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Amanda Nov 20
I would like someone to care enough
Be brave and at least try
Find a ladder taller than treetops
Climb over my wall and say hi

That would be miraculous
No one dares come close
Cannot seem to attract any company
Too much wicked water around my post

How do you dam moat protecting
Parts hidden from the rest of the world
Do you let down the gates surrounding?
Fortress leaving carpet unfurled

How do you open organs up?
When you make walls shutting out
Spiral into solitude
One day you'll be happy without

The answers you will not find in yourself
At least never on your own
Won't discover our purpose in life
Until we put down the cell phone

Maybe it is the technology
Distracting from walls each must scale
You need to hit the power button
Reach the top without fail
The unparalleled serenity
Of a misty mountain top,
That made me stop
Right in my tracks
As I was rambling on,
With a haze of clouds surrounding
I gazed at the top.
The winds of surrender
The sounds of thunder
Had me shook
Before that first breath
That I took
With surreal beauty in front,
Of which I was always in the hunt
The desolate hilltop,
Is where I wanted to start a bonfire
The exquisite brisk of solitude
Was rather great to set the mood
Nature is very welcoming, I pondered
That is when it hit me
We are all connected,
Through some invisible wire.
We fail to see that,
Because we are all prisoners of our desires.
What a perfect recluse
to try and find my muse.
Natural intervention in life is essential, especially when you love exploring the mountains.  It's about finding yourself amidst the mountains.
JCabanilla Jun 28
Inhale the blue sky,
Exhale lot of star.
Continue reaching high top.
Day 11!!! June 28,2020
Never stop yourself reaching for your goals, for the top.
Amanda Jun 2
Trying to keep numb
By words soft and sweet
Thought I was in control but I'm not
I'm swept off my feet

I feel temptation creeping
I don't know how to make it stop
This is what I deserve
Heart spinning like a top

I am tired of fighting the feelings
The truth in my gut
Face not the easiest to read
My written words betray what's shut

Eating my cold composure
Barriers in my mind
Any second will be consumed
Too much love declined

My confused body might collapse and cave
Toxic with desire
Skies blue through foolish eyes
Underneath lay brimstone and fire

Our souls made to come together
Rip apart as we tragically fall
Loving is beautiful but I'd rather
Escape pain and feel nothing at all
I thought I was healing but I just stopped feeling
Betty May 12
What do you do when you get to the top?

Do you take a breath and stop and frown

Pause and look at the long way down

Do you wonder how long

You can keep your crown

Before someone else

With their eye on the prize

Starts their climb

And begins to rise

It’s tough at the top

So enjoy the view

Before someone else

Gets up there too

Staking their claim

And removing you!
I'm going up the hill again,
The top is my destination,
Confronted with fleeting dreams of mesmerization,
The sky is clear but it feels like rain, soil gone too,
down the drain,

I've been here before, I can feel it,
Imprints of my feet, the ground steals it,
The sky is a blue hue I do not recognize
The stars look more like flies

I approach the top and something feels off,
Stress, anxiety, and vertigo on top,
I inhale but no relief comes,
Gravity is not for friends or fun,

I get the top and I can see the sky,
For a moment I feel like I can fly,
But I realize my deja vu the lack of serenity,
I'm at the bottom in an endless journey,
It has been a long time since I posted. I hope you guys like it!
Elle Vee Apr 15
The wall was up high
No one dared to cross
But we both tried
I got stucked in the middle
Saw only darkness
You fiddled
A wail from me
a scuffle from you
I already knew
One thought to understand
One ought I'd understood
I slowly sank
I quickly grabbed
A rabbit above
Lilies, my favorite, at the top
A brokenheart
One hand held me up
Struggled for breathe
Forced me to go forward
Now I look at the sunrise
Alongside him onwards.
levi eden r Feb 20
you saved my life.
you saved me from myself, from the bad, from the pain.
i can never thank you enough.
everything feels like a letter to you, because it is.
there will never be words to describe the how ******* good it felt to feel my heart beat again.
i couldn't be here without you.
the blood in my veins thanks you,
the healthy pounding of my heart thanks you.
thank you.
twitter: @omw2you
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