
ay sobrang...
s a y a.

I just woke up from 2 hours of sleep, went outside our house to look for the sunset and it reminded me of our days, together. Those days when I'm with you, having our quality time —- spending every part of the day so delighted, just like an unending 'happily ever after.'

I spent almost all of my sunsets with you.
But now, it hurts me every time I look at it because they said that sunsets are the proof that no matter what happen, things can end beautifully. However, in our case, it's not. We're just like two souls, slowly drifting away from each other and I guess we're not destined for our own version of 'happily ever after.'

P.S. "Galimgim" is the tagalog word for "Nostalgia."

5.41pm // 04.08.18
Olivia May 4
She saw him,
She liked him,
But she also cried for him

She saw him,
And heard the news,
He liked someone special to her

"Make sure to tell her that."
And she walked away

She walked away
With great pain
And a shattered heart

She saw her
and told her the news
But her friend showed no emotion

She left her
And went home
Miyuki Marie May 3
She needed you
She needed you to eat them shrimps
She needed you to get to places she's never been
She needed you to achieve her dreams and investment schemes
She needed you to stay upright and stand on her feet.

While I wanted you
Coz I can do all of these things even without you
But I want to do these things with you
You are my luxury while you're her necessity.
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