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CJ Sutherland Mar 16
To be
but yourself
in a world,
doing it’s
to make
somebody else
Is to
the hardest
you are ever
going to
EE Cummings is one of the best writers. Up in the corner of this website you can click on to the top 100 riders to get inspiration. To learn from the masters. I encourage everybody to get out of their comfort zone and try a different style. It’s not all about free verse poetry. There is structure meter and rhyme many different types of poetry
Karijinbba Jul 2021
Poets write poetry sharing
wisdom of roads not taken
their gray brain sprouts multicolored flowers
of visions seeking love
splattered by remnants
of great lovers past
ankored daggers
in heart
Lovers paint their own ark
A poets spinning top is art
lasting longer as it may
their name De Plume
may dictate ageless
but their tops spinning
out off ballance
topples and falls;

Poets and lovers notice
people aren't tops,
karma cause and effect
Action innaction
the inevitability of
their top's last spin,

Even of poetry
What may last forever?
new poets are birthed 
like seasons do
returning thus
the spinning top
  of poets and lover's vise.
By: Karijinbba
All Rights.
Inspired by life and poets galore
On HP and ancient poetry of lovers of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
That We The People
the lover poets live on.
Ashanti May 2021
You hold my valuable information like a laptop every thing I search for in this world you have it all with out even knowing it when I’m ill I come searching for you a connection so strong only a power outage can stop our connection all my information from my music to my photos to all my researche that  I keep hidden you hold it all your the connection i never thought I needed. Your my lap top love
Moe Feb 2021
I am tiny and idle
I wonder curious at heart
I hear clanking of eyes
I see untold murders
I want to expand the voice
I am soul and dented

I pretend
I feel
I touch
I worry
I cry
I am

I understand
I say
I dream
I try
I hope
I am...
Sergio Gonzalez Jan 2021
I’ve been fighting, my whole life
As I see you enjoy your time
I can’t help to wonder
Of who you truly are

You know you’ve been playing life
On easy
While the rest of us try to fight our way
To the top
You’re out here looking to the bottom
As if you’re immune to the fall
Don’t worry it won’t hurt at all
The accuser works hard
But you need to work harder
And if you’re scared then remember
At least you won’t make it past the bottom  

“These days seem so dull”
Can’t say I can relate to your problem
Wondering of what you could be
I’m out here pinching pennies
Just to make it through the mourning

Let me hate you from afar
It’s what cowards do
Wishing you could join their misery
And marinate in hate
No one understands them
For only they have the right
To rule the world

Your struggles never mattered
It’s not what they focus on
They’ll keep on tossing and turning
Wishing they could be just you
But for now just enjoy your privilege
Before the tides turn
Life wasn’t always fair for them
But life wasn’t always fair to you too
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
I would like someone to care enough
Be brave and at least try
Find a ladder taller than treetops
Climb over my wall and say hi

That would be miraculous
No one dares come close
Cannot seem to attract any company
Too much wicked water around my post

How do you dam moat protecting
Parts hidden from the rest of the world
Do you let down the gates surrounding?
Fortress leaving carpet unfurled

How do you open organs up?
When you make walls shutting out
Spiral into solitude
One day you'll be happy without

The answers you will not find in yourself
At least never on your own
Won't discover our purpose in life
Until we put down the cell phone

Maybe it is the technology
Distracting from walls each must scale
You need to hit the power button
Reach the top without fail
The unparalleled serenity
Of a misty mountain top,
That made me stop
Right in my tracks
As I was rambling on,
With a haze of clouds surrounding
I gazed at the top.
The winds of surrender
The sounds of thunder
Had me shook
Before that first breath
That I took
With surreal beauty in front,
Of which I was always in the hunt
The desolate hilltop,
Is where I wanted to start a bonfire
The exquisite brisk of solitude
Was rather great to set the mood
Nature is very welcoming, I pondered
That is when it hit me
We are all connected,
Through some invisible wire.
We fail to see that,
Because we are all prisoners of our desires.
What a perfect recluse
to try and find my muse.
Natural intervention in life is essential, especially when you love exploring the mountains.  It's about finding yourself amidst the mountains.
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